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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


Jacob was under Carlisle’s knife at that very moment. That was why Jasper and Seth found themselves in their meadow waiting for the phone call that the twins had arrived and Jacob was safe. Seth was trying to keep himself calm for Jasper’s sake, even though he was worried for his alpha. It didn’t help much though because Jasper was just as worried.

“Everything will be okay,” Seth said.

“Shouldn't I be the one telling you that?” Jasper asked, glancing over at his lover, reaching for his hand as the teenager's nervousness fluttered around him.

“Possibly… but you’re just as worried as I am,” Seth replied squeezing Jasper’s fingers.

“I am,” Jasper agreed, but he knew it'd destroy his brother if anything happened to Jacob or the twins.

“That’s why I’m telling you that everything will be okay then. Carlisle won’t let anything happen to either Jacob or the twins as long as he can help it.”

“And the same goes for you,” Jasper replied softly, lifting Seth's hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to the teen's knuckles.

Seth gave Jasper a smile and leaned over and kissed his lips quickly. They sat in silence for the next twenty minutes until Jasper’s cell phone rang. “Who is it?” Seth questioned.

“Carlisle,” Jasper replied, flipping his phone open. His worried look evolved into a wide smile. “Everything went well...it's a boy and a girl...Edward's ecstatic and Jacob's resting. Both babies are fine.”

“YES!” Seth cheered jumping up, pumping his fist into the air.

Jasper laughed at his lover's enthusiasm before closing his phone with a snap. He stood as well. “We're uncles again, babe.”

“We are! Twice!” Jasper fell back into the grass as Seth tackled him, lips occupied by the shifters.

Jasper chuckled against his lover's lips, his arms wrapping around Seth.

Seth kissed Jasper until he needed to breathe. “Should… should we head back? To meet the twins?” Seth panted.

“Up to you,” Jasper replied, threading his hand in the teen's hair.

Seth got to his feet and held his hand out to Jasper. “Let’s go,” he said with a grin.

Jasper allowed the younger to help him to his feet and then they were off, racing each other back to the house and to the new Cullen’s that awaited.


“I think you may give Lilli a run for her money little Caleigh,” Seth cooed at his new niece as Jasper held Caleb.

“Don't say that too loud. Edward's ego doesn't need to get any bigger,” Jasper replied, snickering as Jacob snorted with laughter from his bed, Edward glaring at his brother from Jacob's side.

“Who says she looks like Edward? I was complimenting Jake,” Seth stated with a grin.

“Regardless. It'll make his ego grow,” Jasper replied.

Seth laughed. “I think I should be more worried about my sister being jealous.”

Jasper chuckled at that. “Well. That too.”

“She really is beautiful though,” Seth told Jacob and Edward. “And Caleb is very handsome. How does it feel to have them outside of you now Jake?”

“Great now that they're not playing soccer with my kidneys,” Jacob replied with a grin.

Seth laughed. “I bet it’s awesome to not have to go to the bathroom every two minutes.”

"You have no idea," Jacob replied with a laugh.

“I hear we have two new arrivals!” Leah said as she and Emmett came into the room. Lilliana squealed at seeing Jasper and Seth, reaching her little arms out to them. She stopped when she saw both their arms were occupied. Seth snickered at the look on his niece’s face.

“Look Lilli, these are your new cousins, Caleigh Elizabeth and Caleb William,” Seth told her, stepping closer so she could see Caleigh.

Lilliana looked at the other girl for a long moment before she stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry, causing all the surrounding adults to laugh. “The start of a beautiful friendship,” Emmett said, pressing a kiss to his own daughter's forehead.

Seth snickered. “Want to hold her Leah?”

Leah held out her arms. “Of course,” she said as Seth passed her Caleigh and for a moment all was well, but then the newborn started wailing.

Leah tried to sooth Caleigh for a couple of moments but nothing she did worked. “Okay, your daughter hates me, help,” she said still attempting to rock Caleigh.

Edward chuckled and stood from the bed, crossing the room to take his daughter. “Don't feel bad. She did the same thing to Alice,” he replied.

Leah gently transferred Caleigh to Edward’s arms. Almost immediately Caleigh stopped crying. Leah raised an eyebrow. “Did she do that to?” She questioned.

“She did. We think she doesn't really like women...” Edward replied, shrugging. “Except Esme. She loves Esme.”

“Everyone loves Esme,” Seth said.

“Daddy’s girl,” Jasper coughed.

“Hey, she likes Jacob too,” Edward replied, pouting.

Jacob snorted. “Most of the time anyway.”

“Well I would hope so,” Seth said. “Given you did carry the girl for nine months.”

“Yeah she was probably the one using my innards as target practice,” Jacob replied with a soft laugh as Edward rejoined him on the bed, their daughter in his arms. “She just likes Edward more because he dazzled her.”

They all laughed at the expression on Edward’s face. Esme entered the room then carrying a bowl of soup and a drink for Jacob. “Alright everyone who didn’t just arrive needs to clear out,” she ordered. “Jacob and the twins need their rest.”

Jasper walked to Jacob's side and laid Caleb in the bassinet by his bed. “We'll see you guys later.”

“Thanks,” Jacob said giving him a smile.

“If you need anything just call,” Seth told him as Jasper wrapped an arm around his waist.

“We will,” Edward promised.

“This is one of the best days, I don’t think the feeling of a new baby or babies can really be beat,” Seth told Jasper as they left the main house.

