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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


That weekend found Seth and Jasper staying in the same pent house apartment that they had before, Seth didn’t even voice one compliant, though he did sigh as Jasper swiped the keycard in the door. “Someday I’m gonna get you back for spoiling me.”

“You can try all you want,” Jasper replied, pushing the door open for his younger lover.

“And I’ll succeed too, you just watch.” He grabbed Jasper’s shirt and pulled him into the room, kissing him heatedly. “But right now I can think of some other things I want to do.”

Jasper greedily returned the younger's kiss, his arms wrapping around his waist, his lips curling into a grin when their kiss broke. “Oh? Is that a fact? Enlighten me lover.”

Seth pulled Jasper to the bedroom, letting him drop their bag by the door before he captured Jasper’s lips again. As they kissed he worked on undoing the buttons of Jasper’s shirt, his warm fingers skimming teasingly over the exposed flesh. “A week… of being good for…Jake’s sake is too much,” he panted when the kiss ended.

Jasper hummed in agreement, both his hands cupping his lover's cheeks. “That's why this idea of yours was amazing,” he murmured softly, his thumbs caressing the teen's heated skin before he leaned down and captured his lips into another heated kiss.

Seth moaned into the kiss. The kiss only broke when Jasper pulled Seth’s shirt over his head. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”

“I am baby,” Jasper replied, leading his lover to the bed. “But I'm not worried about me enjoying it. I want you to have a good time.”

Seth snorted softly. “Believe me, if you enjoy yourself enough I’ll enjoy myself two times over.”

Jasper chuckled at that, giving his lover a gentle push until he fell back against the bed. “I can't help that. Sometimes I lose control of my gift. Especially during those moments.”

“Do you hear me complaining?” Seth questioned.

“Not at all,” Jasper replied, parting his lover's legs before he stood in between them. He made fast work of the younger's zipper and pulled his pants down over his hips. “And that's a very good thing because it isn't something that's going to change anytime soon, if ever.”

“Mhm,” Seth agreed as he stared up at his lover, nearly drooling. “Your pants too.”

“All in good time, love,” Jasper replied, crawling onto the bed over his lover. “We have all weekend, after all, just enjoy yourself. Alright?”

“I will try my best,” Seth purred as he wrapped his arms around Jasper’s neck. “I’m sure you’ll make sure I do.”

“You know it,” Jasper murmured, grinning as he leaned down to press his lips against Seth's.

Seth nibbled on Jasper’s bottom lip before thrusting his tongue between Jasper’s parted lips. He mapped out the contours of Jasper’s mouth, moaning as his fingers slid easily through Jasper’s hair. Arching into Jasper’s body above him he begged to be touched by those cold hands he loved so much.

Jasper moaned softly in his lover's mouth, a single one of his hands sliding down the younger's body, his finger tips brushing along the side of his body before resting heavily on his hip, gently squeezing it.

Seth gasped, pulling his mouth from Jasper’s, as Jasper’s thumb pressed into one of his sweet spots.

“That's it, babe, let me hear you,” Jasper purred, his lips brushing against the shifter's ear as he spoke.

The younger shivered as Jasper’s cool breath brushed over his ear. “I…I can be as loud as I want here huh?”

“That you can,” Jasper replied, nipping playfully at the shifter's ear.

Seth whimpered, softly, pleadingly. “Touch me…please Jazz… touch me.”

Jasper's hand left his little love's hip, sliding between their bodies before wrapping around the teen's throbbing erection. “Like this?” He asked hotly, his hand moving over its thick length.

“Uh-huh, just like that,” Seth purred. “And let your voice keep that tone cause God it’s a turn on.”

The vampire chuckled softly, the tone still deep, heavy with lust as he kept moving his hand. “Just so long as you don't keep quiet. I want to hear you love. I've been denied the pleasure of hearing you for far too long.”

“I promise,” Seth groaned arching further into Jasper’s touch.

Jasper didn't say anything else, his lips too busy nipping and sucking against the teen's neck, but he answered with his body. His hand continuing its motion as his thumb rubbed the leaking head. The pace was fast and even as he relished in every little sound that left his shifter's lips.

“Nn…Jazz!” Seth cried out as he came. He panted as he lay back against the comforter of the bed. He usually didn’t come undone so easily… but he blamed that on one, Jasper being as sexy as he was and two, having to watch themselves for the past week.

Jasper was surprised at how quickly his little love came, but his hand kept moving, milking the teenager until he was finished. “Is that what you had in mind, babe?” He asked, grinning as he pressed a kiss to Seth's cheek before laying next to him.

Seth returned the smile, raising a hand to trace random patterns on Jasper’s chest. “Well…yes, though my original idea had me doing somewhat of the same to you.”

“You're more than welcome to do it too if it'll please you,” Jasper replied, determined to stand by his ideal that this weekend was for Seth. Wholly and completely for his little lover.

“I think I would have a very cranky vampire on my hands by the end of the weekend if I didn’t,” Seth mused as he rolled over on top of Jasper.

“You're pleasure is my own. You know that, love,” Jasper replied softly, laying against the bed as his hands rested on the teen's bare back, gently caressing the warm skin.

Seth groaned softly. “I know but it pleases me to please you, you know that.” He slipped a hand between them, working Jasper’s belt apart, stroking the growing bulge before he pulled the zipper down. Seth bent his head and let his tongue curl around one of Jasper’s nipples.

“I know,” Jasper replied softly, sighing in pleasure as he arched into the teen's lips. “I just want this weekend to be about you.”

Seth hummed in a thoughtful tone before his lips left that nipple and went to the sweet spot that was close to it. As he kissed and nipped at that spot his hand went into Jasper’s pants and gripped the harden flesh, gently stroking it.

Jasper's eyes closed and his mouth opened as he moaned softly at his lover's ministrations. His hands still caressed the teen's back as he arched his hips into the teen's hand.

Seth’s warm lips left a heated trail down Jasper’s stomach as he worked his way down to his prize. His hand left Jasper’s erection, his other joining as he pulled Jasper’s pants down. Seth ran his tongue over the head of Jasper’s erection, then down and back up to take the hard flesh into his mouth.

Jasper's hands left the teen and clenched at the comforter as he groaned. “That's it babe!” He moaned.

The younger smirked slightly as he hummed around Jasper’s erection. One hand rested on Jasper’s thigh while his other slipped between Jasper’s legs to cup his balls, massaging them, one finger just barely brushing against the sweet spot behind them.

Jasper arched his hips into that finger, desperate for a harder touch against his skin. He sucked his lower lip into his mouth and chewed on it, muffling his groans.

Seth abandoned Jasper’s cock with a soft growl. “Nu-uh, you want to hear me, I want to hear you. Don’t even think about trying to be quiet.”

