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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


“Well, that was a good patrol,” Emmett stated as they approached the house. “We’ll have to do it more often.”

Jasper shot Emmett a look. “Just so long as you don't ambush me to pass the time...” he replied dryly, picking a stray leaf out of his hair from his brother's last attack.

“Oh come on Jazz!” Emmett flexed his biceps. “We gotta keep you on your toes.”

“And you need a hobby that doesn't include seducing Leah and ambushing random people,” Jasper pointed out.

Emmett roared with laughter as they walked through the front door. He clapped Jasper on the back good naturedly. Esme appeared, with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Shh! You are going to wake those that are sleeping!” She scolded Emmett.

“Aww, they’ll be awake soon enough,” he replied.

“Leah needs her sleep, go work on your truck,” Esme told him.

Jasper smiled and shook his head leaving his brother and mother arguing to go down to his and Seth’s room. He was surprised to find the lights still on when he opened the door. Stepping onto the first step he closed the door and then continued down.

Seth lay on the futon, having changed into his sleep pants, asleep. The first book of the series he had been looking at in the bookstore lay open on his chest.

The vampire let out a contented sigh at the sight, kneeling down by the futon to gently pry the book from the sleeping boy's hands. After he had marked his page and set the book aside, he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Seth's forehead.

Seth sighed, stretching and then yawning slightly. Slowly he blinked and his lips melted into a smile. “Morn’n already?” He mumbled, still mostly asleep.

“Just barely,” Jasper replied, running a hand through Seth's hair before he sat on the edge of the futon. “Go back to sleep.”

“…kay…” Seth turned his head into Jasper’s touch and took a deep breath of the vampire’s scent.

Jasper watched Seth sleep for awhile longer before he stood and went to the bed to turn the comforter and sheet back. Returning to the futon he slid his arms under the younger boy and picked him up. Seth sighed but didn’t wake as Jasper laid him on the bed.

Jasper was covering Seth with just the sheet, remembering how warm the shifter’s stayed, when Seth moved. Jasper stilled his hands thinking he might have woken Seth. “Jazz…”

“It's alright,” Jasper said softly, leaning down to press his lips against Seth's forehead again. “I was just moving you.” He ran his hand through the teen's hair and sat on the edge of the bed, thinking the young shifter had woken up.

“Mm…hm…Jazz…I love…you…” Seth whispered.

Jasper's eyes widened in shock, though he did not understand the shock he felt at the statement. He had felt Seth's love for him for ages. It was well known. But to suddenly have the sentiment vocalized was a shock to him.


The morning passed by quickly and Jasper's shock had died down before Seth woke up. He had expected Seth not to remember what he had said and he was alright with it. It didn't change how the younger felt about him or how he felt about the younger.

“Did you have a good time last night?” The vampire asked, sitting at the breakfast table next to his shifter.

Seth nodded as he swallowed. “Leah and I watched a movie and when his stomach settled, Jacob came down and we all played a game of monopoly. It was fun, it’s been a long time since we’ve just relaxed together and had fun. How was patrol?”

“It would've been better if Emmett wasn't bored and had to find ways to amuse himself,” Jasper replied, sighing heavily. “Edward can go out with him next time. At least he won't be able to sneak up on him.”

Seth laughed. “It was that bad? How many times did he get you?”

“I was distracted last night...” Jasper replied sheepishly. “Otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten me as much as he did.”

“Distracted? By what?”

“My thoughts.”

“Oh… can I ask what they were about?”

Jasper grinned at that and nodded. “They were about you.”

Seth blushed. “Me? Good thoughts I hope?”

The vampire reached for the teenager, cupping his cheek. “Always,” he replied.

Seth smiled as he leaned in and kissed Jasper briefly on the lips. “My thoughts about you are always good too you know.”

Jasper chuckled softly. “I know. I feel nothing but good things when you're around me.”

Seth’s smile widened and his blush deepened. Standing he took his plate to the sink and rinsed it off. “So what will we do today?”

Jasper hummed softly. “Laze around? Spend time together?” He replied, grinning. “Maybe even read?”

“Hmm… sounds very familiar but I’m up for it! I was really getting into my book when I guess I fell asleep last night.”

Jasper laughed. “I could've guessed,” he answered. “You fell asleep with the book.”

“Did I… I was laying on the futon…but I woke up in the bed. Did you move me?”

“Mhm,” Jasper replied.

“I didn’t even notice; guess I’m that comfortable around you.” Seth smiled. “Did you mark my page?”

“I did,” Jasper replied with a nod.

“Great! Should we go down then?”

“If you're done eating,” Jasper replied.

“I am, for now at least,” Seth said. “Though for how long… that’s another story.”

Jasper laughed at that. “Let's bring down some snacks to hold you over until lunch then,” he replied.

Seth nodded and grabbed a couple of apples before following Jasper into their basement room. “We should have gotten some pictures for the walls; it’s kinda bare down here.”

The vampire glanced at the walls and had to agree. “It gives us another reason to go back to Seattle,” he pointed out with a grin.

“This is true!” Seth agreed. He loved Seattle, even before going with Jasper. But with Jasper it was even better. “Which book are you going to start?”

“I have no idea,” Jasper admitted with a snicker.

“Will it bother you to listen to music while reading?” Seth questioned.

“Not at all,” Jasper replied as he walked to his bookcase, looking at the new books they had gotten, trying to pick one to start reading.

Seth nodded and went to the stereo turning it on. After a moment the sounds of soft rock filled the room. Seth swayed back and forth with the beat as he picked up his book where it lay on the floor by the futon.

Jasper finally found a book and turned to Seth, watching the shifter sway with the music. He couldn't help but to smile. “So you like to dance?” He asked.

“Hm? Oh… I guess. I’ve never learned how to really dance you know… just how to sway with the music,” Seth replied.

“I don't think anyone really knows how to dance,” Jasper replied with a smile, walking over to Seth, wrapping his arms around the boy, leaning down to press a kiss to his forehead.

Seth blushed. “Do you…dance?”

“Traditionally; yes,” Jasper replied. “Non-tradition...not so much...”

“Would you teach me?” Seth asked.

“Sure,” Jasper replied, running his free hand through the boy's hair. “Whenever you want.”

“Now? I mean… we have the music and we are in position, kinda.”

“If that's what you want to do,” Jasper replied, having to step away from Seth to set his book down. “It's actually really easy...I won't get too technical on you,” he teased as he took the teen back into his arms after Seth had set his own book down.

“I’m a fast learner, you can throw some tricks in there,” Seth told him. “Is there a certain way we need to stand?”

