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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


Leah was in labor. That was why Jasper found himself in his and Seth’s meadow. Seth had come with him, to make sure he was alright. Leah’s pain had been intense, so intense it nearly made him sick. Seth was looking at him with worried eyes, though he would often glance back at the house. Jasper knew he wanted to be there for his sister.

“Are you alright Jazz?” Seth questioned biting his lip.

“I'm fine,” Jasper replied, reaching out to cup his lover's cheek. “I've told you that for the last thirty minutes. If you want to go back to the house then go.”

“You’re sure?” Seth asked again.

“I'm positive,” Jasper replied, leaning forward to press a kiss to his forehead. “You shouldn't miss the birth of your first niece or nephew. Not because of me.”

Seth smiled and kissed Jasper’s lips quickly. “I’ll either call or come get you when it’s over,” he promised already turning to go back to the house.

“I'll be waiting,” Jasper agreed, watching the teen disappear into the woods.

Within thirty minutes Jasper’s phone was buzzing in his hand, he had been holding it waiting for Seth’s call. He flipped it open and brought it to his ear, unable to say a word as Seth started talking. “We have a niece Jazz! A beautiful little girl!”

“That's wonderful!” Jasper replied with a smile that could probably rival Seth's. “So I'm in the clear? I can come home?”

“Yup! You’ll probably be quite giddy from all the happiness but that’s better than the pain. Oh Jazz, she’s so beautiful, and her name is Lilliana.”

“I'm on my way now, alright? I'll be there soon,” Jasper said, already taking off into the woods, sprinting through the trees as he flipped his phone closed and stowed it safely away in his pocket.

Seth was waiting for Jasper outside, grabbing his hand as soon as he was close enough; they went inside, stopping in the living room. The younger couldn’t stop smiling. “Esme said it would be about an hour before we could see them again, she wanted to get the baby cleaned up and give Leah some time to rest.”

“Alright,” Jasper replied, pulling the teen into his arms.

Seth molded himself against Jasper, his happiness nearly overwhelming his imprint. “Just wait til you see her Jazz…” Seth murmured. “Just wait…” The younger trailed off then because he almost said; just wait until we have one of our own, but he had promised Jasper that he wouldn’t bring that up until he was ready.

“I can't wait to meet her, Seth,” Jasper replied softly, burying his nose in the teen's hair, letting his scent momentarily overwhelm him.

Seth sighed and let his eyes fall closed. An hour passed without either of them really noticing, they just stood in a corner of the living room, Jasper’s arms wrapped around Seth. Esme smiled at the sweet scene before she cleared her throat.

“Leah is ready to see you now,” she told them.

Jasper grinned and nodded, Seth already grasping his hand and leading him towards the makeshift delivery room that had been set up for his sister.

Leah beamed at them when they entered the room, Emmett doing pretty much the same as he watched over his wife and daughter. “Lilliana, meet your uncle’s Seth and Jasper,” Leah told her baby softly before she held the bundle out to Seth. Seth took the bundle that was his niece, holding her gently, his smile growing as he looked down at her.

“Hey Lilli, I’m Seth,” he murmured. She had a full head of black hair and… she was beautiful. Seth smiled knowing right then that a part of his heart would always belong to her.

Jasper peered over Seth's shoulder for a moment, taking in the new edition of the Cullen family with a smile before he whispered his congratulations to Leah, kissing her on the forehead before shaking his brother's hand.

“Beautiful isn’t she?” Emmett questioned, the pride evident in his voice and feelings, as he watched Seth.

“Of course, but what else did you expect with a beautiful mother,” Jasper teased.

Both Leah and Emmett beamed at him before Emmett sat on the edge of the bed wrapping an arm around Leah. “This is true,” he confirmed as he pressed a kiss to Leah’s temple.

With a grin Jasper returned to his little lover's side, wrapping an arm around the teen's waist as he touched the baby's cheek with his free hand.

Seth held his niece carefully in his arms, relaxing against Jasper. Looking up and over his shoulder he found Jasper watching him. Seth smiled, “I think three will be perfect.”

Jasper blinked and looked confused, glancing at Emmett as he laughed, pressing his lips against Leah's forehead again to muffle the sound. “Three? Three what?” He asked, though he had a sneaking suspicion his lover meant children.

Seth’s smile just widened and he looked back down at the baby in his arms. “Three…” He murmured. “But then… forever is a long time.”

Jasper chuckled softly, pulling the teen closer to drop a kiss on top of his head.

“But you're not going to start for a long...long...long...long time,” Leah said in a matter of factly tone.

“What? Don’t want to be an aunt yet?” Seth questioned.

“Not for awhile at least. A long while. That doesn't mean wait until you're Jacob's age and then get knocked up...” Leah pointed out with a teasing grin. She had no doubts that her brother would wait until he was ready to start a family and she knew that he wasn't ready, just as he did. “Besides how can you spoil Lilliana if you have your own babies to spoil?”

“True story, I’ve gotta live up to the title of ‘best uncle’,” Seth agreed.

Leah nodded in agreement. “Yes you do.”

“Who says you get that title?” Jacob questioned as he and Edward stepped into the room.

“No one said, I’m just stating the facts,” Seth replied.

“Facts? Well it's a fact that I'm going to be the best uncle,” Jacob replied with a sniff, sticking out his tongue in a childish gesture.

Jasper just shook his head and held back his laughter. “Maybe I plan on being the best uncle,” he said, snickering at the twin glares he received from Seth and Jacob.

