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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


“Jazz… I shouldn’t leave my mom alone with Esme… I know she’s settled down a bit but I still don’t think its right to leave her,” Seth said looking down at their intertwined hands as Jasper led him toward the basement door.

Jasper looked over his shoulder, giving the shifter a meaningful look. “I'll be able to sense if your mother gets to uncomfortable,” he reminded the younger boy.

“I know… I just…” Seth trailed off as he glanced back over his shoulder. He gasped as Jasper pulled him closer and then pressed him up against the wall. “Jazz!”

“You worry too much,” Jasper replied, his voice soft and seductive as he leaned down to the teen, his lips pressing against his cheek, pressing feather light kisses until he reached the patch of skin that effected the younger so.

Seth bit his lip to keep from groaning. It didn’t work very well. He wrapped his arms around Jasper and pulled him closer.

Jasper grinned, running his tongue over the spot. “You need to relax,” he practically purred in the other's ear. “Won't you let me help you?”

“Yessss,” Seth hissed. “Anything… anything you want Jasper.”

That made the elder's grin widen. “Anything, huh?” He replied, his lips pressing chastely against the skin of his neck. “I like the sound of that.”

Seth gave him a grin of his own. “I thought you would, I like the sound of it too. What will you do?”

“Where'd the surprise be if I told you?” Jasper pointed out with a smirk before his lips returned to the younger's skin.

“But… there’s also a thrill in knowing and then seeing,” Seth said as he raised a hand to run his fingers through Jasper’s hair.

“You just can't handle surprises, can you?” Jasper asked, grinning down at the teenager as his hand cupped his cheek.

Seth blushed. “No… not really… maybe if I didn’t know anything about them.”

Jasper chuckled softly, caressing the boy's cheek before taking his hand again and leading him the rest of the way into their bedroom. “I'll show you, but I won't tell you.”

Seth smiled as he followed Jasper down the stairs, though neither remembered to close the door. “And you’re going to tease me… I’m sure of it.”

Jasper grinned at that. “You're right,” he agreed before pulling the teen back into his arms, sealing his lips with a kiss.

“Mm…” Seth moaned wrapping his arms around Jasper’s neck once more. “I love you.”

Jasper smiled at that. “I love you too,” he replied, nudging the teenager towards the bed.

Seth laced their fingers together and led Jasper to the bed. “How do you want me?” Seth questioned.

“Naked would be helpful,” Jasper replied, already tugging the teen's shirt over his torso.

Seth ginned as his hands went to his shorts. Undoing the button and zipper he slid out of them. Seth kicked his shorts against the wall, tossing his shirt there as well once Jasper had it off.

Jasper's eyes drank in the sight of the naked boy, feeling his cock react to the sight before he stepped closer to the boy, taking him into his arms. “That's better. Much better,” he replied.

Seth blushed, his fingers tracing unseen patterns on Jasper’s back. Jasper was so caught up in holding Seth, feeling his nakedness pressing against himself that he didn’t feel or hear anything out of place until Seth’s hands stilled and his feelings of love and lust were replaced by shock and fear.

Jasper blinked. Straightening up, “What's the matter?” He asked softly before looking over his shoulder to see what had frightened his little love so. That's when he saw Sue at the foot of the staircase and almost at once he was hit with her own shock, distrust, and general anger towards the situation.

“M-mom…” Seth murmured, stepping closer to Jasper to hide his nudeness.

“You...you...you're...” Sue tried to speak, but at that moment words failed her completely. She was shocked. Beyond shocked.

“…I’m naked…yes…” Seth whispered.

Sue's cheeks were red, showing her shame and embarrassment. “Are you...you're having sex, aren't you?” She accused.

“No! I’m too young for that!” Seth exclaimed. “We just kiss…and stuff…”

Sue didn't look convinced and Jasper could sense her disbelief. “And stuff that involves you to be naked, Seth, you're too young!”

“Not for fooling around. Some guys my age have talked about doing more. But Jasper is more honorable than that, he knows I’m too young and as much as we may want to go all the way we don’t. The rest of the Cullen’s wouldn’t let it happen anyway…and… and neither would I. I-I’m not ready for that.” Seth blushed as he looked down at the floor.