Jasper looked down and then placed his hands on Seth's hips, rearranging him before taking one of his hands into his own. “I'll lead first and then you. When Leah gets married you'll be able to dance with her at her wedding.”

Seth’s smile could have blinded someone who wasn’t used to it, and his feelings of excitement at that simple statement made Jasper feel like he was almost walking on air. “That will be the best! She’ll love that! And I can surprise her; she always says I don’t have any rhythm.”

“That won't be a problem by the time I'm through with you. Promise,” Jasper replied, smiling down at the boy before he pulled him closer, starting to move in the steps that were long practiced. “Just watch my feet...keep count if you have to...”

Seth nodded as he watched Jasper’s feet. His movement’s were a bit halted at first but became more graceful as he got more used to the movements. Seth wouldn’t be a bad dancer; he just needed the guidance and practice.

“See? Not bad at all...” Jasper said before his hand nudged Seth's chin, getting the boy to look at him. “Try to do it without looking now,” he said softly, leaning forward to press a kiss to his cheek. “Close your eyes if you have to.”

Seth took a deep breath, closed his eyes and waited for Jasper to start moving. When Jasper stepped back there was only a slight hesitation before Seth followed. Soon they were moving easily across the floor. A small smile played on Seth’s lips, loving the feel of Jasper’s lithe body against his own.

Jasper held the boy closer as they danced around his bedroom. Moving slowly, contently, gracefully. He sighed and leaned forward again, his lips resting against Seth's ear when he whispered the words Seth had unknowingly said to him the night before. “I love you.”

Seth’s eyes snapped open and he froze, tripping when Jasper didn’t stop moving. Jasper caught him just before he hit the floor. Seth was in shock, Jasper had just said… at least he thought he had…

Seth's emotions curled within him. He was filled with such panic, such uncertainty, but at the same time a joy filled him. Jasper looked down at the teenager and smiled. “Seth...I love you...” he repeated.

With the repeat of the words he thought he had heard Seth smiled. “Y-you do?” Jasper nodded, a smile growing on his own lips. Seth threw his arms around Jasper’s neck, hugging him tightly. “I love you too Jazz… so much!” Seth pulled back just enough to cup Jasper’s cheek before kissing him deeply.

Jasper was drowning in happiness. Both his own and the teen's in his arms. It was hard to tell who's emotions belonged to who, but in this case it was alright. The both of them were so deliriously happy that it didn't matter.


“When do you need to go hunting again?” Seth questioned as he got into Jasper’s car that afternoon. He had noticed that Jasper’s eyes were darker than usual last night before he had gone back to the reservation; they weren’t black yet but not bright gold anymore.

“Um...” Jasper hummed thoughtfully, frowning slightly. “Probably this weekend,” he replied after a moment, looking over at the teen.

“This weekend?” Seth pouted. The weekends were the only time he got to spend a whole day and night with Jasper. But if Jasper needed to hunt then he needed to hunt, nothing could stop that.

“I know.” He could feel more than see the younger's pout. He returned the sentiment. He didn't want to go, but that was already putting it off for as long as he could manage. “I won't be long. We can spend Sunday evening together and you can see me off on Friday.”

Seth smiled and leaned over to kiss Jasper’s cheek. “Hey Jazz? How does my blood smell to you?”

Jasper blinked at that, glancing over at Seth as he drove along the highway. “Your blood?” He repeated, humming softly. “Let me put it this way...” he started. “I wouldn't want to be around you if you were bleeding.”

Seth couldn’t help it. He laughed softly at that. “That good huh?”

“Yeah,” Jasper replied, chuckling softly. While he was almost one hundred percent positive that he wouldn't hurt Seth, he wasn't all that sure he could restrain himself from at least sampling the teen's blood.

“I’ll try my best to never bleed around you… good thing I’m not a girl.”

Jasper laughed at that. “Surprisingly...that doesn't affect us as badly as you would think,” he pointed out. Not caring to elaborate because he didn't think Seth would care to know the difference between old blood and fresh blood.

“That’s good to know for my sister at least. So, do you have something that you like to hunt? I think Jake mentioned that Edward likes mountain lions once… and Emmett likes bears.”

“I like wolves,” Jasper replied, giving Seth a smile that was bordering seductive before he snickered softly. “I like anything that'll make me work for it. The chase is half the fun, you know.”

Seth suppressed a shiver at the smile Jasper gave him. “Yeah,” he agreed. “The chase is the best. That is one thing about the red headed leech that we watch for; she always gives us a good chase.”

“Victoria...that's her gift, I think. Being able to save her own ass,” Jasper snorted softly, shaking his head slowly.

Seth laughed. “It wouldn’t surprise me… some of you guys have weird abilities. I mean yours makes sense, and Edward’s… but Rosalie… she has the ability of being stubborn right?”

Jasper laughed aloud at that. “You would think that, wouldn't you? Her gift is her beauty. Because of that she is the single most vainest person I know or will probably ever know.”

“Okay, that makes a bit more sense.”

“Only a little though, huh? As I've been told, her frosty attitude was something she got from her human life,” Jasper replied. “For as long as I've known her, Rosalie has always been stuck up. That's why my last name is Hale, you know. She refused to leave that part of her behind.”

“Did she change her first name? I mean… if you guys went back to where she came from, closer to the time she was changed of course, would that be a little weird?” Seth questioned. “If people knew her?”

“Luckily they had moved from the area soon after Rosalie was changed,” Jasper replied. “She was...well known in her old life. It was a death that couldn't be hidden very well had they not moved.”

“How long is it until you guys have to move again?” Jasper could feel Seth’s dread.

“A couple years after we graduate this year,” Jasper replied softly, looking over at the younger shifter. It was rather obvious that when they left for a new area and new life Leah and Jacob would follow, but Seth was another matter entirely.

Seth’s grip on Jasper’s hand tightened. “We’ll figure something out,” he stated.

“Of course we will,” Jasper replied, bringing Seth's hands to his lips. He pressed a kiss to the smooth skin before sighing softly. “Even if I have to apply to a college around here, Seth, I'll stay with you until you're ready to leave.”

“I would be ready to leave the second you do, school be damned.”

Jasper sighed softly. “I know, but...your mother...” he pointed out softly.

“I love her, and I don’t want to hurt her, but she will never matter as much as you do. If I have to leave her to be with you then so be it.”

“It shouldn't be like that though. I don't want you to have a bad relationship with your mother because of me,” Jasper replied softly. “You may not realize it, but it hurts you. Every time you have to choose between us. It hurts. I don't want you to hurt.”

