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Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Pairing: Jack/Jamie
Prompt: First kiss

"Do you have to go?"

"You know I do," Jack answered balancing on Jamie’s windowsill. The sky was starting to lighten with dawn approaching. "Summer officially started at 2:04am, I can’t be here during the summer."

Jamie pouted and sighed. “I know, I know, I just miss you.”

"Sandy can get messages to me if you get to missing me too much," Jack said with a grin.


Jack chuckled. “Seriously, I don’t think he would mind.”

Jamie bit his bottom lip. “Could I give you something before you leave?”

Jack looked at the seventeen year old. His hands were empty and he was in his pajamas…so what could he give?”


Jamie took a deep breath and then leaned forward, pressing his lips to Jack’s. They both gasped and Jamie pulled back, his fingers going to his lips. “You’re so cold!”

Jack mimicked the action, his lips tingling with the warmth that had touched him briefly. “You…kissed me…”

"Is that okay?" Jamie questioned softly, worried.

"Bunny probably won’t like it." Jamie frowned. "But you know I’ve never really cared what Bunny thought."

Jamie smiled. “Could I kiss you again?”

"I won’t leave until you do."

"Don’t tempt me Jack."
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Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Pairing: Jack/Jamie
Prompt: Mpreg – snow angels

The snow was fresh, light and fluffy, perfect for playing in. Jamie watched Cody’s brown eyes widen as Jack made the snowman they were building start to dance. He laughed at their three year old son’s expression before checking around himself. Sure that he wasn’t going to fall on anything, Jamie spread his arms out and fell backwards. He gave a soft “oof” as he landed but then started moving his arms and legs to create a snow angel.

“You should be more careful,” Jack chided as he leaned on his staff beside Jamie.

“I learned what I could and couldn’t do with Cody,” Jamie replied. “I couldn’t do this if I were a couple more months along so I’m going to enjoy it. Look Jack, I’ve made a snow angel.”

Jack lowered himself into the snow beside Jamie. Reaching out he laid his hand on Jamie’s rounded stomach. “You didn’t need to make a snow angel; you already are a snow angel.”

Jamie was about to reply, his cheeks already warm with a blush, but then Cody came flying at them. With a little help from Jack the wind caught him and he flew over Jamie, into Jack’s arms. Both went rolling in the freshly fallen snow, laughing like crazy.
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Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Pairing: Jack/Jamie
Prompt: Magical Boy Jamie and how Jack react to it
A/N: I’m not sure if “Magical Boy” is a thing or what… so I just went with something.

Winter hit Burgess hard that year, hard and fast. Jack skated along the roads, grinning as ice and frost formed along the edges. Finally Jamie’s house came into sight and he launched himself from the road. Because of the sudden cold Jamie’s window was closed. Hovering outside the window Jack saw Jamie sitting on his bed, playing with some cards. Jack had to laugh because Jamie was wearing an old top hat and cape. He tapped on the window.

Jamie’s head shot up, a ear splitting grin lighting up his face. He scrambled off his bed, cards going flying as he rushed to the window. Pushing it up he waited for Jack to climb in before tackling him. Jamie had grown a lot in the past year, he was nearly as tall as Jack now. “Whoa there buddy!” Jack laughed as he found his balance to keep from falling out the window. “It’s good to see you too!”

Jamie looked up at him, his brown eyes shining. “I’ve missed you, Jack.” He emphasized the point with a feather light kiss to Jack’s lips. Jack smiled and slid his fingers through Jamie’s hair, knocking his hat off. Jack quickly caught it and turned it over, looking at it curiously.

“What’s with the top hat?” He asked.

“I was practicing magic,” Jamie answered. “Want to see?”

“Magic? Sure.” Jack followed Jamie over to his bed, sitting opposite of him.

Jamie shuffled the cards and then held them out to Jack. “Pick a card, any card.”

Jack pursed his lips, thinking as he reached out and picked a card. He looked at it. Ace of spades.

“Memorize it. Make sure you know what it is…are you sure you know what it is?” Jack nodded. “Alright, put it back on top.” Jack placed his card on the top of the deck. Jack was distracted when Jamie leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his lips. “You’re a great audience Jack.”

Jack grinned. “You’re just saying that.”

Jamie fanned out the cards, the Ace of Spades being the only card to be face up. Jamie picked it out. “Is this your card?” He questioned holding it up between two fingers.

Jack propped his chin up in one hand, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. “Cheater.”


“You think with how old I am, I’ve never seen that trick before? Good distraction though… don’t try that with everyone.”

Jamie flicked the cards at him with some annoyance but he was still smiling.
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Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Pairing: Jamie/Jack
Prompt: Jamie gets a boyfriend and Jack gets jealous.

“Anyone home?”

Jamie looked over at his window and smiled when he saw it was Jack. Of course, he had known it was Jack, his room was on the second floor and Jack was the only one who could climb through it without a ladder. He laid his pencil down and closed his sketch pad. “Hey Jack!”

Jack grinned. “Hey Jamie, what’cha doing?”

“Oh, just drawing, doodling really. I was just bored.”

Jack lightly tossed his staff between his hands. “Want to have a little fun?” He asked with his trademark grin.

Jamie was tempted, but then he was always tempted when it came to Jack. “Actually… I was wondering if we could…talk?”

Jack looked concerned. “Talk? About what? Are you and Sophie okay?”

“We’re fine,” Jamie assured him.

“Then what do you want to talk about?” Jack questioned.

“Well…” Jamie shifted uncomfortably. “Y’know, I’m fifteen now and I’ve started to have these…feelings.”


“…about another boy.” Jamie watched Jack stiffen and thought maybe he had said the wrong thing. “Jack?”