Leah was having a hard time holding in her laughter. “Maybe Lilliana will decide?” She suggested.

Jacob snorted softly at that. “Sure. If you leave it up to the baby she'll pick Edward or Jasper,” he pointed out. “Because they're just so dazzling.” He rolled his eyes.

“We’ll just have to see,” Leah said holding out her arms for her daughter. Jasper let go of Seth so that he could hand the baby back to his sister but his arm quickly reclaimed its spot once the baby was safely in Leah’s arms.

“And we will,” Jacob replied with a smirk as Edward pulled him closer.

“We ought to let you rest now,” Edward said.

“Edward’s right,” Seth agreed. “You’ve had a busy day.” Jasper let him go again and he stepped forward to kiss his sister’s temple and then his niece’s forehead.

“Busy is an understatement. I squeezed out a kid,” Leah pointed out in a matter of factly tone.

Seth chuckled. “Get some sleep.”

“I will. Promise,” Leah replied, giving the boy a reassuring smile as Emmett reached over her to ruffle Seth's hair.

I'll make sure she rests,” the vampire promised.

“Good,” Seth said with a smile. He turned back to Jasper and took his hand. “Walk?”

“Sounds good,” Jasper agreed, squeezing the hand that held his own.

“See you guys later,” Seth told Edward and Jacob.


Jasper's nose was buried in a book and his hand in Seth's hair as the teenager read his own copy. They had gotten back from their walk about a half an hour ago and now they were just relaxing before lunch. Enjoying a moment's peace with each other while catching up on some reading, however the peace wouldn't last.

Within seconds Esme came tearing down the stairs, not even bothering to knock as she normally did. “Edward needs you both. Now.”

“What’s wrong?” Seth questioned as he closed his book and got to his feet.

“Jacob's missing,” Esme said, the worry evident in her voice as Jasper got off of the bed. “Edward needs your help to find him.”

“What?!” Seth exclaimed and he ran up the stairs.

“How could he go missing? Edward doesn’t let Jacob out of his sight,” Jasper questioned as he and Esme followed Seth.

“They got into a fight and Jacob left the cottage to cool off,” Esme explained softly. “Edward went looking for him a few minutes later and he was no where to be found.”

Jasper nodded as they stopped beside Seth, who was watching Edward pace the living room. Seth had never seen Edward so pissed, it was a bit frightening. Edward was talking out loud as he moved back and forth.

Jasper watched his brother for a moment before he walked over to him, laying a hand on his shoulder, using his gift to calm him so he could be rational. “We will find him,” he said, giving Edward a stern look. “But you need to stay calm.”

Edward nodded and gave his elder brother a grateful look. “He was barely gone five minutes...that's all I gave him before I went after him...” he said softly, pathetically, his eyes shining with the anger he felt towards himself.

“Well he couldn’t have just disappeared into thin air,” Seth said pulling his t-shirt off. “Are we just going to stand here or are we going to look?”

Jasper pulled Edward towards the door. “Let's find his scent trail, we'll start there.”

Seth took his shorts off and tied everything to his leg before dashing outside to phase. He knew Jacob’s scent by heart now so as soon as he had phased he put his nose to the ground and started to follow the most recent trail he could find. Seth followed the trail to a spot deep in the woods but then it just…stopped.

He whined looking at Edward. It just stops.

Jasper sniffed the air, moving around the forest. “There were other vampires' here,” he said, landing next to his brother and lover.

Edward bit his bottom lip. “I know,” he agreed. “I also smell blood...”

The elder vampire's eyes widened. “He can't be...”

“It's not that much...maybe he fought...” Edward shook his head. “He might've hurt himself by accident or something.”

Jasper stepped closer to his brother, whispering to where Seth couldn’t hear. “You know who those scents belong too...”

“That doesn't mean anything! They wouldn't want him!”

Seth tipped his head to the side in confusion. Who wouldn’t? Why would a vampire take Jake? I don’t know these, I haven’t smelled them before… wait… Seth took in a deep breath of the air around them before his nose went back to the ground and he made a wide circle. One of them is her, the one who crashed your wedding, creepy girl.

Edward's eyes widened and Jasper knew what his lover had thought though he couldn't hear him. “It's her, Edward.”

The said vampire shook his head, refusing to believe. “No...he's still somewhere here...I know it...” Edward said before disappearing into the woods, too fast for either Jasper or Seth to keep up with.

Seth went to Jasper’s side and whined. Phasing back he looked at Jasper with a frown. “Why would creepy girl want Jake?”

“It's not Jake that Jane wants. She wants Edward because her master desires him. Taking Jacob...is the easiest way to get to Edward. It's like Victoria all over again...except Jacob's pregnant and Aro's a sick man,” Jasper replied, sighing heavily before looking at his lover. “I think Jane kidnapped Jacob to lure Edward to Volterra.”

“What can we do?” Seth questioned.

Edward came back still looking around. “He has to be here.”

Seth rolled his eyes and grabbed Edward by the shoulders. “Stop fucking kidding yourself Edward. Jacob has been taken by vampires to get you to go to Italy.”

Edward looked at the younger shifter and then at his brother. Jasper could see the disbelief on the younger's face. He could feel the heart wrenching agony Edward was experiencing. “We'll get him back,” Jasper said softly.

Seth nodded. “We will,” he promised.

“Just don't do anything rash,” Jasper replied sternly, watching his brother.

“Meaning don’t run off to Italy. We don’t even know if they took him to Italy,” Seth stated.