“Not even our wedding?” Jasper asked with a grin on his face as he looked down at the young shifter.

“Well that might be the exception… but this has to be pretty close,” Seth replied.

Jasper laughed at that. “The exception at least until we have our own babies, huh?”

“Right, until then,” Seth agreed with a grin. “I’m pretty sure nothing will beat that.”

“Mhm,” Jasper hummed in agreement, hugging his lover closer to his side.

Seth returned the embrace as they walked out to Jasper’s car. “What will we do for the rest of today?”

“The nursery's all ready, right?” Jasper asked, looking down at the teen.

“Pretty sure it is,” Seth said as he thought. “We could go by and check.”

“We should. Edward and Jacob will be busy enough. It's the least we could do.”

Seth nodded. “And… we’ll have the cottage to ourselves tonight…”

Jasper's lips curled into a grin at that. “We will. Won't we?”

“Yup…” Jasper opened the door for Seth but before he got in he turned and kissed Jasper’s lips. He smiled when he pulled away, his fingers playing with the buttons on Jasper’s shirt. “And I can think of just how I want to spend it.”

“Oh?” Jasper replied, an eyebrow arched in question. “And what do you have in mind, love?”

“Guess you’ll just have to wait and see huh?”

“Tease,” Jasper laughed, nudging the teen inside before closing the door behind them.

“You wouldn’t have me any other way,” Seth said when Jasper slid in behind the steering wheel.

“No. I wouldn't. Even though your teasing could drive a person insane if given half a chance,” Jasper replied with a grin.

Seth snorted. “You’re one to talk.”

Jasper snickered at that as he started up his car. “Yeah. I know.”


“Looks like the sheets and stuff just need to be put on the bassinette mattresses,” Seth said as he looked about the twin’s nursery. Jasper approached him from behind and wrapped his arms around Seth’s waist, nibbling on his ear. “Heeeey… work before play,” Seth whined.

“D'aw, but work makes Jasper a dull boy,” Jasper teased, his fingers sliding underneath his lover's shirt, his lips still brushing against the teen's ear as he spoke. “C'mon, babe, we've got all night.”

“Right, we’ve got all night…” Seth shivered at the feeling of Jasper’s lips against his ear. “The sheets will only take a couple of minutes.”

“That's right,” Jasper purred in his lover's ear, his fingers sliding against his wolf's warm skin.

Seth groaned giving in. “Okay, okay you win! But not in the nursery… that’s just wrong.”

Jasper chuckled, but then stepped away from the teen. “You're right. Lead the way, lover.”

Seth turned and laced their fingers together. He smiled sexily as he pulled Jasper away from the nursery and to their bedroom. Going to the bed he kissed Jasper as he pushed his lover down onto the comforter. Fingers went to the buttons they had been playing with earlier, undoing each one slowly, warm fingers trailing against the exposed skin. Seth nibbled on Jasper’s lip as he pushed Jasper’s shirt open.

Jasper's hands rested on Seth's hips as he gasped softly at the gentle, yet insistent nibbling on his lip. His grip tightened on his lover's hips at the action.

Seth arched into Jasper, rubbing their semi-erections against each other through the fabric of their pants. “You are so delicious Jazz…” He murmured against Jasper’s lips.

Jasper groaned softly as he arched into his little lover. “Am I?” He replied hotly. “Show me, babe.”

“Mhm… my favorite flavor,” Seth purred as he kissed and nipped his way along Jasper’s jaw and down his chest. He paid three spots special attention before moving onto Jasper’s stomach; both nipples and the sweet spot that rested almost in the middle.

Jasper's eyes had fluttered closed as he sucked on his bottom lip. The softest gasps and moans leaving his lips as his fingers threaded in his lover's hair.

As Seth kissed his way down Jasper’s stomach, teasing the muscles that were Jasper’s abs. Doing this he distracted Jasper from the fact that he was undoing his lover’s jeans until they needed to be pulled down. “Lift up baby.”

Jasper's eyes blinked open before he glanced down at the teen, having not realized he had managed to get his pants undone, but he did as his lover requested.

Seth pulled Jasper’s jeans down, letting them fall off the edge of the bed. Sitting up he stared down at his lover naked before him, the sight nearly making him drool. Laying back down between Jasper’s legs he ignored his lover’s erection for the moment, his lips returning to where they had left Jasper’s skin before.

Jasper groaned in disappointment, his hands threading in his lover's hair. “C'mon, baby...” he pleaded, glancing down at the teen. “Please?” He asked, arching into the little teen.

“I’ll get there,” Seth growled softly, giving the sweet spot by Jasper’s belly button a nip. “Right now I’m enjoying my popsicle.”

Jasper didn't know whether to laugh or cry (well, not really cry, that was rather impossible) as he tugged at the teen's hair. “Baby, please!”

“You know…” Seth kissed Jasper’s skin again. “I love hearing you beg…” Another kiss. “But this time it’s not going to make me go any faster.” Jasper felt Seth’s warm fingers on his leg, tracing teasing patterns on the inside of his thigh.

“Babe!” Jasper groaned, clenching his eyes closed. “Just you wait...just you wait...I'll get you back...”

Seth grinned as he continued to kiss the skin of Jasper’s stomach. He let his fingers trace the skin of Jasper’s thigh for another moment before letting it slip behind Jasper’s balls, pressing and rubbing against the sweet spot there.

