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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


Emmett smiled over his shoulder at Leah, who sat on a blanket enjoying the sun when it peeked out between the clouds. Lilliana slept in her carrier next to Leah. “This one’s for you babe!” He called readying himself for Carlisle’s pitch.

Carlisle smiled, winding his arm back and then throwing the ball at Emmett. The ball smacked against the bat just thunder rumbled over the mountains.

“I GOT IT!” Seth called as the ball flew over his head. He started to run, phasing in his excitement to catch the ball.

“Hey! That's cheating you mutt!” Emmett called after the wolf chasing after the ball before he turned to the wolf's imprint. “That's cheating...the other team is kicking our ass because of that.”

Jasper tried to hold back his laughter. “Funny. I thought they were kicking our ass because of Edward,” he replied as Emmett scowled. “You'd better start running before Seth finds the ball.”


Seth found the ball and was just about to pick it up in his mouth when Emmett tackled him. He phased back in the middle of their roll. “Hey! No fair, this isn’t football!”

“And this isn't fetch either, puppy!” Emmett snarled, the pair rolling around on the ground, play wrestling.

“What do call it when one of you brings it back?!”

“Fetch is only for dogs!” Emmett shot back, poised to tickle the teenager, but before he could Edward and Jasper decided to break up their little play fight.

Edward pulled Emmett off Seth and Jasper helped his lover to his feet. He grinned as he handed Seth a pair of shorts. “Leah thought you might need these.”

Seth took the shorts with a grin before turning to wave his thanks to his sister. “You know. I would've had him,” he said in a serious voice, looking at both his imprint and Edward.

Jasper laughed. “Oh I have no doubt about that.”

“Well I do!” Emmett exclaimed. Seth looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh yeah? And who has been puppy whipped thirty times now?”

“Puppy whipped?” Edward mouthed to Jasper, eyebrow raised in question and amusement as the elder vampire chuckled softly.

“Yeah, yeah, you just got lucky,” Emmett grumbled.

“You’re just jealous,” Seth stated sticking out his tongue.

“How about we all agree to disagree?” Jasper said, looking at the pair.

“Or else you'll argue right through the lunch Esme brought,” Edward pointed out.

Seth perked up at the mention of lunch. “Esme made lunch?”

“Esme made lunch,” Jasper replied, nodding in agreement. “Sub sandwiches...not sure what kinds she has, but I'm sure she's made everyone's favorite.”

Seth grinned and jumped on Jasper’s back. “Sounds delicious,” he murmured, gently biting Jasper’s ear.

Jasper grinned as he looked over his shoulder, his hands holding Seth on to his back by folding underneath his ass. “I know something else that does,” he replied softly, so soft that only Seth could hear.

“Do you?” Seth questioned nuzzling Jasper’s neck.

“Mhm,” Jasper hummed. “I'll have to show you later.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Seth said with a grin.

“C’mon you guys I’m starved!” Leah called.

Seth slid off Jasper’s back and removed his shorts to phase back. Jasper picked the shorts up and watched the sandy wolf run back to the others. Shaking his head he ran back appearing by Carlisle’s side. Before he could offer to help Esme or offer the shorts back to Seth he found himself on the ground, a large sandy wolf on top of him licking his face happily.

“Oh, Seth! Come on, babe!” Jasper cried, laughing as he struggled beneath the wolf, still getting licked by the overgrown puppy.

The rest of the Cullen’s laughed at the display. Seth gave Jasper one last lick, causing Jasper’s hair sticking up on one side, before he backed off sitting on his hunches, tongue still lolling out of his mouth in a wolfish grin.

“Seth!” Jasper whined, touching his hair before sending the wolf a half-hearted glare. His eyes promising that he would get him back.

Seth snorted softly and rolled over onto his stomach as if asking for a belly rub. He whined looking imploringly at his imprint.

Jasper heaved a sigh as pushed himself off of the ground, ignoring his family's laughter as he approached his wolf. “I hardly think you should be rewarded,” he said in a matter of factly voice, rubbing his love's belly none the less.

Seth closed his eyes in pleasure, his leg thumping against the meadow floor.

“Seth figures he didn’t do much wrong if you are still rewarding him,” Edward said between chuckles.

“He also knows I can't refuse him anything,” Jasper pointed out dryly, still rubbing his lover's tummy.

Edward smiled as he wrapped an arm around Jacob. “Believe me, I know.”

Seth rolled over onto his feet and licked Jasper cheek once more before he picked up the shorts in his mouth and trotted off into the trees to phase back and change. He came back to Jasper’s side a moment later. “I can’t refuse you anything either you know.”

Jasper wrapped an arm around the teenager's shoulders. “I know, babe, I know,” he replied with a smile. “But I'm still going to get you.”

“I’ll look forward to it,” Seth said with a wink.

“I bet you will,” Jasper replied, smirking as he hugged the boy to his side before letting him go so he could eat.

