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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


Seth returned from his run an hour later, he felt better, calmer. Esme handed him another bowl of hot fudge cake and ice cream. Seth raised an eyebrow in question but the motherly vampire just smiled so Seth shrugged and took the bowl downstairs. His cell phone blinking with a new voicemail but he ignored it until he had eaten and taken a shower.

Rubbing his hair dry he went to the coffee table and picked up his phone, flipped it open and keyed in his password to listen to the voice mail. “Seth, call me please. We need to talk.” Seth sighed as he deleted the voicemail and went through the text messages Jasper had sent him. They all basically said the same thing; the last added that he was sorry.

Seth went to the bed and lay down staring at his phone for a few minutes before he scrolled through his contacts to Jasper’s name. Once the name of his lover was highlighted he pressed send and brought the phone to his ear, listening to it ring while he waited for Jasper to pick up.

Jasper was close to giving up hope that Seth would call him back tonight, but just before he had completely given up his phone finally went off. He picked it up and flipped it open, not needing to check the caller id to see who it was. “Hey.”

“Hey back… so we need to talk?” Seth questioned.

“We do,” Jasper agreed before chewing on his bottom lip.

“Okay… so talk? I feel like I’ve said everything I need to say.”

“I know,” Jasper replied. “And I understand what you're saying, I do.”

“Apparently not if we have to keep having the same conversation,” Seth muttered.

Jasper heaved a sigh, running a hand through his hair. “I've been thinking...” he started, frowning slightly. “Maybe it's not you I'm worrying about...I mean, I am worried about you, but I trust that you'd know when you're ready better than I would.”

“If it’s not me then who…? You really don’t have to worry about Leah or Jake; they’ll get over it…”

“It's me, babe.”

“You?” Seth questioned sitting up. “But you’ve had sex before… like… okay I won’t think about how many times but you have.”

“Yeah. With Alice. Who's a woman...” Jasper replied, sighing softly. “What if I hurt you?”

Seth smiled at the concern in his lover’s voice. “Jazz, you could never hurt me, no listen to me,” he said when Jasper started to say something. “If you’re really worried about hurting me we can research how to do it the best way but you know that research only goes so far.”

“I know that,” Jasper replied softly.

“Why didn’t you say something sooner? Jazz… baby, I won’t push you into anything you aren’t ready for.”

“I didn't think I was the reason I was so hesitant about sleeping with you,” Jasper replied, sighing softly.

“What can I do to help Jazz?” Seth questioned. He swallowed hard before asking, “Do you… do you want to change our relationship? I-I can just be your friend if that’s what you want.”

“No! I don't want to change anything about us,” Jasper replied quickly. “Just...just gimme me some time, alright?”

Seth gave a sigh of relief. “Okay, I promise my lips are sealed on this issue until you’re ready to talk about it or otherwise.”

“Thank you.”

“Hey, guess what?”


“We got the paper confirmation for our spring break trip in the mail today,” Seth told him.

“That's good!” Jasper replied, grinning broadly.

“It is! I’m so excited. Do you think we could get a camera before we go? I want to take tons of pictures while we’re over there.”

“Of course we can get a camera,” Jasper replied.

“Awesome!” Seth exclaimed as he lay back against the pillows. “I hope you know that you are gonna be in the majority of these pictures.”

“I think you're going to be in a fair amount of them too,” Jasper replied, an eyebrow arched in amusement.

“And we’ll have to take plenty with us together.”

“Of course.”

Seth was about to say something else when he yawned widely. “Man… didn’t think I would be this tired after my run.”

“You should sleep then,” Jasper replied.

Seth hummed. “I think you should tell me a story until I fall asleep.” Jasper could hear the smile in his lover’s voice. “If only because I want to hear your voice awhile longer.”

Jasper chuckled softly at his little lover. “What story do you want to hear?”

“Anything,” Seth answered. “As long as it has a happy ending.”

“That doesn't help me much. I'm awful with telling stories,” Jasper replied.

“I think you’re pretty good at telling them,” Seth disagreed. “I know I always enjoy them.”

“Why don't you tell me a story?”

“Cause I wanna fall asleep to the sound of your voice.”

Jasper sighed softly. “Well...once upon a time...” he started and spun a story about a little wolf whom he teasingly referred to as Seth. Nearing the end he realized he hadn't heard anything from his lover in awhile. “Seth? Babe? Still awake?”

“…Mhm…” Seth sighed after a moment but it was clear to Jasper that he wasn’t.

“Sweet dreams my little wolf,” Jasper purred softly before he hung up the phone.


Seth tapped his pencil against his English book. “Seth, stop day dreaming,” Esme said tapping him on the head.

“I’m not day dreaming, I’m thinking you’re crazy to ask me to concentrate on school work when you know that Jazz will be home any minute,” Seth replied.

“And you’re crazy for thinking that I’m going to just let you forget your school work because your mate will be home soon. I’m not going to let you fall behind in your work while your mother is being stubborn.”

Seth sighed; the meeting with his mother to ask about transferring hadn’t gone well. She was convinced that Carlisle and Esme didn’t want him anymore and that he was finally coming home. One of the town cops was supposed to take the emancipation order by the house today.