“You know...if you're well enough to...fool around then you're well enough to come home,” Sue said, her voice emotionless as her eyes narrowed. “I'll wait for you upstairs.”

“But Carlisle!” Seth protested.

“I will deal with Carlisle. I am your mother Seth and you will do as I say,” Sue stated.

Seth swallowed as he fought back tears. “Yes ma’am…” He whispered.

Sue nodded before turning and disappearing back upstairs, Jasper did the only thing he could. He pulled the boy into his arms and did his best to comfort him. “I'm sorry...this is all my fault...if I hadn't cornered you on the staircase she wouldn't have caught you like this.”

Seth buried his face in Jasper’s shirt. “Don’t blame yourself Jazz… please don’t. I will only feel worse if I know you are blaming yourself.”

Jasper sighed softly, hugging the boy closer as he bent down, pressing a kiss to his head. “Come on, babe, let's get you packed,” he murmured softly. “But, you know, I'll be over to see you tonight...after your mother's asleep. It'll be alright.”

Seth smiled up at him, leaning up to give Jasper a brief kiss. “That makes everything better already.” Seth let go of Jasper and got dressed. “I don’t really need to take anything else with me, other than my backpack.”

“Alright,” Jasper answered, nodding in understanding. “If there's anything you need, you'll let me know. I'll bring it over tonight.”

Seth nodded. “I will.” He walked over to where his backpack was sitting and picked it up. “I’ll see you tonight, my window will be open.”

“I can't wait,” Jasper replied.

Seth gave him a smile. Glancing up the stairs he sighed and then climbed them leaving Jasper alone.


Jasper rushed through the woods, heading towards La Push and Seth, impatience welling up within him as he jumped tree from tree. The limited time with Seth, though cherished, was starting to drive him crazy. When he was with Seth it never seemed like there was enough time to be together. When they were apart the only thing he could think about was being with Seth again.

Seth was sitting on his bed, a school book propped on his crossed legs. He was looking down at it but not really paying attention as his pencil tapped out some random beat. Jasper was coming; he could smell his imprint as he got closer. Standing Seth went and closed his bedroom door, when his mother asked why he said that the noise in the rest of the house distracted him. She had believed it so far.

Finally Seth's house was in sight, resisting the urge to continue barreling towards it, he slowed. He couldn't be caught. He wouldn't be. Jasper walked into the yard, continuing around the house to Seth's window, knowing the boy had kept it unlocked for him as he always did.

Seth turned as he heard his window raise, a smile lighting up his face. Hurrying to the window he helped open it so it wouldn’t make any more noise and then stepped back so Jasper could climb in. Once the elder was inside Seth wrapped his arms around him and kissed the lips he had missed so much.

Jasper held the boy closer and easily got the teen to open his mouth and slipped his tongue inside, moaning softly as his hand tangled in the boy's hair.

Seth’s moan mingled with Jasper’s as he gripped Jasper’s shirt. “Shhh…” He whispered when the kiss broke. “Something has…” Seth kissed him again. “…put her on…” Another kiss. “…edge today.”

“I can tell,” Jasper said, still stealing the random kiss as he pushed the younger towards the bed. “Can you be quiet?” He asked, his voice heavy with lust as his eyes twinkled with mischief.

Seth shivered. “I can try… and I have a pillow I can use…and I can turn my music up…”

Jasper nodded. “You might need to do that,” he replied, grinning broadly as he dipped his head, running his tongue along Seth's neck, ending in a nip at that spot that drove the younger crazy.

Seth bit his lip as his knees went weak. “L-let me do that then…” Jasper let him go just long enough for Seth to turn on his music. Coming back to his bed Seth pushed his school books off onto the floor and climbed on. He grinned up at Jasper and held his arms open. “Come to me my love.”

“Don't have to tell me twice,” Jasper murmured before climbing over the boy, leaning down to press their lips together again as he pushed the younger back against the bed.

Seth practically purred into the kiss as he arched his body against Jasper’s. His hands went between them and he worked on undoing Jasper’s shirt, needing to feel the vampire’s cold against his heat.

Once his shirt was unbuttoned Jasper broke the kiss to pull it off before his hands went to the hem of Seth's pulling it up his torso, but before he could get it off he leaned back down and peppered the teen's abdomen with kisses.

