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When I went back to a college closer to home to complete my teaching certification in January 2011, I was told that the Education dept required a student teacher to have 75 observation hours before they could student teach. This wasn’t really a problem since I had 60 from the college I got my B.S. from and then would complete 20+ hours for some other classes I had to take before student teaching.

Well, the State of KY decided to change the requirements from 75 to 200 observation hours. This change would go into effect Sept. 1, 2013.

The college I’m attending/working at decided that they would implement this change a year early in order to have more students prepared. However, we had a number of meetings where the Chair of the Education dept told us that if we were entered into the TEP (Teacher Education Program) before Sept. 2012 then we would basically be grandfathered in and our 75 hours would count exempting us from the 200 hours.

…This week the Education dept went back on their word and now we have to do the 200 hours. At least 5 of us with 75 hours were planning on trying to student teach in August and are now having to scramble to try and get enough hours.

I substitute on top of the teaching job I have at my college. I asked my advisor at our meeting today if those hours could count because I’m getting way more experience doing that than just observing. My advisor agreed but had to check with the higher ups. The new Chair of the Education dept said no. Any paid work cannot be counted.

To say that I’m frustrated is an understatement.

My friend and I did the math and if I go observe at a school for 7 hours on Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the school year, I will have enough hours. It sucks because I use Tuesday and Thursday to plan and grade for my own classes. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find an English teacher who will just sign for my hours and I can go chill out in the library for 7 hours.
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Final grades were posted today. My grades were as follows:

Adolescent Literature - A

Microcomp./media in Classroom - A

Poetic Shades/Shadows - B

Read/Writing Clinical Practicum - A

Shakespeare - B

Literature of the African-American - B

GPA: 3.5



May. 8th, 2012 11:03 pm
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...ARE OVER!!!!

And now...

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5 weeks.

5 loooooooong weeks. That's how long I have until my summer vacation. And believe me, I am counting down every minute. Come the end of that 5 weeks I'll be on my way to FL for some much needed relaxation on the beach. Plus I'll get to see [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 :D

In the meantime... this is my to-do list:

-8-10pg. paper on "La Belle Dame Sans Merci"
-5pg. paper for Shakespeare
-2 lesson plans for this week
-5 lesson plans for unit
-Discussion board posts
-ENG 433 stuff
-Grade homework for ENG 089
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Today is one of those days that both rocks and sucks. It's one of those times that I really wish I was done with college already.

My Lit Crit prof started class by saying, "So, your paper. I've meant to mention it before now but I kept forgetting. You do have one, it's 7-10 pages and is due on final day so really I'm giving you an extra week to do it."

...yeah, I don't care if a "paper" was mentioned on the syllabus I would have rather you just cancelled the damn thing instead of giving us an extra week, though I am thankful for that extra week. No way I could pull 7-10 pages of gender criticism on The Hunger Games out of my ass otherwise.

Good stuff? I went up to my advisor/prof's office to see if we had class this afternoon. We did, but I skipped out to have more time to do work... and I'm on LJ :P But she told me that after all the work we've done for my Teaching High School English class she wasn't giving us a final.

Hell to the YES!

And she's thinking about putting the final for Writing Skills on Blackboard so we can download it, do it and drop it off whenever we're on campus during finals week.

She just gained some series points in my book.
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I want to apologize if you're waiting for a drabble from me. I'm so busy with school right now I scarcely have time to finish my homework let alone write for fun (as much as I want to). Next week is Thanksgiving break and then two weeks after that it's finals and Christmas break so hopefully then I'll be able to get inspired and get some writing done.

Things Blocking Writing
-Writer's Block
-Roughly 90 lesson plans/study guides/assignments for teaching unit
*Literature (The Hunger Games)
*Study guides
*Take home quizzes
-10 page paper for Writing Skills
-4 page paper for Non-Western Lit.
-Annotated Bibliography for Writing Skills
-Poster project for Writing Skills
-7-10 page paper for Lit. Crit.
-2 Blackboard posts for Non-Western Lit.
-3 Blackboard posts for Non-Western Lit.

...I think that's everything. x.x Someone shoot me now?

I took the PLT and the English Core Content exams this past Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed that I passed. I feel like I did alright but you never know with those standardized exams. That is one thing I can cross off my list though.