“If you do your work now, I can promise you a few hours with Jasper when he gets home,” Esme tempted in a sing song voice.

“I’m gonna get that anyway,” he sang back with a grin.

“Not if you don't do your work, because you'll be too busy working,” Esme replied with a smile.

Seth sighed. “Alright, what was I doing again?”

“This worksheet, dear.”

Seth looked at the worksheet she slid to him. The title read, Reviewing Julius Caesar. He groaned. “I hate Shakespeare. Why do we have to read a play of his every year?”

“Because his work is classic,” Esme replied. “Just wait until you get to Romeo and Juliet, I'll have to sit you down with Edward for that one,” she snickered.

“If he has time, he’ll have a son or daughter to take care of by then.”

“I'd be more than happy to babysit my grand-baby,” Esme replied with a smile, tapping the worksheet again.

Seth whined softly, pleading with Esme but she just tapped the sheet again. With a final sigh he started to answer the questions. He was on fifteen of twenty when he heard the garage door raise. A smile lit up his face. “They’re home!” He exclaimed.

“But not in the...” Before she could get the rest of her sentence out Jacob was already high tailing it down the stairs and out of the front door to see his lover. She heaved a sigh. “Oh all right. Go. But you're mine after dinner.”

“Yes!” Seth cheered as he leapt to his feet and ran out the door to see his own lover.

Jasper watched in amusement as Jacob threw himself into his brother's arms, but just moments later he found himself with an armful of his very own shifter. “Hello to you too!” He grinned, hugging Seth to his chest.

Seth returned Jasper’s hug and then covered his face with light kisses. “I’m so glad you’re home! Esme has been trying to kill me with homework.”

Jasper laughed softly, capturing the younger's lips with his own. “At least you were kept busy,” he replied after his lips left Seth's. “Unlike Jacob. He's been texting Edward non-stop.”

Seth punched Jacob’s arm. “Texting while driving isn’t safe!”

“Jasper was driving,” Edward pointed out, snickering at his lover as he stuck out his tongue at the younger shifter.

“And you're only upset because you couldn't text Jasper,” Jacob added.

“Esme took my phone to make me read Julius Caesar,” Seth told Jasper at the questioning look he was given.

“Well...” Jasper started, but did not continued in light of the look Seth gave him. “I'm here now. Let's go inside, alright?”

Seth nodded. “We have until supper; Esme has claimed me after that.”

“That's plenty of time,” Jasper replied with a grin. Seth was about to reply when he suddenly found himself in Jasper’s arms… in their basement rooms. He blinked and looked at his lover.

“You could make a guy dizzy y’know?”

“I'm sure you didn't want to watch Edward and Jacob,” Jasper replied with a snicker, pressing his lips against the teen's forehead.

Seth hummed, his eyes closing in pleasure at the feeling of Jasper’s lips against his skin. “You would be right. I’d much rather watch you.”

“I figured you'd say that. Which is why we're in our bedroom. Alone. With the door locked.”

“You even locked the door?” Seth questioned. “I’m impressed Jazz.”

“I just missed you that much, love,” Jasper replied with a smile, leaning down to the teen again, pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips.

“Did you?” Seth asked with a smile. “I think you should show me just how much you missed me.”

“You know what...I'll do that,” Jasper replied, his smile turning seductive as his lips brushed over the teen's jawline.

Seth gasped as Jasper gently bit at the sweet spot that was below his ear. The younger’s hands went to the buttons on Jasper’s shirt that he could reach and started unbuttoning them. When he had reached the last button he could reach he slipped his hand inside Jasper’s shirt, stroking his cold skin with his warm hand, his fingers easily finding the sweet spot on Jasper’s chest.

“Aw, babe...” Jasper groaned softly, his lips brushing against Seth's skin on his spoke; again he nibbled on the sweet spot, his arm coming around the teen.

Seth wiggled in his grip and Jasper set him down. Seth’s hands immediately went to the buttons he hadn’t been able to undo and undid them. Ducking his head Seth replaced his fingers on Jasper’s sweet spot with his tongue and teeth. He growled softly as he nudged Jasper back toward the bed.

Jasper stepped back towards the bed, but at the last moment he turned and pressed Seth against it, smirking at the teen before he leaned down and pressed his lips against his.

Seth moaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Jasper’s neck and his legs around Jasper’s waist. He arched into Jasper, the friction causing him to go from semi-hard to completely hard in the span of two seconds.

Jasper groaned and bucked into his lover's hips, his hand grasping the comforter next to Seth's head.

“Mm…yeah… feels good Jazz… more…”

Jasper kept bucking into the teen, his lips pressed against the sweet spot beneath Seth's neck, sucking and nipping at it as his other hand disappeared between them.

Seth gasped when Jasper’s hand wrapped around his erection, he hadn’t even noticed Jasper removing his shorts. Whimpering softly, he bit his lip as Jasper’s thumb teased the head of his penis. Seth started to pant as Jasper stroked him.

“That's it baby, let me hear you...” Jasper purred softly in his ear, his hand stroking his erection quickly, but not quick enough to get him off. Soon he'd beg and soon Jasper'd give in.