Seth smiled as he watched Jasper. Then Jasper’s head dipped to the side and he brought a fist to his mouth to cover his moan as Jasper nibbled and licked the sweet spot on his left hip. Seth’s free hand went to Jasper’s hair, which he tugged on.

As the vampire nuzzled Seth's sweet spot, relishing in his muffled moans and gasps, his hands went to the teen's sleeping shorts. He fingered the hem of the shorts, his finger dipping beneath the clothe to tease the skin.

Seth’s skin quivered under his fingers. The younger’s breath hitched as Jasper’s fingers just barely brushed his erection. “Where did you learn to tease so much?”

Jasper just chuckled softly against the younger's skin. “I'll never tell,” he replied in a sing song voice, his lips pressing fleetingly against Seth's naked abdomen.

Seth made a sound that was half between a sigh and half between a groan. “Are you sure? There’s nothing I can do to persuade you?”

“Nothing at all,” Jasper replied, still snickering softly as his fingers ghosted over the teen's clothed erection.

Now Seth whined. “But I wanna know!”

Jasper shook his head. “Nope! You're at my mercy, babe, and you love every minute of it,” he murmured before swirling his tongue in the teen's belly button.

Seth shivered. “So unfair that you know that…”

The elder chuckled softly, looking up at the teen. “If you don't want me to tease you, then do something about it. I won't stop you. Promise.”

Seth’s eyes shone as he grinned. “Yeah?” Jasper wasn’t expecting the show of strength from his younger lover but he suddenly found himself pinned to Seth’s bed, his hands above his head, Seth straddling his lap. Seth’s groin pressed against his teasingly and the younger smiled as he watched Jasper’s eyes darken with lust. “Mine,” Seth whispered as he leaned down and claimed Jasper’s lips.

Nibbling at said lips Seth smirked when Jasper growled and he tried to move. “Uh-huh, you promised…”

“Didn't think you'd take me up on it,” Jasper replied, his voice heavy with lust as he gazed up at the teen. He grinned. “Now that you have me what are you going to do with me?”

“I am going to work on finding your sweet spots,” Seth replied. “But you need to lose some clothes for that.” As he said this his he started to unbutton Jasper’s shirt with one hand.

“Ah,” Jasper replied, nodding as he watched his younger love's fingers working to undo his shirt. “Well you've already found one,” he pointed out with a grin.

Seth glanced up. “I have?” He questioned. He sat up and thought about this as his fingers pushed Jasper’s shirt aside and started drawing light patterns on Jasper’s chest. After a moment Seth smiled. “Your hair?”

Jasper chuckled softly at that. Apparently Seth had found a sweet spot he hadn't even known about. “That too, but I was taking about my lips.”

“Oh yeah… it drives you crazy when I bite and nibble on your lips.” Seth leaned down and gently nibbled on Jasper’s bottom lip to emphasize his point.

Jasper moaned softly at the action, once again struggling against the younger's grasp. Needing to touch the boy. But it didn't dawn on him that he could easily use his strength to overpower the teen.

Seth released Jasper’s lip, resting his cheek against Jasper’s so that his mouth was next to the vampire’s ear. “No no my love, this is my turn. You just have to enjoy yourself.” Seth kissed the spot just below Jasper’s ear before trailing kisses and little bites along Jasper’s jaw. Once he had tried that span of skin he moved onto Jasper’s throat.

Jasper was quickly starting to regret his words, but the emotions he felt radiating from his little love made him feel so much better as he tilted his neck to the side, sighing softly at the kisses and bites he felt against his skin.

Seth started to feel a little discouraged when he hadn’t found another sweet spot on Jasper’s neck but then as he moved down Jasper’s chest the smallest of gasps left Jasper’s lips. Seth glanced up at his imprint then nibbled at the spot he had just kissed, it was a small spot right on the edge of Jasper’s left chest muscle.

Jasper bit his bottom lip and his eyes fluttered shut as his arched into the younger's lips, needing that spot to be touched again. “Seth...there...again!”

Seth grinned and grazed the spot with his teeth before running his tongue over it. He kissed the spot and then sucked on it. “Found one,” he murmured.

“Yes you did,” Jasper panted, his hands clenching into fists because he couldn't touch his shifter.