Seth sent his lover a smile over his shoulder before going to Esme. “This looks great, thanks Esme.”

“You’re welcome Seth,” she replied with a smile as she handed him the sub she had made for him. Seth took the sub and sat down next to Leah, where she was eating her own sub.

“Enjoying the game Lilli?” He questioned looking at his niece with a smile. Lilliana blew spit bubbles at him and waved her fist.

“Of course she is! She's enjoying watching her daddy kick her uncle's butt!” Emmett said with a broad grin as Leah heaved a heavy sigh.

“We're not starting this argument again you two,” she warned, glaring both at her husband (who gave her a sheepish smile) and her brother.

Jacob set down his sub and shot both Seth and Emmett a smirk. “Yeah especially since Edward owned everyone on the field.”

“I dunno Jake, I think Jazz had Edward there in the second round,” Seth said. He looked at his lover. “Fantastic catch by the way Jazz, Edward’s face when you climbed onto his shoulders to make that catch was priceless!”

That won't happen again,” Edward said with narrowed eyes. He had been distracted by his own shifter's thoughts and didn't catch what Jasper had been planning until it was too late.

Jasper snickered softly. “Sure it won't.”

Seth laughed lacing his fingers with Jasper’s as his lover came to sit next to him. Thunder rumbled over the mountains again. “Think we have time for a couple more rounds before the rain moves in?”

Jasper glanced up at the sky with a thoughtful expression on his face, wishing Alice had joined them because she would've had a more definite answer for his lover. “I think so,” he replied, looking back at his lover.

“Good, we don’t get decent storms enough to have a good game,” Seth said with a smile.

Jasper nodded in agreement. “We always seem to be locked in a perpetual drizzle.”

“Maybe when we move we can go somewhere with better storms,” Seth suggested.

“That's a thought,” Carlisle agreed.

Seth grinned and then finished his sub. They played another three rounds before the rain started to move in.

“Come over for supper tonight!” Esme called to Jasper and Seth before she ran after Leah, Emmett and Lilliana.

Seth brushed his damp hair out of his face. “Wanna go to our meadow?” He asked Jasper.

Jasper looked down at the teen. “In the rain?” He questioned with a smirk.

Seth stepped up to him, walking his fingers up Jasper’s chest. “It’ll be just like a shower.”

Jasper grinned broadly, his hands resting on Seth's hips. “I like the sound of that.”

“Me too, but we should get there before starting don’t you think?”

“We should,” Jasper agreed before smirking. “I'll race you,” he said.

Seth laughed and quickly removed his shorts, tying them to his leg, and then phased. He jumped around Jasper barking happily.

Jasper watched his lover for a moment before darting off in the direction of their meadow.

Seth chased after his lover, growling when he easily caught up. For it to be that easy Jasper had to be holding back.

The vampire snickered softly, speeding up just slightly, but not fast enough to where he'd win outright. He wanted to give his little love a chance.

The sandy wolf at his side cast him a glance before putting on another burst of speed. Had Jasper not been a vampire he would have wondered where his lover disappeared to but as it was he could see a sandy tail disappear through the trees ahead of him.

Jasper gave his lover a moment to bask in the joy of getting one up on him and then, in his own burst of speed, he shot passed him. No longer holding back as he darted through the woods towards their meadow.

Jasper was grinning as he stopped in the middle of the meadow; he knew it would only be a moment before Seth got there. “What took you so long?” Jasper spun around, his eyes landing on Seth leaning against a tree casually.

Seth smirked. He hadn’t bothered to pull his shorts on, why would he given what was going to happen?

Jasper blinked and looked confused. “How'd you get here before me?” He asked, not straying from the middle of the meadow.

“I have my secrets.”

“I'm sure you do, but this is one I want to know.”

“I’ve had… 3 weeks without you here to scout the area and learn the fastest routes here.”

“Oh. I see,” Jasper replied, nodding.

“Yeah? Well I’m seeing something I want,” Seth stated.

“Do you?” Jasper asked, his lips curling into a grin. “And would that be me, babe?”

“It would,” Seth confirmed.

Again Jasper nodded. “And what are you going to do about it?”

Seth stepped forward until he stood chest to chest with Jasper. “I think I’m going to kiss you,” he answered before doing just that.

Jasper grinned against the teen's lips, his hand tangling in the younger's hair.

Seth wrapped his arms around Jasper, deepening the kiss. He opened his mouth under Jasper’s, groaning when he felt Jasper’s cold tongue against his own.

As he kissed Seth, Jasper's free hand roamed his younger lover's body, gently caressing the warm skin.

Seth pressed closer, his groan turning into a moan. As they continued to kiss thunder and lighting tore through the sky as it opened up, drenching them both in rain.

Finally Jasper's fingers wrapped around his lover's erection, stroking it slowly as they kissed. His thumb brushing over the head, smearing the pre-cum around the tip.