Jasper moaned in pleasure, his eyes closing and his legs parting wider. “Seth!” He groaned, chewing on his bottom lip.

“You’re very vocal tonight love,” Seth purred. He finally moved down and ran his tongue up the length of Jasper’s cock. When his tongue reached the top it swirled around and then he took Jasper’s into his mouth.

Jasper opened his mouth to reply to his little lover, but before he could Seth's tongue ran along the length of his throbbing erection and the only sound that left his mouth was a loud, grateful moan.

Seth echoed Jasper’s moan as his head bobbed. He pressed his finger against the sweet spot behind Jasper’s balls once more before his finger slipped further back and pressed against Jasper’s puckered hole.

Jasper gasped sharply at his little love's finger, hardly able to believe where it was pressing against, but the gentle pressure was proof enough. His body shook in pleasure and he arched his hips into his lover, his fingers running through Seth's hair, encouraging him upon feeling the teen's hesitation.

Seth’s lust increased and washed over Jasper’s senses at his encouragement. He raised his head and swirled his tongue around the head of Jasper’s cock, then under it to the sweet spot there. Meanwhile his finger pressed into Jasper searching for the sweet spot that he knew rested inside his lover.

Jasper panted softly as he moved his hips, trying to help his lover find that spot, then suddenly stars danced across his vision and pleasure shot up his spine. “There!”

Purring around the flesh in his mouth, Seth pressed his finger against that spot again and again trying to bring his lover to the edge.

Jasper didn't last much longer. With one last arch of his hips and a loud cry he came in his little love's mouth.

Seth swallowed everything that Jasper’s gave him. He licked his lover clean before pulling his finger out. Licking his lips he crawled back up and captured Jasper’s lips, his own erection pressing into Jasper’s leg.

As soon as Seth's lips touched his own, Jasper flipped their positions and snagged his little lover's wrists, pinning them above his head.

Seth smiled into the kiss. He groaned as his hands were pinned over his head. He showed his pleasure at the action by arching into Jasper. Seth nibbled at Jasper’s lips before the kiss broke. “Enjoy…yourself?” He panted.

Jasper grinned down at the teenager. “I did,” he replied, leaning down again, his lips pressing against the sweet spot along Seth’s jaw.

Seth groaned, tilting his head to the side to give Jasper more room. His fingers flexed against Jasper’s wrist from where they were holding him. “Are you going to get me back now? Or wait til I’m not expecting it?”

Jasper sucked at the spot for a moment before pulling away. “I'm going to make you wait,” he replied in a matter of factly voice. “You won't know when I'll get you; love, but I will get you.”

The younger gave his lover one of those blindingly bright smiles that was so filled with love that Jasper could only stare at how beautiful his little love was. “I’ll look forward to it,” Seth purred.

Jasper smiled fondly at the teen before he leaned down again and pressed his lips against Seth's.

Seth moaned into the kiss, parting his lips when he felt Jasper’s tongue pressing against them. He pressed his tongue back against Jasper’s creating a small battle between them, though they both knew who would win. Seth arched himself against Jasper again, silently begging to be touched.

Jasper let go of Seth's wrists and his lips left the younger's before trailing down his jaw, stopping to suck and nip at his neck. His hands made their way down Seth's body.

Seth whimpered, at both the loss and movement of Jasper’s lips and hands. He gasped as Jasper’s fingers pressed into the sweet spots on his hips. Seth buried his own fingers in Jasper’s hair, pulling lightly on the strands that tangled between his fingers.

“How do you want to get off?” Jasper asked, his lips having moved to his little love's ear, tickling the surface as he spoke softly, his thumbs rubbing against his sweet spots.

Seth giggled softly at the tickling. “So many options…” He groaned as he thought. “I think your hand… so you can keep kissing me.”

“I can do that,” Jasper replied, grinning before he took the fleshy part of Seth's ear into his mouth, sucking at it as one of his hands moved from his hips.

Seth gasped again as Jasper’s hand wrapped around his erection. “Yessss…” He purred bucking his hips into his lover’s hand. “God, you’re so sexy Jazz.”

Jasper groaned softly at Seth's words, his lips moving to the teen's neck as he continued moving his hand, this thumb rubbing the head and then the spot underneath.

“I hope you’re leaving a mark,” Seth growled softly.

At Seth's words, Jasper nipped at the teen's neck, surely leaving behind a mark as he continued moving his hand.

Seth’s feelings were becoming jumbled. Jasper knew he was getting close so he moved his hand faster. Seth bit his lip as he arched into Jasper’s hand again. “Ah!” He exclaimed as he came.

Jasper continued moving his hand until he was sure his lover was finished then he sat up, straddling Seth's hips as he licked his hand clean.

Seth groaned, also panting to catch his breath, watching Jasper. “Evil…evil sexy vampire.”

Jasper chuckled before he leaned back down to kiss his lover, his hands propping him against the bed before he broke the kiss. “Let me get something to clean you up with then we can put the sheets on the mattresses, alright?”

“Alright,” Seth agreed as he relaxed on their bed. “Hey Jazz…”

Jasper stopped just short of the door, turning to look at the teen. “Yeah?” He asked.

“What will the twins eat? Normal food or blood?”

“That's a good question,” Jasper replied thoughtfully, running to the bathroom to get a damp rag before returning to their room. He joined his lover on the bed. “Jacob didn't crave any blood during the pregnancy so I would think normal human food.”