Edit: I put sub headings under the lesson plans so I can feel like I'm getting something done toward them. >.>;
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Whelp, my classes started officially this past Monday.

...is it bad that I'm already counting down to the end of the semester? >.>;;

First of all, my advisor put me into a class that I do need but is offered at the same time as one of my other classes (which, consequently is one of hers). When I met with her back in July she said that they would fix it and I would have 18hrs this semester.

Well the semester started and this issue still wasn't fixed. So I've spent the pass week running around, working with my advisor, the professor of the class and the head of the department to try and get the class time changed... but to no avail. The professor asked the class if could change the time and everyone but one person couldn't. I didn't get to ask but it would be my luck that that one person is a freshman or something who could take the class the next time it's offered. -sigh-

So now my only option really is to do a independent study. But get this, the college I'm attending now has a policy against independent studies. It's my only option though so they will let me or they will have to deal with some major shit from me.

Anyway, onto my initial response to the classes I AM able to take.

Non-Western Lit: While I'm not super psyched for this class, I do love my prof. I had him last semester and he is truly great. I think the literature will be more interesting once we get out of Africa.

Literary Criticism: This class is going to be a pain in my ass. I can already tell. I have no interest in looking at literature critically. I just want to enjoy it.

Teaching High School English: I'm not 100% about this class yet. It's one of the ones that I have with my advisor. I think it's going to be interesting but it's got SO much work to do for it... definitely going to be a challenge.

Writing Skills: This class seems super, duper, uber easy... but at the same time not. It's got a gazillon things due for it, including a 10 page paper.

Advanced Grammar: Class has met two times and it is nothing compared to the grammar class I took at UC. That may change but it may not. So far it just seems like my prof is super unorganized.
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I'm still waiting for my summer break to start since I'm taking this hell-a-ish online class but... I got good grades for the Spring 2011 semester! :D

Final grades for the Spring 2011 semester:

Test Prep: A
Education Assessment: A
British Literature II: B
American Literature II: B

My Edu. Assessment grade should be an A. My grade is somewhere between 92%-95%. Either way it's a low A or a solid A. When I emailed my prof about it she was quite...snippy in her reply. I don't care though. It's not like it makes that big of a difference but if I got an A I want my A dangit.

I totally wasn't expecting to get out of Brit Lit with a B. That blew me away. Heck, after taking the Modern and Final exam I thought I was going to be lucky to get out with a D. But now I'm SUPER excited :D

Now if I can only do so well in my online class...

We'll see.

EDIT: I got my A in Education Assessment. My prof said, "This is not exactly how I did the grading (i.e., the quiz is part of homework); However, because you were such a good student and so close, I have changed the grade to an "A". Have a great summer!"

I just want to point out, from our class syllabus (i.e., HER Grading Procedures)

Grading Procedure: Grading for this course will follow a standard point-system scale and percentage scale that totals 100%. Final grades are based on final grades earned for quizzes, exams, participation, attendance, and other assignments. The following scale will be used to determine one’s final grade:

• Attendance/Participation/Quizzes – 100 (20%)
• Homework – 100 (30%)
• Midterm Exam – 100 (25%)
• Final Exam – 100 (25%)

But whatever. I got my A! For a final GPA of 3.5 :D
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Well... if I went by Yoda's way of looking at it... I guess I "do not". However, since my life isn't Star Wars, I did try. I HAVE tried.

So why is it parents, my mother in my case, believe that no matter what you haven't tried?

Today my mom and I spent the day trying (there's that word again) to complete various tasks. I'll keep this to just education related things, otherwise this entry would probably dominate your f-list. Come Jan. 19th I will be starting classes at K-State to complete my teaching degree. At the end of our visit, which was good and bad, I was making an appt to talk to someone and mom was in the main room on the phone. I overheard her telling the guy that she was on the phone with that my dad wanted to sue UC. For those who don't know, UC is where I attended to get my undergrad degree.

This was news to me. So on the way home I asked mom why my dad wanted to sue UC. Mom said because they lied to me and I was confused. Mom explained that the Education dept at UC did not tell me that I could take the ACT over until I got the score I needed to be admitted into teacher education. Now I was even more confused. I told her, "But they did. I knew that I could either get the score on the ACT or I could take the PRAXIS I and have those scores stand in. I took the ACT while at UC, I got an 18. I need a 21 or higher."