“Fine, fine, fine!” Jasper replied, his eyes snapping open as he pushed himself up to look down at the teen between his legs. “Keep going! Please baby!”

Seth chuckled as he leaned back in and swirled his tongue around the head of Jasper’s cock. He watched Jasper’s expression through his lashes; having only half an idea of how enticing he looked doing it. His finger pressed against that sweet spot again, harder this time.

Jasper let out a moan. Low and deep as he sank back against the bed. “Oh Seth! Don't stop, baby, don't stop.”

Hadn’t planned on it,’ Seth thought as he lavished the head of Jasper’s cock with attention. His free hand came and started to stroke what he wasn’t reaching with his mouth.

Jasper's body shook and he was close to coming as one of his hands left the comforter and threaded itself through Seth's hair.

Seth groaned at the feeling of Jasper’s hand in his hair. Rubbing that sweet spot again and again to bring Jasper closer. Bringing his head up he let his teeth brush the vein on the underside of Jasper’s cock, his tongue playing with the sweet spot under the head.

Jasper knew he wouldn't last much longer and then his lover's tongue brushed against the sweet post underneath the head of his leaking tip. That was all it took to push him over the edge. With a loud cry of his little love's name he split his seed into the teen's mouth.

Seth swallowed Jasper’s cum and then licked him clean before kissing his way back up Jasper’s stomach, chest, neck, finally reaching his lips. Claiming those lips he opened his mouth against Jasper’s, moaning when his lover’s tongue met his own. It was a lazy, slow, sedated kiss but heavenly none the less.

As they kissed, Jasper's hands returned to the teen's back, once again gently caressing it until the kiss was broken so Seth could catch his breath.

“You have a…fascination with my back…today,” Seth panted.

“Maybe,” Jasper answered. “But I don't hear you complaining.”

“You’ll never hear me complain when it has to do with you touching me,” Seth purred.

“That's good because I like touching you,” Jasper replied with a grin.

Seth lay comfortably against Jasper, the elder running his fingers lightly up and down Seth’s back. They spent the majority of the day in bed, taking advantage of not having a certain alpha shifter who was forbidden from anything sexual around. As suppertime approached they took a long shower and then Seth ordered room service. When the cart came there was a flyer for an antique auto show that would be in town that weekend. Seth’s eyes lit up as he read over the flyer.

“Hey Jazz, can we go to this tomorrow?” He asked, laying on the bed after he had finished eating.

Jasper picked up the flyer and looked it over, grinning as his lover was. “Sure,” he replied.

“Sweet! I wonder how antique the cars will be… to bad the twins are so young, I bet if they were a bit older Jake would convince Edward to bring him to this.”

“Jake wouldn't have to do very much convincing. Edward likes old cars too, hell he's probably driven a few of them back when they were new,” Jasper replied laughing.

Seth chuckled. “What was your first car Jazz?”

“Edward's,” Jasper replied with a snicker. “I drove it once and crashed it. I thought he was going to kill me.”

“You crashed it?” Seth asked with wide eyes. “But you’re a good driver!”

“I wasn't at first,” Jasper replied. “I didn't start driving until Alice and I joined the Cullens. Before then I never really tried to...blend in.”

“Ohh… yeah I bet Edward was pissed. How did you convince him not to kill you?”

“I had to buy him a new car obviously,” Jasper replied. “And then he taught me how to drive it properly and then I got my own.”

“Was Edward a good teacher?” Seth questioned. He knew Jasper was a good teacher, from the driving lessons they had had and… other lessons.

“Mhm. Very patient,” Jasper replied.

“Makes sense, you had to pick it up from somewhere.”

“Pick what up?” Jasper asked, looking over at his younger lover.

“Your unending patience,” Seth answered.

Jasper laughed at that. “Yeah. I guess you're right. Though Edward can't claim credit for all of it. Alice helped too. It takes a lot of patience to deal with her.”

Seth snickered. “I bet.” Pushing himself up Seth crawled over to Jasper and straddled his hips. “Course, I bet a certain shifter tries your patience sometimes.”

Jasper chuckled. “I have no idea what you're talking about,” he replied, his hands grasping Seth’s hips.

“Really?” Seth questioned leaning in to nibble at a spot on Jasper’s neck. “Not even when I tease you endlessly?”

“Oh...yeah...well that is pretty trying...” Jasper agreed, gasping softly in pleasure. “But you always come through in the end.”

Seth grinned, somewhat wickedly against Jasper’s neck even though his lover couldn’t see it. “You think so? Good.” He slid off Jasper and disappeared into the other room without a second look back.

Jasper blinked, confused, before he sat up. “What in the hell?!” He called after his little lover.

Seth laughed as he lay on the couch. “You said I always came through in the end!” He called back flipping the TV on. “Huh… didn’t know this place got those channels for free.”

The elder laughed at that before shaking his head, sliding off of the bed before heading to the living room. “What channels?”

“Playboy… I think,” Seth replied, stroking himself through his shorts. “The people before us must have left it on this channel.”

Jasper wasn't even interested in what was on the television. Not when he saw his little love stroking himself through his shorts. “Interesting,” he replied, leaning against the wall, watching his lover.

“I think so,” Seth said with a smirk as he looked at Jasper. “Like what you see lover?”

“I do,” Jasper replied, his eyes darkened by lust, but he did not move. He continued watching his lover.

“Hmm…” Seth bit his bottom lip as he undid his shorts and slipped his hand inside them. “I think we’d both enjoy an interactive show better.”

“Is that a hint lover?” Jasper asked, his voice deep as his hand rubbed against the bulge in his pants. “Do you want me to touch you?”


“But I like watching you touch yourself.”

“I like you touching me better.”

“I know you do, but I still like watching you touch yourself.”

Seth bit his lip again, his eyes trained on Jasper, watching him stroke himself against the wall. “Watching you touch yourself is sexy too.”

“I think you're sexier when you do it,” Jasper replied, his other hand undoing his pants so the one that was stroking himself could slip into it.

“You always think I’m sexy.”

“I do, don't I?” Jasper agreed as he pulled his erection free from his pants, stroking the hardened flesh while sighing softly in pleasure.

“Uh…huh…” Seth groaned as his thumb pressed against the sweet spot under the head of his cock. His eyes fluttered closed as he arched his hips into his own touch.

“Keep your eyes open,” Jasper demanded softly, his hand mimicking his little love's. “Watch me baby.”

Seth panted as he opened his eyes and watched Jasper. His free hand pushed his short’s further down before trailing back up his body to his mouth. Seth took one of his fingers until his mouth sucking on it and lightly biting, imagining that it was Jasper’s finger.