Seth nodded as Jasper cleaned him up. “We should check the fridge and maybe make a grocery run just in case.”

“Esme beat you to it,” Jasper replied with a grin. “Well...formula for the babies anyway...we might still need to go shopping for you and Jacob.”

Seth laughed. “Yeah, we’d still better check.” He sat up and stole a kiss from Jasper again before sliding off the bed and pulling a pair of sleep pants on. “Let’s put the sheets on lover.”

Jasper grabbed some pants as well, grinning as his lover stole a kiss. “Better safe than sorry after all,” he agreed before waiting for the teen by the door. “The sheets are in the nursery, right?”

“Yeah, both cribs had a set laying in them,” Seth answered with a smile.

“Alright,” Jasper replied, holding his hand out for his lover.

Seth took Jasper’s hand, lacing their fingers together. They went to the nursery and started to take the sheets out of the packages. Seth snickered. “Look Jazz, lambs and lions.”

Jasper snickered softly at that. “Look. There's even stuffed wolves to put in the cribs,” he said, holding one up.

“Aww, it looks like Jacob. Wonder if they had that specially made? You don’t see many stuffed animal wolves that are redish-brown,” Seth said as he put the fitted sheet on the mattress.

“Knowing Alice it probably was specially made for them,” Jasper replied.

Seth smiled. “We’ll have to get a blonde wolf someday.”

“Mhm,” Jasper agreed with a grin.


“Okay,” Seth said lying on the bed beside Jasper. It had been two days since the twin’s birth; Edward and Jacob were bringing them home having finally convinced Esme to let them out of her sight. In those two days Seth had been studying for his permit test, he was going that afternoon to take the written test. “Quiz me.”

“I quizzed you last night babe,” Jasper replied, lying on his side to watch his lover. “You're ready, trust me.”

“Are you sure?” Seth questioned flipping through the book he had gotten to study from.

Positive,” Jasper replied, his voice serious as he reached for the book, gently tugging it from the teen's hands. “Don't over study, baby, and don't be nervous. You'll do just fine.”

Seth pouted. “But what if I get stuffed confused… some of those signs look like each other.”

“Seth,” Jasper said, giving his lover a meaningful look. “You'll do fine!”

“Okay, okay but when I fail I’m blaming you.” Jasper tossed the book on the floor, Seth’s eyes following it. While he was distracted Jasper rolled on top of him, pinning Seth to the bed under him. Seth chuckled. “What are you doing?”

“Taking your mind off of the test for a little while,” Jasper replied, pressing butterfly kisses to the teen's jaw line. “You need to relax.”

“I’d better not be late,” Seth groaned.

“You won't be late,” Jasper promised, pushing himself up, smiling down at his little lover. “But if you're that worried...” He made to move away from his lover, curious to see if Seth would want to continue or wait.

Seth’s hand was behind Jasper’s neck and pulling him down into a searing kiss that it almost made Jasper’s head spin. The kiss ended after a couple of minutes, Seth panting, “Does that seem like I’m worried?”

“No...no, not really,” Jasper replied, his lips curled into a smirk as he leaned down again, capturing Seth's lips in a chaste kiss before he sat up and scooted down enough to undo his lover's jeans.

Seth wiggled in excitement, especially when Jasper’s cold fingers brushed against his warm skin. “I love watching you.”

Once Seth's pants were unbuttoned and unzipped Jasper's hand easily slipped into the confining fabric, his fingers wrapped around the teen's semi-erect cock before pulling it free of his jeans. “Do you babe?”

Seth bit his bottom lip, his eyes falling halfway closed at the feeling of Jasper’s hand around him. “Yeah,” he murmured huskily. “I do.”

“What do you like about watching me?” Jasper asked, his voice deep and husky as he stroked his lover at a slow, leisurely pace. Seth wouldn't be late, but that didn't mean they had to rush.

“I like how your eyes get this really intense look in them whenever you look at me… it gets even more intense when you’re doing something to me. God… that look is enough to get me off sometimes.”

Jasper hummed in acknowledgement as his hand continued to move, he only paused to rub the head with his thumb before he started moving again.

“You’re a horrible tease,” Seth growled, arching his hips to get more friction from his lover’s hand.

The vampire chuckled at that, his other hand joining its twin, though this one cupped the teen's balls massaging them. “Takes one to know one love,” he replied, almost in a sing-song voice.

“I learned from the best.”

Again Jasper chuckled, but he did not disagree. “Do you want me to stop teasing you?” He asked softly, mockingly.

“No, but I’d like it if you used your tongue a bit,” Seth replied.

Smirking Jasper leaned a little to the side and licked his lover's knee and then he leaned down, licking a long line down the teen's inner thigh until his leg met his hip. “Like that?”

Seth sucked in a quick breath. “Uh…huh…”

Jasper nodded in understanding. “I guess I could do that, but...” he said as his hand left his lover's balls. “I have a better idea.” He sucked a finger into his mouth as he moved his hand.

“What could be better?” Seth purred, his eyes closed, just enjoying the sensations thrumming through his body.

Jasper didn't answer with words, instead once his finger was well coated with his saliva he pulled it from his mouth and immediately pressed it against his lover's entrance.

Seth’s eyes flew open at the pressure, arching when Jasper’s finger slid inside him. “Ooooh…yeah, that’s better,” he groaned as Jasper searched for the sweet spot inside him. He pulled the comforter into his fists and his toes curled when Jasper found it.