Mom always says that there's no use talking to me because I think I know it all and will defend everything to the death... which is true, when I'm right. Then she said, "The point is, you should have never left UC after 5 years with anything less than 30 Education credits."

I just took a deep breath and said, "Okay mom." I'm not going to fight with her over this. I think I know it all and will defend something to the death, one guess as to where I get that from.

Ding ding ding! If you guessed my mom, you're right. She is the exact same way.

But what she said hurt. She's implying once again, that while at UC I didn't try. I DID try.

UC's Education program is said to be one of the top in the country. Having taken the majority of the classes I have to disagree but that's another story. The Education program ACT requirements are outlined in the course catalog as the following:

Present an official ACT composite score of 21 or an SAT composite score of at least 990 or a PPST score of
Reading 173, Writing 172, Math 173.
NOTE: Students must have passed the ACT, SAT or PPST as specified above before taking any 300+ level
professional education courses, as well as, to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program.

The PPST is the PRAXIS I.

Now, that said, while at UC I took courses related to Secondary Education because I don't have the patience to teach little kids. The classes required for Secondary Education are as follows:

The Department of Education in cooperation with other departments offers courses leading to certification to teach in grades 8-12. Individual programs should be planned in partnership with the student’s major advisor and education advisor. The professional education courses which are required include:
BMIS 130 Introduction to Application Software
EDUC 235 Basic Concepts Concerning Education
PSYC 232 Psychology of Human Development
PSYC 238 Psychology of Learning and Exceptionality
SPED 233 Survey of Individuals with Exceptionalities (P-12)
EDUC 237 Effective Teaching Practices- (8-12)
EDUC 331 Studies in Education: Special Topics
EDUC 432 Fundamentals of Secondary Education (Prerequisite: Formal admission to Teacher Education.)
EDUC 492 Supervised Student Teaching: Secondary Education

Let me point something out again.

NOTE: Students must have passed the ACT, SAT or PPST as specified above before taking any 300+ level
professional education courses, as well as, to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program.

I took every Education class up to the EDUC 237 point. I had to stop there. Why? BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE THE TEST SCORE REQUIREMENT. At UC there is no way around that.

Also, all those classes (With the exception of Student Teaching) are worth 3 credit hours. Student Teaching is worth 12 credit hours. That means that the Secondary Education degree is 24 credit hours (add the Student Teaching and it's 36).

Now, remember the note. So take off the two classes I couldn't take due to not meeting the requirement. That's 18 credit hours AND I took ALL of them.

For Secondary Education you also have to take classes in an area of discipline. My discipline was Art and English. I completed BOTH of these because none of those classes require a test score.

Unless one of you can point out something I'm missing, I TRIED. I did everything I could while at UC.

So why is it my mother can still drive me to the point of wanting to commit homicide?


Dec. 27th, 2010 01:06 pm
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After taking it about 5 times, spending who knows how much money, I have done it!

I made a 22 on the ACT!!!!

For admission into Teacher Education I need a 21 or higher.

I DID IT!!!!

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My alarm went off at 8am yesterday morning. Normally you wouldn’t find me awake at 8am on a Saturday morning… and there can be some debate if I was really awake yesterday morning. But I was out of bed and getting ready, why? At 10am the graduation ceremony for University of the Cumberlands would start and some time between then and 1pm I would be walking across that stage and accepting my diploma.

Click for more of my day and some pics )


May. 6th, 2010 09:05 pm
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Who's free? Me! I'm free! Woot woot! -dances-

I finished my last final as a college undergrad this morning about 11am. I checked my grades just now to see if the last two had been posted and they had!

Final standing:
Contemporary Art History - B
Senior Seminar - B
Literary Studies: Lit of the Amer Teenager - C
Writing and Publishing New Media - A
Archery - A

Not bad if you ask me! :D

Now all that's left is the ceremony on Saturday and moving out of the dorms for the last time. Am I sad? Hell no. I will not miss living in a dorm. I will miss the friends I've made but that's about it.