Seth pulled at the back of Jasper’s shirt in response to Jasper taking hold of his erection. After a moment he composed himself enough for his hands to go to Jasper’s front, undoing the buttons of the shirt then sliding it off Jasper’s shoulders. The second more skin was revealed Seth’s lips left Jasper’s and kissed along his lover’s jaw line then down his throat.

Jasper sighed in pleasure as the grip he had on Seth's hair tightened slightly, not quite enough to hurt him, as he tipped his head back in encouragement. His hand continuing to stroke his lover's erection, his fingers brushing against the sweet spot underneath the head of his cock.

Seth brushed his teeth over the sweet spot on Jasper’s chest as Jasper tightened his grip on his hair. He kissed and nipped at that spot as his hands went to the other sweet spot on Jasper’s front, one stroked that spot while the other went to Jasper’s belt, undoing it with practiced ease.

The vampire moaned softly as his young lover teased his sweet spots, his body shaking in pleasure as he felt Seth's hand work to undo his pants.

With Jasper’s belt undone Seth undid the button and then worked the zipper down, all the while making sure to give Jasper a couple of good strokes through his pants. Once he had the zipper completely down Seth slipped his hand inside Jasper’s pants, curling his fingers around Jasper’s erection.

Yes!” Jasper moaned in pleasure, his own grip on his lover tightening as he stroked him faster.

Seth bit his lip as he could feel the pressure of his orgasm coiling in his lower stomach moving into his balls. “Un… Jazz…”

Jasper's lips curled into a smirk as he continued stroking his lover. “Almost there, love?”

“Why…do you ask… when you already…know the answer?” Seth panted, his fingers tightening around Jasper.

“Cause I like hearing you say it,” Jasper growled softly, stroking his lover even faster.

That growl undid Seth. His grip on Jasper tightened even more and he gave his lover a couple of quick strokes as he came.

Jasper came just moments after his lover, seeing the teenager orgasm was more than enough to push himself over the edge.

Seth caught his breath and then leaned up to kiss Jasper. “I love you,” he murmured just Jasper’s lips.

“I love you too,” Jasper returned, his free hand cupping his lover's cheek.

Seth and Jasper stayed out in the rain for another two hours. The down pour washed away all evidence of what they did in those two hours. Esme sent them both to dry off the moment they set foot in the door.

“Yes ma’am!” Seth said with a salute.

Jasper tried not to laugh at the mock glare Esme sent him as he continued to a bathroom to get a towel to dry off with.

Seth joined him in the bathroom a moment later, taking another towel from the closet. “I like the rain,” he said with a smirk.

Jasper returned the smirk with one of his own. “I can't imagine why,” he replied in a teasing voice.

“Oh I think you can.” Seth put the used towel in the clothes basket; his shorts already dry due to his body heat. “I’ll go get you a change of clothes.”

Jasper chuckled softly before thanking his little love.

Seth nodded and disappeared. He returned a couple of minutes later with clean (dry) pants and a shirt for Jasper. Seth stayed in the bathroom and watched Jasper get dressed, blushing and looking away when Jasper looked up and caught him.

Jasper grinned. “Why are you blushing?” He asked.

Seth shrugged. “I dunno,” he answered, his blush deepening.

Jasper walked over to the teenager, cupping his heated cheek before kissing his lips. “That's alright. You're cute when you blush.”

“You’re cute anytime,” Seth whispered against his lips.

Jasper chuckled softly; pressing his lips against Seth's in a more lingering kiss before he pulled away, stroking the teen's cheek.

Seth sighed softly. “We shouldn’t keep Esme waiting…”

“Nope,” Jasper agreed before snickering. “Because she will come after us if we take too long.”

“And that would be embarrassing.”

“Oh yes.”

As if on cue there came a knock at the door. “Are you boys alright in there?” Esme asked.

Seth giggled. “Perfectly fine Esme, we’ll be out in a minute.”

“Told you,” Jasper mouthed with a silent snicker.

“Alright, supper is almost ready,” she said before walking away. Seth leaned up and kissed Jasper again.

“Don’t look so cheeky.”

“Who's cheeky?” Jasper replied with a laugh.

“You are,” Seth answered as he opened the door and stepped out.

“Am not.”

“Are too.”


“Don’t make me take that smirk off your face,” Seth said giving him a mock glare.

Jasper laughed again. “That sounds like fun,” he replied.

Seth thought it over for a moment. “It does, but not now.”

“I can't wait for later then,” Jasper replied as they walked into the kitchen.

Seth grinned as he rolled his eyes. Esme gave him a smile as she handed him a plate that held his supper. “Thanks Esme.”

“You’re welcome, hope it’s good.”

“You made it?”

“Of course.”

“Then it’s good.”

Esme laughed as she looked at Jasper. “So only two weeks until your trip?” She questioned.

Jasper nodded. “Two weeks,” he replied. “I'm taking Seth to get his passport sometime this week,” he added.