“Exactly. I'm sure that little witch will be calling eventually,” Jasper pointed out.

Seth’s cell phone started to ring. Going to his knee he dug it out of his shorts pocket and looked at the caller ID. “It’s Alice.”

“Answer it,” Jasper replied.

Seth nodded and flipped the phone open. “Hey Alice…”

“I need to speak to Edward, it's really important,” Alice said, sounding impatient and worried.

“So why did you call me?” Seth questioned. “Never mind, he’s right here.” Seth held the phone out to Edward. “She needs to talk to you.”

Jasper could hear the sound of his ex lover's voice quickly explaining something to Edward. She had had another vision. Of what exactly he couldn't hear. It was muffled, but he could feel the dread pouring from Edward. Whatever it was, it wasn't good. “You're sure, Alice?” His brother asked in a small voice.

“Yes! Of course! And I know what you're thinking! Don't do it Edward!” Jasper had heard that part clearly because she had yelled it. “We'll get him back before they take off. I promise.”

“Don't make a promise you can't keep Alice,” Edward replied stiffly, flipping the phone closed.

“Do we need to go wait at the airport or something?” Seth questioned taking his phone back from Edward.

“Alice had a vision,” Edward said looking at the other two and Jasper could tell he didn't want to say what he was about to say. “The Volturi get Jacob.”

“So… it wouldn’t matter if we went to the airport?” Seth questioned and Jasper nodded. “So what do we do?”

“There's nothing we can do!” Edward cried out, digging the heel of his hands into his eyes, biting his bottom lip. “I lost him.”

Jasper touched Seth's arm, hoping that the boy knew Edward didn't mean what he said, and letting Seth's presence soothe him because Edward's anguish was simply overwhelming. “Now, Edward...” he said softly, his voice rough because of the conflicting emotions coursing through his veins. “You know that Alice's visions can change. Nothing about the future is certain.”

Seth laced his fingers with Jasper’s hoping that the increased physical contact would help his lover. “Yeah, things can always change,” he agreed.

“We should go back to the house, Edward, and figure out what to do,” Jasper replied, watching as Edward paced around, chewing on his bottom lip and he didn't like the look that came over Edward's features.

“I know what I'm going to do. The only thing I can do,” Edward replied.

Jasper stiffened. “Edward...nothing rash...”

“It’s not rash if it’s the only option Jasper!” Edward yelled.

“It's not! You know Aro just wouldn't let Jacob go! Not after he figures out Jacob's carrying your children,” Jasper shot back.

“You don't know that! Maybe I could convince him to!”

“Enough, Edward!” Jasper returned. “Let us help you. You don't have to do this alone.”

“What can you do Jasper? What can Seth do? You know if Aro figures out that the male shifters can carry children and you let him near Volterra that he will take pleasure in experimenting with that,” Edward stated.

“Jacob isn't in Volterra yet,” Jasper pointed out, trying not to allow the horror of that statement affect him. “You know Alice's vision have no time limit. It could be tomorrow. It could be next week. We still have time, Edward.”

“We should go back to the house, update Esme and Carlisle on what we know,” Seth suggested.

Jasper nodded in agreement. “That's a good idea,” he replied, but he immediately knew Edward didn't think so.

“I want to keep looking.”

The elder vampire heaved a sigh. “Edward...there's nothing to find,” Jasper replied, but Edward shook his head.

“I promise to come home, but I want to check the woods again.”

Seth held out his hand. “Shake on it.” Edward stared at Seth’s hand for a moment before he took it and Seth nodded. “He’ll come,” he assured Jasper.

“He'd better,” Jasper replied, sternly eying his brother before he turned back towards the house, darting off into the woods, knowing Seth wouldn't be far behind him.

Once they were back at the house Seth paused outside to redress before going inside. Jasper was already relaying what they knew to Esme and Carlisle, both who were frowning worriedly. “We need a plan,” he said taking Jasper’s hand once more.

Jasper squeezed his lover's hand, grateful for the contact as he looked at his parents. “And we need one quick before Edward decides to handle this himself,” he added.

“What do you mean handle it himself?” Esme asked, though the worry in her voice suggested that she already knew. “He's not thinking about joining the Volturi is he?”

“If it would save Jake I bet he’d offer himself in handcuffs,” Seth said.

“It wouldn't. Aro doesn't trade. Caius hates werewolves or anything that resembles one,” Carlisle replied softly. “Jacob's only saving grace is that he's carrying Edward's children. That'll interest Aro. He'll want to keep the result. Study them. Make it happen again,” he sighed heavily. “If Jacob gets to Italy we've lost them both.”

“Then what do we do? Do we need to go to the airport and stop them?” Seth questioned.

“I'm afraid it's not that simple,” Carlisle replied. “If we were to get Jacob back, we'd have to get to them before they got to the airport.”

“Okay… so I’ll call the rest of the pack together and we’ll track them?”

“I don't know, son,” Carlisle sighed softly. “I think it's best if we had a family meeting and see what we can come up with together.”

If the situation weren’t so serious Jasper would have laughed when Seth rolled his eyes. The shifters were a group who acted and planned as they went, not plan and then act.

Jasper squeezed the shifter's hand in a reassuring gesture. “Edward's combing the woods, he'll be back soon. He promised.”

“But if we’re going to plan we shouldn’t wait for him, we can fill him in when he gets here,” Seth told them.

“That'll only piss him off,” Jasper replied, shaking his head slowly. “It's best that we wait.”

“He’s already pissed off,” Seth muttered crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s a little more going to do?”