The porn of the TV was long forgotten as he watched his own personal live action porn before his every eyes, his hand moving with Seth's, stroking himself as he intently watched his little love.

Taking his finger from his mouth, Seth trailed the wet digit back down his body. Finally wiggling his shorts down far enough he kicked them onto the floor. Spreading his legs further he teased his balls with his wet finger before sliding it further, searching for his opening, gasping once he found it. Now to just find that spot… “Ah!”

“Did you find it babe?” Jasper asked with lust darkened eyes, having felt Seth's pleasure caress him like the said teen would.

“If the stars are any indication…yeah,” Seth purred.

Jasper chuckled heavily at that. His thumb pressing against the sweet spot underneath the head of his erection. “It feels good, doesn't it?”

“Mhm, better than good.”

Jasper hummed in agreement, leaning against the wall behind him as he stroked himself faster.

Seth sped up his hand after seeing that Jasper had. Jasper was projecting his lust and Seth loved feeling it curling through his body. “Nn…Jazz…”

“That's it. Let me here you babe,” Jasper purred, moaning softly as his thumb rubbed the leaking head.

Seth returned the moan, his finger brushing against his sweet spot again and again. He was coming undone and Jasper wasn’t even actually touching him. How did he ever manage before Jasper?

“You're close, babe, I can feel it. Don't hold back,” Jasper moaned. His eyes remaining on his lover.

Seth didn’t have to be told twice. The moment Jasper told him not to hold back he could feel his orgasm sending fire through his veins. “Jasper!” Seth cried out as he came.

Seth's orgasm and his feelings of pure bliss was enough to push Jasper over the edge, the elder vampire moaning his lover's name as his release coated his hand and fell to the floor.

“Mm…Jazz…” Seth panted as he lay bonelessly on the couch. “That was hot.”

“It was,” Jasper agreed, looking down at the floor and the mess he had made. He'd have to leave the maid a nice tip.

Seth slowly got to his feet and walked over to Jasper, wrapping his arms around his lover. “Now how will we spend the rest of the night?” He questioned, kissing Jasper’s jaw lightly.

“However you want to,” Jasper replied, pulling his lover close to him. “Though I think a shower would be nice right now. Or maybe a bath.”

“The hot tub was fun last time.”

Jasper grinned at that. “It was,” he agreed readily.

Seth laced his fingers with Jasper’s tugging him toward the bathroom. “Let’s do it.”

Jasper let the younger led him to the bathroom. Their hands only separating once they reached the bathroom and they began to undress.

Seth chuckled as Jasper pulled his t-shirt over his head. “You have an easier time with this.” Referring to the fact that his shorts were laying on the floor by the couch.

Jasper laughed softly in reply before he pulled his own shirt over his head and threw it to the floor. “Better?”

“Much,” Seth purred as he leaned in and peppered Jasper’s chest with light kisses. Upon reaching his lover’s nipples he curled his tongue around one while his fingers played with the other.

Jasper threaded his fingers through the other's hair, sighing softly in pleasure as Seth laved attention to his chest.

“We’ll never make it into the tub if we continue at this pace,” Seth murmured.

“We sure won't,” Jasper agreed, stepping away from the teen. “Why don't you go fill the tub while I finish getting undressed.”

“Okay.” Seth nodded, his fingers just barely brushing against Jasper’s stomach as he turned. Bending over the tub he turned the water on, testing the temperature so it wouldn’t be to hot for him.

Jasper was distracted by his lover's backside for a moment, but soon he snapped out of it and pushed his pants off, kicking them to the side before he joined him lover at the bath. His hand resting on Seth’s hips as he pulled the younger back against him.

Seth gasped softly at feeling Jasper’s cold body flush with his own. “Temptation…”

Jasper chuckled softly, burying his nose in the boy's neck, smelling his scent. “Temptation? I'm just hugging you.”

“Yeah, a hug with your cock pressed against my butt. That’s temptation,” Seth said biting his lip as Jasper kissed his neck.

“No. I thought it was a pretty good hug,” Jasper replied, his lips brushing against Seth's neck as he spoke.

“Uh-huh, whatever you say Jazz.” Leaning over again Seth turned off the water and hit the button that turned the jets on. “Water’s ready.”

Jasper stepped away so his lover could climb in. “After you.”

Seth stepped into the water, sighing softly as the jets made the water caress his skin. “Am I going to lean back against you?” He questioned looking over his shoulder at Jasper.

“Do you want to?” Jasper answered.

“You’d be giving me another hug,” Seth replied with a smirk.

“The good kind of hug too, huh?” Jasper replied, stepping into the tub.

“The real good kind,” Seth agreed.

Jasper chuckled softly at that as he eased himself behind his lover, leg on either side of the teen as he sat down, leaning forward to wrap his arms around Seth, pulling him against his chest.

Seth sighed, almost a purr, as he rested his head back against Jasper’s shoulder. He let his eyes close as the water, and Jasper’s fingers, caressed his skin. After a few moments he turned his head and started to kiss Jasper’s neck and jaw.

Jasper arched his neck so his little love would have better access, sighing softly in pleasure at the teen's ministrations as he continued caressing his skin.

“Mm…I love your fingers…” Seth said against Jasper’s skin.

“Do you?” Jasper replied softly, his fingers sliding over the younger's skin, moving up his chest slowly.

“You know I do… but then I’m bias… I love everything about you.”

“I know that too,” Jasper replied, leaning forward to press a kiss to the teen's shoulder.

Seth raised a hand and pushed Jasper’s chin toward his mouth catching his lover’s mouth with his own. Once he had Jasper’s lips he slipped his hand into Jasper’s hair.

Jasper sighed contently against his little love's lips, his hands sliding down his body until his fingers found the spots on the teen's hips.

Seth’s moan was lost in their kiss as Jasper’s fingers pressed against the sweet spots on his hips. He arched his hips slightly and then pressed back against Jasper.

The vampire didn't know if Seth pressing back against him was an accident or on purpose, but regardless his little lover's ass pressed against his semi-erect length. Jasper groaned hotly, the sound lost to the kiss.

Seth’s free hand met Jasper’s, running over the cool skin for a moment before he guided that hand between his legs to his own erection. He bit at Jasper’s bottom lip just as Jasper’s hand wrapped around him.

Jasper squeezed his lover's length at the playful nip his lover gave him before his hand moved along the teen's erection, his other hand encouraging Seth to buck into his hand and, in turn, grind himself against his own erection.

A soft whimper left Seth’s lips as Jasper squeezed his erection. Jasper’s encouragement worked as Seth bucked into his hand and then back against Jasper. Seth bit at Jasper’s lip again, this time soothing the bite with his tongue.