Seth let his arms fall from around Jasper’s neck, both now resting above his head. As he continued to make the sounds that drove Jasper’s crazy he forced one hand under Jasper’s so that they could lace their fingers. “Un… Jazz… please…”

“Please what, love?” Jasper asked huskily as he squeezed the hand he now held, the thumb of his other hand rubbing the head of the shifter's erection before pressing against the sweet spot underneath.

Seth arched into him more. “Please… get rid of your pants…” Seth licked his lips. “I want… need to feel you like we have before.”

“I'd have to let you go for a second babe,” Jasper replied, but was already pushing himself up.

“Guess you’ll just have to kiss me to make up for that huh?” Seth panted.

“So long as I can pick where,” Jasper replied, his eyes dark with lust and desire.

“Pick away love.”

Jasper smiled broadly as he pushed himself away from his lover and quickly undressed as Seth took the break to do the same. Then, before he climbed back over the teen, he drank in the sight of him. Relishing in the knowledge that all that was laid out before him was his and his alone. It was such a profound thing knowing that this person, this wonderfully perfect person belonged to him.

“You’re staring when you should be acting,” Seth teased.

“Your beauty's just too distracting, love,” Jasper replied, smiling sheepishly as he reached for Seth's legs, parting them, opening Seth up to him.

“Aren’t I supposed to be the one who’s dazzled by you?” Seth questioned.

“Perhaps,” Jasper replied, making himself comfortable between his lover's legs, Seth's thighs on either side of his body as he bent down, swiping his tongue over the teen's head. “But it is I who is dazzled by you.”

Seth groaned trying to arch into Jasper’s mouth but his lover’s hand’s on his hips kept him from doing so. “Jazz! No fair!”

“How is this not fair?” Jasper asked before pressing his kiss to the leaking head, his tongue then running along the length of Seth's erection.

“Cause you’re holding me down!” Seth whined, trying to arch his hips to emphasize his point.

“That's perfectly fair,” Jasper replied, rubbing the boy's hip with one hand before his mouth returned to Seth's cock, sucking at the head gently.

Seth groaned. “And just how is it perfectly fair?”

“You're still enjoying yourself,” Jasper pointed out. “But the more you whine, the more my mouth isn't on your cock.”

Seth’s mouth closed with a snap and he bit his lip to keep himself from saying anything else. Instead his hands found Jasper’s hair and he tugged on the strands knowing that drove Jasper as crazy as the sounds he made.

Jasper's mouth returned to his lover's cock right as the teen's hands tangled in his hair, causing him to groan lowly around Seth's cock.

Oh yeah Jazz,” Seth groaned, unable to keep it in.

Jasper grinned at that, bobbing his head over the teen's erection, his tongue pressing against the spot underneath the head.

Seth gripped the comforter of the bed under his hands as he tried to arch into Jasper’s mouth again but was still unable to. Jasper’s fingers teased the sweet spots on his hips. “Ah!” Seth exclaimed as he came into his lover’s mouth.

Jasper swallowed everything before he pulled away, his tongue swiping over the head of Seth's cock one last time.

Seth panted and ran a hand through his hair, his other hand staying in Jasper’s hair. “Thanks babe…” Seth purred.

“Anytime,” Jasper replied with a grin as he pressed a kiss to the teen's knee.

“I’d rather you be kissing my lips love.”

Jasper crawled up Seth's body, laying against him fully before he pressed their lips together.

Seth wrapped his arms around Jasper’s neck again, deepening the kiss. He ran his tongue over the seam of Jasper’s lips, whining softly for his lover to let him into his mouth.

Jasper's lips parted at his lover's beg, his hips grinding into the other's reminding him that he still needed his release.

Seth ignored Jasper’s actions as he plundered his lover’s mouth, sucking on his tongue twice before tightening his grip on Jasper’s hair to distract him as he slipped his other hand between them. Seth broke the kiss as his hand wrapped around Jasper’s erection. “How do you want it love?” He murmured.

Jasper moaned lowly in his throat, arching into the teen's hand. “Just give it to me, babe.”

“Okay,” Seth whispered his hand moving in first slow strokes and then fast then back to slow. He let his thumb brush against the sweet spot under the head of Jasper’s cock on the slow strokes.

“Yes,” Jasper hissed, burying his face in his lover's neck, sucking softly at the skin.

Seth bit his lip to keep himself from whimpering but it didn’t work very well. He tipped his head to the side to give Jasper better access to the spot he was licking. When Jasper’s teeth barely grazed that spot his grip of Jasper’s cock tightened and he stroked roughly a couple of times.

Jasper gritted his teeth together, his lips pressing against Seth's skin as he groaned and bucked into his lover's fist. “That's it, babe, just like that.”

Seth let his free hand move to bring Jasper’s head up so that he could capture his lover’s lips in another searing kiss as he continued to stroke him roughly. Seth nibbled on Jasper’s bottom lip as the kiss broke.

Seth nibbling on his bottom lip was enough to push him over the edge, moaning into his lover's mouth he emptied his seed over the teen's hand.

Grinning Seth brought his hand up and licked it clean. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jasper replied, rolling off of the boy, turning over onto his side.

Seth propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at his lover. “You don’t think you’re done yet do you?”

