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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


Just before they started their decent Jasper made Seth put the blindfold back on and headphones so he wouldn’t hear the stewardess announce where they were landing. It made Seth pout again, he wanted to know so badly, but Jasper just smiled.

Jasper tried not to smile as the plane landed and his lover pouted, his annoyance clear as they waited to be allowed off the plane.

Once they were allowed off the plane Jasper stood and made Seth take hold of his belt loop again. Their stewardess smiled at them as they got off, “Thanks for flying with us, enjoy your trip!” She said.

“Jazz can I please take these off now?”

“In a minute, babe, let's get to baggage claim then you can take it off.”

“Okay,” Seth sighed, his nose twitching with all the new smells of a different countries airport.

It didn't take long for them to get to the baggage claim. Their flight still hadn't been unloaded, so he pulled Seth close to him and leaned down to his ear. “You can take off the blindfold now,” Jasper murmured softly.

Seth smiled and pulled the blindfold off looking around. At first he was confused because he didn’t see anything that screamed where they were, there weren’t any windows here like in New York but then he listened. Seth’s smile widened as he heard the accents, which there were a few of but the majority of people around them spoke with a British accent. “England?!”

“England,” Jasper agreed with a broad smile.

“So cool!” Seth exclaimed before he started firing off questions. “What time is it here? Where are we going after we get our bags? Did you put the camera in the carryon?”

“Woah, woah, chill babe!” Jasper laughed. “I have the camera and we're heading to the hotel after we get our bags...and there's a clock right there.”

Seth turned and looked at the clock. “After seven, is that good? Will we have to worry about the sun?”

“We're fine. It's cloudy,” Jasper replied. “I checked the weather before we landed.”

“Good.” Seth laced their fingers together as they waited for their bags. After claiming their bags Jasper led him out of the airport, hailing a taxi and handing Seth the camera. Seth immediately started snapping pictures of just about anything and everything.

Jasper gave the driver their directions and tried not to laugh at his lover as they continued into the taxi.

The taxi pulled up outside the hotel and Seth’s eyes widened. Looking over at Jasper he could only say, “You didn’t.”

Jasper bit his bottom lip and gave his lover an innocent smile. “I did,” he replied.

“Jazz! This has to be way too expensive! Like… way to expensive!”

“And?” Jasper replied, eyebrow arched his he motioned for the teenager to get out of the taxi.

Seth got out of the taxi, the camera hanging around his neck, still staring at the fancy hotel in front of them. “And nothing. You really don’t need to spend this much when we go places. I mean… it’s not like you’re trying to impress me into liking you or anything.”

“I've got the money to spend Seth, so let me spoil you,” Jasper replied, climbing out after Seth, placing a hand on his back before he led him to the front. “I promise, though, I didn't get the most expensive room in the hotel this time.”

Seth sighed; he knew he would never win this battle with Jasper. “You didn’t last time either but it was a pent house apartment.”

“Well. This one is just the pent house suite,” Jasper replied, though it wasn't much of a difference, but like he said before, it wasn't the most expensive suite in the hotel.

Seth just shook his head as they walked into the hotel lobby. It was beautiful, there was no doubt about that, but it was even greater because this time he didn’t have to hang back while Jasper got their room keys. He stood by Jasper’s side, their fingers laced together as his lover paid and thanked the clerk.

Jasper picked up their bags (at least the bags that the doorman didn't get) and tugged his lover towards the elevators. “Are you still full from the dinner on the plane?” He asked, looking at the younger teen next to him. “I can order you something once we're in our room.”

Seth grinned. “I can always eat, you know that.”

The elder chuckled softly. “Alright. We'll order something,” Jasper replied.

If possible, this elevator ride was even smoother than the one at the hotel in Seattle, at least Seth thought so. Unlike the hotel in Seattle, when they stepped out the elevator their door wasn’t the only one in the hallway. “This hotel is really gorgeous,” Seth said as Jasper unlocked the door to the suite.

“It really is. It's one of the older ones too,” Jasper replied with a grin. “It was remodeled in the early 60s.”

“Being why it doesn’t have the key cards.” Seth nodded as they stepped into the suite, their suitcases resting against the wall. “But I like that, there’s something nice about having a key in your hand or pocket.”