Another groan left Jasper's lips and, once again, it was lost in their kiss. His thumb brushed over his lover's head, the tip of his thumb playing with the slit before he continued pumping.

Seth broke the kiss with a sharp gasp. “Feels so good Jazz. Do that again.”

And so Jasper did it again and kept repeating the action every time his hand reached the head of his lover's erection. As he did this he leaned heavily against the edge of the tub, his own hips moving against Seth's now.

Seth bit his lip as Jasper ground against him. Pressing back against Jasper he let his emotions wash over him, his lust, his love, everything so Jasper felt it.

He wouldn't last long. Not with Seth's emotions coupling with his own. It was impossible to fight off his orgasm when his love's body moved against him and the teen's own lust, arousal, and love bore down on him. “Seth!” He growled out, his hand tightening on the teen's hip as his orgasm washed over him.

Seth tipped his head back, his mouth open in a soundless cry, as he followed Jasper’s orgasm with his own. When the last of the sensations had passed Seth relaxed against Jasper panting. After he had caught his breath he turned his head and caught Jasper’s lips in a lazy kiss.

Jasper broke the kiss a few moments later, holding Seth to him as he leaned heavily against the back of the tub. “When we move...we've got to convince Carlisle and Esme to get a tub like this.”

Seth laughed. “And why’s that Jazz?”

Jasper looked down at his little lover with a smirk. “You've really got to ask why after what we just did?”

“Curious to see if your answer is different than mine.”

“What's your answer then?”

“Because we have so much fun in them.”

“That'd be my answer too love.”

Seth chuckled as he settled back against Jasper, his head on Jasper’s shoulder. “I’m sure it won’t take much convincing, I’ll just use my puppy eyes on Esme.”

“It won't take any if you use that tactic. You know Esme can't refuse you anything.”

Grinning Seth nodded in agreement. “This is true. Course, if you use your southern charm she can’t refuse you anything either.”

Jasper laughed at that. “But she expects my southern charm. You can surprise her with your puppy dog eyes.”

“So we have a plan. You soften her up and then I’ll surprise her.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Seth hummed softly before he yawned. “I think I could fall asleep right here.”

“And that's our cue to get you to bed,” Jasper chuckled, pressing a kiss to his lover's cheek.

“Awww but I’m so comfortable here.”

“I'll cuddle with you in bed. C'mon now,” Jasper replied, helping his lover to his feet.

“Guess that would be better.” Seth turned off the jets of the tub as Jasper got a towel and then dried him off. “You spoil me to much.”

“That's something I just can't help,” Jasper replied with a grin and a shrug.

“As much as I say you shouldn’t, I do enjoy it,” Seth said as he stepped out of the tub.

Jasper chuckled softly at that. “I know you do. Why do you think I keep doing it?”

“Cause you can’t resist my puppy-ness. Everyone knows you’re supposed to spoil puppies.”

“That's exactly it.”

Seth chuckled and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around Jasper’s waist. Before he knew it he was in Jasper’s arms. Seth just shook his head with a smile as Jasper carried him to the bed.

Jasper laid his lover against the bed and then pulled his towel off before climbing in after him, pulling him into his arms before working the blanket over them. “Go to sleep my little wolf,” he murmured softly.

“Already there,” Seth mumbled, his voice heavy with sleep.

Jasper hummed softly in agreement, pressing a kiss to the teen's forehead.


The months seemed to fly by. Esme started Seth’s 11th grade school year in the middle of August. Jasper kept working with Seth on his driving, though honestly Seth didn’t need much help, he was a natural behind the wheel. By the end of January Seth was ready to take the actual driving test for his license, but he had to officially turn 16 first.

On a cold afternoon in late January Jasper and Seth headed to the main house where Esme was having a birthday party for him. The moment they walked through the door Lilliana ran at them with a present in her little hands crying, “Seth! Seth! Op’n this!”

Seth laughed as he picked her up. “Is this from you?” He asked.

Lilliana nodded. “Me wrap!”

“You did? All by yourself?”

“Well…mommy helped…”

Seth chuckled and kissed her cheek. “Tell you what, we’ll eat and then I’ll open it first after I blow out my candles.”

Jasper choked back his snickers as he stepped into the house behind his lover, leaning over to press a kiss to Lilliana's cheek and ruffle her hair, messing up the ponytail Leah had put it in.

“I hope you plan on fixing that, do you know how long it took to get her to sit still for me to do that ponytail?” Leah questioned.

Jasper shook his head. “You wouldn't want me to do her hair...she wouldn't have any hair left, trust me,” he replied, giving the woman an apologetic smile.

“Good point,” Leah sighed. “Come here Lilli and let mommy fix your hair.”

“No! I want Seth to do it!” Lilliana exclaimed hugging his neck, hitting him in the face with her present in the process.

“Ow…” Seth whispered.

Again Jasper found himself resisted the urge to laugh. “Come on; let's take her into the living room so she can put her present on the table.”

“Good idea,” Seth agreed. “Leah, get me her brush and I’ll fix her hair.”

Leah nodded. “Be right back,” she said before turning and walking up the stairs.

While she was gone Seth and Jasper took Lilliana to the living room where she put her present on top of the rest of the pile. “I have to say Lilli, I think your present has the best wrap job,” Seth told her, brushing her cheek with his nose.

“Pretty paper too,” Jasper replied, wrapping an arm around Seth's shoulder's, pulling him to his side as he smiled at the little girl. “Did you pick it out?”

“Mhm! Mommy and Daddy took me shopp’n for it,” she told them.

“Oh,” Jasper replied, nodding. “That's very cool.”

Lilliana curled a small finger at Jasper telling him to lean closer. “Can you keep a secret?” She whispered.

“I sure can,” Jasper replied, leaning closer to the little girl.

“I know what’s wrapped in that present, but don’t tell Seth.”

Seth bit his lip to hold back his laughter. He was thankful when Leah appeared holding the brush she used on Lilliana’s hair.

“Now don't go telling anyone what you picked out for Seth,” Leah scolded her daughter gently, smiling as she handed her baby brother the hair brush. “Especially when Uncle Seth's still in earshot. Silly girl.”

“I’m not.” Lilliana pouted. “I just told Jazz I knew what’s inside the paper.”

“Mhm,” Leah replied, leaning over to kiss the girl's forehead. “Now you be good and let Seth fix your hair alright.”

“She’ll be good, Lilli’s always good for her uncle Seth, aren’t you Lilli?” Seth questioned.

“Yup!” The little girl agreed as Seth sat on the couch with her on his lap. He took her hair down, brushed it out and then redid her ponytail.

“Now, don’t let your uncle Jasper mess up your hair again,” Seth told her.

“That's alright, Lilli, I'll just mess Uncle Seth's up,” Jasper replied, reaching over to mess up his lover's hair.

