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Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Jasper/Seth
Prompt: First bath

Jasper kneeled next to the bathtub, plugged the drain and then turned the water on, adjusting the temperature as the water ran. He let the water fill the tub until it came through the mesh at the bottom of the baby tub and then turned the water off. “Water’s ready Seth,” Jasper called. He looked up with a smile as Seth entered the bathroom, their newborn, Luka, wrapped up in a baby blanket in his arms.

Seth returned the smile, joining Jasper on the floor. “Here we go Luka, your first bath since we brought you home.” Luka started to fuss as Seth pulled the blanket away, leaving him in nothing but his onesie and diaper. “He always cries when I change his diaper,” Seth said shaking his head.

“Well, I can’t imagine anyone liking a cold, wet cloth on their bottom,” Jasper reasoned.

Seth chuckled. “It’s okay Luka, you’ll like this.” He gathered his crying baby into his arms and moved over to the tub. Slowly and gently he settled Luka into the mesh of the baby tub. “Shh, see, it’s warm.”

Jasper picked up a washcloth and started to rub it over Luka’s skin. “There, how’s that Luka? Feels good doesn’t it?” Luka’s cries slowed and he finally blinked his golden eyes at them. Jasper smiled. “See? Here, let’s wash your hair.” He rewet the washcloth and rubbed it lightly over the tuff of black hair on the top of Luka’s hair.

“Okay there Luka?” Seth questioned. Luka made some sort of noise, it sounded happy they thought and waved his tiny arms. Both Seth and Jasper laughed. “I think the first bath at home is a success.”

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