“…why can’t she just accept it like everyone else Jazz? Everything would be so much easier.”

“I know, but life just doesn't work out that way,” Jasper replied. “She might come around one day.”

“Might is a lot like if and maybe, there’s a pretty good chance on either side,” Seth said.

“So much about being optimistic, huh?” Jasper replied, frowning before shaking his head. “We'll just...take it a day at a time, huh?”

“Sorry Jazz, she’ll come around… one day, I know it.” Seth sounded confident, he did believe that his mother would eventually come around…she may be on her death bed before that happened but she would. He really hoped that Leah and Emmett’s baby would help that. His mother had always wanted grandchildren.

“It's nothing to apologize about. She's just a minor bump in the road,” Jasper replied with a soft sigh before giving the younger shifter a smile.

“If she’s minor I’d hate to see major,” Seth joked.

Jasper laughed at that. “You and me both,” he agreed.

Back at the Cullen’s Seth took the plate of chocolate chip cookies that Esme offered, giving her a kiss on the cheek in thanks, before going down to his and Jasper’s room. He smiled when he saw that the things they had bought in Seattle on Saturday had arrived sometime that day. Sitting the plate of cookies down on the coffee table he picked one up and took a bite out of it before going over to the stereo and turning it on.

Frowning at the song that was playing he changed the station, smirking when the scan landed on a salsa station. Setting his backpack down he turned to Jasper. “Can you dance to this?”

“Not as well as Alice can,” Jasper replied with a grin as he sat on the foot of their bed. “I know the steps, but that's about it.”

“Let’s try it,” Seth stated. “One dance, and then I’ll start my homework, promise.”

Jasper stared at Seth for a long moment; unable to refuse the boy he pushed himself to his feet with a sheepish smile. “Really. I'm no good,” he warned, holding his hands out for the boy to take.

Seth smiled as he took Jasper’s hands. “I don’t think you could really be bad at anything… other than cooking. Show me.”

“Show you,” Jasper repeated, pulling the boy closer to his body. “I'll do my best,” he promised before positioning the younger's hands were they needed to be. “It's a faster count,” he warned, looking down at the teen.

“I told you, I’m a fast learner,” Seth replied. Seth didn’t tell Jasper that he had spent his lunch break looking up videos of salsa dancing. He grinned at Jasper’s brief look of surprise when he easily followed the steps. “I think we need to get even closer…” Seth pressed his body flush with Jasper’s.

“I think you're doing better than me...” Jasper replied, having to watch Seth's feet for a moment, wondering how he had picked up salsa dancing so much more quickly than he had with the other type of dancing he had taught him.

His body tensed when Seth pressed up against him, he fought to retain control and keep dancing. It's alright... He reminded himself. You have to be this close to dance salsa...

Seth grinned as he led the dance. Leaning in he pressed his cheek to Jasper’s so that his lips were next to his imprint’s ear. “Just feel the pulse of the music,” Seth purred. “Feel me.”

Jasper suddenly realized this wasn't just a dance lesson anymore. His body tightened and he wanted nothing more than to feel Seth. The hand he had placed on the shifter's back slid, with exaggerated care, down his back. Finally resting just above the curve of his ass as they swayed with the music.

Seth moaned softly, the sound vibrating deeply in his chest. Since they were so close Jasper felt it too and the sound sent heat right to his cock. When Seth kissed him then all he could do was stop the dance, but not the kiss. Seth’s hand slid from Jasper’s shoulder to the back of his neck, pulling his imprint closer. Their tongues battled against each other as Seth walked them back to the futon.

The metal frame of the futon creaked under their sudden combined weight on it. Seth straddled Jasper’s lap, pressing himself as close as he could get with their clothes still on. He moaned into the kiss as his hand sought Jasper’s hair and gave it a small tug.

He had no idea what came over him, but it made him blind to everything else. Jasper couldn't even hear the music playing in the background anymore. The only sound that filled his ears was Seth's soft, muffled moans. His hands went to Seth's hips, holding him in place as he leaned up into the kiss, fighting against the urge to move his hips. It was all be could do not to arch into the deliciously warm body above his own.

Seth pulled back for just a second, taking in a sharp breath when Jasper’s cold fingers touched his heated skin just above his jeans and below his shirt. As Jasper’s fingers moved across his skin he groaned, arching ever so slightly into the touch before diving back into the kiss. More. More of this.

The thought to stop crossed his mind, but he didn't listen. He wanted more. He needed more. He had always been so good at controlling himself, but there was just something about Seth that shot his control all to hell.

His fingers traveled higher and higher, but it wasn't enough. Jasper wanted to feel more. He pulled his hands free only to grasp Seth's shirt and tug it up his torso, drinking in inch by inch of exposed tanned flesh that just begged to be touched, to be caressed, to be kissed.

Seth broke the kiss and raised his arms so Jasper could bring his shirt over his head. Jasper dropped the t-shirt on the floor as he stared at Seth. The shifter gave him (what he hoped) was a seductive smile. It seemed to work as Jasper leaned forward; Seth started to lean in to meet the kiss when he gasped. Jasper’s lips had found his neck and it felt… amazing.

Jasper's hands returned to Seth's skin, the drastic difference in body temperature making the younger boy gasp softly as his hands slid up his body, caressing his skin, exploring his body with his hands as his lips skated over his neck.

Jasper’s fingers had just brushed over Seth’s nipples, causing a moan to leave the other’s lips, when the door to their basement room opened. Neither Seth nor Jasper noticed the person coming down the stairs.

“Seth, Esme wants to… oh my God!” Leah exclaimed.

Seth jumped at the sound of his sister’s voice, a growl leaving his throat before he could stop it. “Damnit Leah! Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?!”

“It's a good thing I didn't!” Leah shot back and Jasper could only groan softly and burying his face in Seth's heated neck, not believing that he had almost overstepped his boundaries again! “You're fourteen, Seth! And...he's...he's...not!”

“Why does everyone have to keep reminding me of that?” Seth demanded. “I may be just fourteen but I have needs too you know!”

“And? You're still too young for sex, Seth! I don't care if he is your imprint! You. Need. To. Wait!” Leah growled, her hands clutched at her sides, her voice just as much pleading as it was laced with anger.

Seth opened his mouth to counter, but Jasper spoke first. “No. She's right, Seth. You're too young for that step...”