Jasper laid across his bed, glaring up at the ceiling with his arms crossed over his chest. He was so angry he could hardly think. Sometime through the night Edward had taken off. To where, he didn't know. Though he had the sneaking suspicion that the younger vampire was going to jump a plane to Italy in attempts to save his husband. As mad as he was he found that he could not blame him. He would've done the same if he and Seth were in their shoes. But that didn't negate the fact that Edward had just made Alice's vision come true. Both he and Jacob were going to Italy and they would never been seen again. Edward would become part of Aro's collection while Jacob became a science experiment. Who knew if they'd ever see each other. Who knew if they'd survive what lay ahead.

Picking up his cell phone he hit the number that was Edward on speed dial and left him yet another scathing voicemail.

“You know eventually his voicemail box will get full and you won’t be able to leave him another right?” Seth questioned.

“That's when I'll start on text messages,” Jasper replied, flipping his phone closed before throwing it next to him on the bed.

Seth snickered in amusement even though he shouldn’t have been amused at the moment. “Everything will be fine,” he said. “I know it will.”

“I hope you're right,” Jasper said softly, running a hand through his blond hair.

“I am, you just watch.”

“I will just watch,” Jasper replied, his lips curling into a smirk before he held his arms out for the boy, needing to hold his lover for a moment.

Seth left his spot on the futon and climbed onto the bed settling in Jasper’s arms. He traced the contours of Jasper’s face trying to get his lover to relax. Jasper had been on edge the past couple of days, so much so that he hadn’t had a good hold on his emotions; it had put everyone on edge.

Jasper sighed contently as he leaned into Seth's touch, letting his lover soothe him. “If they don't come back...” he said softly and he couldn't even finish the statement. It’ll break everyone's heart. And so many of them would be willing to face death to get them back.

“They will,” Seth insisted. “Don’t think that they won’t. If anyone can bring Jake back its Edward and if anyone can get them both out of this situation it’s Edward. They will be home before you know it. And when they get home we’ll be waiting to move in with them.”

Right,” Jasper agreed readily, rolling over onto his side so he could bury his face in Seth's neck. “I still can't believe he left,” he said, his voice muffled as he inhaled the teen's scent.

“Why? You and I would have done the same thing in a heartbeat.”

“I know,” Jasper replied with a defeated sigh. “But Edward would've been just as upset with me as I am with him. He would've wanted to figure out another way too. He would've tried to stop me as I have, and if I had gotten away, he would've been blowing up my phone too. I know what I would've done if I were in his shoes, but that doesn't mean I'll let him do it.”

“Jazz… think about it. If I were in Jake’s position and you knew it was the Volturi who had taken me, would you have let anyone stop you or make you wait? I know I wouldn’t have.”

“I know, I know, but I'm still pissed at him.”

“I know baby and I think that’s completely understandable. But just think, when they get home you’ll want to punch him and then you’ll hug him.”

“Punch him? I want to kick his ass,” Jasper snorted softly, but yes, Seth was right. He'd kick his ass then hug him.

Seth kissed Jasper’s chin. “You can do that while I hug Jake.”

“Good plan,” Jasper agreed, running a hand through the teenager's hair.

Seth purred softly at the action. He was about to try to distract Jasper in a way that was more fun when Jasper’s cell started to ring. Seth groaned softly until he realized that that was Edward’s ringtone.

Jasper immediately reached for the phone, already poised to start cussing his brother out and demand he return home now, but Edward beat him to it. “You got him!” His voice was shocked as he sat up, momentarily forgetting about Seth.

Seth grinned as he lay on his back, his hands going behind his head. He knew everything would work out. ‘Just have to have a little faith in the positive,’ he thought.

Jasper was still in shock. “Okay, I'll let everyone know,” he said before hanging up. He turned to his lover. “He's got Jacob. They're safe...on their way back home.”

“Told you,” Seth stated with a grin.

Jasper flipped his phone closed and set in on the nightstand before he crawled over his little love. “Don't look so pleased with yourself,” he replied, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Why not? I was right.”

“Be that as it may,” Jasper replied, his hand brushing down the teen's side before he leaned forward and chastely pressed their lips together. “Edward found him near the airport. Somehow Jacob had escaped and was running home...they're rushing back home. Jacob phased. They're worried about the babies.”

Seth frowned. “We need to tell Carlisle and we need to be waiting for them when they get home, check the cottage, make sure no one else is or has been there.”

“Don't you think we oughta tell them that we're moving in with them before we do?” Jasper replied, crawling off of Seth none the less, because they did need to forewarn Carlisle so he could be prepared. “Besides, it's highly unlikely either of them will be staying in the cottage tonight. I'll bet Carlisle will want to keep an eye on Jake overnight while everyone else is bitching Edward out.”

“Why? It’s not like they have a choice, we can mention it to them but we are moving in. I won’t take no for an answer,” Seth replied getting to his feet. “I know, but I still want to check it out, you can stay here and wait for them if you want.”

“While you check on the cottage I'll talk to Carlisle and Esme,” Jasper replied.

Seth nodded as they headed up the stairs. “Sounds like a plan. I’ll be back soon.”

Before they reached the door, Jasper snagged Seth's hand. “Be careful, alright?” He said softly.

“Always,” Seth promised with a smile. He leaned down, being two steps higher than Jasper, and kissed him briefly.

Jasper sighed against the chaste kiss and then their pair were off. Jasper alerting his family and Seth checking the cottage.