May. 6th, 2009 10:32 pm
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Freedom never tasted so sweet. I finished my last final today and it is just... such a good feeling to be done for another year.

I'm very sleepy so I'm looking forward to catching up on my sleep.

Mom & Dad will be coming to move me out on Friday so I have to start packing tomorrow.

=OOO My art professor LOVED my final sculpture made of can tabs. Then... he broke it. >.> Honestly it wasn't all that sturdy, it was just held together with hot glue, but it was fine until he picked it up to see how it would look if you hung it on the wall. It would look cool but that's when it started to break and the rest just followed after class. At least I got my grade before it did that!

I'll know my final grades either this weekend or next week. I'm hoping I passed Spanish with a C. I really don't want to retake that class.

Now... I'm gonna stay up to see if Laura comes in and wants me to go through her clothes with her for another hour or so but then I'm sleeping.
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I should have known it wasn't going to be a good day when I woke up, checked my alarm only to see that I had another hour to sleep and when I turned back over I was immediately brought awake by the sounds of hammers banging on the roof of my dorm. I laid there for the majority of that hour I didn't have to be up just listening to the hammers and being annoyed. It wasn't even dawn yet!

I got up, got ready, went to breakfast... sadly breakfast was not that good. I went to study in what is usually a quiet place only to find it in utter chaos because of room reservations. So I went to the classroom my Spanish class is in to finish studying. Funny... I didn't know people in Mexico said things were "finger licking good" but according to my Spanish book they do. My profesora said this wasn't right because it would be considered bad manners.

Then she picks on me! >.< Normally I don't mind but I was trying my hardest at something I already don't understand (verbs in the past perfect). What really gets my goat is that I gave her the right answer but I don't know if I didn't say it loud enough or if she just misunderstood me but she said I was wrong so I'm sitting there trying to figure it out, with the whole class staring at me, and every time I try something new I'm wrong... I'm running out of options! So finally I give her the right answer again and she says I'm right. I sighed and she said, "Don't be so bully"... which I think relates to pouting. The moment she dismissed us I left the class and went to the bathroom to dry my eyes. I hate being put on the spot and being told I'm wrong when I'm actually right.

And to top off an even *better* morning one of my best friend's is waiting outside to tell me that she's leaving school Saturday. Fucking-hooray. T_T

I hope Mrs. Allen won't be mad at me but I just couldn't sit in her 2.5 hour class today with everything that had happened. So I skipped to come to the library instead. -hugs the wall- Thank you for putting me at peace library.
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I don't often say this but right now COLLEGE SUCKS.

It would seem that everyone an hour north of me is out of school because of snow and ice.

What do we get? Rain. Lots and lots of RAIN. >.>

I want a college snow/ice day!

To bad my college would rather us kill ourselves trying to get to class only to find out that the professor couldn't make it in and class is canceled. Honestly I think it's been over 20 years since my college has canceled classes for snow/ice.

I wanna build a snowman T_T
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"I'm not concerned about all hell breaking loose, but that a PART of hell will break loose... it'll be much harder to detect." - George Carlin

You always know that it’s going to be a good entry when I start off by saying that I hate someone right? Right. Well I HATE my education advisor Mrs. Patrick. This woman treats me like I’m a complete and utter idiot. I may not have any interest in teaching and the only reason I’m getting my teaching degree is so I can be a librarian in a high school system but I am not an idiot when it comes to school. Sure, there are some subjects I don’t get… like math, bleh. But when it comes to planning what classes I have to take and when, I know what I’m doing. I know that to take this class “Studies in Education” that I have to either have a 21 on the ACT or pass the 3 sections of the Praxis I. As such when I ask, “Do I need ‘Studies in Education’ to take ‘Intro to Effective Teaching’?” I am looking for a simple yes or no answer, at least I think it’s a simple question to answer but nooooooo, I get “As I have explained before you need a 21 or higher to take ‘Studies in Education’.” Is it just me or does that not answer my question in the slightest? This isn’t the first time this woman hasn’t answered a question of mine and what really gets me is her tone. You know how you can just hear a person’s tone even through writing? Well her’s is completely condescending and no I do not appreciate it when I am being as respectful as possible because that is the way I was raised. Not only that but she doesn’t know me in the slightest! She has been my Education advisor for three years and she still doesn’t know that I’m an Art Education major and English minor. Sure I have switched them back and forth a couple of times but I have never added anything else but the Education part. When I go to her at the end of last semester for her to approve my classes she takes one look at the copy that my Art advisor (whom I l-o-v-e) and I had put together and then looks at me and in one of the most stuck up tones I have ever heard asks, “Why are you taking all these Art classes? Why are you taking all these English classes?” I really wanted to smack her but instead I just looked back at her and said, “Maybe because I’m an Art Education major and English minor?” >.< I mean really! Okay… that’s out of my system… for now.