Seth stood and grabbed his shirt from where it lay on the floor. He had to get out of here, he was beyond pissed, no at this point he was livid. Yanking his shirt back over his head he growled, “I’ll have you both know that I know I’m to fucking young for that step. I may want it but I know that. I would have made sure we stopped before getting to that point.” Seth stormed up the stairs past Leah, slamming the basement door behind himself, the wood cracking as it hit.

Jasper cringed as the door slamming echoed through the room, making Leah jump. “I...I didn't mean to upset him...” the vampire said after a moment of silence.

Leah sighed. “I think he’s more upset with me…” She looked back at him. “Jasper, I know you understand how important it is to wait, I can see the guilt all over your face right now. But just… I don’t know… try harder.”

That seemed like such a simple solution, but for him it just wasn't that easy. “Everything that Seth feels,” he started, trying to explain to the girl how he felt. “I feel it too. When I'm around him common sense ceases to exist because I feel, not only my arousal, but his too.”

“I know… I wish I knew something else to say but I don’t. Any other time we would just keep you two apart, but we can’t do that,” Leah said.

“No you can't,” Jasper agreed, sighing softly as he ran a hand through his hair. He just didn't know what to do other than fight his urges, but he didn't know how long that would last.

“Should you go after him? Or should I?” Leah questioned.

“I don't think he'd want to see either of us right now,” Jasper replied honestly.

Leah bit her lip staring at the door. Seth so very rarely ever got mad, and it was even rarer for him to be mad at her. Finally she nodded. “You’re right,” she sighed. Climbing the stairs she opened the door easily and closed it back leaving Jasper alone in the basement.

Jasper just sighed heavily and lay back against his futon, his arms pillowing his head. Seth would come back and then they would talk. It was just a matter of waiting.

After two hours Jasper’s waiting paid off. The door to their basement room opened and even as the person who opened it hesitated Jasper could smell that it was Seth. Slowly Seth came down the stairs, closing the door behind himself gently this time. He glanced at Jasper once he reached the bottom of the stairs but quickly looked away again. Seth was ashamed of how he had acted before…even though he still felt that he was somewhat right. But that didn’t matter right now, now he just needed to apologize to Jasper, if he could just find the words. A simple ‘I’m sorry’ just didn’t seem to fit.

Jasper pushed himself up and watched the younger boy. He didn't have to say anything; Jasper could feel how sorry he was. “It's...it's alright, Seth.” He beckoned for the boy to come closer.

Seth came over and sat on the floor, his head resting against Jasper’s knee. “But it’s not… not really,” he whispered.

The vampire laced his fingers through Seth's silky hair and sighed softly. “It will be. I'll be more careful and won't allow myself to get caught up in what happens between us.”

“But this isn’t all just you Jazz. It’s me too. I have to learn to control myself better… to not tempt you as much. Maybe I should just stop kissing you altogether.”

The fingers in Seth's hair curled and the vampire looked down at the younger. “Don't even suggest that...” Jasper replied. He knew he wouldn't be able to suffer through that torture. “There's got to be some other way to deal with this sexual tension between us.”

“How? I have little to no experience in this area and you never had to worry about it with Alice.”

“We'll figure it out,” Jasper replied softly. It was the only option they had.


The next couple of days were tense between Seth and Jasper. Seth wanted to touch Jasper, badly, but he was afraid of starting something they wouldn’t be able to stop. Part of his solution was not being alone with Jasper. That was how Jacob and Edward found them sitting at the kitchen table as Seth worked on his homework, a half a foot between them.

Jacob looked between the two, a frown of confusion on his face, as he pulled out a chair. “Okay…did I miss something?” He asked as he sat down across from Seth. “Normally you two are practically sharing a seat or something.”

Jasper's eyes flickered to him and then to Edward, giving his brother a warning look, because he knew the younger vampire had long since figured out (more like shifted around in his mind) what had happened to cause this sudden distance between him and the youngest shifter.

“If we touch each other it ends up going to far and I’m too young,” Seth replied not looking up from his homework. The past two days had stressed him out; he hated not being able to touch Jasper, he was exhausted from resisting.

Jacob blinked and then whistled lowly. “That sucks,” he replied. Sympathizing with Seth because he knew how crazy he'd go if he couldn't touch Edward, but luckily, they didn't have that particular problem.

“Don't be so tactless,” Edward scolded gently, resting his hand on the back of the shifter's neck as he frowned down at his lover, before he looked back up at his brother. “I understand that he's too young for sex, but really...refusing everything else too?”

“Edward endorsing sex...never though I'd see the day...” Jacob muttered to himself, cringing and then swatting at the elder's hand. “That hurts, you know!!”

“Everything else?” Seth questioned looking up at Edward. “What everything else?”

Edward blinked and looked at Seth. “Seriously...?” He asked and found that the teen was quite serious by reading his thoughts.

“Sex isn't the only thing you can do with Jasper,” Jacob pointed out, sighing in contentment as Edward started rubbing his neck.

“You mean there’s other stuff between kissing and sex?” Seth turned to look at Jasper. “And you didn’t mention this because…?”

“You never asked...?” Jasper replied, throwing a glare at his brother for even mentioning it. He hadn't mentioned it because he wasn't sure he'd be able to stop once they started and every time things got even remotely sexual with Seth his rational thinking took a vacation until they were stumbled upon and discovered.

“How can I ask when I have no idea there are other possibilities? What else is there?”

“Well...” Jacob was all set and ready to go into a long winded explanation of just what else there was, but before he could Edward's hand covered his mouth.

“This is hardly the time or place for such a conversation,” he pointed out rather sternly before he gave Jasper a look that suggested he had better fill Seth in later...or else.

Jasper sighed before returning his glare to Edward. “I hold you in full responsibility if anything goes wrong,” he stated.

“What could go wrong?” Jacob asked, frowning. “You love each other, right? What's so wrong about expressing your love physically?”

“Seth is fourteen Jacob.” Jasper frowned as Seth mouthed the words along with him. He knew Seth was tired of that argument but it was true.

“And?” Jacob replied, crossing his arms over his front. “It's not like you're having sex...it's 'fooling around' and perfectly normal for a fourteen year old.”

Seth smiled. Finally! Someone who was saying it was okay to be physical without going all the way… though he still didn’t know what those other things included. But he would soon; he would make Jasper tell him.

“Jacob does have a point...” Edward pointed out in a matter of factly tone before he glared at Jasper. “And I'm not just saying that so I'll get laid tonight...”

Jasper rolled his eyes and pushed a hand through his blond hair before he stood up. “I'll be in the bedroom,” he told Seth before leaving.

Seth watched him go before looking at Edward. “He’s not annoyed at me for pushing this is he?”