“I’ve checked everyday but creepy girl and no other vamp has been around,” Seth told Edward and Jacob as he opened the front door of the cottage.

Edward nodded, though he still looked vigilant, as he followed the younger shifter into the house. “Did you already move your stuff in?” He asked with a smirk, his hand resting on Jacob's lower back.

“Last night while Esme was lecturing you,” Jasper replied, returning his younger brother's smirk, just glad to have him and Jacob back where they belonged.

“Yup, we’re all settled,” Seth agreed.

“That's good, because I've had enough excitement in the past few days,” Jacob said, heaving a softly sigh.

“You should go lay down for awhile. I know Carlisle made you rest at the house but there’s nothing like resting in your own bed,” Seth told him, a concerned and protective look in his eyes.

Jacob nodded. “I had planned on it,” he agreed, rubbing his expanding middle. “But I'm starved!”

Edward blinked. “You just ate like an hour ago...”

“It was a long hour.”

Seth grinned. “Go lay down and I’ll bring you a snack, what would you like?”

“I'm perfectly capable of fixing myself something to eat,” Jacob replied with a frown, even as Edward nudged him towards their bedroom.

“He's right. You need to rest. Carlisle even said so,” Edward pointed out, giving Seth a grin over his shoulder as he led his pregnant husband down the hall and into their bedroom.

Seth glanced at Jasper. “Should we go for a walk for a few minutes?”

Jasper chewed on his bottom lip for a moment, watching the two disappear into their bedroom. “You've probably got enough time to make Jacob a quick snack and then, yes, a walk would be a good idea,” he replied, sensing the desire and lust from both his brother and his brother's lover.

Nodding Seth quickly fixed Jacob a snack and put it in the refrigerator before he and Jasper left the cottage. “I get the feeling that we’re gonna be taking a lot of walks,” Seth said with a laugh.

Jasper laughed at that. “At least at first. We should probably just hang out at the main house tonight, give them a little privacy. It'll be their honeymoon all over again.”

Seth nodded again. “Sounds like a plan. I’m gonna miss our rooms at the house while we’re staying with them.”

“Me too. We didn't have to be quiet down there,” Jasper replied, heaving a sigh. “And we couldn't hear anyone else.”

“We’ll have to give the place a proper goodbye,” Seth told him with a sexy smile.

“We should do that right now,” Jasper agreed readily.

Seth laughed as he laced his fingers with Jasper’s. “Futon, floor, bed or shower first?”

Jasper bit his bottom lip. “So many choices, babe,” he replied. “Surprise me.”

Seth hummed as they walked through the woods. Esme looked up in surprise as they came back through the door. “You’re back already?” She questioned.

“We decided to give them a night alone, second honeymoon of sorts,” Seth answered.

“Oh. That makes sense. I would guess they've missed each other very much,” Esme said, chuckling softly.

Very much.” Jasper nodded wrapping his arms around Seth’s waist.

Esme smiled as she watched the pair. “Just be sure to keep a watch on the cottage, alright? We don't want anyone sneaking up on us.”

“I’ll check before I sleep tonight and I’m sure Jazz will check sometime during the night,” Seth told her.

Esme nodded. “Alright. I'll leave you boys be then,” she said, giving them playful grins.

Seth grinned and gave her a playful wave in return before he and Jasper disappeared down the stairs, Jasper locking the door behind them. When they reached the bottom of the stairs Seth turned and kissed Jasper, pushing him down onto the floor.

Jasper let his little lover push him to the floor, his hands slipping underneath Seth's shirt as they kissed. His fingerings caressing and teasing the smooth, warm skin.

Seth raised his arms, the kiss only breaking so he could take it off. As his lips joined with Jasper’s again he started working on the buttons of Jasper’s shirt. Once all the buttons were undone he gave Jasper’s chest the same attention that his own was getting… only he was having more fun since two of Jasper’s sweet spots were now within his reach.

The vampire groaned into the kiss as his body shook under his lover's warm touch; his fingers rubbed Seth's nipples before sliding down his chest, tickling his sides before his fingers brushed against the button to his pants.

Seth arched against Jasper, thrusting the button of his shorts further between Jasper’s fingers. Nibbling lightly on Jasper’s lip he then ran his tongue over it and then into Jasper’s mouth. Their tongue’s danced against each other as Seth rocked against Jasper, his erection growing with the friction.

Jasper made quick work of his lover's pants, even with Seth moving his hips so much, before he slid his hand inside. Immediately he wrapped around the teen's erection, squeezing before stroking it.

Seth moaned, breaking the kiss. He kept rocking against his lover as Jasper stroked his erection. “Yes,” he hissed in pleasure. “Feels so good Jazz.”

Jasper grinned, leaning up to nip his lover's neck, trying to catch his sweet spot, but missing. He kept moving his hand, his thumb swiping over the head.

Seth bit his lip with a whimper as Jasper’s thumb brushed over the head of his erection and then under against the sweet spot. He could feel the bulge of Jasper’s hardness against the curve of his backside through his lover’s pants. That in itself was a huge turn on.

“Are you close baby?” Jasper purred once the kiss was broken, watching his lover with lust darkened eyes as he continued moving his hand.

“Uh-huh… so close,” Seth groaned.

“Good,” Jasper replied, moving his hand faster as he leaned up to run his tongue over the sweet spot by Seth's ear.

Seth shivered as he tipped his head to give Jasper more room. He could feel his orgasm coming. He pressed into Jasper a bit harder groaning as Jasper tightened his grip just slightly. “Ah!” He exclaimed as he came.