“Is it?” Jasper replied, amusement laced throughout his voice before he leaned down again, this time his tongue swiping across the leaking head of Seth's erection.

Seth whimpered. “Jazz please!”

“Please what?”

“Please use your tongue?”

Jasper hummed in agreement before his tongue pressed against the head of his lover's cock, flicking at the slit before moving downwards, touching the sweet spot underneath the head.

Seth moaned, his breathing quickening as Jasper stroked the spot inside him and touched the sweet spot under the head of his cock. He bit his lip again, careful not to draw blood since he wasn’t sure how Jasper would react.

Jasper continued to use his tongue, running it along the base of his lover's cock, laving it with attention as he thrust his finger into his lover, taking care to hit his sweet spot.

“Ah! Ye-yeah Jazz! I’m getting close…” Seth buried the fingers of one hand in Jasper’s hair, tugging on the strands.

In order to push his little love over the edge, Jasper used his gift to give back the emotions he was feeling from Seth. Almost making the teen feel double of what he was originally feeling.

Seth arched, his mouth open in a silent cry as he came. He fell back against the bed panting, his fingers running lazily through Jasper’s hair. “Your gift is fantastic…”

Once Jasper was sure his lover was finished, he pulled away and swallowed what the teen gave him. “I'm glad you enjoy it so much. It's one of my many talents,” he replied with a laugh.

Seth laughed with him, pulling him up to kiss his lover’s lips again. Slipping his tongue into Jasper’s mouth he sucked on his lover’s tongue before pulling back. “Now… how can I take care of you?” He purred arching one leg so that his thigh pressed against Jasper’s erection.

Jasper's eyes slipped closed and he moaned in pleasure, grinding his erection against his lover's thigh. “Any way you see fit, love.”

“Any way huh…?” Seth questioned has he flipped them over. His hand went between them and Jasper thought he would go for the belt buckle and button like he usually did but Seth just stroked him through his jeans. Seth kissed Jasper, nibbling on his lips and pulling at his hair with his other hand.

Jasper would've questioned his lover's actions had his lips not been occupied. All he could do was kiss back and groan softly as Seth's teeth pressed against his lips, his hips arching into the younger's hand all the while.

Seth left Jasper’s lips, kissing down along his jaw, nibbling on his earlobe for a moment. “Would you like to feel my tongue baby,” he whispered hotly into Jasper’s ear. “Or my hand?”

“Choices, choices...” Jasper murmured, his body shaking in pleasure. “Surprise me.”

“Okay.” Seth kept stroking Jasper through his jeans, his one hand leaving Jasper’s hair to undo the belt, button and zipper that kept him from his prize. Freeing Jasper’s cock from his jeans he immediately took the flesh into his mouth, sucking and teasing the head with his tongue. His other hand worked Jasper’s jeans further down; his lover arching his hips helped this. Once the jeans were down far enough Seth fingered Jasper’s balls before his finger slipped behind to press against the sweet spot there.

Jasper was obviously pleased by his lover's decision, groaning the teen's name softly as his hands found their way into the shifter's hair.

Seth bobbed his head up and down over his lover’s erection. His teeth teased the vein on the underside of Jasper’s cock. He wondered if he could get away with fingering Jasper again… but he thought he should probably wet his finger first.

The vampire's eyes clamped closed as he felt his lover's teeth tease his cock and that within itself nearly undid him. “Jesus...baby...” Jasper moaned, his eyes opening again, though they remained half lidded.

Seth glanced up at him through his lashes, his finger leaving the spot behind Jasper’s balls. Bringing his mouth up to the head of Jasper’s cock he teased the silt with his tongue while his hand wrapped around the rest of the hard flesh. Jasper didn’t notice Seth wetting one finger again when his mouth started moving again. When Seth thought his finger was wet enough his hand left Jasper’s cock, quickly replaced with his mouth. Seth teased his wet finger against Jasper’s entrance.

“Holy hell!” Jasper cried out, jumping in surprise, his eyes wide as he glanced down at his lover. “How in the hell do you keep sneaking your finger up there?!” He asked before sinking back against the bed, arching into that finger. “God, baby, that feels so good...”

Seth would have laughed if he could have. As it was, his mouth was full and still moving over Jasper’s cock. He pressed his finger further into Jasper searching for his sweet spot.

It didn't take long for Seth's finger to brush against the bundle of nerves deep inside of Jasper and the vampire let out a loud cry when it was found. His eyes closing again as he arched into his little love.

Seth pressed against that spot over and over. He hummed around Jasper’s cock, his teeth still teasing that vein whenever his head came up.

Jasper felt his release bubble up within him and he knew it wouldn't be long before he came. The more Seth worked him, the closer he got until finally his release washed over him.

Seth swallowed Jasper’s cum, his finger just barely stroking Jasper until his lover was finished. He pulled his finger out and licked Jasper clean before sitting up. Seth grinned down at Jasper as he licked his lips. “I’m more sneaky than I thought.”

Way more sneaky than what you give yourself credit for,” Jasper agreed, a note of awe in his voice because there wasn't much that got past him, but that was twice now that Seth had fingered him without him realizing what was happening until it was happening.

Seth laughed. “Well… that’s pretty awesome. It’s okay right? Me…fingering you?”

“Have I complained yet?”

“No,” Seth answered.

“Then it's fine, love.”