Edward shook his head, both of his hands resting on Jacob's shoulders now. “Not at you, no. More like at Jacob and myself.”

“Small price to pay,” Jacob said with a sigh, shaking his head.

“Sorry,” Seth apologized. “Hey, are you feeling better Jake?”

“Don't be,” Edward replied, snorting softly as Jacob shrugged.

“Define better? I'm still getting sick throughout the day, if that's what you mean. But other than that I'm just fine.” He gave Edward a half-hearted glare over his shoulder, suggesting that the vampire was making more of an issue over his sickness than need be.

Seth frowned. “Are you gonna talk to Carlisle again?”

“Not like I have a choice,” Jacob replied, throwing another glare over his shoulder at his own imprint before he looked back at Seth. “I can't figure out what it is. We're pretty sure it's not food poisoning since you and Leah have eaten just about the same things as I have.”

“And if you ate anything in wolf form that had gotten into something it would have worked out of your system by now,” Seth agreed.

“Not to mention your raised body temperature would've burned off any virus' or bacteria,” Edward pointed out, his voice thoughtful before Jacob twisted in his chair and then glared up at him. “What...? What'd I say?” The vampire asked, confused.

“Then why am I seeing Carlisle?”

“Because you’re still sick despite everything,” Edward stated.

“I feel fine!” Jacob insisted.

“But you're still throwing up,” Seth added.

“Traitor...” Jacob replied, glaring at the younger shifter.

“No, just a concerned beta,” Seth stated. Seth shook his head as he started to put his school stuff back in his backpack. “I don’t even think Leah threw up as much as you are when she was having morning sickness.”

“Morning sickness...” Edward repeated, humming in thought as he rested his hand on Jacob's shoulder again, but the elder shifter took no notice in his lover's suddenly thoughtful stance.

“Maybe I'm allergic to something...” Jacob randomly threw out there. “Maybe I'm lactose intolerant or something!”

“You weren’t drinking milk or eating anything dairy the other night when we had steaks,” Seth pointed out.

“God...maybe it's the steak!” Jacob said, looking and sounding horrified.

“Then Leah and I would be sick too…”

Jacob heaved a relieved sigh. “Thank God...” he replied leaned heavily in his seat.

“Carlisle should be home soon, I think today is his early day to leave the hospital.” After Seth said this the door between the house and garage opened and Carlisle walked in. He greeted them all with a smile.

“Hello everyone.”

“Hey Carlisle. Jake is still getting sick; don’t let him tell you any different. I’m gonna go downstairs,” Seth told him.

“Homework done?” Carlisle asked.

“Yes sir!” Seth picked up his backpack. “Feel better Jake.” Leaving them in the kitchen Seth headed downstairs to join Jasper.

His imprint was sitting on the futon, a book in hand but Seth could tell he wasn’t reading it. Sitting his backpack down at the bottom of the stairs Seth sighed and gave into the urge to touch Jasper. Walking over to the futon he took Jasper’s book away, the bookmark still in the place it had been, and laid it on the coffee table.

Jasper looked up at him with a raised eyebrow but didn’t say anything as Seth sat on his lap, head resting on his shoulder and against his neck. Seth relaxed against him as he nuzzled Jasper’s neck.

The vampire sighed softly, giving into temptation as well, wrapping his arms around the teenager. “I missed this,” Jasper murmured softly, his eyes closing as he buried his nose in the shifter's hair, taking in his unique scent.

“Mhm,” Seth agreed. “Sorry for the distance… I just couldn’t think of anything else.”

“In theory it was a good idea,” Jasper agreed softly, his fingers running along the younger's spine. “But I can't stand not touching you. Your presence...it soothes me...”

Seth shivered at the touch. “Yeah… me too but it also turns me on…”

Jasper hummed softly, his fingers still moving along the length of his back, stopping to finger the hem of shirt. “That is a problem...” he murmured, his voice husky as he turned his head slightly, nuzzling Seth's neck. “But one that is easily remedied.”

“Is it? But…” Seth’s words broke off as he groaned, Jasper was kissing his neck.

Edward and Jacob had a point. While Seth was too young for sexual intercourse, he wasn't too young to fool around. He wasn't too young for minor groping or things he was used to doing himself. He was old enough to experiment and it would be enough to hold them off until they could go the whole way.

His lips pressed against Seth's pulse point and he sucked at the spot gently, his hands sliding up the younger's shirt before he pulled away slightly, enough to speak, “There are other things we can do together. Other things that aren't sex, but will still help.”

“Like what…ohhh…” Seth hissed as Jasper took an earlobe into his mouth. “So… you’re… you’re gonna show…” Seth swallowed thickly. “Me?”

“Mhm,” Jasper hummed softly, gently nibbling the younger's earlobe, always careful not to bite down too hard and break skin.

“Yes…” Seth moaned. Seth turned his head so he could claim Jasper’s lips. Taking one of Jasper’s hands in his own he brought it to his chest, making Jasper’s fingers gather his shirt at the bottom and pull up. He wanted to feel Jasper’s cold against his heated skin.

The elder followed Seth's lead. Breaking the kiss for a moment to pull the shirt from Seth's body before he recaptured his lips, his hands following. Sliding along the teen's heated skin, exploring to see what set the younger off.

Seth gasped when Jasper’s fingers brushed a small area just above his hip bone. That little spot sent heat right to his groin. “Wh-what is that?”

Seth's arousal spiked though Jasper as well, making the vampire still for a moment, struggling for control before he answered the teen. “There's a scientific name...but, I just call them sweet spots...” he answered, his voice shaking as his finger tips brushed over the spot again.

“…do we have more than one?”

“Maybe,” Jasper replied, biting his bottom lip for a moment as his fingers brushed along the hem of the teen's shorts. “Wanna find out?”

“Yes,” Seth hissed. Jasper was about to touch Seth’s other side to see if there was a matching spot there when a scream sounded from upstairs. Seth glared at the ceiling. “Not again…” He whined.

Jasper groaned softly, burying his face in Seth's neck as the teen's emotions were overshadowed by shock and panic. “What in the fuck...” he growled.

“We can’t just ignore that can we?” Seth questioned.

“No. We can't,” Jasper replied, sighing heavily as he lifted his head, looking at the boy in his arms. “Something's...wrong...”

Seth’s eyebrows drew together in confusion. “Wrong…? OH! Jacob was going to talk to Carlisle because he was still getting sick!” Seth scrambled off Jasper’s lap and ran up the stairs, forgetting that he wasn’t wearing his shirt in his haste, his arousal replaced by worry for his alpha and friend.