Jasper blinked and looked over at the teenager. His eyes arched in amusement. “Oh? I'm not?” He asked, just barely able to hold back his grin.

Seth rolled on top of Jasper, kissing his lips briefly. “No way, I don’t have all night with you tonight so I’m gonna make the most of it while I can.”

The vampire chuckled softly and waved his finger through the boy's hair, humming softly against his lips. “You'll have all the time in the world after your homework,” he pointed out softly.

“Yeah, but who knows how long that will take? Esme might make me read another Shakespearian play.”

“She won't,” Jasper replied, running his hand through the younger's hair. “I doubt she'll even make you read the whole first act.”

Seth hummed as he laid his head against Jasper’s shoulder, his lips kissing the cold skin every so often. “She made me read all of Julius Caesar today.”

Jasper chuckled softly. “It kept you busy though, didn't it?”

“I wanted to give myself a massive paper cut,” Seth replied.

“Sounds like torture.”

Macbeth wasn’t so bad; I actually read that one because the witches sounded cool but the rest… I’d rather be reading Edgar Allan Poe.”

Jasper chuckled softly. “Hamlet's not that bad,” he replied, smiling still.

“Maybe it wouldn’t be if you read it to me.”

“Maybe I will,” Jasper replied.

Seth grinned and he kissed Jasper again, slowly this time, one hand burying itself in Jasper’s hair.

Jasper leaned up into the kiss, sighing softly against his little love's lips before he parted his lips and brushed his tongue along the seam of Seth's lips.

Seth groaned softly as he accepted Jasper’s request, their tongues dueling for a moment before Seth gave in. Jasper took control of the kiss and rolled them over so that he was on top of Seth again. Seth tangled his legs with Jasper’s as his free hand searched out his favorite sweet spot.

Jasper's moan was lost to the kiss when his lover's fingers brushed against the spot and his hips bucked against Seth's as though he hadn't just gotten off, but everything about his little love was enough to get him all hot and bothered again.

Seth chuckled into the kiss when he felt his lover’s erection starting to poke into him again. Jasper could deny it all he wanted but Seth always got what he wanted in the end. He knew a lot of tricks with Jasper, pushing buttons helped with that, and he couldn’t wait to learn more.

Jasper broke the kissing, panting softly he leaned down to Seth's ear, nibbling at the lobe before speaking, “You're insatiable, you know that?” He purred softly in the boy's ear.

“What can I say? I’m addicted to you,” Seth replied softly.

“And there's nothing wrong with that,” Jasper replied, his tongue running along the edge of Seth's ear before he nipped teasingly at the cartilage.

Seth whimpered softly biting his lip. When Jasper sent a breath of cold air over his ear Seth gasped and the finger that had been teasing Jasper’s sweet spot dug into it sending sparks of pleasure down Jasper’s spine.

Jasper groaned heavily against Seth's ear, bucking into the teen's hips again.

“Faster…” Seth moaned arching his hips up to meet Jasper’s. The first time they had gotten off this way Jasper had held his hands above his head and it had been sexy as hell in Seth’s opinion.

The vampire's hand dug into the comforter, his fingers clenched together as he bucked into Seth.

“That’s it baby… almost there…” Seth panted. Seth hand left Jasper’s hair and went to his neck, pulling him in for another searing kiss. Seth nibbled on Jasper’s bottom lip and then kissed him again.

Jasper groaned against the teen's lips, his body shaking in pleasure before he broke the kiss, sitting up with his hips still pressed against Seth's. He grabbed the boy's hands and pressed them into the bed next to his head before he ground his hips into Seth's, panting as he watched the younger's lips part in pleasure, moaning lowly as he arched into him.

Seth’s eyes fell closed with the intense pleasure that was coursing through his body. He knew small whimpers and gasps were leaving his lips, even as he bit his lip to keep them in. His fingers clenched against Jasper’s as he came with a silent cry, arching into his lover.

Seeing Seth cum and feeling his intense pleasure, Jasper came just moments after his lover. His head tipping back as he cried out Seth's name. Panting softly he leaned back down to his lover to pressed their lips together.

“Mm…” Seth sighed as he returned the kiss, his body basically jelly now. ‘This is what true relaxation is…right after that…’ He thought.

Jasper let Seth's pure contentment lull him and this feeling of relaxation into general laziness, he knew, was the closest thing to sleep he'd ever feel again. He savored the feeling as he broke the kiss and smiled down at his little lover, his fingers brushing against his cheek.

“You’re amazing,” Seth murmured.

Jasper just shook his head, silently disagreeing with the teenager as he leaned back down and pressed a chaste kiss against his lips. “No. I'm not.”

“Agree to…disagree?” Seth questioned with a yawn.

“Works for me love,” Jasper said, pressing another kiss to the boy's cheek before he pushed himself off of the younger teen. “Let me get something to wash you up with,” he said softly. “Then you can take a nap.”

Seth hummed softly, already halfway there. When Jasper had cleaned him up and returned to the bed Seth curled up against him, one arm wrapping around Jasper’s waist. Jasper smiled and pressed a light kiss to Seth’s forehead before returning the gesture.