The younger smiled. “Good, because I like being sneaky.” Seth stood and pulled his shorts back up. He stretched before looking back at Jasper. “You really know how to make a guy relax.”

“That's another one of my many talents.”

Seth laughed again. “I think I like all these talents of yours.”

Jasper chuckled, arching his hips to pull up his pants before he buttoned them back up. “How long until your test?”

Seth looked at the clock. “An hour, should we go?”

The elder hummed in thought for a moment. “We probably should. The earlier the better when dealing with the DMV.”

“Alright, I’ll leave Jake a note,” Seth said leaving their bedroom to go to the kitchen.


After Seth wrote his note Jasper drove them to the DMV. Seth kept biting his lip nervously until Jasper took his hand and kissed the back of it. Seth gave his lover a smile. “I know… I’ll do fine…”

“That's right, love,” Jasper replied with a smile.

Once they arrived at the DMV, Seth left Jasper in the car while he went inside to fill out the information needed for his permit, should he pass. At two o’clock he sat in a room with six others taking the test. At three he left the room with his graded test and his permit in his back pocket, a smile on his face. Before leaving the DMV he calmed himself down and took on the best dejected look he could. Walking out of the building he slowly walked toward Jasper’s car, staring down at the sidewalk.

Jasper frowned deeply as he watched his lover. “Babe...” he said softly, disbelief in his voice as his lover climbed into the car. “You can't be serious...you failed?”

“Told you I should have studied more,” Seth muttered handing him his test. The score wasn’t listed until the back page. Truthfully Seth had only missed one question, for a score of 98%.

Jasper took the test and scoured the page, a confused look appearing on his face as he checked the questions. “Seth...” he said slowly before sighing heavily when he reached the last page and the score. “...that wasn't funny.”

Seth grinned. “Really? I thought it was pretty good. I really had you believing that I failed!” He laughed as he fished his permit out of his back pocket and handed it to Jasper.

“Uh-huh...” Jasper said, taking the permit, looking over it with a grin. “This counts as teasing, you know that right? Which means I'll have to get you back for this...which means when I finally do get you back...it'll twice as bad. Think you can handle that?”

“I don’t think you can be that mean.”

“I think you'd be surprised.”

“I think you’re surprised by my level of sneakiness.”

“Oh I am,” Jasper replied, snorting softly as he started the car. “On more than one occasion.”

Seth grinned. “Hey, can I drive?”

“Well...you do have your permit...” Jasper replied, looking over at the teen. “I suppose you can.”

“We’ll have to switch spots, kinda hard to drive from the passenger seat.”

“Really? I had no idea,” Jasper replied, rolling his eyes before he opened his car door and slid out of the car.

Seth glanced around and got out of the car. Since there was no one around he squeezed Jasper’s butt as he passed him on the way to the driver’s side.

“Hey!” Jasper said, grinning as he turned. “You'd better watch that hand of yours before it gets you into trouble.”

“My hands have never gotten me into trouble,” Seth replied winking at his lover.

Jasper just shook his head before he turned back around and continued to the passenger side of the car, sliding into the seat before closing the door.

Seth got behind the steering wheel, closing the door he smiled at Jasper. “This is so cool!” He exclaimed running his hands over the leather of the steering wheel.

A smile appeared on Jasper's face at his lover's excitement. “Well, babe? Let's see what you learned.”

Seth nodded and checked the mirrors, adjusting them just a little. Putting the mustang into gear he checked behind them and started to back up. Seth kept to speed limit, not wanting to get a ticket the first day of having his permit. “How am I doing?”

“You're doing good babe,” Jasper replied with a grin, leaning back against the leather of his mustang, surprised that driving with Seth didn't make him as nervous as driving with Alice could.

Seth smiled; glad his driving didn’t make Jasper nervous. Once they made it back to the cottage Seth pulled into the usual spot that Jasper parked in. Edward’s Volvo was parked outside meaning that he and Jacob had brought the twins home. “Should I try to fool them?” Seth questioned.

“Fool Edward?” Jasper replied, an eyebrow arched as he looked over at his little shifter. “If you could fool Edward, I'd give you anything you wanted.”

“Anything?” Seth mused. “Sounds like it’s worth a shot.” He sat there for a couple minutes thinking about how he had failed his test, how he had completely blanked once he had sat down for it. He pictured himself biting the head of his pencil nervously and staring up at the ceiling, trying to find the answers there. As he thought his expression returned to the dejected one he had come out of the DMV with. Slowly he got out of the car and headed inside.

Jasper hung back. Just watching his little love in amazement. The emotions rolling off of Seth even suggested that he had failed his test. Jasper didn't know what he was thinking, but whatever it was, he was beginning to think that it might just throw Edward off.

Jacob and Edward came out of the nursery as Seth came in. “Hey Seth! How’d your…test…go…?” Jacob questioned, frowning when he saw Seth’s gloomy expression.

Edward frowned at the teen's expression and thoughts. “Oh...oh that's not good...” he said softly, sighing. “You know there's always next time. We'll help you study, won't we?” He glanced at his husband who nodded in agreement.

Seth glanced at them and then went to lay on the couch, burying his head in his arms. “I don’t want to even think about it,” he muttered.

Jasper was in shock as he stepped into the house, easily falling into the act with his lover as he went to the couch and kneeled down next to it, laying his hand on his back. “It'll be okay, babe...”

“What happened Jasper? He studied so hard for this,” Jacob said quietly. Jasper handed Jacob Seth’s test.