“Hey!” Seth exclaimed giving his lover a mock glare.

Jasper shrugged. “Sorry, babe, it was you or the kid.”

Lilliana giggled at her two uncles’. Esme entered the room and gave Seth a bright smile. “There’s my birthday boy! How does it feel to be sixteen?” She asked.

“Um…about the same as it did to be fifteen.”

Esme laughed. “As soon as your mother gets here we’ll be ready to start the party.”

“Edward and Jacob are on their way with the twins too. They had to get them up from their nap,” Jasper replied before grinning. “They're crawling now, you know, they started just last night. Didn't they babe?”

Seth nodded smiling. “Caleigh crawled right to Edward and Caleb looked confused before he went to Jazz. The look on Jake’s face was priceless.”

Jasper laughed at the memory. “He's probably still sulking about that.”

“Probably,” Seth agreed still chuckling. “You’ll have to find a way to make it up to him… if that’s possible.”

“I'll offer to babysit one night or something so he and Edward can go out. He'll be happy with that,” Jasper replied.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Jacob said as he and Edward came into the room.

“See?” Jasper said, grinning at Seth. “Easy as pie.”

Seth laughed. “Almost seems too easy.”

Jasper blinked and turned back to Jacob, frowning. “He's right...what's the catch...?”

“Well…” Jacob said thoughtfully. “I never did get a honeymoon…”

“Oh no, if Caleigh starts crying we’d never get her to stop,” Seth stated.

Edward just shook his head, snickering at the couple. “Only overnight,” he reassured the pair. He didn't think he could be parted from his children for longer. “And I'm sure the two of you will be fine.”

“We could handle overnight, don’t you think Jazz?” Seth questioned.

“I think so.”

“I wanna stay too!” Lilliana exclaimed.

“Oh boy. A sleepover,” Jasper replied, wide-eyed as he looked at his lover.

Seth chuckled. “You can help us take care of the twins can’t you Lilli?”

“Mhm! Mommy says I’m a big helper!”

“Then I guess you'll have to stay, won't you?” Jasper replied. Caleigh seemed to be attached to Lilliana anyway and vise versa.

“Aren’t we forgetting something?” Leah questioned. All eyes turned to her in question. “Asking mommy…”

Seth snorted. “Like you would say no.”

Leah rolled her eyes. “Still,” she replied, giving Lilliana an expectant look.

“Can I pleeeeeeeease stay with Seth and Jazz Mommy?” Her daughter asked with the biggest puppy eyes she had seen since Seth.

“I suppose so,” Leah replied with a smile.

“Yay!” Lilliana cheered.

A knock came at the front door. “Bet that’s mom,” Seth said.

Esme was already making her way to the door to answer it and sure enough it was Seth's mother. “Just in time Sue!” She said, smiling broadly.

Sue returned the smile, having become much closer to the mother vampire since being reunited with her children. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting,” she said as Esme took her present for Seth from her.

“Not at all,” Esme replied, still smiling as she turned to take the gift to the table. “Everyone's in the living room,” she said over her shoulder.

“Hey mom!” Seth greeted as Sue came into the room. She smiled at him and everyone else in the room.

“Hello Seth, happy birthday. Come here so I can give you a hug.” Seth stood and went to his mother accepting the birthday hug. Sue kissed Lilliana’s cheek as well and the little girl giggled. “I can’t believe you’re sixteen…” She murmured. Her eyes then landed on Jacob, Edward and the twins. “Oh my goodness! Look how big they’ve gotten!”

“Oh yeah. They're mobile now too,” Jacob replied with a laugh, setting Caleb down on the floor and sure enough, after a moment, he was on his hands and knees crawling around on the floor.

“You really will have your hands full now,” Sue laughed. Caleb stopped and looked up at her then continued crawling to Jasper. Seth snickered.

“Caleb has a favorite I think.”

Jacob pouted. “Edward,” he whined, looking at his husband. “He's stealing my son again.”

Edward only chuckled as he leaned over and pressed a kiss to Jacob's cheek. “Then hold your daughter,” he replied, passing Caleigh over to the younger. The little girl had fallen back asleep.

Jasper leaned down and picked up Caleb, smiling as the little boy squealed in delight. “I’m not stealing anyone, he came willingly,” he replied.

Jacob just stuck his tongue out at the elder vampire before cuddling his sleeping girl to his chest.

“The cake is ready,” Esme announced. “Should I bring it in here or everyone come into the kitchen?”

“Might be easier to bring it out here,” Jasper replied, looking around. “That way there won't be chaos in the kitchen.”

“Alright, why don’t you come help me? You can light the candles,” she told him.

“I can do that,” Jasper replied, standing, passing off a pouting Caleb to Sue before he followed his mother into the kitchen to help her with the cake.

“Carlisle went out to bring Seth’s present around to the front. He has no idea does he?” Esme asked quietly.

“None,” Jasper replied with a grin.

Esme laughed. “Well I think he’ll get the hint when he starts to open his other presents. I think everyone got him something to do with the car.”

“I think you're right,” Jasper agreed. “It'll be fun to watch and see if he can figure it out.”

Esme nodded handing him the lighter before she picked up Seth’s cake. “We’ll light the candles once we get into the other room.”

“Alright,” Jasper replied, moving to follow Esme.

“Everyone ready to sing?” Esme questioned once she was in the living room and Jasper had light the candle’s on the cake.

“Oh please, no singing,” Seth begged.

Though he begged them not to, everyone started to sing, the sound drowning out the sounds of Seth's groaning.

“Now blow out your candles!” Esme encouraged.

“Wanna help me Lilli?” Seth questioned. His niece nodded enthusiastically. “One…two…three…” Together they took a deep breath and then blew out the candles. “Good job!”

Everyone clapped and then while Esme moved the cake to the table to start cutting it and passing it out, presents started making their way to Seth, because it was totally possible to eat cake and open presents at the same time.

“Mine first! Mine first!” Lilliana exclaimed.

Seth laughed. “Okay, okay, I promised.” He took Lilliana’s present from her and started to unwrap it. Once he got the paper off he opened the box, pulling out a key chain that said #1 Uncle. “Awww Lilli thank you!”

“She picked that out all by herself,” Leah said in a matter of factly tone, nodding her head, smiling broadly at the same time.

Seth smiled and gave his niece a kiss on her cheek. “That’s awesome Lilli, you’re such a big girl.”

Emmett came forward next, carrying two gifts while his daughter went back over to her mother, demanding to be picked up. “These are from Leah and I,” he said, grinning broadly as he handed them over.

“Thanks, I hope these aren’t anything embarrassing.” Seth looked pointedly at Emmett as he accepted the gifts.