“Mhm,” Jasper replied in agreement, setting the bags he carried next to the ones that sat in the hall. “Well...let's go look around,” he said, grinning at the teen.

“Alright,” Seth agreed. “Oh we need to call or text Esme and let her know that we got here safe.”

“I'll send her a text while you explore.”

“Sounds good,” Seth said with a smile. He let go of Jasper’s hand and started to explore the suite. The only real difference between the apartment and the suite was the lack of a kitchen, but they didn’t really need one so that didn’t matter. There was a good sized living room with a TV and windows that over looked a garden, which was just starting to bloom. Seth wondered into the bathroom next, there was only a bathtub here, he grinned thinking about the hot tub in Seattle. Off of the bathroom was the bedroom, the majority of it was taken up by a king size bed and a desk that sat against the wall. There was a small balcony with two chairs on it. Seth had just jumped onto the bed, which was very comfortable, when Jasper walked in.

“The text is sent and I got you the menu,” Jasper replied, holding it up for the teenager.

“Great!” Seth sat up and took the menu from him looking it over. “What is ‘bangers and mash’… or ‘black pudding’?”

Jasper blinked and took the menu back, turning it over. “American foods' on this side,” he replied with a sheepish smile.

Seth laughed. “Well at least their prepared for tourist.” He looked over the menu and decided on some beef stew. Getting up he went to the bedside table that had a phone on it and called the room service number. After ordering his food he lay the menu down and then lay back down on the bed. “This bed is almost as comfortable as the one at home.”

“I'm glad you like it,” Jasper replied, sitting next to his lover on the bed.

Seth turned onto his side, curling up next to Jasper. “I like London so far, hopefully tomorrow will be cloudy so we can go out and see some stuff.”

Jasper wrapped an arm around him. “I'll check the weather later tonight,” he promised.

The younger smiled and breathed in deep the smell that was only Jasper. Just as he was about to let his hands wonder a knock came at the door. “That must be my order,” Seth sighed as he stood to go answer it.

Jasper resisted the urge to snicker. “Don't worry babe, there'll be plenty of time later,” he replied softly.

“I know, I’m just a little worked up from that dream on the plane.” Seth flashed Jasper a grin over his shoulder as he left the bedroom.

“I bet you are,” Jasper replied, snickering.

“It was a damn good dream!” Seth was grinning when he opened the door, the room service boy blushed and Seth stepped back to let him in. “Thanks, do you take dollars? I’m afraid I don’t have any pounds.”

“That’s fine,” the boy answered. Seth nodded and pulled a few dollars out of his pocket and gave it to the boy.

Jasper snickered as he wandered out of the bedroom to watch his lover, chuckling harder at the blushing boy delivering his lover's food. “I think he likes you,” he teased after the teenager at left, grinning at his lover.

“He was cute I guess,” Seth replied with a shrug. “But my heart lies with another.”

“Oh really?” Jasper asked, his voice playful and teasing. “Should I be jealous?”

“Maybe. He’s this really hot vampire, blonde curls and the most gorgeous golden eyes when he’s not hungry. He has a bit of a southern accent, especially when he gets angry, and the way he wears a cowboy hat…” Seth bit his lip as he pictured Jasper in his cowboy hat.

Jasper chuckled huskily at that. Sensing the teen's lust. “Eat first,” he replied, backing towards the bedroom, leaning against the door frame. “Then you can tell me all about your dream.”

“I’d rather show you.”

“That'll work too.”

Seth grinned as he took his bowl off the cart and sat on the couch to eat it. He kept thinking about his dream in great detail, knowing that the feelings he was projecting would drive Jasper crazy.

It didn't take Jasper long to figure out what was going on. “Seth, baby, stop.”

Seth pulled his spoon from his mouth looking over at Jasper with an innocent expression. “What?”

“You know what.”

Seth tried to hide his grin. “I really have no idea.”

“I think you do,” Jasper replied, resting his hand on his lover's thigh, giving it a squeeze.

Seth bit his lip to hide his groan, which didn’t really work. He quickly finished his stew, set the bowl on the table and then basically jumped on Jasper, crushing their lips together.

Jasper leaned back on the couch, his hands immediately slipping underneath the younger's shirt, caressing his heated skin as he leaned up into the kiss.