I love Karen. She was my RA last year in Asher and I was very sad to hear that she had been moved to Gillespie this year but the good thing is that we had one class together last semester and three together this semester. Last semester we took one Saturday and had an LOTR marathon. So. Much. Fun. Yes, we are complete Tolkienites and yes I totally laid on her bottom bunk while she was on the top and sent her LOTR facts on Facebook while we were watching it. I will miss her so much when she graduates this spring.

You know… there’s a point in everyone’s life it seems where they lose that thing that makes them innocent. No, I’m not talking about virginity. I think this innocence is lost when the person stops believing in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and other such figures that bring us such joy when we are younger. Well I am going to type it out right here and now. I still believe in Santa Clause and at this point in my life I think I always will. Whether or not Santa Clause is a real person who rides around in a sleigh one night a year is not the real question because maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. It is however the thought. A single person that donates a gift to a child in need could be considered Santa Clause in my book.

If anyone reads my fanfics on here you might have noticed that I’ve joined a new fandom. I’ve been a fan of Blood Ties since I saw a few episodes of the show on Lifetime and even more so once I read the books. I haven’t written much for it yet but I hope to delve much deeper into once I find the time.

Thanksgiving break was a much needed break. I was really beginning to miss my family… like hardcore. This past semester was the worst for homesickness that I’ve had since I went off to college. I went home nearly each weekend between fall break and Thanksgiving break aside from two I think. I was so glad to be home. The one bad thing about this break was the homework. It’s just wrong when professor’s assign homework over a break. I don’t think professors understand the meaning of the word, “Break”. Oh well… I think I got it all done.

My cousin who is six months younger than me is now married. She didn’t tell anyone, not even her parents until they had already said “I do”. Eric is almost 20 years older than her (although he looks 29) and is in the Secret Service. I know, how lucky. He’s a really nice guy; the family met him over Thanksgiving break. He’s completely crazy about my cousin from what I can tell and I’m really happy for her. At my gran’s for our Thanksgiving dinner Kaylee (my cousin in guess you didn’t guess) was being very secretive. She had this small piece of paper that was rolled up tightly and after the meal she started passing it around to a select few. Ultrasound pics… yup Kaylee is pregnant. This time next year she will have a baby of her own. It’s really hard to believe. No, I don’t think that’s the reason they got married without saying anything to anyone. I think that she was already pregnant but didn’t know it when she said those words.

This year I attended my very first anime convention. It was a very small one; this was its first year. Kajonk-A-Con was so much fun! My friends Lexi and Whitney went with me, they played a new role playing game for the majority of the time that we were there. The best part about KAC was that I got to meet my online friend Frobsy. We weren’t shy at all either, that was what made it so great. We were talking on our cells while she was in the elevator and once the doors opened we hung up and ran at each other. It was a total tackle/glomp. ^_^ We had to leave soon after that, which was very sad, but was snowing and the road to get back to school can be very treacherous when it snows so we didn’t want to take any chances. Frobsy and I are trying to work it out so she can come stay a weekend with me at school. It’ll be so much fun if we can work it out.