Jasper smirked against his lover's skin, his hand still pumping the boy's deflating cock, milking him for all that he was worth. Then he leaned up to his lips, pressing them together in a searing kiss that showed the teen that they were just getting started.

Seth grinned into the kiss. “Oh I know baby… I know.”

Jasper chuckled softly. “After all, we've got all night.”

“And a futon, bed and shower to get to.”

“Mhm,” Jasper hummed in agreement, brushing his hand through his lover's hair. “Where to next? The bed or futon?” He asked, deciding to save the shower for last so they could use that time to clean up as well.

Seth leaned down and nibbled on Jasper’s bottom lip. “The futon, it’s been awhile since we used it.”

“As you wish,” Jasper replied, his tongue running over his bottom lip before he leaned forward and stole a kiss from his little love.

Seth groaned softly but then he stood, his shorts falling from his hips. He almost offered a hand to Jasper but then decided against it. Instead he went to the closet and came out wearing a cowboy hat that Jasper had bought him. He lay down on the futon and motioned for Jasper to come with his finger.

Jasper watched his lover cross the room, admittedly paying more attention to his ass than anything else before he disappeared into the closet. He groaned softly when Seth came out with the cowboy hat he had bought him. “Babe,” he said softly, walking towards him at the beck of his finger. He laid a knee against the futon before laying over his lover, leaning down to his ear. “Do you have any idea how sexy you look right now?” He whispered in the younger's ear.

“I’m hoping pretty damn sexy is the answer,” Seth replied with a grin.

“You'd be pretty damn right,” Jasper replied with a laugh, nibbling on the teen's ear before he sat back up. “Undo my pants, babe.”

Seth looked at Jasper through half lidded eyes. Reaching out he lightly ran his fingers down Jasper’s chest, making sure to brush over the two sweet spots before his fingers reached the button of Jasper’s pants. He undid the button but then just let his fingers trail back and forth just under Jasper’s pants.

Jasper sighed softly in pleasure as he leaned into his lover's touch. “Come on, babe, don't tease,” he murmured softly, watching the motions of Seth's fingers before he pushed his pants down slightly.

“You just said to undo them, nothing beyond that,” Seth replied a little smirk on his lips.

Jasper stared at his lover for a long moment, nodding slowly. “Alright,” he replied, sliding off of his lover to finish pulling his pants off. He kicked them aside before his hand wrapped around his erection. “I'll remember that baby.”

Seth sat up. “Hey, nuh-uh, you can’t tease me for something you said.” Before Jasper could step away to tease him more Seth swiped his tongue over the head of Jasper’s erection.

Jasper chuckled softly, stopping in a gasp when Seth's tongue brushed over the head of his cock. “That's it baby,” he murmured, stroking his erection while his other hand tangled in the younger's hair.

Seth took that encouragement and took the head of Jasper’s cock into his mouth. He lavished that head with attention from his tongue making sure to tease the sweet spot just under it. Seth sucked hard before his tongue dipped in and around the slit.

Jasper groaned softly, his head tipping back as his eyes fluttered closed. “Just like that, Seth,” he said softly, his own hand stroking the base of his erection as Seth sucked on the leaking head.

The younger hummed softly. He had never done it around just the head of Jasper’s cock before. He didn’t know how much of an impact it would have.

After awhile Jasper's hand abandoned his cock, instead he caressed Seth's cheek, eventually his fingers brushed over the sweet spot underneath Seth's ear, pressing against the spot softly.

Seth groaned as he took more of his lover’s cock into his mouth. Jasper kept stroking that spot as Seth’s head bobbed up and down. Seth braced his hands on Jasper’s hips as he started moving his head faster.

Jasper felt the vibrations of Seth's groan against his cock; he moaned at the feeling and tried to resist the urge to buck into the teen's mouth. He didn't want to hurt him. His hands tightened in Seth's hair as the younger moved faster. “God, Seth!” He cried out, his orgasm suddenly overcoming him.

Seth swallowed, licking and sucking until he was sure Jasper’s orgasm had passed. He released Jasper’s cock, resting his forehead against Jasper’s stomach as he kissed and nipped the sweet spot by Jasper’s belly button.

Jasper heaved a soft sigh, savoring the smell of his lover before he looked down at the teen. “Get on the bed,” he said softly, nodding towards the bed.

Seth gave the spot he was paying attention to one last kiss before getting to his feet. Leaning down he picked up the cowboy hat that had fallen off at some point and put it back on. He trailed a hand down Jasper’s arm before his fingers circled around Jasper’s wrist, pulling him toward the bed as well. Once he reached the bed he let go of Jasper and climbed onto the bed. “On my front or back?” He questioned.

Jasper let his younger lover lead him to the bed. He grinned as he watched the teen climb on to it, and his smile widened at Seth's question. “That depends. What do you want me to do to you?” He asked, watching him.

“I like anything you do,” Seth purred.

Jasper chuckled softly at that. “I know you do,” he replied, climbing onto the bed with his younger lover. He cupped the boy's cheek, caressing the heated skin before his fingers brushed against his lips. “Open up and suck them, babe, get them good and wet.”

Seth obediently opened his mouth and took Jasper’s fingers in. He sucked the digits, running his tongue over and between them. Lightly biting one he smirked when Jasper gasped.

“That's it,” Jasper purred in pleasure, his other hand burying itself in his lover's hair as he watched the younger suck his fingers.

Seth sighed happily at the feeling of Jasper’s fingers moving against his scalp. He ran his tongue between and over them again before letting them go. “Is that good?”