Seth moaned into the kiss, only breaking it when Jasper tugged his shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor. He nibbled on Jasper’s bottom lip, slipping his tongue inside the colder mouth when it opened. His hands went to the buttons of Jasper’s shirt, undoing them at an easy pace, touching the skin as it was revealed.

Jasper sighed softly in pleasure against Seth's lips, his hands resting on his sides as he arched his hips into the younger's.

Seth pressed back against Jasper, they were both already hard and the friction caused by pressing against each other was maddening. Seth broke the kiss, trailing kisses down Jasper’s throat as he caught his breath. “Jazz…” He panted between kisses. “I want to feel you.”

Jasper's grip was tight and he almost didn't want to let go when the younger spoke. “There's something in the way...” he pointed out, looking down between them at their tented pants.

“We should lose them then.”

“We should,” Jasper agreed.

Seth stood and unbuttoned his jeans quickly waiting to be pressed back up against Jasper as soon as possible.

Jasper took a little longer to undo his pants, having to stand up after he undid them to pull them down, maybe putting on a little more of a show than his lover was willing to watch if his emotions were any indication.

Jazz…” Seth growled softly watching him.

“What?” Jasper laughed. “I'm undressing.”

Seth stepped up and pressed himself against Jasper, his lips brushing over the sweet spot on his chest. “You’re taking entirely too long.”

“And you're entirely too cute when you're impatient,” Jasper replied, grinning as he caressed his lover's cheek.

Seth sighed and leaned into the touch, turning his head after a moment to bite gently at Jasper’s fingers and kiss his palm. The dog tags that they had gotten each other rested against their chests, neither ever removed them, Seth’s were on a long enough chain that it didn’t break when he phased. Seth took one of Jasper’s fingers into his mouth, sucking on it.

Jasper groaned softly at his lover's teasing, leaning down to nibble at his ear as his free hand caressed his hip.

Seth purred as Jasper’s fingers brushed over the sweet spot just above his hip. He released the finger he was sucking on only to take another into his mouth and give it the same treatment. His hips were bumping against Jasper’s, not completely humping him but close.

“Maybe we should take this into the bedroom,” Jasper murmured hotly against his lover's ears, moving his hips with Seth's, his body shivering in pleasure as the younger sucked his fingers.

Seth released Jasper’s fingers and looked up at him with dark eyes. “If you want, I’m comfortable wherever you are.”

Jasper chuckled softly at that. “I'm fine with the couch, love,” he replied softly, nudging the younger towards the couch they were just sitting on. “I just want to make sure you're comfortable.”

“I am,” Seth assured him as he lay on the couch, resting one leg on top of the couch so that he was completely open for Jasper to look at.

The vampire groaned softly at the sight, drinking it in for a moment before he walked over to his lover, kneeling down in front of him. “You are so sexy!” He growled lowly, leaning forward to press his lips against Seth's.

Seth returned the kiss, his fingers losing themselves in Jasper’s hair. Jasper’s voice as a growl sent shivers down his spine, in a good way.

Jasper's hands rested on the couch on either side of Seth as the vampire parted his lover's lips with his tongue, a muffled moan lost to the kiss when his tongue brushed against Seth's.

Seth pushed back against Jasper’s tongue with his own, the battle for dominance a mere formality at this point. They both knew who would come out on top in the end. Seth whimpered softly, arching himself up against Jasper, silently begging to be touched.

The fight for dominance might've been just for show, but it still served turned the vampire on. Jasper's body shook as Seth's emotions caressed him.

Seth broke the kiss with a gasp. “Jazz… you’re projecting as much as I am… if you don’t touch me soon I’m gonna cum without you touching… and I’d rather you touch.”

Jasper couldn't stop the chuckle that left his mouth. It was light, airy, and a little breathless as he leaned back, getting himself level with his lover's cock. “I suppose I could do that,” he replied, his hands resting on the teen's thighs, rubbing them in the teasing fashion before he leaned forward, pressing a teasing kiss to the head of Seth's cock.

“Teasing is not going to help,” Seth growled watching Jasper with a heated gaze.

Again the vampire laughed. “Must you always be so impatient, love?” Jasper purred, gazing up at the teenager. His fingers wrapped around his lover's erection, gently squeezing the base of his cock before he leaned forward and ran his tongue along the tip before taking it into his mouth.

Seth sucked in a breath. “When you’re doing that yes.”