I think I mentioned… or ranted… about Dr. Eskay in my last entry. Well he decided that he was first going to give us our final on the Thursday before finals week but we still had to come in on the Thursday of finals week to turn in our notebook. The second he said that we all looked at each other and said, “No” as a class. Other than his final I was done on Tuesday and if all I had to stay for was to turn in a stupid notebook… SCREW THAT. After nearly a full class period we convinced him that it was just better to have everything due the Thursday that he wanted us to take our final. He agreed –finally- but then the next class… we had to discuss it again, all because the MWF class would only have an hour to take the final and we had 30 minutes more being the TTH class. We agreed to take it in one hour and that settled that but we still had to discuss everything. The Tuesday before our final he had totally forgotten that we were supposed to have our final the next class meeting and we had to remind him. Another thing was the way he did our study guide this time. At midterm we went over our study guide and he told us the correct answers but for the final study guide he refused because “this wasn’t high school”. Instead he wanted to do the process of elimination, which is all fine and dandy IF you tell what the right answer is at the end but nooooo. He would read the question someone would answer, if they got it right he would say “Proceed”, if not then he would say, “Alright, process of elimination, take away A… take away D.” Someone would then choose between B & C but he would not tell us which was right but we’d proceed anyway. I did not study for this final. There’s no point in studying the wrong answers.

Lexi and I got away from the college campus for a night. We went to Huddle House and stayed for nearly 3 hours just talking and laughing. When we got ready to leave the manager asked us if we had noticed the angel’s on the door at the back. We hadn’t so he took us to the door and told us about the various angel’s then actually took us into the back of Huddle House and showed us all the things they had collected thus far, nearly $4000 worth of stuff! Lexi and I agreed to split an angel for a 14 year old girl. We went out and bought her three shirts, two pairs of jeans, some socks and a whole slew of books. We totally made her a rocker. XD

My finals this past semester were pretty easy. I think my Drawing final was my best. Mr. Weedman told us that we could draw anything we wanted, using any medium, as long as it represented something important to us. I played with the idea of drawing my parents but then I realized that I wouldn’t be home long enough to draw them and I don’t think I could get them to sit still long enough. After that my mom suggested that I draw books since I love them but I couldn’t really figure what to do with them. After my family and books my friends are the most important things to me so I decided to draw something that represented our suite. Here is the final product:

Also for your viewing pleasure (hopefully), here is my final figure drawing from class. I wanted to use different colors, one’s that stood out from each other nicely and this is how it turned out:

Christmas break was great. Lexi and I were able to leave on Tuesday afternoon; I was going to take her to the airport in Lexington the next day so she could go home to Arizona. It was great to be home and know that I didn’t have to go back to school until January. Lexi and I got lost on the way to the airport but since I didn’t know where I was going I had allowed about an hour extra just in case. After I got her to the airport I waited to make sure they were going to let her on the plane then I headed back to Frankfort to see one of my fave people at the place where I had worked two summers ago. She retired Dec. 31st; if I ever get to go back there I will miss her muchly.

Over break I got my PPST scores. I dunno if I mentioned it last time or not but I had to make a 172, 173 and 173 on the sections of Reading, Writing & Math to take certain Education classes. I received a 178 in Reading, a 168 in Writing and a 166 in Math. I was sad that I didn’t pass the other two sections but I was also pleased by how well I had done. The good thing about the PPST is that I don’t have to take each section over, once I pass a section I only have to take the one’s I didn’t pass again.

Another thing I did over break that I do every year is stand in my town’s Living Nativity. It was very cold and my cheeks got wind burn but I always feel so good after doing it. If I have anything to say about it I will stand every year unless I’m sick.

End note: Final grades; B, B, B, C, E. The E was in Convo but I got 96 hours so I'm not required to take it anymore! Boo-ya!

My week...

Sep. 25th, 2005 01:25 pm
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Well another week has come and gone of college life.

Monday - I don't really remember what happened... aside from we didn't get any mark downs on our room check. We're clean peoples! ^_^

Tuesday - Our first tests in World Civ & Basic Pyshc. I almost got sent out of Ballroom Dancing cause I didn't have my shoes but Dr. Key let me stay saying this was the last day we could go without shoes.