“Doesn’t it take more time than that?” Seth questioned.

“Not through the guy we know,” Esme told him.

Jasper could only nod in agreement. “We know people,” he replied in a matter of factly voice.

Seth snorted in amusement. “Of course you do.”

“Of course, how else do you think we've gone undiscovered for so long. Every time we move we need new birth certificates and social security cards. All that good stuff has to be replaced.”

Seth shrugged. “I’ve never really given it any thought… will I have to get all that when we move?”

“Mhm,” Jasper replied.

The younger blinked and thought that over. “That’s kinda cool…”

Jasper chuckled softly at that. “You won't think that after a few moves, trust me.”

“We’ll see. I am quite optimistic.”

Even Esme chuckled at that, stopping to press a kiss to the teen's head. “It's a good thing to be dear,” she replied softly.

Seth smiled and finished his supper. After washing his plate he turned to Jasper. “Should we head over to Jacob and Edward’s?”

“We ought to,” Jasper replied.

“Take this for Jacob,” Esme said wrapping up a plate for the pregnant shifter. Seth took the plate and gave her cheek a kiss.

“See you tomorrow.”

“Ten o’clock, bring your English and History homework!” Esme reminded him. Seth nodded as he followed Jasper out the door.

“You know, I’m glad Esme decided to home school me instead of me going to Forks High,” Seth told him as they walked through the woods.

“You're not the only one,” Jasper replied almost dryly. It had taken awhile, but eventually he had found out what really happened at Seth's old school and it had taken every ounce of his self control not to hunt down the boys and rip them apart. He was grateful to Esme for deciding to home school Seth right along with Jacob so it wouldn't happen again.

Seth reached out and laced his fingers with Jasper’s. “I thought you weren’t going to think about that anymore?” He questioned softly referring to the event with Raven and his gang.

Jasper looked over at his lover and heaved a soft sigh. “I know, but sometimes it just happens.”

Seth nodded. “Well it won’t happen again so there’s no need to worry about it.”

“I know that,” Jasper replied. “But it could've been prevented the first time, I just...” he shook his head. “You're right. It won't happen again.”

Seth raised Jasper’s hand to his lips, kissing the cold skin. Jacob and Edward’s cottage came into view then, the lights in the kitchen and living room on. Seth glanced at Jasper; his lover shook his head so he went on and opened the door. “Hey guys, Esme sent some food Jake.”

“Sweet! I'm starving,” Jacob said, pushing himself off of the couch, following Seth into the kitchen to get his dinner.

Edward just blinked and shook his head, looking up at Jasper from the couch. “He acts like I don't feed him,” he replied, nodding towards the shifter's retreating back.

“You know what they say brother,” Jasper replied, finishing the rest of the statement in his mind. A man can't live on sex alone.

Edward chuckled at that. “Doesn't mean he won't try,” he pointed out with a smirk, Jasper rolling his eyes.

Seth came out of the kitchen looking a little scared. “I think if I stayed in there any longer I would have lost a hand. Please tell me I don’t look like that when I eat.”

“Apparently being pregnant with twins will do that to you,” Edward replied, shrugging, because really he had no clue. Jacob had had a hearty appetite before he had gotten pregnant, now it seemed to have tripled. “At least that's what Carlisle says.”

“Well I guess we have to trust that,” Seth said scratching his head. “Since we have nothing else to go on.”

“We also can't forget that's he's carrying a vampire's babies,” Jasper pointed out in a matter factly tone. “That's got to count for something.”

“Like wanting to eat stuff raw?” Seth questioned.

“He does like his steaks really rare now...” Edward replied with a shrug.

“Blech!” Seth gagged. “No thanks for now.”

Edward chuckled at that, but then paused. “Wait...what do you mean for now?” He asked, looking between the two. “Ah...I see,” he said, smirking. “Already thinking about starting a family, are we?”

“Not for a long, long time,” Jasper replied crossly, glaring at his brother.

“For now meaning until we decide to,” Seth stated. “Which won’t be for awhile.”

Edward snorted softly. “Planning a family even before discussing getting married,” he paused, an odd look coming over his face and then his eyes flickered to Jasper's before he struggled to hold back a smirk. “I'd better go check on Jacob,” he said before standing.

Seth glanced at Jasper. “I’m not I swear! Edward is just trying to cause trouble,” he insisted.

Jasper shook his head, looking back at his lover. “Don't worry about it, babe,” he replied. “Edward's just jealous because we're going about things the right way while he went a little backwards.”

“Fuck you, Jasper!” Was Edward's reply to that statement from the kitchen.

The elder vampire chuckled softly. “See?”

Seth laughed. “Yeah, I see. I’m gonna go to our room and finish my homework before going out to scout.”

“Alright,” Jasper agreed. “Need any help with anything?”

“English no, History… how much do you remember about the Great Depression?”

“Babe...I lived during it,” Jasper replied with a soft snicker.