Jasper chuckled softly around his lover's erection, his hands stroking the base of Seth's cock as he sucked on the tip, his tongue playing with the leaking slit.

“Nn!” Seth groaned, his head falling back against the couch arm. “Yeah Jazz… feels good…” Seth raised a hand and buried his fingers in Jasper’s hair.

Jasper's lips and mouth followed the same motion as his hands, making sure that no bit of skin was left untouched and then soon he abandoned his hand completely and just took Seth's entire cock. The tip brushed the back of his throat as he hummed a random tune, his head still bobbing.

Seth’s fingers tightened in Jasper’s hair. “Y-You’ve never done that…” The vibrations from the random tune were doing things… things that were driving him crazy.

Jasper continued to hum. Glad that he didn't have to stop to catch his breath, though he did greedily inhale the teenager's scent as he sucked his cock. His hand, the one that had started out wrapped around Seth's erection, returned to Seth's body. He pressed a finger to the bundle of nerves, the sweet spot, just behind his balls.

“Ah!” Seth bucked up into Jasper’s mouth. He spread his legs further wanting, needing to feel more of that touch.

Jasper's finger roughly rubbed Seth's sweet spot, his tongue flicking against the spot before beneath his head before he took the teen's entire length again, humming.

Seth’s orgasm washed over Jasper’s senses just seconds before his cum hit the back of his throat. Seth arched into Jasper’s mouth as he came and then collapsed back against the couch panting. “Mm…fantastic Jazz.”

Jasper pulled away only after he was sure his lover was finished. He swallowed all that was in his mouth before he leaned up and pressed his lips against Seth's.

“Mm,” Seth moaned into the kiss, his arms wrapping around Jasper’s neck. Seth arched into Jasper, rubbing against his lover’s erection.

Jasper groaned into the kiss, grinding his erection against Seth before he broke the kiss. “Touch me,” he whispered hotly in the teen's ear.

Seth turned his head just slightly and took Jasper’s earlobe between his teeth as his hand slid down Jasper’s chest. He tugged lightly on Jasper’s earlobe as his hand wrapped around his lover’s erection. His hand pumped Jasper’s cock rough and fast, thumb brushing over the head and spreading the pre-cum with each stroke.

“Just like that...” Jasper moaned, his hands sliding up Seth's body, caressing his sides as he bucked into his hand.

Seth’s lips twitched with a grin as Jasper’s wondering hands tickled him lightly in some placed. His strokes quickened, his tongue running along the shell of Jasper’s ear. “Mine…” He whispered.

Jasper body shook at the declaration. “Yours,” he replied hotly.

Seth’s grip tightened around Jasper’s erection at the confirmation of his lover. “That’s right Jazz, all mine just like I’m all yours, forever.”

Jasper groaned as his eyes clamped closer. “Forever isn't long enough,” he ground out before his orgasm overwhelmed him, his seed shooting out and covering the younger's hand.

Seth crushed his lips against Jasper’s as his lover rode out his orgasm. He ran his hands through Jasper’s hair as the kiss ended, short pecks replacing the long kiss.

Jasper sighed contently against the teen's lips, catching one last kiss before speaking, “That was good baby,” he murmured, his voice husky still.

Seth grinned. “I have to agree.”

The vampire chuckled softly and stole another kiss before he pushed himself off of Seth. “Come on, let's go test that shower.”

“It’s just a tub, guess they didn’t add a shower when they remodeled… it’s not as big as the one in Seattle, but I’m sure we can make it work.”

Jasper nearly pouted at that, but he caught himself. His love was right. They could make it work and have a good time while doing it. “Alright.”

Seth sat up and kissed Jasper’s lips gently. “Let’s go my love.”

“Right behind you,” Jasper replied, letting the younger lead him, all the while watching his ass with the smallest of smirks.

“I think it’s hot when you watch me,” Seth said as he entered the bathroom.

“That's real good, baby, cause I really like watching you.”

Seth tried to suppress a shiver at the heavy accent in Jasper’s voice but it didn’t work that well. Bending over he turned the water for the tub on, letting it warm up before pressing the stopper down. He gasped softly when Jasper’s arms wrapped around his waist, he could feel Jasper’s semi-erection pressing into his backside. “Nn Jazz… I love it when you have your heavy accent.”