Seth wearily descended the stairs into his and Jasper’s room, undoing his tie as he went. He groaned softly as he fell back on the bed. “Well… that could have ended better…” He muttered laying an arm over his eyes.

Jasper followed his lover, a frown on his face as he loosed his own tie. He hated wearing a tie. "It could've gone a lot worse," he replied softly and that was what bothered him. Jane wasn't the type to play with her prey so to speak. The girl had to have been planning something. He just wasn't sure what and neither was Edward, though his younger brother had...other things on his mind tonight. His wedding night.

“Oh yeah, a lot worse… though I’m glad it didn’t.”

Jasper nodded in agreement. "You and me both, babe." He pulled his tie off and threw it on the futon before he continued to the bed, laying down next to the teenager.

Seth turned a little before rolling on top of Jasper. Running his fingers through Jasper’s hair he took comfort from the cold he could feel coming through his imprint’s clothes. Seth’s eyes met Jasper’s and he smiled softly before leaning in to capture Jasper’s lips in a gentle kiss. “I hope our wedding isn’t filled with so much drama.”

The elder chuckled softly, his hands coming to rest on Seth’s hips. "Talking about our wedding already?" Jasper asked, smiling up at the teenager.

“It can’t be that far off… you guys can’t stay here much longer,” Seth stated with a frown. “And I am not staying behind.” He looked into Jasper’s eyes. “I want to be married to you before we move.”

Jasper heaved a soft sigh, letting his lover's scent fill him before he flipped them over, he stared down at his young lover for a moment. "You realize," he said softly, his knuckles brushing across Seth's skin as he spoke. "That we'll probably be leaving before you're 18?"

“I’m okay with that… maybe we’d have to wait to consummate it… but yeah.”

"You know it's not like we can't wait and then come back to Forks to have the ceremony performed," Jasper pointed out softly, hoping that he didn't sound like he didn't want to marry Seth, because that just wasn't true. It was a big step in their relationship and he wanted to be sure it was what Seth wanted. "Jacob and Edward are a special case with Jacob expecting and everything."

“I don’t care where we do it,” Seth replied. “I just want to be married to you before we settle wherever we go.” Seth laced his fingers with Jasper’s.

Jasper realized this wasn't a fight he'd win. He rarely won any argument when it was something Seth really wanted. "There's no reason to rush. I'll tell you what I'll marry you before we move from Forks."

Seth smiled happily. “Yes!” He cheered. Leaning down he kissed Jasper again, putting more into it. “You realize that I’m gonna plan anyway right? I mean nothing like a girl would but just ideas bouncing in my head.”

Jasper chuckled. "I figured that you would," he replied.

“Do you have any ideas in mind?”

"I can't say that I do, considering this was just sprung on me," Jasper replied, laughing softly.

“Well I know one thing.”

"Do you?" Jasper asked, tilting his head to the side in question. "And what is that?"

“I want a small wedding. Just the family.”

Jasper nodded. "That can be arranged," he agreed.

“Good, really… I wouldn’t mind if it was just me, you and a witness. But my sister wouldn’t have it.”

"Neither would Esme. And I'd imagine Edward and Jacob would be upset as well," Jasper replied, sighing softly as he brushed a hand through the teenager's hair.

“Mhm,” Seth agreed laying his head against Jasper’s chest. “What if we just went to Vegas?” Seth questioned with a grin. “Would they disown us?”

"No, but I think they would be very upset with us," Jasper replied thoughtfully as he leaned down and nuzzled his lover's neck, pressing his lips against his pulse.

Seth groaned softly. “I like it when you do that.”

"Really?" Jasper murmured against Seth's skin before he ran his tongue along the entire length of his lover's neck, then he suck gently at the teen's sweet spot. "Tell me what else you like."

“I like your fingers in my hair… I like it when you suck on the sweet spots on my hips… and I like your mouth around my cock…” Seth bit his lip whimpering as Jasper nipped at the sweet spot on his jaw. “And I like it when you pin my arms above my head…”

"Do you?" Jasper purred softly in the teen's ear, nipping gently at his earlobe before he sucked at the flesh gently. "Do you want me to do those things to you Seth? Do you want me to do them to you now? We have all night, lover. Just you and I."

Yes…” Seth hissed. “All of them, again and again.”

Jasper pushed himself up, his hands grasping the teen's hips, rubbing against Seth sweet spots. "Which first love? Tell me what you want me to do to you."

“Drive me crazy with my sweet spots.”

"All your sweet spots?" Jasper asked, his golden eyes darkened by lust as his thumbs continued rubbing against the younger's sweet spots.

“Uh-huh, all of them.” Seth grinned, his eyes dark with lust. “You’re talented, you can do it.”

Jasper let out a husky chuckle before he leaned back down, chastely pressing his lips against Seth's before his lips immediately sought out the sweet spot just underneath his ear. While his thumbs pressed and rubbed against the spots on his hips, he sucked at the one on the teen's neck. All the while pushing his own lust, desire, and pleasure into the teenager.

“Not…fair… but so… delicious…” Seth panted.

Jasper's lips curved into a smile, nipping gently at the spot. "You asked for it," he murmured in the teen's ear.

“I did… and I love it.” Seth arched himself against Jasper, needing the friction created by their bodies.