“Well I know that, I just don’t know if you remember lot of it.”

“Come on,” Jasper said, wrapping an arm around the teen's shoulders, leading him to their bedroom. “I remember plenty of it.”

“That’s good, because I remember nothing of it,” Seth joked.

“Don't let Esme hear you saying that, she'll repeat her lesson on it,” Jasper replied with a laugh.

“Good thing she’s not here huh?” Seth glanced over his shoulder just to make sure he hadn’t jinxed himself. Esme didn’t appear so he let out a sigh of relief.

“Yeah. It is a good thing,” Jasper replied as they entered their bedroom, the vampire closing the door behind him. “So what are you doing that concerns the Great Depression?”

“Esme wanted me to write a three page essay on the causes, life during and how we got out of it. I have the causes done,” Seth answered digging the notebook with his essay in it out of his backpack. He opened it and handed it to Jasper. “I’m drawing a blank on the life during and how we got out of it.”

Jasper nodded in understanding and then began telling Seth what he knew about the Great Depression.

Seth worked on his homework until almost eleven-thirty. Stretching with a yawn he closed his notebook and put everything back into his backpack. Getting off the bed he stretched again and turned back to Jasper. “I’m gonna scout, do you want to come?”

Jasper was silent for a moment, obviously sensing the emotions of his brother and brother in law. He nodded. Almost immediately. “They're not going at it yet, but it won't be long.”

Seth snickered. “I hope my sex drive is that good when I’m seven months along.”

“You're not the only one,” Jasper replied with a laugh.

The younger just smiled as he took Jasper’s hand and they left the cottage. Seth removed his shorts and tied them to his leg. He did his best to ignore Jasper’s heated gaze on his back, a moment later he would have laughed at Jasper’s soft sigh of disappoint but now in his wolf form he could only give his lover a wolfish grin.

Jasper just shook his head, a smirk on his face. “Yeah, yeah...let's go scout,” he said, heading towards the woods. The sooner they scouted, the sooner he could have his lover.

Seth followed his lover, his nose to the ground sorting out if there were any smells that didn’t belong. Thirty minutes later he phased back, satisfied that no danger lurked around the cottage that night.

“It's quiet tonight,” Jasper said thoughtfully, looking at his lover.

“It is,” Seth agreed. “Not sure if I like it or not. I mean I’m satisfied that there’s no danger but the forest is rarely this quiet… it’s like something is coming.”

“Mhm,” Jasper replied. He didn't like it, but there's was nothing to do. Just wait and see what would happen and deal with it then.

“Guess we’ll just have to wait and see huh?” Seth questioned. “How should we distract ourselves in the meantime?”

Jasper hummed softly in thought. “Oh gee...I dunno...” he replied, smirking. “Got any ideas?”

“Depends… forest or bed?”

“Forest is closer.”

“It is.” Seth nodded, a gasp leaving his lips as Jasper wrapped his arms around him from behind. He could feel Jasper’s arousal pressing against his backside, feeling that only served to increase his own arousal.

Jasper pressed feather light kisses around his lover's neck and bare shoulders. “So we should just distract ourselves here,” he murmured softly against the teen's skin.

Seth shivered under the attention of Jasper’s lips. “I’m okay with that. Just how do you plan to distract me?”

“Well, let me see...” Jasper purred softly as his hands reached for his lover's arousal, his fingers wrapping around it while his other hand cupped the teen's balls. “...maybe I'll do something about this.”

Seth groaned and pressed back against Jasper. “Oh yeah? Like what?”

“Maybe I'll use my hands...like this,” Jasper replied, his hand stroking his lover's erection as his other hand rubbed and rolled his balls around in his hands. “Or maybe I can do something else...with my tongue? Or, maybe, my fingers.”

“I like all those options,” Seth murmured.

Jasper smirked against his lover's skin before nipping at the sweet spot behind his love's ear. “Oh yeah?” He murmured hotly against Seth's ear. “What's your favorite option?”

“Right now? Nn…that’s such a hard choice Jazz.” Seth thrust himself into Jasper’s hand. “I think your tongue sounds good.”

“My tongue, huh?” Jasper repeated, smearing the precum around the head of Seth's cock before stepping away from him to turn him around. “I like that sound of that. I'd love to taste you right now.” He sank to his knees in front of his lover, leaning forward to swipe his tongue across Seth's head.

Seth’s fingers buried themselves in Jasper’s hair. “I want to feel your mouth around me Jazz,” he groaned.

“Patience, love,” Jasper murmured, his hand wrapping around the base of his love's cock.

“Is something I lack when you’re down there,” Seth growled softly.

Jasper chuckled softly, pumping his lover's cock for a minute before he took the tip into his mouth and sucked at it.

Seth bit his lip and whimpered as Jasper’s tongue swirled around the tip of his head. His fingers tightened in Jasper’s hair, tugging the strands as Jasper kept sucking him. He moaned as Jasper’s other hand returned to his balls, gently squeezing and rolling them in his palm. “Jazz!”