Jasper didn't even try to stop the teenager. He followed him. Worried for Jacob and Edward as well. Wondering what could've caused that scream and the rush of emotions that followed. Shock. Panic. And, now, awe.

“What is it? What? Tell me!” Seth demanded looking between each face that had gathered.

Jasper came up next to Seth, looking at his brother, who looked every bit as shocked as he felt. “Jacob's...he's...” Edward started.

“I'm pregnant!”

Seth stared at Jacob. “B-but… you’re a guy…”

“No shit!” Jacob snapped, running a hand through his hair as Carlisle grasped his shoulder in a comforting motion.

“Male shifters can get pregnant if they imprint on another male,” Carlisle replied.

“How?” Seth questioned.

“Well...when two people love each other...” Carlisle started to explain, but stopped dead at the glare Edward gave him. “Okay, okay, I'm not exactly sure...yet...but, until then use protection boys.”

Seth blushed and glanced over his shoulder at Jasper. It was true then… what Edward and Jacob had said after finding out about Leah’s baby was true. Male shifters really could have babies! He… he could have Jasper’s child…

Jasper was surprised. He had believed his brother when he told him, but actually seeing it come true was a completely different matter all together. It cemented the fact. He could get Seth pregnant. Seth could give him children. They...could have a family. One day. In the distant future.

Seth stepped back and took Jasper’s hand, smiling at him. He laid his head on Jasper’s shoulder. “I can’t wait…” He whispered. “One day we’ll have kids.”

Jasper squeezed the hand that held his own as Carlisle eyed the couple. “Not for awhile I hope,” he said, giving them both a stern look.

“Not for a long while,” Jasper promised, sighing softly.

Seth pouted for a moment but then his smile returned. “No, not for at least a couple of years…and probably a couple more after that. Way to young to be responsible for a kid of my own yet.”

“That's right. You're still a child yourself,” Carlisle agreed, nodding. “But just remember...when you do get to that point in your relationship use protection unless you're trying for a baby.”

Jasper chuckled as Seth’s embarrassment filled him. “We will,” he promised.

Seth raised his head from Jasper’s shoulder and looked at Jacob. “I’m really happy for you Jake.”

“That's great. I'm still in shock...I'll let you know how I feel after it wears off,” Jacob replied, offering the younger a hesitant smile.

Jasper snorted softly in laughter. “You mean you can feel other things besides nauseous?”

“Completely unrelated!” Jacob stated glaring at the other. “…at the moment anyway.”

Jasper choked back his laughter, failing when he saw Edward roll his eyes dramatically.

Seth snickered as he shook his head. “C’mon Jazz. Let’s go back downstairs.”

“Remember! Protection!” Jacob said in mock seriousness.

“Don’t need it yet!” Seth called back as he disappeared down the stairs.

Jasper was quiet as he followed the teenager. “You know,” he said once he hit the stair case leading into their bedroom. “We're going to need it one day.”

“Yeah, but not for awhile… and those things do expire, I looked at a box once,” Seth replied.

Jasper snickered at that. “That they do,” he replied, returning to his futon, sitting upon it before picking his book back up.

“What? No more lessons today?” Seth questioned.

Jasper hadn't even had a chance to open the book. He grinned and looked up at the younger. “Did you want another lesson?”

“Hm…let’s see… since the first was interrupted… since I am fourteen and my hormone levels are already going crazy… since that only gets worse when I’m around you… and since I was having a damn good time before I would have to say that the answer to that is… duh.”

Jasper laughed aloud at that and set his book aside before he held his arms out for the teen. “Then come over here. We can't continue the lessons if you're all the way over there.”

Seth smiled and came over; reclaiming the spot he had had before on Jasper’s lap. “So… you were trying to find more of those spots?”

The vampire's hands rested on the younger's hips and he pulled the shifter closer. “I think I was,” Jasper replied, his fingers already brushing over his bare skin. “Can you remember where the one was that we found?”

Seth was about to answer when Jasper’s thumb brushed over the spot above his hipbone and instead of an answer Jasper got a gasp. “…there.”

“There?” Jasper repeated, touching the spot again before his other hand brushed along the same area on the opposite side of the teen's hips.

Seth bit his lip and whimpered. So the first spot had a twin. They were going to have fun with this he knew. “Is there a limit to them?”

Jasper shook his head, still rubbing the spots. “Not that I know of. We may never find them all,” he replied, smirking before he leaned forward, nuzzling the teen's neck.

“But we’ll have fun trying right?” Seth questioned with a smile. “Do you still have them?”

“We will,” Jasper agreed, his voice muffled before he lifted his head, a grin on his face. “I do.”

“And I get to find them right?”

“Of course,” Jasper replied.

“Awesome…” Seth breathed before claiming Jasper’s lips; his hands went to Jasper’s and stilled the fingers that were still brushing against the two spots they had found. “Might want to stop that while kissing… it’s tempting me to bite.”

“In this case...that wouldn't be a bad thing...” Jasper pointed out, shaking Seth's hands from his own before he continued rubbing his thumbs against the spots.

“Really?” Seth murmured, a groan working its way out from his chest. Leaning back in he kissed Jasper again, this time he gently bit at the elder’s bottom lip.

Jasper didn't have time to answer the younger before his lips were otherwise occupied. When the shifter bit his bottom lip, his grip tightened slightly and one of his hands abandoned the spot he had discovered, instead going to the button on Seth's jeans.

If Seth noticed this action he didn’t make any comment. He was alternating between kissing Jasper deeply and nibbling Jasper’s bottom lip. One hand rested itself on Jasper’s shoulder, clenching the fabric of the elder’s shirt in a fist. The other had lost itself in Jasper’s hair.

Jasper made quick work of the button, undoing it before his hand ran up the length of Seth's chest before he gently nudged the boy away from him. “Lay back,” he commanded softly, his voice heavy and his eyes dark.

Seth whined softly at the loss of contact but did as his imprint ordered. The tone of Jasper’s voice… well he couldn’t even begin to explain what it was doing to him, but it was all good. Moving Jasper’s book to the floor he lay down on the part of the futon they had not been occupying. Once on his back he stared at Jasper, his chest rising and falling with his quick breathing.

Jasper watched the boy for a moment, drinking in the sight of him. Laid out before him. Waiting to be touched. He pushed himself forward, looming over the teenager. “You have to tell me,” he started softly, pausing only to press his lips against Seth's skin. “If I do anything you don't like.”

“Right now… the only thing I’m not liking is how little of me you’re touching.”