Remembering what Seth had said about his hands being pinned, Jasper pushed himself up again and grabbed Seth’s wrists and pinned them above his head. "How's this instead?" He asked, bucking his hips against his lover's.

“Ah!” Seth exclaimed. “Perfect, yes, don’t stop!”

Jasper continued bucking his hips, even as he leaned back over the teenager and his lips found his sweet spot again, licking and sucking at the already reddened skin.

“Jazz… I’m gonna…” Seth couldn’t even get the words out as he panted. He whined, moaned and whimpered, each sound sending a spark down Jasper’s spine. Just as Seth was about to cum Jasper changed his angle, just barely but it was enough to stop his orgasm. Seth’s eyes went wide. “Wha-what’d you do that for?!”

Jasper chuckled airily against Seth's skin. "I'm not finished with you yet," he replied hotly, pushing himself up at look down at the panting shifter. "And you never said you wanted me to make you cum."

“I said again and again! There can’t be an again and again if you don’t give me a first!” Seth whined.

The vampire buried his face into his lover's neck to muffle his laughter. "I'm drawing the first out," Jasper replied after a moment, rising from the teen's neck. "You'll get your again and again...again and again..."

“I’d better,” Seth growled. “Guess we should get out of our clothes huh? Wouldn’t want to ruin them…”

"Yeah...wouldn't want to explain the stains to Alice..." Jasper replied, holding back snickers as he climbed off of Seth to undress himself.

Seth had his clothes off faster than Jasper had ever seen him remove them. But he did notice when Seth’s hand started for his leaking erection. Jasper grabbed Seth’s hand, a whimper leaving Seth’s throat as he did so. “No, no, no my little wolf.”

“But Jazz!”

"But nothing," Jasper replied, sliding back onto the bed, his boxers still on. "I'll get you off."

Seth groaned as Jasper pinned his hands above his head again, his lover’s cold body just barely touching his own. “I can’t tell you how much this turns me on,” Seth told him, his eyes fluttering closed as he tried to arch into the contact.

"You don't need to," Jasper replied softly as he gazed down at the teen. "I can feel it Seth."

“I know you can… but…” Seth whimpered again. “You know how vocal I am.”

"Oh I know, babe, and hearing you moan for me is the hottest thing..." Jasper growled softly as he settled himself over the teen's hips, their groins pressing together.

“Is…ah… it?” Seth questioned. “Oh please Jazz, move.”

"It is. Almost as hot as watching you cum," Jasper replied, biting his bottom lip as he bucked into the teen's hips.

“I love it when you talk sexy,” Seth purred. His fingers twitched against Jasper’s wrists as he pushed back against Jasper.

Jasper smirked. "That must be why you enjoy phone sex so much, hm?"

“Well yeah… that and… I just love your voice period.”

"Do you?" Jasper replied, panting softly as he continued grinding against his lover.

Seth’s breathing hitched. “Yeah… I could listen to you talk for every hour of every day for the rest of eternity and never get tired of it.”

"That's good considering we've got an eternity to spend together," Jasper replied.

Seth smiled and opened his eyes, staring right into Jasper’s. “I know.” The utter happiness that followed that simple statement was almost enough to overwhelm Jasper.

Feeling slightly giddy from his lover's happiness Jasper clasped both of the teen's hands into one of his own, his free hand sliding down the teen's body, stopping to tease a single of his sweet spots before continuing lower.

Seth gasped as Jasper’s hand wrapped around his erection. He whimpered as Jasper ran his thumb over the head again and again. “Hard and fast Jazz,” he moaned.

"Hard and fast?" Jasper repeated before his hand started moving over his lover's erection. "Like that?"

Seth nodded his head, unable to get a word out due to his panting breath. He was getting close again… just one more sweet spot…

Jasper's hand continued to move, his finger pressing against the teen's sweet spot before rubbing the head, then slipping back down his hot length.

“Jazz!” Seth cried out as he came. His cum splattered over his stomach and Jasper’s hand. His chest rose and fell quickly as he tried to catch his breath.

"That's it, babe..." Jasper purred softly, grinning broadly as he watched Seth cum and then when he was finished he brought his hand to his mouth and licked it clean.

“Oh God…” Seth groaned watching him. “That’s hot.”

Jasper grinned around his fingers, sucking them clean as he watched his lover.

Seth bit his lip. “Hey Jazz…”

Jasper's fingers left his mouth, resting on his naked thigh as he looked down at his lover. "Hm?"

“Will you…um… with your fingers…? Like we talked about…?” A blush rose to Seth’s cheeks as he made this request.

A gasp left Jasper lips and his cock throbbed in interest, even as his stomach tightened. He had better control over himself than he did that first time, but he wasn't sure that was enough. "I...I can...I can try."

“Please? I’ll do my best to stop you if it gets to be too much.” Seth turned his head and kissed the inside of Jasper’s arm, which was all he could reach at this angle.

Jasper hesitated, but after a moment he nodded. "Alright," he replied. "But, first..." He bucked against Seth's hips, letting the younger feel his own erection. "Please?"

Seth smiled. “You’ll have to let me go,” he said, his fingers twitching against Jasper’s wrist.