Wednesday - It was the blood drive and I gave... bad idea. First they tried my left arm and couldn't get anything (I have a huge bruise) then my right, they got the blood (no bruise, go figure). I almost passed out twice afterwards, learned that people in my English Comp class are jerks. I asked one of them to get Dr. Frazier and she just walked out. This other guy cursed at me when I wouldn't answer his question (because I was trying NOT to pass out). I got out of the class and slid down the wall and sat there trying to focus on breathing so I wouldn't pass out. Two of my friends (yes I actually have friends) came out of their classes and asked me if I was okay. Bless them for caring. My vision finally cleared and I went on to Drawing and sat against the wall again because I was still feeling like crap. There are two guys in that class that are like the best! Scott and Kinicky (yes like from Grease). Scott asked me if I was okay and I told him that I had given blood, he asked if he could get me anything so I gave him money and he went and got me a pepsi and candy. Kinicky came in and said "It's a miracle! I come in and you're not talking!" I could just glare at him and Scott told him about me giving blood. He actually looked sad or pitiful. After that when anyone came in and asked what was wrong with me they jumped to my defense (their so sweet!) While Dr. Weedman explained to us what we would be doing I actually fell asleep for a few minutes! I guess I went to blink and when I opened my eyes next Dr. Weedman was on the second sphere, I had totally missed him finishing the first and doing the cone! After class I came back to my room and went to sleep. (Yup, that day was a busy day)

Thursday - Got our tests scores back. World Civ - 86 (that's a C) and Basic Psych. I got a 15 out of 30. I didn't understand it because I didn't have that many multiple choice wrong. Anyway... to make a long story short, Dr. Garris didn't get my two short answer/essay questions. He doesn't know what happened to them and I don't so this coming Tuesday I'm being allowed to do two new questions to make up the points.

Friday - Went to work in the library, forgot about my tutoring session. Went to lunch, back to work then went to my one class then back to work until 4. I started my new book 'So Hard to Say' by: Alex Sanchez. I also finished it by 9:30 that night. It's a great book! Me and Izy also went to London for Fazoli's and then to a Christian book outlet.

Saturday - Izy and I went to Walmart... came back and watched movies and talked about the story we're going to write together.

And that brings us to today... nothing much has happened. I went to church, came back and changed into my pj's and here I am.

And how was your week?
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The internet in my dorm room works!

I'm finding people who like anime more and more on this campus which totally rocks.

Yes! I finally have a facebook! Making lots of friends through that to! I love making friends!

I don't really have much to say... oh!

There's this super hot guy in my Drawing I class. We started drawing with charcol on Wesenday... I wear glasses so when they slipped I pushed them up. I had black marks on my nose, my cheeks and most of all my pants. He took one look at me and started to laugh saying I looked like a chimeny sweep from Mary Poppins.

Normally I wouldn't like people laughing at me or making fun but from him... I kinda like it. And he drives a motorcycle. ~sizzle~ I left him a note one day telling him I <3 your bike! ^_^ -Olivia. He had no idea who I was until he looked at the little smiley face and remembered I liked anime and it looked animeish. lol.
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As of yet the internet in my dorm room is not working aside from letting me on my messenger list. My best friend here at college is a chick named Becky, she lives two doors down and is so great. I love her to death. She even printed stuff off the internet for me since she can get on webpages.

My World Civ. prof. loves me. He calls me his 'corner giggle child' because the guy I sit next to makes me giggle so much. Today he was talking about something and said, "Imaigen I'm George W. Bush." I glared at him and pointed to the door and said, "Get out right now." He chuckled and went on. "Imaigen I said that you could practice no religion but the one I chose. And the one I chose is, you can only worship the Sun God of Ancient Egyptian times Atom." I laughed and he looked at me with this look that said, 'what?' I just smiled and said, "You're gonna be assassinated quick."

This girl stopped me later and said she loved me. That I had her cracking up over my opinions of Bush. It's true I really don't like him and think he needs to die. Paying 3.50 for a gallon of gas is rediculous!
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Hey everyone. Started college at Cumberland and it rules hardcore! All my professors are super funny, so far we haven't had any major work. (Let's hope it stays that way ^_~)

The worst thing that happened today was we had this dionastic (sp) essay due for English Comp. I saved mine on my scan disk, the professor forgot to tell us that the computers we were going to be on would only open things saved to Word Perfect. As far as I know my laptop doesn't have Word Perfect. So I had to retype it and turn in crap when my nice and pretty one was sitting all pretty on my scan disk.

I'm working in the library for the ILL (International Library Loan) if people can't find a book in the library they fill out a form and I contact other library's and ask if they have it. It's a really easy job and I like it.


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