“Is that a fact?” Jasper asked in a thick Southern drawl, one he hadn't used since meeting Alice.

Seth moaned softly. “Ye…ah… I really do.”

“Mm,” Jasper hummed softly, grinding against the teen's backside, his hands resting heavily on his hips. “As much as my cowboy hat?”

“Maybe more than your cowboy hat,” Seth purred pressing back against his lover.

Wow,” Jasper replied in awe, biting his bottom lip as he continued bucking into the teen, closing his eyes for a moment before they fluttered back open. “That's a lot.”

“Mhm, about as much as I love your hands, watching you read…curling up next to you…everything.”

Jasper hummed in understanding as he leaned over and pressed a kiss to Seth's spine.

Seth shivered at the kiss. “The tub’s almost full… well it will be when we get in,” he purred.

“I guess we better get in then,” Jasper replied hotly against Seth's skin, nipping at his spine once before pulling away, stepping away so the younger could get into the bathtub.

Seth stepped into the tub and then sat, sliding a bit on the slickness of the bottom. Water clung to his hair in places, slid in little droplets down his chest and back. Tipping his head back he gave Jasper a ‘come hither’ look.

“Slide forward,” Jasper replied softly, his voice heavy with the weight of his desire as he motioned towards the front of the tub. Once Seth had moved, he slid in behind the teenager, stretching his legs out on either side of the teenager before his hands rested on his hips and pulled him back against his chest.

Seth groaned softly at the feeling of Jasper’s erection pressed against his back. Turning his head he kissed Jasper’s chin, his lips moving back along the other’s jaw.

Jasper's hands slid around to the shifter's front, rubbing his abdomen as he arched his head in encouragement.

A whimper left Seth’s throat as Jasper’s fingers brushed against the sweet spots on his lips. Taking Jasper’s earlobe into his mouth, he worried it with his teeth and then sucked on it. Raising his foot he turned off the water so that it wouldn’t spill over the side.

Jasper was in no rush to cum again. So he spent time caressing Seth's body, worshiping every inch of heated skin as the younger leaned against his chest. He let out a soft moan when Seth's mouth found its way to his ear as his hands brushed over the teen's nipples.

Seth gasped softly, arching into Jasper’s touch, his nipples hardening under the attention of Jasper’s fingers. A hand came up out of the water and cupped Jasper’s cheek. Letting go of Jasper’s ear Seth turned Jasper’s head to himself, capturing his lips in a series of loving short kisses.

Jasper greedily returned the kiss, his thumbs rubbing the hardening nubs of skin before he pinched them.

“Mm!” Seth exclaimed into the kiss as Jasper pinched his nipples. Sparks thrummed through his body. He ran his tongue along the seam of Jasper’s lips silently asking his lover to deepen their kisses.

Jasper's lips parted easily and he drew his lover's tongue into his mouth, sucking on the muscle gently as his fingers continued to tease his lover.

Seth moaned into the kiss as Jasper sucked on his tongue. Slipping his hand around to the back of Jasper’s neck he pulled his lover closer, deepening the kiss even further. His tongue traced every inch of Jasper’s mouth.

Jasper groaned softly into the kiss, one of his hands slipping down Seth's chest, his fingers curling around the teen's erection.

Seth broke the kiss to breathe as he arched into Jasper’s touch. As his arch broke he pressed back against Jasper, his lover’s erection pressing more into his backside.

Jasper groaned softly, wishing that he could be buried within his lover's tight body, his hand shook as he stroked the younger's erection.

“Jazz… I wanna feel your fingers…”

Jasper bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes for a moment. He didn't stop stroking his lover; he only slowed his pace before shakily replying to the teenager. “Alright...lean forward...on your knees...”

Seth moved into the position that his lover requested, his hands gripping the side of the tub. Water ran off his heated skin, making it just that much more enticing for Jasper.

Jasper reached for the teen, grasping his hips until his hands slid to his ass cheeks before squeezing them. He couldn't resist the temptation to lean forward and press a kiss to one cheek.

Seth shivered at the kiss. A soft groan left his throat as Jasper’s fingers pressed into the sweet spots on his hips. “Jazz… please…”

“So impatient,” Jasper murmured softly, scooting closer to his lover as his fingers slipped between the cheeks, trusting his lover to tell him if he was uncomfortable.