The vampire chuckled. "Right," he agreed, letting the teenager ago.

Seth flipped them over, his lips going to the sweet spot on Jasper’s chest while one hand went to his favorite sweet spot by Jasper’s belly button and his other hand went to Jasper’s erection. Teasing the head with his thumb, like Jasper had done him, he then slid his thumb under the head against the sweet spot there.

One of Jasper's hands tangled in Seth's hair while the other one clenched the comforter he was laying on. "That's it baby," he groaned softly.

The younger grinned against his lover’s skin before he switched the positions of his hands and mouth. He ran his tongue from bottom to the top of Jasper’s erection, his tongue playing with the slit and the pre-cum that had started to come out of it.

"Ngh, Seth!" Jasper cried out as the said shifter laved attention to his cock, his hand fisting in the comforter as he ran his other through the teen's hair.

Seth deep throated Jasper, humming as he took nearly all of his lover into his mouth. He made sure to just barely brush his teeth against the hardened flesh.

Jasper's eyes closed as he fought against the urge to arch into his lover's mouth. He wouldn't last long if his lover kept deep throating him.

Seth then did something that he had never done before, he growled. This sent a completely new set of vibrations around Jasper.

"Holy shit!" Jasper cried out in surprised, the shock of the new sensation pushing him over the edge completely, his seed being swallowed by his little lover.

Seth grinned cheekily as he sat up, after licking Jasper clean, “Like that did you?”

Jasper's eyes fluttered opened and he snickered at his lover's expression. "I like anything you do to me, you know that," he replied in a factly voice.

“Cause I’m so talented,” Seth stated running his clean hand through his hair.

The vampire chuckled softly at that. "That you are my love," Jasper replied.

Seth smiled and leaned down capturing Jasper’s lips with his own. He cupped one of Jasper’s cheeks with a hand as he nibbled on Jasper’s lip.

Jasper moaned softly against his lover's lips, his hand coming up and tangling in Seth's hair as he returned the kiss in a lazy fashion.

Seth purred into the kiss. The hand on Jasper’s cheek trailed down to Jasper’s chest where it drew random patterns. Seth felt Jasper’s chuckle before hearing it and he broke the kiss to grin at his lover. “Oh yeah… you’re ticklish here…”

"Just a little," Jasper replied, reaching up to caress the teen's cheek with his hand.

Seth sighed as he leaned into the touch, his fingers stilling. After a moment he turned his head and kissed Jasper’s palm. He gave each finger its own kiss before taking one into his mouth, sucking on it lightly.

Jasper's other hand touched Seth's face as his lover sucked on his finger; he watched the teen with heavily lidded eyes, sighing softly in pleasure.

At Jasper’s sigh Seth took another finger into his mouth, running his tongue down, over and between them.

"That's it baby..." Jasper said softly, one of his fingers brushing against the sweet spot underneath Seth's ear. "Get them nice and wet. It'll be easier."

Seth groaned softly taking another of Jasper’s fingers into his mouth. Jasper could feel his lover’s body trembling but from Seth’s emotions he knew it was from anticipation rather than fear.

"That's right, Seth," Jasper groaned softly as his finger continued to rub the sweet spot. "Imagine these fingers you're sucking on inside of you."

Seth moaned before releasing Jasper’s fingers. He looked down at his lover with dark eyes. “You need to stop talking and do,” he said huskily.

"As you wish," Jasper replied before flipping their positions again. He settled himself between his lover's legs and took a deep, calming breath, letting the scent of his lover sooth him. "If you're uncomfortable, you tell me. Do you understand?" He asked, even as his hand disappeared between Seth's legs, one of the saliva coated fingers pressing against the teen's entrance, rubbing the pucker of skin slowly.

Seth copied Jasper’s action of taking a deep breath before he nodded. “I promise…” A soft gasp left his lips at the light touch. “I trust you Jazz.”

The vampire nodded as his finger continued to rub against the hole, waiting until he was sure Seth was completely relaxed before he pressed it in. "How's that...?" He asked, worry laced in his voice.

Seth moved just a bit. “It feels…weird… but not bad,” he answered.

"Okay," Jasper answered, his other hand resting on Seth's knee, his body shaking as he pressed his finger deeper into the teen. "There should be a sweet spot...somewhere..." His finger searching.

“They can be inside too…” Seth stated to question but it turned into a groan, his toes curling and back arching. “I think…you found it…”

Jasper's lips curled into a grin as he pressed his finger into the spot again, his other hand curling around Seth's hardening erection.

Seth’s mouth opened in a silent cry as he tipped his head back. He saw white stars dance in front of his eyes as Jasper continued to stroke that spot. “God…Jazz it feels so good!”

Seth's pleasure was intoxicating and Jasper felt his control waver. He wanted to be buried inside of the boy. Not his fingers, but his newly throbbing cock. He wanted to feel Seth's heat. He wanted to drown in it. But, somehow, he resisted the temptation as he continued moving his finger inside of the boy.

A moan left Seth’s lips as Jasper started to stroke his erection. “More Jazz…please.”

Jasper complied. Shakily withdrawing his finger just to press two against his lover's entrance.