Jasper just shook his head. “He wouldn't say, hell he's barely said two words to me since he got his grade back.”

Edward frowned. “He blanked out...” he replied, easily seeing what had happened in the teen's head.

Jacob looked over the test, frowning in confusion at the lack of marks. “Are they doing it differently since I took this test?” He questioned before getting to the last page. “The guy that marked up mine used a red pen to mark the one’s I got wrong.” He turned to the last page and his eyes widened at the score. “You little liar!” He exclaimed.

Edward looked over his lover's shoulder at the test and his mouth dropped. “How in the hell...”

Jasper couldn't hold it in anymore, he snorted out his laughter as looked up at the two. “Surprised me too.”

Seth snickered as he turned over to see Edward’s expression. “GOT YOU!”

“Obviously...” Edward replied, frowning in confusion.

Jasper snickered. “He's not used to being gotten.”

Seth laughed. “I can tell. What can I say? I’m good… and you owe me.”

“I know, I know,” Jasper replied, grinning.

“What does Jasper owe you?” Jacob questioned. Seth sat up, still smiling.

“Anything I want,” he answered. “Jazz said if I could fool Edward then he would give me anything I want.”

“And what are you gonna ask for? Or do I not want to know?”

Seth shrugged. “I’m not sure yet. Are the twins all settled in?”

Edward nodded. “They're napping,” he replied.

“Due to wake up soon, actually, to be fed,” Jacob added.

“Can I do it?” Seth asked excitedly.

Jacob and Edward shared a look before shrugging. “Can't see why not,” Edward replied as he looked back to the younger shifter.

“Yes! How long does the milk need to be warmed up for?”

“Not long. Between ten and fifteen seconds in boiling water,” Edward replied. “Though neither mind if it's a little cool.”

Seth nodded and stood. Looking down at Jasper he offered him a hand up. “Want to help?”

Jasper took the offered hand and let the younger help him to his feet. “I'd love to.”

Going to the kitchen they fixed two bottles for the twins, Seth testing the milk on his arm before they went to the nursery. “I feel like they’ve already grown so much!” Seth said as he picked up Caleb, cradling the little boy in his arms.

“That's probably because they eat like Jacob,” Jasper replied with a chuckle as he lifted Caleigh from her crib, the little girl whimpering at being woken up.

Seth chuckled. “Probably,” he agreed. Picking up the bottle he gently brushed the tip against Caleb’s lips. Caleb opened his mouth and started sucking on the bottle. Seth smiled down at him. “That’s a good boy.”

Jasper managed to get Caleigh to take the bottle before the girl started crying. “I don't even think Lilliana has an appetite like these two,” he mentioned as the baby greedily sucked at her bottle.

“Is that a good or bad thing?” Seth questioned.

“Well...you shifters seem to have big appetites. Maybe the twins just take a little more after Jacob than Edward,” Jasper pointed out softly, Caleigh having closed her eyes, probably snoozing as she ate. “Perhaps, with Lilliana, she favors Emmett. Who knows?”

Seth nodded as he watched Caleb. Who knew indeed. When the twins had finished eating and had been burped they placed them back in their cribs. “And they are sleeping until the next feeding or diaper change,” Seth told the couple on the couch as he and Jasper left the nursery.

“Probably diaper change...it doesn't take Caleb long,” Jacob mused, turning from the television to look at the couple. “And, God knows, he does not like being in a dirty diaper.”

Seth laughed. “Well I don’t think I would either.”

“Oddly enough Caleigh'll sleep right through going...” Edward added, closing his book with a soft snap. “Even through getting changed. She'll even sleep through Caleb waking up, though as soon as he starts crying she starts up too.”

“You know how they say that twins have a connection, like they can feel each other and stuff, I wonder if that’s true?” Seth questioned.

“My sisters always talked about that sort of thing,” Jacob replied. “They think it's true. I bet Caleigh and Caleb will too once they get old enough.”

“What are their thoughts like Edward?” Seth asked.

“They're not really...thoughts...” Edward replied. “Not how you or I would think, you know? They're still learning to recognize faces and allotting them to memory. They know that Jacob and I are their parents, but it's because of our voices.” He paused for a moment, wrapping his arm around Jacob's shoulders before continuing. “They're obviously aware of each other...I think they've always been aware of each other. They like being together.” He laughed softly. “That's why Caleigh always wakes up when Caleb cries or when Caleb gets fussy when she gets a bath before him.”

Seth smiled as he leaned back against Jasper. “I can’t wait to learn about them like we have Lilli.”

Jasper hummed in agreement as he wrapped his arms around the teen's middle.

“So does that mean we can count on you to babysit and work your magic like you do with Lilli?” Jacob questioned with a smile.

“Duh, but don’t take it for granted, it’s nice to be asked about a day in advanced,” Seth replied.

Jacob laughed at that. “Don't worry; we'll be sure to let you know.”

Both Seth and Jasper nodded. Seth looked back at Jasper over his shoulder. “What should we do tonight?”

“Whatever it is, it'd better be quiet,” Jacob replied, eying the two in a playful fashion.

Jasper rolled his eyes dramatically at Jacob before looking down at his lover. “Did you have anything in mind?”

Seth stuck his tongue out at Jacob before looking back at Jasper. “We both have about half of the books we’re reading left.”

“Do we?” Jasper replied, obviously not having kept track of how much either of them were reading.