“Only when it…” Seth trailed off as Jasper’s first finger entered him. Just like the first time, it wasn’t uncomfortable it just felt…weird. He could feel Jasper curling said finger trying to find that bundle of nerves that would make him see stars. “…comes to you.” And Jasper found that spot. Seth bit his lip and rested his forehead against the rim of the tub as he felt himself harden completely.

Seth's pleasure washed over him and immediately he knew that he had found his lover's sweet spot. “There baby?” He purred, rubbing against the spot, his free had grasping his lover's hip.

“Yeah, right there,” Seth groaned pressing back against Jasper’s finger.

“Good,” Jasper murmured, his finger still moving before he leaned forward again, pressing a kiss to the very top of Seth's crack.

Seth couldn’t hold back his smirk as he looked over his shoulder at Jasper. “Like my ass love?”

Jasper's lips curled into a smirk as he thrust his finger a little more roughly against his lover's sweet spot. “Are you teasing me, lover?”

“Not trying to no,” Seth replied. “But I think you are me.”

Jasper chuckled softly and continued stroking his lover's spot as his free hand disappeared into between his legs, wrapping around his erection.

Seth bit his lip again. “Nn…yeah Jazz, that feels good.” He pressed back against Jasper’s finger again as Jasper stroked his erection. “More.”

Jasper pulled his finger free and was quick to press two against his lover's hole, rubbing the muscle, relaxing the teenager before he pushed his fingers in. All the while he kept stroking his erection, his thumb brushing over the head of his erection.

“Un!” Seth groaned, a quick flare of pain running across his senses. The pain faded as Jasper pressed both fingers against his sweet spot. “Oh yeah Jazz!”

“You're doing good?” Jasper asked softly, feeling the flash of pain, wondering if his lover was alright even as he pressed back against his fingers.

“Uh-huh, I’m fine, just keep doing that.”

“Alright,” Jasper answered, his fingers still moving inside of the teen, his hand still stroking his erection.

Seth could feel himself getting close, if Jasper would just… he groaned as his lover removed his fingers. “Jazz,” he whined softly. “What’d yo-” His words cut off abruptly as he felt not one or two fingers but three pressed against his hole gently. “Jazz?”

“I'll stop if it hurts,” Jasper promised, biting his bottom lips as he pushed the fingers in, more than Seth had ever taken before.

The younger gasped, his grip on the tub rim tightening as pain assaulted his senses. He was being stretched and it hurt, tears pricked at the corner of his eyes. As Jasper stopped pressing his fingers in Seth panted. As bad as it may be he didn’t want his lover to stop. He knew that when they finally reached that next step there would probably be more pain than this. “Don’t…stop…” He begged.

“But you're in pain!” Jasper pointed out softly, slowly pulling his fingers from his lover's heat, his heart clenching in guilt for hurting his lover.

“I’ll get used to it!” Seth declared tightening his muscles around what was left of Jasper’s fingers, the three fingers just at the first knuckle. “Just brush that spot… please Jazz… it’s always gonna hurt at first, but if we don’t work past that the fun will never be had.”

Jasper didn't do anything for a moment. He knew his lover was right, even though it was hurting Seth...it'd always hurt Seth. It would always be something they'd have to work passed. It was better to start now. To get Seth used to it now. “Okay,” he replied softly, pushing his fingers back in, searching for the teen's sweet spot.

Seth whimpered softly, his body tense. Jasper let go of his lover’s erection to stroke his back until the muscles relaxed. His finger’s found that spot inside Seth once more and he pressed against it. “Yes!” Seth hissed.

Jasper's fingers immediately pressed against the spot, doing everything within his power to make the teen feel good again.

Seth practically purred as Jasper’s free hand found his cock again, stroking it back into full hardness. The pain was fading now, replaced by pleasure… complete delicious pleasure. “Oh yes Jazz… faster.”

Jasper let out a sigh of relief and gave into his lover's request. His hand moving faster, his fingers thrusting inside of his lover, as he pumped Seth's cock.

At this pace, with both stimulations, it didn’t take long for Seth’s orgasm to wash over Jasper’s senses. Seth’s muscles spasmmed around his fingers, pulling them in more until it had passed as Seth relaxed, panting.