“I dunno, you tell me,” Jasper replied, looking thoughtful as his hands disappeared between Seth's legs, brushing against the pucker of skin and muscle that was his lover's entrance.

Seth bit his lip and whimpered softly at the light touch. “Yeah… that’s good.”

Jasper nodded and pushed a single finger into his lover's heated entrance. “Remember to tell me if it hurts,” he said, looking up at the teenager.

“Promise,” Seth murmured with a nod. Carefully moving, Jasper’s finger still inside him, Seth lay on his stomach, his legs spread. He gasped as his movement caused Jasper’s finger to brush against that sweet spot that was inside him.

“There, babe?” Jasper asked, trying to find the spot again.

“No…almost…ah! There!” Seth groaned, his hands fisting in the comforter of the bed.

Jasper grinned as he pressed against the spot again. His free hand caressed his lover's hip.

God…how can one spot feel so damn good…”

“It's all the nerves babe, just like any other sweet spot,” Jasper replied, still rubbing the spot.

“None of the others feel that good…ah Jazz more.”

“It has more nerves than the others,” Jasper replied, pulling his finger free before adding another, moving slowly so he wouldn't hurt the teen.

Seth bit his lip as pain flared from the muscle that was being stretched. He took a couple of deep breaths and tried to relax. “I’m okay,” he whispered.

“You sure?” Jasper asked, his fingers stilling inside of his lover, having felt that flash of pain.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Seth answered pushing back against Jasper’s fingers as the pain faded. “Guess my healing will make us have to do this every time huh?”

“Seems that way,” Jasper replied softly, moving his finger's slowly, searching for the spot again. Anything to chase away the pain. Every time they'd do this, even when their relationship progressed to the next level, he'd have to go slow. He'd have to be gentle. Every time would be like Seth's first.

Faster Jazz,” Seth growled softly. “I’m not going to break.”

Jasper obeyed his lover's command. His hand and fingers moving faster inside of his lover.

Seth thrust his hips against the comforter in time with the movement of Jasper’s fingers. “Yeah baby, just like that,” he moaned.

As Jasper thrust his fingers into his lover, his other hand clutched Seth's hip, pulling it up. “Get on your knees, babe,” he said softly, his fingers slowing.

“Why?” Seth questioned, his voice almost a whine.

“So you can get on your back!” Jasper replied softly, his fingers still moving, but at a much slower pace.

Seth groaned and pushed back against Jasper’s fingers again. “What does that matter?”

“I really don't want to stain the comforter. I mean Alice and Bella are going to stay in here while we're with Edward and Jacob. Do you really want to explain the stain to them?” Jasper pointed out in a matter of factly tone.

Seth dropped his head against a pillow and Jasper thought he cursed but it was so muffled he couldn’t be sure. Finally Seth raised his head and looked back at Jasper. “Can I turn with you there?” He wiggled back against Jasper’s fingers just slightly.

Jasper blinked. Looking his lover over. “You could try...” he replied before sighing. “But it'd probably be easier to let me pull my fingers out and then turn. It'd only take a minute, you know.”

“Probably,” Seth agreed. Jasper gently eased his fingers out of Seth and then watched as his lover turned over onto his back. He drank in the sight of Seth, the younger completely aroused, panting and staring back heatedly.

“You are so sexy,” Jasper murmured softly, nudging Seth's legs apart, getting them to spread wider before he sucked on his own fingers, getting them wet again before they returned to Seth's hole, nudging at it before slipping back inside.

Seth gasped as Jasper found that spot again. “You’re pretty sexy yourself,” Seth said, his hand trailed over his nipples and down his stomach to his erection.

Jasper bit his bottom lip as he watched his lover's wandering hand, groaning softly when it wrapped around his erection. “Yes. Touch yourself Seth,” he moaned softly, his fingers thrusting in and out of his lover, making sure to hit his sweet spot every time.

Seth’s eyes fluttered closed as he tipped his head back. The feelings teeming through his body were pushing him close to the edge. His hand tightened around his erection, moving in time with Jasper’s thrusts.

As he watched his lover and moved his fingers, his free hand wrapped around his own erection, stroking it in time with Seth's movements.

Seth moaned watching Jasper touch himself. After a moment he bit his lip, his thumb brushing over the head of his cock before rubbing over the sweet spot just under the head. “So close Jazz… are you close?”

Jasper hazy eyes flickered up to his little lover and he nodded his head in agreement. “I'm close, baby,” he replied hotly.

Seth gave Jasper a grin. Jasper returned the grin pushing some of his arousal into Seth. The younger gasped, his eyes closing as the pleasure coursed through his veins. Stroking himself quickly a couple more times he cried out Jasper’s name as he came.

Jasper chuckled softly, but the sound was interrupted by a loud cry as his orgasm unexpectedly washed over him.

Seth panted as he relaxed against the pillows. “You’re good Jazz, so good.”

Again the vampire chuckled as he eased his finger out of Seth. “I try,” Jasper replied with a cheeky grin.

Seth glanced down at himself before looking back up at Jasper, wiggling his eyebrows at his lover. “I think we need a shower.”

Jasper grinned and nodded in agreement. “I think you're right love,” he replied readily.

Seth sat up and caught Jasper’s lips in a quick kiss. “C’mon lover,” he murmured sliding off the bed, his fingers brushing against the sweet spot on Jasper’s chest.

Jasper gave a pleasured sigh and slid off of the bed as well, following the younger into the bathroom.