The vampire smirked around his full mouth, his hand slipping behind his balls, pressing against the sweet spot there.

“Yes Jazz… just like… faster…” Seth panted.

And Jasper bobbed his head faster all the while rubbing that little spot.

Seth gasped and whined, his fingers gripping Jasper’s hair tightly as he came. “God babe… you’re just too good for me to last very long.”

Jasper continued to bob his head, groaning softly when his lover's cum hit his tongue, greedily he lapped it all up before pressing a kiss to his lover's limp length. “You know I aim to please,” he replied, grinning up at his lover.

“And please you do,” Seth said with a smile as he stroked Jasper’s cheek.

Jasper leaned into his lover's touch. “Always glad to know I please you, babe.”

Seth leaned down and caught Jasper’s lips with his own. “Now how about you tell me how I can please you.”

Jasper stood back up, pulling his younger lover to him. “Babe...anything you do pleases me.”

Seth purred in contentment as he relaxed in Jasper’s arms. Being just a few inches shorter than Jasper this put him at the perfect height to kiss and bite his way down Jasper’s throat. Jasper tipped his head to the side to give his lover more room, Seth took complete advantage of that.

As his lips and teeth worked on Jasper’s neck his fingers traced the lines of Jasper’s chiseled muscles. He scratched both sweet spots lightly before his hand wrapped around Jasper’s erection. “What are you feeling babe? Fast or slow?”

Jasper moaned at his young lover's ministrations, gasping when the teen's hand finally wrapped around his erection. “Fast, baby, do it fast and hard.”

Seth smirked as he leaned up and kissed the corner of Jasper’s mouth. “As you wish.” He started stroking Jasper fast, his grip on his lover’s erection tightening every couple of strokes.

Jasper sighed in pleasure, his hips following the movements of the younger's hand. “That's it, babe, just like that. Keep going.”

Seth kept stroking as he nibbling on Jasper’s bottom lip. His other hand went between Jasper’s legs, cupping his balls, one finger just barely brushing the sweet spot behind them.

Jasper panted heavily against his lover's lips. “C'mon, baby, don't tease,” he said, needing his lover to touch that spot. “Please baby.”

“I love it when you beg me,” Seth whispered before pressing against that spot in time with his strokes.

Jasper's body shivered in pleasure and his eyes fluttered closed as his grip on Seth tightened slightly. “Yes, baby, yes!” He hissed softly in pleasure.

Seth’s grip tightened even more, his finger pressing into the sweet spot hard. “Cum for me babe.”

“Seth!” Jasper cried out in bliss as his body was raked by his orgasm.

Seth continued to stroke Jasper, though his grip eased up, until his lover’s orgasm had completely passed. Raising his fingers to his mouth he licked them clean, smirking when he noticed Jasper watching him.

“That's really sexy...” Jasper murmured softly, stroking the teen's cheek with his fingers.

“Is it?” Seth questioned leaning into the touch.

“Unbelievably so.”

Seth grinned. “Good, I happen to think so too. Though I also happen to think that it tastes pretty good too.”

Jasper chuckled softly at that before leaning down to chastely press his lips against the younger's. “Come on, we should start heading back,” he said softly.

Seth nodded, bending down to untie his shorts from his leg as Jasper did up his pants. Slipping them on quickly he laced their fingers together as they walked. When they reached the cottage the lights in the bedroom and kitchen were off but the living room ones were still on. Edward was reading when they walked in. “All clear tonight,” Seth told him. “But it feels like something is coming.”

Edward was silent for a moment, obviously reading their minds to understand what they had seen. “I see,” he replied softly, frowning as he bookmarked his page and set the book aside.

“I’m going to grab a shower and then go to bed,” Seth told him. Edward nodded, sparing the younger a small smile before the frown returned. Seth turned to Jasper and kissed his cheek before disappearing back into their room, closing the door to give the two vampires their privacy.

Jasper stared after the teenager for a moment before turning back to his brother. “How's Jacob?”

“Sleeping now, still worried that phasing may have harmed the babies,” Edward sighed.

Jasper nodded slowly. “Carlisle couldn't find anything out?”

“He couldn’t see anything, the heartbeats are unchanged though,” Edward answered.

“Maybe they're alright then,” Jasper suggested softly.

“I can only hope. Jacob would be heartbroken if something happened to them…and so would I.”

“I know.”

A small smile graced Edward’s lips. “I’m sure we would all feel some sort of pain if something happened to them.” Edward’s hand clenched into a fist. “That’s why I won’t let anything happen, as long as it is within my power to do so.”

Jasper stared at his brother for a long moment. “Just so long as it isn't something drastic. We'll get through this as a family.” He gave his brother a meaningful look. “Because, you know, if you tried to leave...as soon as Jacob had the twins...he'd come after you. Even if he had to face down the entire Volturi to get you back.”