“Not at all,” Emmett promised, grinning still as Leah came to stand next to him, Lilliana on her hip. “We're saving the dirty gifts for the wedding!”

Leah heaved a sigh and shook her head slowly. “Don't listen to him, Seth...”

“I never do,” Seth replied as he opened the gifts. The first was from Leah, a personalized license plate. It had a wolf howling at the moon and said Seth in curvy handwriting. “That’s cool. Thanks!” Setting the license plate with his key chain on the floor and opened Emmett’s gift next. “Speakers? Man… these look pretty kick ass…”

Sue stepped forward and nudged the wrapping paper aside as she could sit next to her son. “Oh my baby boy,” she murmured softly, her gift in her lap, but that was the least of her worries right now. “Growing up so fast.” She sighed softly and leaned to press a kiss to the teen's cheek. “Here,” she said, passing her gift over to her son.

Seth blushed a little. “Mooooom…” He took her present and opened it. “Floor mats? I’m starting to see a bit of a theme with these gifts…”

“Theme?” Sue replied, blinking innocently. “I have no idea what you're talking about,” she replied, standing as Esme chuckled softly into her palm. “No idea at all. Do you Esme? Carlisle?”

Both vampires, biting back chuckles, shook their heads as they stepped forward and presented Seth with their gift, Esme stealing a kiss from his cheek as well.

Seth raised an eyebrow but then shrugged and opened the gifts he had been handed. “A road side emergency kit? Oh yeah… no theme at all… unless you guys are planning something that involves leaving me on the side of the road using nothing but a key chain, speakers, a license plate and floor mats to survive.”

“You never know,” Jacob replied in a mock serious voice, the awake and cooing Caleigh in one arm while he held Seth's gift with the other. “Better to be prepared.”

“Uh…huh…” Seth took Jacob’s gift and tore the paper away revealing a car care kit, complete with sponges and wax.

“All about being prepared,” Jacob pointed out again, shifting Caleigh in his arms as Edward came up behind him, Caleb having disappeared with Jasper.

He slid his free arm around Jacob as he handed Seth his present. “To find your way back after we ditch you on the side of the road with nothing but a keychain, floor mats, a license plate, a car care kit, a road side kit, and a stereo system to survive.”

Seth opened Edward’s gift and laughed. “A GPS system, nice! Thank you Edward.”

Edward grinned. “I try anyway,” he replied.

Esme stepped forward again and handed Seth a second gift. “This is from Alice.”

Seth blinked in surprise as he took the gift. He hadn’t expected Alice to remember his birthday. He would have to text her later to thank her. Opening the gift he found a model of a 2004 Silver Mustang. “Wow! This is cool! If only it were life size… then I could use all this stuff in it. Hey Jazz, look…” Seth looked up for his lover but he was gone. “Where’d Jazz go?”

Everyone looked around, but not very hard, all noting that Jasper was in fact gone and Caleb had gone with him as Jacob pointed out, pouting to Edward. And then just seconds later Seth's phone went off.

Seth pulled out his cell phone. “Okay… text from Jazz… this kinda feels like a scary movie, not gonna lie. Come outside?”

“Well there are vampires,” Jacob supplied with a grin. “And one even ran off with my son.”

“Never mind the fact that our son was fathered by one,” Edward muttered, rolling his eyes.

“Shouldn't you go outside then?” Sue asked, eyebrow arched.

Seth stood and pocketed his phone. “Guess so…” Heading for the door he ran over the possibilities in his head, Jasper had woken him up at midnight with his birthday present… and he expected that he would get another before the day was over. But he hadn’t really asked anything else of his lover… so what could he have up his sleeve? Opening the door he stepped outside and stopped where he was, his mouth falling open. In front of him sat a silver Mustang, just like the model Alice had sent him… only this one had a blue bow on the hood and Jasper stood next to it holding Caleb. “NO WAY!”

“Well it certainly isn't Caleb's,” Jasper replied grinning, the baby cradled in his arms, cooing and making noises like babies did. “I'm sure his parents want him to walk before he drives.”

“That would be helpful,” Edward said from behind Seth, gently pushing him forward.

“Also might help if he could reach either the steering wheel or pedals,” Jacob agreed.

Seth stumbled, still in shock at the sight of the car. “T-that’s mine? Really?” A smile growing on his lips as he asked the question.

Jasper stepped forward, passing Caleb off to Edward before digging his hand into his pocket, pulling out the keys before handing them to Seth. “All yours. Happy Birthday baby.”

Seth stared at the keys in his hand before he jumped on Jasper, wrapping his arms around his neck. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Jasper caught Seth and took a few steps back so he wouldn’t fall over. “You're welcome,” he replied, hugging the teen to him.

Letting Jasper go Seth ran over to the car and started checking every inch of it out. “This is so cool!”

Jasper just hung back and let his lover explore his new car, waiting for him to realize that he could actually drive it.

“How long do you think it’ll take?” Jacob questioned trying to hold back his laughter as Seth traced the Mustang symbol on the grill.

“I have no idea,” Jasper replied. “It may take awhile. He's so excited.”

“He's not even thinking about driving it,” Edward supplied. “He's still freaking out over the fact that he has a car.”

True enough, it was just over an hour before Seth realized that he had the keys to his car in his hand and he could actually drive said car. “I can drive this! I mean… with someone until I actually get my license… but I can drive this!”

There was a collective laugh at this statement and it was Jasper who stood up (after passing Caleb back to Jacob) and walked over to his lover, holding out his hand. “Let's go for a drive then, what do you say?”

“Duh, yes!”

Jasper chuckled. “We'll be back,” he told the rest of the family, his fingers lacing with Seth's before the younger teen dragged him toward the front door.

Seth took the bow off the hood and tucked it behind the front seat as he got into the car. He took a deep breath of the “new car” smell before giving Jasper another smile. “I really, really, really love you right now.”

“I can tell,” Jasper laughed as he climbed in the passenger side.

After adjusting everything to where he needed, Seth started the car, turned it around and started down the drive way. “Where are we going?”

“Where ever you want to love,” Jasper replied with a smile.

“Well… we probably shouldn’t keep everyone waiting… so just a drive through Forks for now.”

“Whatever you want.”

Seth nodded. It only took thirty minutes to complete the drive before they were back at the main house. “You made a great choice Jazz.”

“I'm glad you like it,” Jasper replied, looking over at the teen. “Really.”

“Was there ever any doubt?”

“No. Not really. I mean, what teenager doesn't like getting a car on their birthday. And I remember how much you liked driving my mustang,” Jasper explained. “It was a natural choice.”

“It was,” Seth agreed, leaning over the console to capture Jasper’s lips in a kiss.