Jasper laughed, burying his face in the younger's neck, nuzzling the skin before he raised his head to look the boy in the eyes. “Be that as it may, I'm not moving forward until you promise,” he replied.

“I promise, anything I don’t like I’ll stop you,” Seth replied.

Jasper nodded, satisfied, as his hands returned to the teen's skin. He didn't say anything else as his lips returned to the shifter's skin, sucking gently at his neck before he ran his tongue over the flesh, relishing in the taste of the other.

Seth gasped when Jasper’s lips and tongue brushed against a small spot along his jaw, a couple of inches from his ear lobe. “I think you…found another sweet spot…”

“Really?” Jasper replied, his lips returning to that spot, sucking hard at the flesh, trying to get a reaction out of the teen.

“Ahhhh…” Seth moaned, the hand that had returned to Jasper’s hair gripped the blonde locks tightly. “Yeah, really.”

The vampire growled lowly against Seth's neck, his body shivering as the younger pulled his hair. He had never realized how much that turned him on before. He ground his hips into the boy's, groaning softly at the pleasure the action produced.

Seth hissed as their hips, and everything in between pressed together, creating a delicious amount of friction. Resting his free hand on Jasper’s hip he raised his hips and copied Jasper’s action, oh… that was even better. The hand in Jasper’s hair slipped down to his neck and he pulled Jasper into a searing kiss, biting the elder’s lip with a soft moan.

Jasper fell into the kiss with a soft moan that evolved into a groan when he felt the gentle pressure of Seth's teeth biting down on his lip. His hand slipped down the boy's hip, his other clutching the cushion next to Seth's head, and then disappeared between them.

Seth didn’t notice as Jasper worked the zipper of his jeans down but he did notice when his imprint’s cold hand slipped inside said jeans. His gasp was lost in the kiss. The mix of their temperatures was absolutely delicious.

Holding another man's arousal in his hand had to have been the most alien thing he had ever felt. But, for all of its oddity, he had never been so turned on in his life. He broke the kiss, looking down at the teen as he moved his hand, stroking the boy's length. He wanted to see his reaction.

If Seth could have turned into a puddle of goo he would have, right then and there. Wiggling his hips a little he tried to get his jeans lower so that Jasper’s movements wouldn’t be so constricted by them. With each stroke his breathing quickened, he could feel all the blood (that wasn’t already there) rushing to his cock. Biting his lip, his eyes fell closed and he moved his hips in time with Jasper’s strokes. A soft whimper left his throat as the hand on Jasper’s neck slipped back into the blonde locks, fingers tangling in it.

“Oh…sweet… Jazz…”

As he moved his hand, his other tugged Seth's jeans over his hips. He watched the teen closely, seeing what he liked and repeating the motions that gave the best reactions. He relished in every moan that fell from the boy's lips, his own body thrumming with the teen's emotions.

Seth could feel pressure building in his lower stomach. It was going to end soon; he didn’t want it to end yet. “S-slow down Jazz.”

“Slow down?” Jasper questioned, none the less he slowed down like the teen requested.

“I’m getting close…” Seth said with a gasp as Jasper’s thumb brushed over the head of his penis. “But I don’t want this to end yet.”

“It's got to end sometime,” Jasper pointed out, his hand still moving over the teen's arousal, his pace staying slow and steady. “There will be other times though, Seth. Many more.”

“I know.” Seth brought a hand up and ran it through his hair, even as his eyes closed with the sensations again. “But it feels so good, so damn good… right now.”

“I know, baby...” Jasper replied, his thumb brushing over the head of Seth's arousal again before he leaned down, pressing his lips to the spot just a few inches shy of his ear. “But you have to let go.”

Seth shivered at Jasper’s lips on his neck. Heat pooled in his groin and he groaned, arching into Jasper as he came. Cum covered parts of Jasper’s hand and spotted his chest. Seth’s chest rose and fell quickly as he tried to catch his breath.

Jasper groaned as well. The force of Seth's orgasm washing through him as well, making his own cock twitch uncomfortably in his pants, demanding attention as he pulled away from the panting teen to undo his own pants and finish himself off, not sure if Seth was comfortable enough for that step and not really having the patience to ask.

Seth watched the erotic display that nearly made him hard again but it was over to soon. Now the results of Jasper’s orgasm mixed with his own on his chest. Seth ran a finger through one of the spots and brought it to his lips. Licking it from his finger he watched Jasper, “Next time, I want to do that.”

Jasper watched Seth with hazy eyes, desire welling in his abdomen again at the sight of his little love licking his finger clean. “Of course,” he replied easily, leaning forward to kiss the teen again, not even bothering to tuck himself back into his pants.

Seth leaned up into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Jasper’s neck. “I love you Jazz,” he whispered when the kiss broke. Seth pressed their foreheads together. “So, so much.”

Jasper smiled at that. “I love you too,” he replied softly, pressing another chaste kiss to his lips.

Seth gave Jasper a smile when the kiss ended… and then he yawned. “S-sorry Jazz,” he said unable to hold back another yawn.

“Do you want to nap before dinner?” Jasper asked before running his lips along the teen's jaw line.

“Mmm…might be a good idea,” Seth said softly, practically purring with each kiss that landed along his jaw.

“Mhm,” Jasper hummed, his lips returning to that spot he had found earlier.

Seth grinned. “That’s not gonna help.”

Jasper sighed softly and smiling he pulled away. “You're right,” he agreed, leaning forward to press a kiss to the younger's forehead. “You wait here and I'll get something to clean you up with.”

Seth nodded and stretched once Jasper had stood. He felt so relaxed now, like every single bit of tension that had even been in his muscles had left with this activity. Seth was dosing when Jasper returned with a wetted tissue.

Jasper almost didn't want to clean the snoozing teenager up, but he did. He sat on the edge of the futon, grinning when Seth turned towards him, his eyes blinking open. “It'll only take a moment,” he murmured softly as he wiped Seth's torso clean.

Seth nodded, the heat of his skin drying the wetness left behind by the tissue almost instantly. “Will you stay? Lay with me?” Seth questioned softly.

“Of course,” Jasper replied before glancing at the bed. “Want to move to the bed? It'd be more comfortable for you.”

“Good point, sure.” Seth sat up, tucking himself back into his jeans and doing them up. He offered a hand to Jasper with a smile.

Jasper took the younger's hand, standing before helping him up and into his arms.

Seth giggled, wrapping an arm around Jasper’s neck, his head lying on Jasper’s shoulder. “I could get used to this,” he murmured.