Seth hissed, now there was a little pain. Jasper felt his pain and started to pull back. “NO!” Seth exclaimed. “Don’t you dare.”

"But, you're hurting..." Jasper started, looking up at his little lover, his hand stopping at the look Seth gave him. "Are you sure?"

“I just have to get used to it.” Seth took a deep breath forcing himself to relax. “Just slowly, go slowly.”

Jasper nodded as he slowly pressed his fingers in, his other hands stroking his lover's erection.

Seth was torn by the little pricks of pain he felt and the pleasure he got from Jasper’s stroking his erection. Eventually pleasure won out and he groaned. His body pulled more of Jasper’s fingers in and when Jasper stroked that spot again he cried out.

Jasper's eyes closed and he leaned heavily against his lover's leg as his fingers continued stroking the spot. "God Seth...." he groaned.

“W-What does it feel like?” Seth panted.

"I can feel your pleasure, Seth..." Jasper replied softly, his fingers still moving as his hand pumped Seth's cock. "It's overwhelming...feeling you and...feeling you...God, baby, you're so hot..."

Seth whimpered arching as Jasper brushed that spot again. “You’re so cold Jazz. I love it.”

"Imagine how it's going to feel when..." But he stopped himself before he finished that sentence. That wouldn't happen for awhile yet. There was no use in thinking about it. It would be torture.

Seth smirked. “At least you’re admitting it. Mm…faster Jazz…” Jasper stroked Seth’s erection at a faster pace. “Yeah, just like that.”

Jasper chuckled huskily, turning his head to press his lips against Seth's knee as he continued to pump his lover's cock, his thumb rubbing the head and sweet spot underneath.

Yes!” Seth cried out as he came.

Jasper groaned softly as he watched his little lover. His own body shaking in pleasure. It was nearly enough to send him over the edge, with cum coating his hand he grasped his own erection. Stroking it quickly and roughly as his finger remained in his lover, rubbing the spot still.

Seth pressed back against Jasper’s fingers. He didn’t know if it were intentional or not but Jasper was feeding everything he was feeling back into himself. “Jazz…”

Jasper wasn't aware of what he was doing. Sometimes his gift got...a little bit out of control. And right now it was running away with him as he continued stroking himself and moving his fingers inside of his lover. Imagining how it'd feel once he was able to finally take his younger lover. Fantasizing about his cock being wrapped in the searing heat as he stroked himself faster and faster.

Before he could say anything else Seth felt himself go to full hardness. “God…” He groaned.

"Touch yourself," Jasper commanded softly, his eyes fluttered open, staring heatedly at his lover's hardness as he slowed his own pace.

Seth trailed his hand down his chest to take hold of his own erection. “Match pace?” He panted.

Jasper nodded against the younger's knee. "Yeah...start slow..." he murmured, watching his lover. "Yeah...yeah, like that baby..."

Seth closed his eyes, listening to Jasper’s voice as he stroked himself at the same pace as Jasper. When he felt Jasper increase his pace he did the same…so close… again. Well he had gotten his plea of ‘again and again’.

Jasper kept stroking. His pace increasing as his fingers pressed against the spot inside of his lover. "So close, baby..." he murmured, turning his head to place a nipping kiss against his lover's knee. "So close!"

“I know babe…me too… just a little…more!” Seth panted. “Cum for me Jazz.”

Jasper bit his bottom lip. His hand moving faster, rubbing the leaking head of his erection as his fingers moved inside of Seth. Then, suddenly, like lightening had struck him his orgasm rushed through him and he came crying out his lover's name.

The spike of Jasper’s emotions flowing through him sent Seth over the edge. He arched into Jasper as he came. As the last waves of his orgasm passed and Jasper got his own back under control Seth sank into the bed panting.

Jasper slowly eased his fingers out of Seth before he climbed over the younger, pressing their lips together in a chaste kiss.

“Mm…” Seth purred, his eyes fighting to stay open. “That was awesome.”

"I'll say," Jasper replied, grinning as he nuzzled the side of Seth's face.

Seth returned the grin, turning his head to kiss Jasper briefly once more. “I think I’m spent,” he whispered with a sigh.

"Really?" Jasper replied, snickering softly before he pulled himself away from his younger lover. "Let me get us something to clean up with. Then you're more than welcome to sleep."

“Okay,” Seth agreed. Jasper went to the bathroom and returned with a dampened washcloth. He cleaned Seth and then himself before putting the washcloth into the dirty clothes basket. Once he was clean Seth pushed himself up and crawled up to the pillows, falling into them with a sigh.

Jasper joined his little love in the bed, wrapping him up in his arms and holding him to his chest. "Sleep well my little wolf."

“With you here? It would be impossible not to,” Seth murmured as he snuggled into Jasper’s arms.

Jasper smiled at that, pressing a kiss to Seth's bare shoulder.

Seth had only been asleep for an hour when Esme texted Jasper to say that supper was ready. Jasper texted her back, Seth is sleeping. Give us another hour please.

Sure. I'll save him a plate. She texted back.

Thanks. Jasper closed his phone and lay it on the bedside table before wrapping his arm around Seth once more. Burying his nose in Seth’s hair he took in his comforting scent over and over.

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