Seth chuckled. “You have the oddest sweet spots love.” He gave the spot one last good rub before moving on down Jasper’s chest. Seth kissed nearly every inch of Jasper’s exposed skin. His clue that he had found other sweet spot was when Jasper sucked in an unneeded breath as his tongue ran over a spot to the right of Jasper’s belly button.

“Says you,” Jasper replied, his voice shaking as his lover's tongue brushed over another one. “God...Seth...”

Seth grinned as he continued to lick, nibble and kiss this new spot he had found. As he made to move lower he realized he was stuck. His one hand was still holding onto Jasper’s wrists and he couldn’t go any further without removing it, his arm wasn’t long enough. Seth sighed as he rested his chin on Jasper’s navel. “Do you want me to continue?” It was a dumb question, he knew, but he had to get Jasper to agree not to touch so that his love could really and truly enjoy this.

Jasper's cock was throbbing between his legs and Seth had just stopped. He groaned lowly with disappointment. “You'd better! Now!” He replied, looking at the boy perched on his stomach.

“Hm…well you see I have a predicament… if I keep holding your wrists, I can’t reach any lower… but if I let go then you can touch and therefore distract me. What should I do?” Seth’s lips melted into an easy grin as he stared up at Jasper’s face.

“You, um, let me go and take care of business down stairs,” Jasper replied as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Are you going to touch?” Seth questioned as he used his free hand to rub over the spot by Jasper’s belly button.

Jasper chewed on his bottom lip as he weighed his options before he shook his head and hoped he could hold up to it.

“Alright, just know that the moment you do… I stop,” Seth threatened. He narrowed his eyes at Jasper to get his point across.

The vampire groaned softly. “That's what I'm afraid of!”

Seth chuckled. “Then…” He kissed the sweet spot nearest his mouth. “No…” Another kiss. “Touching.”

“Yes! Yes! Get on with it already!”

Seth couldn’t deny the command so he slowly let Jasper’s wrists go, letting his hand brush over the sweet spot on Jasper’s chest. His other hand went to the belt on Jasper’s pants, undid it and then he worked on the button. Feeling brave he took the zipper in his teeth and pulled it down.

Jasper groaned softly in impatience, covering his eyes with his arms. “Please, please, please Seth!” He begged.

“Now who’s fun to tease?” Seth wondered as he pulled at Jasper’s pants. Jasper eagerly raised his hips and Seth pulled them down to his knees. Jasper’s erection stood tall in front of him and Seth licked his lips. Seth started at the base of Jasper’s erection with a kiss, followed by his tongue running up the length before it swirled around the leaking head.

Jasper had opened his mouth to counter, but before he could he felt his lover's tongue on him. “That's it, baby...” he moaned.

At Jasper’s encouragement Seth took what was offered into his mouth. His head bobbed up and down, letting his tongue brush the spots he had learned that drove Jasper to the edge over the past few days. He hummed as he deep throated Jasper.

“Yes!” Jasper hissed through gritted teeth, his eyes clenched closed as he fought against the urge to reach down and weave his hands in Seth's hair.

Seth raised his head, looking up at Jasper. “Come for me Jazz.” That said he started sucking on Jasper again, just the top though, his hand joined his mouth and stroked what wasn’t being reached.

Jasper's hands curled into fists as his arms covered his face, muffling his cries as he finally reached his peak, spilling his seed into Seth's mouth.

Seth swallowed everything that Jasper had to give him. He kept sucking until Jasper’s orgasm had run its course. Kissing his way back up Jasper’s chest he claimed Jasper’s lips.

Jasper leaned up into the kiss, his hands finally running up Seth's bare back before tangling his fingers in his hair.

Seth’s sigh was lost in the kiss. When he pulled back he smiled at Jasper. “Enjoy that?”

Oh yeah,” Jasper replied, grinning up at the teen, loving having Seth's weight pressed against him.

Seth chuckled as he ran his fingers through Jasper’s hair. “I enjoyed myself too.”

“Hopefully not to much,” Jasper replied, arching into the younger teen.

Seth groaned. “No… not that much. That honor is just for you.”

In that moment Jasper flipped their positions. He smiled down at his little lover before pressing a kiss to the sweet spot just below his ear, nibbling on it gently. “Good.” He cooed in the boy's ear.

Seth purred as he turned his head to give Jasper better access to that spot. He arched up into Jasper wanting to feel him, needing to feel him.