Jasper easily returned the kiss, but pulled away moments later, keeping it short and sweet. “C'mon, let's go finish your party, hm?”

“Okay.” As they headed inside, Emmett was headed out.

“Hand over the keys puppy.”

“What for?” Seth questioned.

“I’m gonna install your new speakers for you and maybe if I’m nice I’ll put the license plate Leah got you on,” Emmett answered.

“Thanks Emmett!” Seth handed him the keys willingly then.

Jasper stepped aside to allow his brother to pass before he walked into the house and draped his arm over Seth's shoulders.

“But I don’t wanna take a nap!” Was the first thing the two heard from Lilliana as they entered the living room.

“Uh-oh,” Jasper said, wide-eyed, as he looked at his lover. “Someone doesn't want to take a nap.”

Seth laughed. “What gave you that clue Sherlock?”

“Well, for once, she's gearing up to throw one hell of a temper tantrum.”

“Can’t have that on my birthday, I’d better go work my magic huh?” Seth questioned.

“Mhm,” Jasper replied with a chuckle.

Seth nodded and went into the living room. “What’s this I hear about a nap?” He questioned.

“I don’t wanna unc’e Seth! Don’t make me!” Lilliana cried reaching for him.

Jasper followed his lover into the living room, but gave him room to work his magic. He didn't handle crying kids well...that would probably be why he liked Caleb so much.

“Lilliana, you have to take a nap,” Leah told her sternly.

“NO!” Lilliana yelled.

“Come here Lilli,” Seth said holding out his hands for her.

“Seth…” Leah said annoyed. Seth gave her a patient look until she handed her daughter over. Lilliana immediately clung to his neck, crying into his shirt.

“Can’t believe you upset my niece like this on my birthday, and all over a silly nap,” Seth told his sister, rolling his eyes as he patted Lilliana’s back. Before Leah could reply he left the room to calm Lilliana down. It only took Seth about fifteen minutes to get her calmed down and asleep. At some point the small room Jasper had occupied for awhile had become Lilliana’s room; it was too small for an adult but perfect for a child. Laying her in her crib he brushed her hair back from her face and covered her with the blanket. “Sweet dreams my Lilli.”

Jasper had made his way to his old bedroom after the teenager and toddler. The rest of the adults remaining in the living room or kitchen helping themselves to food (if they were human) or chatting until Seth returned.

“You know,” Jasper murmured softly, leaning against the door frame as he watched the sixteen year old. “You're going to make a wonderful father someday.”

Seth turned and smiled at the compliment. “I hope so, course you aren’t going to be a horrible one yourself.”

“Not if Jacob's complaining that I'm trying to take his son,” Jasper replied, chuckling softly.

Laughing just as softly Seth approached Jasper, cupping his cheek when he was close enough. “He won’t have to worry one day, you’ll have one of your own so you won’t have to steal his.”

“Mhm,” Jasper hummed in agreement, leaning into his lover's touch as he wrapped his arms around the teen, pulling him to his chest.

Seth sighed contently and wrapped his arms around Jasper’s waist. After a moment he pulled away, giving Jasper a quick kiss. “I should get back downstairs.”

“We both should,” Jasper agreed before taking his lover's hand, letting the teen lead him downstairs and back to the party.

Later that night, after everyone had gone home and Esme had convinced Seth and Jasper to stay over for the night so she could cook the shifter a proper birthday supper, the two lay in their bed in their old room. Seth was currently kissing and lightly biting Jasper’s neck and jaw. “Best. Birthday. Ever,” he purred against his lover’s skin.

Jasper lazily brushed his fingers through the shifter's hair, just letting the teenager lave attention on his neck and jaw. “I'm glad you think so,” he replied as his lips curled into a smile, arching his neck to encourage the teen on.

Seth continued to kiss Jasper’s neck for a few more minutes until he kissed his way up Jasper’s jaw and captured his lips. They kissed for a few minutes before Seth pulled back. “I know just one way it could be better…”

“Oh?” Jasper replied, smiling up at the shifter. “It's still your birthday, love, how can I make it better?”

Seth returned the smile. “Well it involves how you woke me up at midnight. Think I could get a repeat performance?”

Jasper hummed softly in thought. “I suppose that could be arranged.”

“Should I pretend to be asleep?”

“No need,” Jasper replied before he easily flipped their positions.

Seth stared up at his lover, a slight smirk on his lips. “What should I do?”

“Just lay there and enjoy it...” Jasper replied, his hands running down the teen's sides. “...unless you had something else in mind.”

“I didn’t,” Seth answered. “Kinda hard to when woken up out of a dead sleep.” He raised his arms, crossing his wrists above his head. “But if you can think of anything I can do to make it better for you…”

Jasper chuckled softly as he straddled his lover's hips, feeling the teen's erection against his own. “Babe I don't think it could get much better for me,” he replied, leaning up to grab Seth's wrists, pinning them to the bed.

Seth groaned softly, flexing his fingers against Jasper’s hand. “I’ll take your word for it.” Seth arched into Jasper, pressing their erections together.

Jasper sighed softly in pleasure, pressing down on Seth's hips as he arched into him, grinding their hips together.

Seth bit his lip, his eyes closing in pleasure. When they opened again Jasper was staring down at him and it was honestly one of the sexiest looks he had ever seen on his lover’s face. “God Jazz.”

“That's it babe,” Jasper purred, grinning broadly as he continued moving his hips against his lover's. “Let me hear you.”

Seth’s moans and whimpers filled Jasper’s ears, feelings taking over his senses.

One of Jasper's hands left Seth's wrists, sliding down his body until it reached his pants. The elder vampire moved his hips so he could open the teen's pants before slipping his hand inside.

“Ah!” Seth exclaimed as Jasper’s hand cupped and squeezed his balls then slid up taking hold of his erection. He bucked into the touch, needing more of it.

Jasper's hand kept moving as his other let go of Seth's joined hands. “You keep your hands above your head, alright?” He said softly, his newly freed hand, tugging his lover's pants down. “Can you do that for me?”

“I’ll…try,” Seth panted.

“I can always tie you up,” Jasper pointed out, grinning, as his hand abandoned the teen's cock in order to pull his pants the rest of the way down.

Seth sucked in a sharp breath, his arousal spiking through Jasper. “You know I’m not apposed to it.”

“Oh I know it,” Jasper replied, his hands rubbing the teen's thighs.

Seth whined, wiggling against Jasper’s touch. “What are you doing?”

“Teasing you,” Jasper replied, grinning.

Seth’s mouth dropped open. “Teasing? But why?”

“Because you make such cute sounds when I do,” Jasper replied, chuckling softly.

“Still… no fair…” Seth pouted.

Jasper's hand wrapped around the teen's erection, squeezing it before stroking it. “Is it still unfair?” He asked as his thumb brushed over the head.