“Well I do, you might have to start a new book,” Seth replied with a smile.

“Probably,” Jasper replied with a shrug. “Or I could just read yours to you. Doesn't matter.”

“Ohhh… I like the second option, let’s go.” Seth laced his fingers with Jasper’s and started toward their room.

“I'm serious about the quiet thing, boys, if I hear you two fooling around I'm coming in there with the water hose,” Jacob called after the two. “I still can't have sex, thank you!”

“So? There’s other things to do besides sex,” Seth replied.

“Things I can't do because of the huge incision I have on my stomach,” Jacob pointed back. “Can't strain myself. Apparently sex is straining. So are blow jobs, hand jobs, and fingering...”

“Eww, not something I want to picture you doing. The past nine months of not seeing it when phasing has been wonderful. And it’s called making out, try it sometime, can be just as good as the rest of it.”

Jasper pulled Seth into their bedroom and closed the door behind them. “You know it's a good thing you shifters heal fast. I don't think those two could last six weeks with no sex.”

“Is that how long it usually takes?” Seth questioned with wide eyes.

“Actually I think it's longer for c-sections,” Jasper replied.

“Wow, yeah it is a good thing cause there’s no way they would last.”

“Carlisle was figuring something like a week for Jacob's incision to heal and obviously that's pushing it for those two,” Jasper said, snorting softly. “I don't think they've willingly gone longer than a twenty-four hour period without having sex.”

“At least not since that first time,” Seth laughed. He went to the dresser and pulled out a pair of sleep pants to change into. “I’m gonna grab a shower and then you can read to me.”

“I'd join you, but I don't want to suffer the wrath of Jacob,” Jasper replied with a grin. “I'll just read until you get back.”

Seth snickered before leaning in to kiss Jasper’s cheek. “Probably a good idea.”

“Mhm. He's grumpy when he doesn't get laid on a regular basis.”

“Well you know how I am after a week without you.”

“Babe...I think he's worse than you.”

“Hmm… maybe but maybe that’s also because he’s gotten sex,” Seth replied disappearing into the bathroom, closing the door behind himself before Jasper could reply.

Jasper stared after his little lover, gazing at the closed bathroom door. Surely Seth wasn't implying what Jasper thought he was because it had been Seth who had stopped them when Jasper had finally given in.

Laying on the bed Jasper listened to the running water and Seth humming some random tune. After about ten minutes the water shut off and Jasper heard Seth drying off and changing. The door between the bathroom and bedroom opened, steam rolling out at the top, Seth dropped the towel he had been rubbing his hair with into the laundry basket by the door. He raised an eyebrow at not seeing Jasper already reading, picking up his book from the beside table he lay down next to Jasper. “What’s wrong?”

“Before you went to the bathroom...” Jasper replied, rolling over to his side to face the younger teen. “What'd you mean by what you said?”

Seth blinked and thought back to what he had said. “Um…just that Jake craves sex because he’s gotten it and knows how addictive it can be?”

Jasper nodded slowly in understanding. “Are you sure that's all you meant?” He asked. “Because it sounded like you were upset that we haven't yet.”

Seth put his book back on the bedside table and turned so that he was laying on his side staring back at Jasper. “I can’t say that I am upset…because I’m the one who stopped us before… I do want to, you know that…but…” Seth paused as he played with the fabric of Jasper’s shirt. “That day just showed me that I’m not as ready as I thought I was.”

“Alright,” Jasper replied softly, reaching to touch the younger's cheek. “I just wanted to make sure.”

“Promise,” Seth whispered, turning his head to kiss Jasper’s palm. “When I’m really and truly ready, you’ll know.”

“I'm looking forward to that day,” Jasper murmured softly, stroking his thumb across Seth's cheek. “However long it may take.”

“Even if it’s not our wedding night?”

“Even if it's not our wedding night,” Jasper replied softly. “Whenever you are ready, love.”

Seth smiled and leaned forward capturing Jasper’s lips in a sweet kiss. “I love you, so much.”

Jasper smiled at his younger lover. “I love you too. Always.”

“Still going to read to me?”

“Of course.”

Seth turned and grabbed his book again, handing it to Jasper. Once Jasper was settled on his back Seth lay half on top of him, his head rested under Jasper’s chin.

And Jasper started to read and did not stop until it was time for Seth to eat.

“Jake didn’t cook this did he?” Seth asked as he approached the kitchen.

“I helped,” Jacob replied, grinning broadly, even as Seth eyed his plate apprehensively.

“He cut the vegetables,” Edward replied, setting a plate down in front of Seth. “Then watched me cook.”

“Then it’s safe to eat, thanks Edward.”

“What in the hell is that suppose to mean?!” Jacob growled as Edward dropped a kiss to the top of his head before murmuring softly in his ear.

“Nothing love. Nothing at all.”

Seth snickered as he ate his supper. He washed the dishes afterward, helped give the twins another feeding and then went back to his and Jasper’s room so he could listen to Jasper read some more. “Hey Jazz,” he said interrupting him mid-sentence.


“Let’s go to Seattle.”

Jasper blinked. “Now?”

Seth laughed. “No, not now. This weekend, or next…whenever really. But you said you’d give me anything I want, that’s what I want.”

“Then you'll have it. I'll make arrangements and we'll go this weekend.”

Smiling Seth hugged his imprint and went back to listening to Jasper read until he fell asleep.

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