Jasper pressed his hips into the boy's, sighing at the feel of him against him, before his lips skated across his skin.

Seth grabbed one of Jasper’s hands and laced their fingers together. “I take back my rule now. Touch me… please touch me.”

“Touch you?” Jasper questioned softly, squeezing the hand that held his own. “But I am touching you,” he pointed out as he grinded his hips against the boy's again.

Me. Touch me. There,” Seth whispered as he licked his lips.

“Ah,” Jasper replied. “I see.” He nodded as he sat up and scooted back enough to where Seth's erection was visible, still covered by the teen's sleeping shorts. “Touch you here?” He questioned, rubbing the growing bulge.

“Yesssss,” Seth hissed. “More!”

Jasper hummed in understanding as his hands went to the top of the shorts, tugging them down the younger's hips.

Seth gasped as the cool air of the room hit his newly revealed heated skin. He looked up at Jasper with half lidded eyes. He moaned when Jasper leaned down and took his erection into his mouth. “Yes Jasper…yes.”

The vampire's lips curled into a grin at the younger's moan. He continued to move his head. Up and down. His tongue sweeping over the head of Seth's erection, tasting precum as he continued.

One hand went to Jasper’s hair, tugging on the golden strands as the other gripped Jasper’s hand tighter. Seth had learned something in the past few days. He loved everything to do with Jasper of course, but he especially loved it when Jasper was giving him oral.

Jasper kept moving his head. Working to bring the younger boy to his completion.

Seth grabbed his pillow and bit into it as he came in Jasper’s mouth, his cry of pleasure muffled by the pillow. When his cry ended he dropped the pillow to the floor, chest rising and falling quickly as he tried to catch his breath.

Jasper swallowed what his lover gave him before he climbed up the teen's body and laid against him. “Did you enjoy yourself?” He murmured in the boy's ear.

“Always,” Seth answered. “You know all the right spots.”

The vampire chuckled and leaned over, pressing his lips against the teen's cheek. “That I do, but you're not so bad yourself.”

Seth grinned. “I hope to keep learning.”

“You will my love, I promise,” Jasper replied. “But right now you need your rest. I'll stay until you fall asleep.”

Seth pouted as he snuggled up against Jasper. “I wish you could stay longer,” he whispered.

“I know,” Jasper replied softly, running his hand through Seth's hair.

Seth yawned. “You should come get me from school one day… I’ll skip my last class…”

“You shouldn’t be skipping class Seth,” Jasper told him.

“Mm…yeah yeah… one isn’t gonna hurt…”

“We’ll see, now… sleep.”

“O…kay…” Seth fell asleep against Jasper’s cold skin looking relaxed and happy. Jasper stayed and watched him for nearly an hour before he stood and got dressed. He redressed Seth and kissed his lips briefly before climbing slowly out the window.


A couple of days later after their activities Jasper lay holding Seth against himself. Seth slept deeply, his head lying over Jasper’s still heart. Jasper watched him, fingers running through his hair. He should leave, he knew he should, but he just couldn’t bring himself to.

Just five more minutes…’ He thought. No sooner had he thought this Seth’s door opened, Sue stood on the threshold holding a laundry basket, Jasper had been so wrapped up in watching Seth he hadn’t heard or felt her coming.

Sue's eyes widened and she dropped the laundry basket. “Wha-what are you doing here?!” She gasped before noticing her son's and his imprint's state of dress. “Oh no...not again...”

Seth stirred at the sound of the laundry basket being dropped. He stretched and yawned before looking up at Jasper. A smile started to form until Seth caught his mother’s scent. “Shit… we’ve been caught haven’t we?” He murmured not turning to look at the door.

“You're damn right you've been caught!” Sue hissed before Jasper even had a chance to think of a reply. “I want you out of my house now!” She said, pointing at Jasper. “And you are not welcome back!”

Seth whimpered and tightened his grip on Jasper. “Mom please…”

“No. No more chances! I'm through. He's not welcome in this house.”

Seth growled, his eyes narrowing. He sat up and glared at his mother. “He wasn’t welcome before! Hence why we had to resort to sneaking around!”

“Fine! I don't want you seeing him then!”

“You can’t do that! He’s my imprint!”