Seth swallowed. “Nu-uh,” he answered.

“Mhm,” Jasper hummed in agreement before he leaned forward, his tongue swiping over the leaking tip of Seth's erection. “How about that?”

“Definitely not.”

Jasper hummed in agreement as he took more of the teen's length into his mouth, his hand wrapping around the base while the other cupped his sac.

“Ah yes,” Seth groaned. He arched his hips, needing to feel more of Jasper’s cold mouth around his heated skin.

Jasper bobbed his head and made sure to swipe his tongue along every inch he could, his hand stroking what his mouth could not reach.

Seth couldn’t keep his promise any longer; he lowered his hands from above his head. He didn’t touch Jasper so maybe that counted for something. His hands went to the comforter of the bed, holding it tightly as his hands made fists.

Jasper didn't notice his lover's hands moved, but by this point he didn't care very much, Seth had held on longer than he would've thought in the first place. He continued moving his head as one of his finger's brushed against the sweet spot behind the teen's balls.

“Yes Jazz! Just… just a little more…”

Jasper continued to move his head, sucking the teenager's cock as his finger slipped lower, touching the younger's entrance.

A whimper left Seth’s lips. He knew the moment Jasper touched the sweet spot inside him it would be over. There was no way he could hold on after that.

Jasper gently pushed his finger inside, going slow so he wouldn't hurt the teen, as he continued to move his mouth. Hoping the pleasure would be enough to stifle the pain.

“Ah God Jazz… just a little… to the left…” Seth panted.

Jasper's finger moved a little to the left as his lover requested, his mouth still moving over Seth's hard cock, working him towards a release.

Seth’s mouth opened in a cry, though his voice broke before it was complete. His toes curled against the comforter as stars danced in front of his eyes. One last suck from his lover drew him over the edge and he spilled his seed into Jasper’s mouth.

Jasper swallowed all that his little love gave him before he pulled away, then he leaned up and pressed his lips against the teen's lips, forcing his tongue into Seth's mouth.

“Mm,” Seth groaned, his tongue brushing against Jasper’s, tasting himself there.

Jasper broke the kiss a few moments later. “Happy birthday,” he murmured softly, smiling at the teen.

“Heh…thanks…” Seth panted. “Now…there’s no doubt…best birthday ever.”

“Glad to hear it,” Jasper replied, smiling still, as he kissed the teen's cheek.

“What about you?” Seth questioned softly.

“What about me?” Jasper replied softly, stroking Seth's cheek with his finger. “Today's your birthday, not mine.”

Seth hummed softly, leaning into Jasper’s touch. “Not being your birthday doesn’t matter when there’s an erection pressing into my thigh.”

The elder chuckled softly at the logic, but nodded in agreement none the less. “You're right,” Jasper replied.

“I can take care of that if you want,” Seth purred.

“Please?” Jasper replied, grinning at his little love.

“You don’t even have to ask love,” Seth replied as he leaned in and caught Jasper’s lips. As he kissed Jasper his hands worked on undoing Jasper’s belt, button and zipper. Once he had all the technical aspects taken care of Seth broke the kiss and pushed Jasper onto his back. “Raise your hips.”

Jasper did as the teenager asked and arched his hips so Seth could pull his pants down over his hips.

Seth pulled Jasper’s pants down to his knees and then sat back and stared at his lover for a moment. “God Jazz…” He sighed, the longing evident in his voice. Leaning in he swipe his tongue over the leaking head of Jasper’s cock.

Jasper groaned and his hands drifted down and threaded in his lover's hair. “That's it baby,” he moaned, his eyes half lidded, arching into the teen.

Opening his mouth Seth took his lover’s cock into his mouth as the other arched. When Jasper lay back against the bed Seth let his cock go, his teeth brushing against the underside lightly. Seth swirled his tongue around the head and then took Jasper into his mouth again. Bobbing his head up and down he purred and hummed around the hardened flesh.

Jasper's hands tightened in his lover's hair, his hips moving along with his lover's head. “Keep going, babe, just like that...” he said.

Seth’s hand went to Jasper’s bare hip, warm fingers practically burning against Jasper’s cold skin. Stroking the smooth skin for a moment Seth then let his hand go between Jasper’s legs, cupping and squeezing his balls. Jasper’s pants confined his legs from spreading very far apart making the fit tight and causing a whole new type of friction.

Jasper didn't know if the pants were a blessing or curse, whatever they were, they were driving him insane with lust. He wanted more of his little lover. “My pants, baby, my pants,” Jasper panted, glancing down at the bobbing head of his lover. “Please, baby, take them off.”

Seth made a sound, Jasper wasn’t sure what it was, but Seth’s hand left his balls and the other came down on the other side tugging side pants down further. Once the pants were at Jasper’s ankles, and out of Seth’s reach, he left it to his lover to work them off with his feet. Seth’s hands ran back up Jasper’s legs.

Jasper made quick work of his pants. “Thank you baby,” he moaned softly.

Another sound sent those perfect vibrations around his cock. Seth’s hand returned to Jasper’s balls, his finger brushing against the sweet spot behind them. Seth only let his finger tease that spot for a moment before it went further back and pressed against Jasper’s opening.

Jasper groaned in pleasure before arching against his little love's finger. “Please,” he begged softly.

Seth would’ve grinned if he could have. Instead he just pressed his finger into Jasper searching for that spot that after a couple of touches would send his lover over the edge. As he found that spot, indicated by Jasper’s moan, he growled around Jasper’s erection.

He cried out at the extra sensation, his hands threading in his lover's hair. “God, baby...” Jasper moaned out, his hips moving with Seth's head and finger.

Stroking that spot again Seth brought his head up, his tongue pressing against the sweet spot under the head of Jasper’s cock. Pulling his tongue away he let his teeth settle on that spot as his tongue went to teasing the silt licking the pre-cum away.

Finally Jasper felt his release rush over him and he lowly moaned his lover's name, arching his hips into the younger's mouth.

Licking Jasper clean after swallowing and then licking his lips, Seth crawled back up to Jasper’s lips. “Good?” He questioned a bit breathlessly.

“Good? No, my love, it was great,” Jasper replied, wrapping his arms around the teen's waist.

Seth chuckled. “Glad you thought so, I know I enjoyed it.”

“I'm glad you did,” Jasper replied, grinning broadly.

Seth kissed Jasper again before snuggling into his arms. “’ma gonna go to get my license tomorrow,” he murmured sleepily after awhile.

“After you get a good nights' sleep,” Jasper replied, turning his head to press a kiss to the teen's forehead.

“Always good when I dream ‘bout you.”

“I know, love. I know. Sweet dreams.”

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