Relieved Jasper pulled his fingers from his lover before pulling him back against him, pressing kisses along his neck.

Seth purred softly, tilting his head to the side as his heart beat returned to normal. “I liked that.”

“I'm just sorry it hurt,” Jasper replied softly, burying his nose in his lover's neck. “Does it still hurt?”

“Barely,” Seth said raising a hand to run his fingers through Jasper’s hair. “Stings a little, but this was the first time with three, I’ll get more used to it.”

Jasper nodded. “Alright,” he replied softly.

Seth turned his head and kissed Jasper’s temple. “Smile baby, it wasn’t bad, I’m okay. I’m not going to break, I promise.”

“I know...I just...I can't stand the thought of hurting you,” Jasper replied, hugging the boy closer to his chest. “Even in the slightest bit. Even if you beg for it.”

Seth’s fingers curled in Jasper’s hair. “Just think of it this way…” He whispered. “Without pain there is no pleasure.”

Jasper sighed softly. “Yeah. You're right,” he replied.

Seth kissed Jasper’s temple again. “Right now… I wanna bring you pleasure.” Make you forget that it hurt.

In his worry he had forgotten about his own pleasure, but at Seth's reminding his cock twitched, almost begging for attention.

Seth grinned when he felt the movement against his back. “That’s right baby.” Seth moved so that he was facing Jasper now. “I don’t think I’m good enough to give you head underwater yet… so you’ll just have to imagine that my hand is my tongue.”

Jasper couldn't help but to chuckle at that, but the sound was interrupted when Seth's hand surrounded him. “Why imagine your tongue? Your hand is just as talented.”

Seth’s grin widened, he leaned in and kissed the corner of Jasper’s mouth. His grip tightened around Jasper, pumping the hardened flesh at a medium pace. His other hand gently pushed Jasper’s legs further apart, his hand seeking that spot behind Jasper’s balls.

“That's it, Seth...” Jasper murmured, leaning heavily against the back of the tub. “Ngh! Seth that feels so good babe.”

“Tell me, tell me everything that you’re feeling baby,” Seth purred, his hands and fingers keeping up their pace.

“Tell you?” Jasper replied, his lips curling into a smirk as he reached for his lover, letting his gift show Seth what he was feeling.

Seth gasped, his eyes falling closed as Jasper’s feelings filled him. His hand sped up around Jasper’s cock.

Jasper let out a loud cry at the increased pace, his head tipping back as he moaned, his grip tightening on his little love.

Seth tipped his head down, his lips attaching themselves to the sweet spot on Jasper’s chest. His teeth brushed against the spot, his tongue running over it, all the while his hand stroking Jasper’s cock, his finger rubbing the spot behind his balls.

Moments later Jasper came, crying out his lover's name, his seed spilling over Seth's hand.

Raising his head, Seth kissed Jasper’s lips; a little nip to Jasper’s bottom lip ended the kiss. Seth kept his hand moving slowly until Jasper completely relaxed. “You’re so gorgeous at this moment.”

Jasper smiled as he raised his hand, cupping Seth's cheek, his thumb caressing the skin. “You're beautiful too.”

Seth leaned into the touch, a small smile on his lips. Leaning forward he pressed his lips against Jasper’s again and then a minute later he broke the kiss and stood. Toeing the stopper out of the drain, the water and the evidence of their activities start down the drain. Seth offered Jasper a hand up.

Jasper accepted the hand and let the teen pull him to his feet. He stepped out of the bath and then helped Seth out. “Do you want to watch a movie?” He asked softly, pulling the teen to him.

“Sure,” Seth answered. “What will we watch?”

“They've got American movie channels. We can see what are on them. If you can't find anything then we'll check the on demand channels,” Jasper answered.

Seth nodded. “You find the channels and I’ll get into our bags for our pajama pants.”

“Aw! Clothes! I thought we could curl up naked in bed,” Jasper teased, heading towards the bedroom with a smirk.

“If you want to…” Seth sent Jasper a grin. “Then I’m all for it.”

“Then what are you waiting for,” Jasper replied, giving Seth a sexy smile while beckoning him to the bedroom with a crook of a finger.

And the movie was forgotten. An hour later Seth was curled up against Jasper, sleeping deeply, so deeply that Jasper figured that jet lag must have caught up with his little love.

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A/N: Pg. 391
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