“That's good. I like doing it,” Jasper replied, holding the boy close to him before he carried him over to the bed.

Jasper laid Seth on what had become his side of the bed, covering him with the sheet before going to the other side to climb in. Once Jasper was lying beside him, Seth snuggled up close breathing in his imprint’s scent. Within moments Seth was asleep, his emotions were balanced between calm and happy, so much so that Jasper was perfectly content.


Jasper heaved a soft sigh and touched the younger's cheek, his thumb caressing Seth's cheek. “It's only for a few days,” he pointed out softly.

“Doesn’t mean I’ll miss you any less,” Seth replied quietly.

“I know, babe.” Jasper pulled the teen closer, wrapping his arms around him.

Seth rested his cheek against Jasper’s chest, his own arms wrapping around his imprint to return the hug. “Be careful okay? I know you guys can’t really get hurt but… yeah, I’ll always worry.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know,” Jasper replied, lacing his fingers in the boy's hair. “I'll be careful. Promise.”

Emmett turned from behind the steering wheel of his Jeep and looked at them. “Wanna hurry this up a bit lovebirds?”

Seth glared at him. “You took your sweet time with Leah this morning.”

“Yeah, well Leah doesn’t have to be in school in a minute either,” Emmett replied. Seth sighed knowing he was right. The warning bell had already rang, he really only had about a minute left.

“I’ll see you on Sunday,” Seth told Jasper leaning up to kiss him.

Jasper leaned down and caught Seth's lips in a chaste kiss. “Sunday,” he replied, brushing the teen's cheek with his knuckles.

Seth smiled as Jasper let him go and he grabbed his backpack from the backseat. “Bye Em, be…”

“Careful, I know, you be careful too kid.” Emmett ruffled Seth’s hair playfully before Seth ran across the ground between them and the school, disappearing through the door just as the last bell rang.

Jasper came around the jeep and got in on the passenger side. “Let’s go, the sooner we get there the sooner we can get back.”

“Yes sir!” Emmett said saluting him.


“You don’t have to patrol alone,” Jacob said as Seth got ready for his patrol on Saturday night. “Edward can come with you.”

Seth rolled his eyes. “Jake, you’ve been sick pretty much all day. I think Edward wants to stay with you. Its fine, before everyone imprinted we always ran alone. I’ll be fine.”

Jacob gave the younger a stern look before he sighed heavily, knowing he was fighting a losing battle. “Alright, fine.”

“Don’t worry Jake, just work on getting your stomach to settle. Eat some crackers or something.”

“Don't tell me not to worry, it'll make me worry more,” Jacob replied, frowning.

Seth laughed. “You are such a mother hen!”

Jacob snorted at that. “Edward's worse. Trust me,” he said.

“Just with you.” Seth smiled. “I’ll be back around five.”

“Just because I happen to be carrying his child. Go figure, right? Be careful and I'll see you when you get home.”

Seth snickered and went outside. He quickly pulled off his jean shorts and tied them to his leg before phasing. After a good stretch he raised his head and howled before running off into the woods. The trail was easy to find, Jacob had remarked it before finding out that he was pregnant and therefore had stopped phasing. Seth took in a deep whiff of the air around him making sure that nothing seemed out of place.

The howl echoed all through the Cullen household and in the surrounding woods. Sighing softly Jacob rose to his feet, hopeful that Seth would have an easy, uneventful patrol if not lonely.

Cold arms wrapped around him from behind. “Jasper will be sure to make it up to him when he gets back tomorrow,” Edward said softly.

“Oh. I have no doubts about that,” Jacob replied with a soft snort, looking over his shoulder at his lover.

Edward grinned. “How are you feeling?”

“Sick? My stomach is still upset?” Jacob replied, shrugging.

Edward frowned. “Should you be feeling this sick all the time? I know that though the name implies it, you aren’t always sick just in the morning… but the whole day?”

“Carlisle said it's normal in the first few months,” Jacob replied, once again shrugging as he leaned against his lover's arms. “And maybe the symptoms are different because I'm a male?”

“Maybe,” Edward agreed. “This is uncharted territory after all. I’m glad that we will hopefully know more by the time that Seth is in your place.”

“Mhm,” Jacob agreed, turning around in Edward's arms, wrapping his own around the vampire's waist. “And hopefully that won't be for a long time.”

Edward smirked. “I give it five years…maybe six, if Seth’s thoughts have anything to say about it.”

“Hopefully they'll use protection,” Jacob replied, shaking his head before stepping away from his imprint. “I think I'm going to eat some crackers. See if that'll help settle my stomach.”

Edward nodded. “Esme wanted me to run to the store, do you want anything?”

“Besides you not to go?” Jacob replied with a frown. “Nothing. Except maybe more crackers for later. And some ginger ale...or Sprite.”

Edward nodded as he picked up his keys and came into the kitchen. “I’ll be back within the hour,” he promised kissing Jacob chastely.

“I'll be keeping count,” Jacob replied, half serious and half playing around.

Edward laughed. “I want to know the result when I get back.”


Seth was bored. He yawned as he trotted along the path. A twig snapped somewhere to his left and he stopped watching the area carefully. Finally a rabbit dashed out from a bush and across the path. Seth thought about giving chase, just for a moment, but Jacob wouldn’t be pleased if patrol turned into play so he didn’t.

Five hours. Just five more hours and his patrol would be over for the night. As dawn approached he would go back to the Cullen’s and sleep until Jasper got back from his hunt sometime that afternoon. Seth sighed, when had he become so dependant on Jasper? Not just because he was his imprint but because he just loved being around the elder. Two days had seemed like forever, what would he do when Jasper was gone on a longer hunting trip? He knew the Cullen’s stayed home on sunny days and often went on hiking trips according to the people of Forks, though he knew those were really hunting trips but they often lasted for a week.

Seth’s thoughts were so preoccupied with these thoughts that he didn’t notice the one change in the path until it was too late. He yelped in pain as a large piece of glass sliced through the bottom of his rear left paw. Normally, if the glass had just gone straight through or was something he could pull out his healing ability would have taken care of it quickly. But he couldn’t get a good grip on the piece with his teeth, it was too deep, and the healing skin couldn’t force the piece out.

Raising his head he howled out a distress call and hoped that Jacob was neither to busy or sick to come help him. Maybe he could pull the piece out with his hands… hoping this was the case Seth phased back and promptly cried out as pain flooded his senses. Shit! That hurt! Biting his lip he reached out and tried to pull the piece out from where the top stuck through his foot. He quickly let go, that was a bad idea.

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