“Yes…and I cannot risk him that way.”

Jasper nodded in understanding. “You know that we will find a way to get through this.”

“I know, I just hate waiting. I want it to be over. I want Jacob to be safe, our children to be safe.”

“It's hard on all of us.”

“I know,” Edward sighed sitting back on the couch. “And I’m sorry you all have to deal with it.”

Jasper shook his head. “I wouldn't have it any other way. You know that.”

Edward snorted. “You mean you would rather have all this drama than a quiet life with Seth?”

“A quiet life is a boring life,” Jasper pointed out with a grin before laughing softly. “You know that's what I want, more than anything, but not at the expense of losing my brother or the one he loves. There are some things I'll do without so we all can be happy.”

Edward stood and rested his hand on Jasper’s shoulder with a smile. “Thank you Jazz. Course, there is another thing keeping you from having a quiet life.”

Jasper blinked and looked up at his brother with an arched eyebrow. “I have no idea what you're talking about,” he replied.

Edward’s smile widened. “Oh you do. Nothing about Seth is quiet.”

“It would be if certain family members wouldn't listen in, Edward!”

Edward laughed. “It’s hard to ignore someone so loud.”

“Just like it's hard to ignore a couple that oozes lust for each other,” Jasper replied, rolling his eyes, though there was a smirk on his face.


Jasper laughed at that.


“I understand the point of blindfolding when a trip is a surprise… but I know where we’re going so I don’t understand the point,” Seth stated looking to where he knew Jasper was sitting beside him even though he couldn’t see him.

“You know where we're going, but you don't know where we're staying,” Jasper pointed out in a matter of factly tone, grinning at his lover even though the teenager could not see it.

“But we haven’t even gotten on the plane yet! And I want to look out the window,” Seth pouted.

“You can look out the window once we're on the plane,” Jasper promised. “But not right now.”

Jasper could feel Seth’s annoyance and exasperation. “Sometimes… I really don’t understand you,” Seth sighed crossing his arms over his chest.

“You'll thank me, I promise.”

“Uh-huh.” Jasper just smiled and checked his watch. Their flight should start boarding within the next ten minutes. One of the reasons Seth was blindfolded was because the younger had never been on a plane before, much less the first class section.

Finally their flight was called and Jasper led Seth to the ticket counter to get their tickets checked before they continued onto the plane. “Keep a hold of me, babe.”

“Nope, I’m gonna let go and get good and lost on purpose,” Seth replied even as he looped a finger through Jasper’s belt loop.

“That would be funny,” Jasper replied. “Though I think you'll want to end up where I'm taking you.”

“Which is England…” Seth’s excitement over that simple statement made Jasper smile.

“You hope,” Jasper replied, snickering softly.

“Or Scotland… or Ireland, either way I’m excited all the same.”

Jasper chuckled again. “Don't worry. You'll enjoy it.”

“Welcome aboard American Airlines, oh do we have a surprise trip going on?” The stewardess questioned looking at the blindfold covering Seth’s eyes.

“Kinda, I have an idea of where we’re going and I can take it off on the plane but I have to wear it until then,” Seth replied.

Jasper laughed softly and grinned at the stewardess. “It's his first time on a plane, not to mention the destination is somewhat of a surprise.”

“Oh, well my name is Sally if you need anything,” she told them looking at their tickets and handing them back to Jasper. “I’m sure you know where you’re going.”

“You have a nice voice,” Seth said. Sally blushed at the compliment.

Jasper couldn't help but to laugh again, shaking his head slowly at his lover. “Thanks Sally,” he replied before continuing to the First Class section.

“What?” Seth questioned. “She does have a nice voice.”

“You are too cute for words.”

Seth blushed, letting go of Jasper’s belt loop when his lover stopped. “We’re on the plane now? Are we at our seats?”

“We're in our section, but not our seats,” Jasper replied. “You can take off the blindfold if you want.”

Seth pulled the blindfold off and blinked a couple of times for his eyes to adjust to the light. After his eyes had adjusted he looked around, eyes widening when he saw their section. “This is… this is first class!”

“Yup!” Jasper replied with a broad grin.

Seth stared at him and then looked down at the seats. “Wow…” He murmured.

“Come on,” Jasper replied, nudging him to their seats.

Seth followed Jasper to their seats, smiling when Jasper gave him the window seat. “So what’s the difference between first class and… whatever the other is called?”

“First class and coach?” Jasper replied with a grin. “They pay better attention to their first class passengers.”

Seth laughed softly. “And here I thought it was going to be the more comfortable seats or something.”

“Well that too I suppose,” Jasper replied with a shrug, sitting next to his lover.

“So this is a plane huh? Impressive,” Seth said as he looked around and buckled his seatbelt.

“Mhm. Amazing what humans can come up with,” Jasper agreed softly, buckling his own belt.