Seth turned on the water of the shower waiting until it was the perfect temperature, though that was also due to Jasper wrapping his arms around his middle. Well… one arm, the hand on the other took hold of his semi-hard erection and started stroking it back into full hardness. Seth groaned as Jasper’s lips attacked his neck, he was sure he would have a hickey later.

Jasper chuckled huskily against his lover's heated skin. “Well? Aren't you going to get in the shower?” He asked, still stroking the teen's erection.

“You’re kinda holding me in place… not that I’m complaining.”

“Maybe I ought to hold you in the shower, huh?” Jasper replied, chuckling before he stepped away from the teenager.

Seth groaned softly at the loss of Jasper’s touch. “Yeah…maybe…” He agreed after a moment. Stepping into the shower he sighed under the temperature of the water hitting his back. Turning he held a hand out to Jasper. “Join me?”

Jasper took the offered hand. “Always,” he replied, offering the teen a grin as he stepped into the shower with him.

Seth returned the grin as he leaned up and caught Jasper’s lips in a heated kiss. The hand that wasn’t holding Jasper’s went up to his lover’s neck, curling behind it to bring him closer. Seth pressed himself against Jasper, moaning as their wet skin slid against each other, temperature’s blending perfectly.

Jasper's free hand went to the teen's waist, holding him close as he sighed into the kiss, the simple pleasure of feeling Seth against him caused his body to shake.

Breaking the kiss Seth rested his head against Jasper’s shoulder. “Touch me baby,” he whispered.

Jasper didn't answer, instead his hand slid down Seth's hip, caressing the skin gently before his fingers wrapped around his lover's erection.

Seth hummed as he kissed Jasper’s shoulder, working his way in to his neck and then his jaw line. When he reached Jasper’s lips he kissed his lover briefly before biting Jasper’s bottom lip. Taking the lip between his teeth he worried it gently.

Jasper moaned softly into the kiss as his lover worried his bottom lip, the action turning him on and making his strokes a little more rough.

Seth gasped, Jasper taking that opportunity to thrust his tongue into Seth’s mouth. Seth’s fingers in Jasper’s hand tightened, his pleasure washing over Jasper in waves.

The vampire's eyes closed. Feeling Seth's pleasure as though it were his own. His hand continued moving, stroking his lover, his pace fast and rough. He only paused to press his thumb against the sweet spot underneath the head before his hand was moving again.

“Nnn…Jazz,” Seth moaned. “Just like that.”

Jasper's lips returned to his love's neck. Attacking it with nips and kisses as his hand continued moving.

Seth’s knees went weak and he leaned heavily against Jasper. Moments later his orgasm took over his senses and he moaned Jasper’s name. “Mm…baby…” He panted.

Jasper held the teenager to him, rinsing his hand off in the stream of water before it too wrapped around Seth. “How was that?”

“Good,” Seth replied with a smile. He pressed himself closer to Jasper, his lover’s erection pressing into his leg. “Want me to take care of that love?”

“Please?” Jasper replied, giving his lover a sexy smile.

Seth nodded and kissed Jasper’s lips briefly. He trailed his lips down Jasper’s jaw line to his neck and then down the middle of his chest. He used his teeth on any sensitive point that he came to. Jasper had already buried his hands in Seth’s hair by the time he went to his knees and took Jasper’s erection into his mouth. Seth sucked, his tongue running along the vein on the underside of Jasper’s erection.

Jasper leaned heavily against the wall of the shower, moaning softly as he felt his lover's wet mouth envelope him. “Yesss...” he moaned, his eyes fluttering closed as his hands brushed through Seth's hair.

Seth hummed around the hardened flesh in his mouth. Seth ran one of his hands up Jasper’s leg before he cupped Jasper’s balls, gently squeezing and rolling them in his palm.

“That's it, baby, don't stop,” Jasper moaned, his voice breathless as he gently bucked into the teen's mouth, his body shaking in pleasure as Seth palmed his straining sac. At this rate he wouldn't last long, but then again, he didn't want to last long.

Seth growled softly, knowing how it had pleased Jasper the last time. At the same time he slipped a finger behind Jasper’s balls pressing it against the sweet spot there.

Jasper let out a loud cry, throwing his head back, nearly hitting the wall behind it as his orgasm overcame him once more. He split his seed into his lover's mouth, his hips moving with the motions of Seth's head.

Licking Jasper clean Seth slowly kissed his way back up to Jasper’s lips. “You taste amazing.”

Jasper grinned against his lover's lips, his hands having returned to the teen's waist. “I'm glad you enjoyed it,” he replied softly.

Seth kissed him again, this one lasting a bit longer but there wasn’t any true heat in it, it was just sweet. Eventually the kiss was broken by a yawn from Seth. “Guess we should get cleaned up huh?” He asked resting his head against Jasper’s shoulder, which had become a new favorite spot of his.

“Mhm,” Jasper agreed, running his hand through his sleepy shifter's hair. “And then get you into bed.”

“Sounds good,” Seth purred. He was half asleep by the time Jasper turned the water off and dried him off with a towel. Seth stumbled sleepily out of the bathroom, turning the comforter back and slipped under the sheet without bothering with sleep pants.

Jasper tried not to laugh as he followed his lover, climbing into bed next to him, wrapping the teen up in his arms before pulling him to his chest. He held him until he fell asleep and then just simply enjoyed the feeling of the younger laying in his arms. Knowing that his younger brother was probably enjoying the very same feeling right at this moment.

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