Jack blinked and looked at Jamie. “Huh? Oh, is that uh…normal?”

Jamie ran a hand through his hair. “I’m not sure about normal but it’s not uncommon.”

Jack swallowed thickly. He had a tight, churning feeling in his stomach. Jamie liked someone…another boy…another boy that wasn’t him.


Jack stood suddenly and snapped his fingers. “I’ve got to go! I completely forgot that I need to drop a blizzard on New York City tonight.”

Jamie stared at him, his mouth open slightly. “But Jack I-“

“I’ll be back, see ya Jamie!” Jack jumped out the window before Jamie could say anything else.

When he was gone Jamie sighed and turned back to his sketch pad. He opened it and stared at the sketch he had been working on when Jack appeared. Jack’s smiling figure looked back at him.


Jack rode the wind current to the top of the nearest bell tower. He balanced on railing, slowly tapping the side of his staff against his temple. Jamie liked someone. Jamie liked someone. Jamie liked a boy. Jack’s stomach churned at the thought. It wasn’t fair, if Jamie liked someone it should be… it should be who?

Jack sighed. He always knew this day would come. If Jamie got a girlfriend…or a boyfriend as the case may be, then that would mean less time for them to be together. Less time for them to spend together would mean that Jamie would start to forget him… sure more people had started to believe in him but he never wanted Jamie, his first believer, to forget him. It just felt…wrong.

He had the thought of following Jamie, just to see who this boy was. But that would be too difficult; Jamie, Sophie and all of Jamie’s friends still believed because of what they had been through with Pitch, it would be much to easy for someone to spot him. Jack hung his head, the only other way to find out would be to ask Jamie…


Jack sighed before he knocked lightly on Jamie’s window. It was late but he knew Jamie was still awake because his light was on. After a moment Jamie came and opened the window.

“Jack?” He seemed surprised that Jack had come back.

“Who is it?” Jack asked.

Jamie blinked and stepped back. “Huh?”


“Who what?”

“Don’t play games like that! Tell me who the boy you like is!”

Jamie stared at him for a moment before a smile tugged at his lips. “Jack… are you jealous?”

“What? No! I just want to know who he is!”

Jamie went over to his desk and picked up his sketch pad. He turned and handed it to Jack. “Take a look.”

“Jamie, why can’t you just tell me?” Jack questioned taking the sketch pad automatically.


Jack sighed and flipped open the sketch pad. He looked through the sketches, his eyebrows drawing together in confusion. “But these are all of…me.”

“Do you get it now?”


Jamie rolled his eyes. “You’re the other boy I like Jack.”

Jack’s eyes widened. “Oh.”

“So um…is there a chance you might…like me too?” Jamie pressed.

Jack’s face melted into an easy smile. He dropped the sketch pad onto Jamie’s bed and drew him close with the hook of his staff. “A chance.”
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Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Pairing: None
Prompt: Deleted scene

“Jack—how did you do that?”

Jack struggled to open his eyes, to move, anything but he didn’t have the energy. It took the last bit of what he did have to reply to Tooth’s question. “I—I don’t know…” And then he knew no more until he woke in a bed in North’s palace.


Tooth and Bunnymund shared a look over Jack’s unconscious form. If Jack could defeat Pitch… they needed him. When the sleigh landed Tooth and Bunnymund took Jack, one arm over each of their shoulders and North took his staff. He ordered the yetis to have milk and cookies ready for when Jack woke as he led them to a room with a bed.

They deposited Jack on the bed and he immediately rolled over onto his side, shivering. North picked up a blanket at the foot of the bed and spread it over him. He didn’t want to make Jack very warm but for the spirit of ice and snow to be shivering…he needed some warming up.

“Should one of us stay?” Tooth asked, hovering nervously over the bed.

“He’ll be fine,” Bunnymund said. “Just needs some rest.”

“Bunny is right, we leave him to rest,” North agreed. Quietly they left the room. On the way out North told one of the yetis to alert him when Jack woke. In the meantime they would honor Sandy.


“No!” Jack’s chest heaved as he shot up into a sitting position. The blanket North had spread over him fell and gathered at his waist. His fingers curled in the colorful fabric as tears gathered in his eyes. “Sandy…” One tear fell and then two, followed by another and another, finally a sob tore its way out of him. “I’m so sorry… I—I wasn’t strong enough…”
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Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Pairing: None
Prompt: Jack watching a grown Pippa

Jack stood outside the house that Pippa’s husband had built for her just before they had married. It was well built; his sister had chosen well… not that he had expected any less of her. The window to her son’s, his nephew’s, room was open, the nights just warm enough to leave it open. Leaning in on the window sill he listened to Pippa sing the lullaby that their mother had always sung to them. The familiar words brought tears to Jack’s eyes and a pain to his heart. He wanted to be there… wanted to see Pippa, wanted her to see him. He wanted to be involved in his nephew’s life and not just as a spirit who could just make him cold from time to time.

“I love you momma,” the little boy whispered sleepily.

Pippa brushed his brown hair away from his eyes. “I love you too Jack.”

Jack sighed and pressed a finger to the glass in the window, watching the frost spread in intricate swirls before launching himself into the air.
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Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Pairing: None
Prompt: Trick

Jack hung upside down, his knees hooked around the branch above him. Below him stood his sister, reaching up to pick the last of the ripened fruit before winter set in. Their faces were so close… he could just reach out… Pippa drew back quickly, rubbing her nose against the prick of cold that had just come on suddenly. She stared up at the empty space with a sad gaze. “My brother would play a trick like that if he could,” she said to the empty space.
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Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Pairing: Jack/Jamie (pre)
Prompt: Gift

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