“It really is…” Seth murmured looking out the window, watching the runway crew work. After a few more questions from Seth, his attention was taken by Sally closing the door of the plane. When the door was closed she took hold of the microphone and smiled charmingly at the passengers.

“Welcome to American Airlines flight 21899, Seattle to New York…” Jasper tuned her out but Seth listened with unwavering attention.

Jasper pulled out his book before wrapping an arm around Seth, reading as he held his lover.

Seth gripped Jasper’s hand as they took off, his eyes wide. Jasper had to fight a smile as he watched Seth out the corner of his eye. Seth stared out the window as the clouds and land below them passed by. “It looks like it’s going so slow,” he murmured.

“It does,” Jasper agreed, the smile still on his face, squeezing the teen's hand.

Four hours later they landed in New York, they had a two hour layover before the ten hour flight to London, though Seth didn’t know that. At the moment though, that didn’t matter, Seth was memorized by the buildings and lights of New York City.

“Do you wanna grab some lunch?” Jasper asked, looking down at his lover. “We have some time before our flight.”

“Sure…” Seth murmured staring out the window at the city. “Wow! Can we come here sometime?”

Jasper laughed at that. “We've got all the time in the world, babe.”

Seth smiled widely and laced his fingers with Jasper’s. “So you were saying something about lunch?”

“Pick a place,” Jasper replied, looking around the airport. “There's plenty of places here to eat at. I'm sorry we can visit the city today, but we'll make it back here soon.”

“No worries, I’ll look forward to it.” Seth sniffed the air discreetly until something made his stomach growl. “Do you just want to stay here while I go?”

Jasper nodded. “The food court is awfully crowded...all that emotion, you know.”

Seth nodded in understanding and Jasper gave him some money. “I’ll be back in a few.” He kissed Jasper’s cheek quickly and then disappeared into the crowd.

Jasper simply hung back and waited for his lover to return, finding a seat to wait for Seth on.

Seth returned about thirty minutes later, his food already gone but he was still sucking on a milkshake of some sort. “That was an adventure,” he said sitting down beside Jasper.

“Oh?” Jasper replied, grinning as he wrapped an arm around his lover. “Tell me about it.”

Seth recounted his adventure to get his lunch to Jasper, by the time he was finished Jasper was laughing so hard that he would have been crying if he could have. “So after all that I decided that ice cream was needed,” Seth told him sucking on his milkshake.

“And you deserve it baby,” Jasper replied, pulling him closer to press a kiss to his temple.

Seth smiled and relaxed against him, his head on Jasper’s shoulder. “So how long is the next flight?”

Long. You'll be better off sleeping through it,” Jasper replied softly.

“Is there anything to see?” He questioned. Seth didn’t want to miss a thing.

“Just a whole lot of ocean,” Jasper replied.

“Sleep sounds good then. Don’t know if I can sleep the whole time though…”

“I made sure to put some books in our carry on bags,” Jasper answered.

Seth grinned. “You think of everything!”

Jasper snickered softly. “I'm just used to flying I guess.”

“Do you fly a lot?” Seth questioned.

“Alice did like to go to France and Milan...fashion capitals and all that, you know,” Jasper replied with a shrug. “So, yes, I suppose I do fly a lot. I like to travel anyway.”

Seth grinned. “I can’t wait to travel more with you.” Seth leaned in close and whispered in Jasper’s ear, “Just think… eventually having sex in all the places we travel.”

Jasper bit his bottom lip at that. A rush of desire running through him that was both his own and his lover's. “I can't wait,” he replied softly, his hand moving to his lover's thigh, giving it a squeeze.

Seth smiled and somewhat innocently nuzzled Jasper’s neck. He pressed a kiss to the skin just below Jasper’s ear and then sat back in his seat to finish his milkshake and stare out the window at the city.

A smirk remained on the vampire's face as his arm draped over his lover's shoulders, hugging him close.

An hour later found them taking off once more. Once they were in the air Seth put the blind for the window down and rested his head on Jasper’s shoulder. His fingers on his right hand traced those of Jasper’s for a few minutes before he fell asleep, taking Jasper’s advice to try and sleep as much of the trip over the ocean as possible.

Jasper returned his attention to his book, his hand holding Seth's, his lips curling into a fond smile when the teen fell asleep against him.

About halfway through the flight the stewardess came around asking for their orders for supper. Jasper declined but ordered a steak for Seth; he would wake his lover up when the food came. Seth yawned and stretched when Jasper woke him, just before the stewardess brought his food.

“Well since there’s food I’ll forgive you for bringing me out of such a good dream,” Seth told him.

“That good dream would've gotten us into trouble if you're emotions had anything to say about it,” Jasper murmured softly to his lover, smirking.

Seth grinned even as a blush rose to his cheeks. He gave his lover a playful shrug as the stewardess brought his steak and he placed his drink order. “Guess this is one of the perks to first class?” He asked.

“Yet another one,” Jasper agreed with a grin.

“I think I like first class.”

“I'm glad you do.”

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