“You'll see him before the imprint starts to affect you. But it'll be supervised because I am not walking in on that again!”

“Learn to knock on a closed door!” Seth growled. Being without Jasper while he was hunting was bad enough, but to be without him when he was just miles away, knowing he was just miles away would be torture.

“It's my house, Seth!” Sue hissed, glaring at her son. “I don't have to knock.”

“You don’t have to no, but you always did until a few months ago,” Seth retorted.

“That was before my son imprinted on a vampire,” Sue spat out. “Speaking of which why in the hell is he still here!!”

Seth turned back to Jasper, who had a pained expression on his face. He immediately felt bad when he realized that all the anger in the house couldn’t be good for his imprint. Seth reached out and cupped Jasper’s cheek, the tips of his fingers brushing Jasper’s hair. “You should go, I’m sorry,” he whispered.

Jasper leaned into his touch, Seth's concern alleviating some of the anger he felt from the two in the room. “I can't,” he replied, turning his head slightly, whispering as well. “I never got dressed.”

Seth nodded and turned back to his mother. “Excuse us,” he said motioning her out the door.

Sue's mouth dropped again. “Excuse me!” She replied shrilly. “He can walk back to his house naked for all I care!”

“He will not!” Seth yelled, the thought of anyone else seeing Jasper naked made him jealous so fast it surprised him. Standing, not caring about his own nudity, Seth went to his mother and easily pushed her back with his shifter strength. Once she was on the other side of the doorway Seth closed the door and locked it. He turned back to Jasper as his mother pounded on the door.

“You know she's pissed off, right?” Jasper asked as he pushed himself out of the bed and made to find his clothes. “I mean...beyond pissed. There's no coming back from this kind of anger.”

Seth nodded with a sigh as he pulled on his sleep pants. “I know…” He sat on the edge of his bed and watched Jasper. “What will we do now? I mean… I have a feeling I’m going to be without a door tomorrow.”

“I...I don't know...” Jasper replied softly, redressing before he walked over to the shifter, running his hand through his hair. “We'll find a way around it. She can't keep us apart. It isn't right.”

Seth rested his forehead against Jasper’s stomach. “It isn’t… but I get the feeling she doesn’t really care.”

“She doesn't,” Jasper replied softly. “I'm sorry to say, but this broke her.”

SETH!” Sue screamed.

Seth swallowed hard. “You should go…before she gives herself a stroke or something.”

Jasper heaved a sigh. “Yeah. You're right,” he leaned down and pressed a kiss to his little love's forehead. “I love you.”

Seth took Jasper’s hand and kissed each finger. “I love you too.” He avoided looking at Jasper, not wanting him to see his tears when he knew that Jasper could feel his sadness.

“Hey...” Jasper said, feeling the other's sadness, knowing he was crying (his tears were falling on his hand). “Don't be like this. It isn't the end of the world,” he murmured softly, cupping the boy's chin, nudging his head back so he could look at him. “Everything will work itself out. You'll see.”

Seth sniffed and wiped his eyes. “I know. It will, it has to.” Seth mustered his best smile for Jasper.

“That's right,” Jasper replied, leaning down to press his lips against Seth's. “I'd better go.”

Seth returned the kiss. “I’ll see you…soon.”

“Yes you will.”

They kissed once more briefly before Jasper disappeared through the window. Seth watched him go and then went to face his mother. Saying that everything had gone to hell would be putting it lightly.


It had been two weeks since Seth had seen Jasper. Not even the supervised visitation had happened. Sue took Seth to school and was waiting for him when he got out. He was restricted to the house after school, wasn’t allowed to phase and any phone calls were refused… he was basically grounded only it seemed much worse. Sue had gotten a guy from the rez, who didn’t have any shifter connections, to come and take Seth’s door off and to nail the windows shut. Seth knew his mother was afraid but he thought the nails… well that was just a bit crazy.

Seth pushed his food around his plate only taking a bite here and there. After an uncomfortable thirty minutes he looked up at his mother. “May I be excused?”

Sue blinked and frowned, noticing Seth's plate. “But you hardly touched your dinner!” She said.

“I’m not really hungry,” Seth replied. “And I have a lot of homework to work on.”

“But you didn't have any breakfast either,” Sue replied before she sighed heavily. “Oh alright. Go work on your homework, but make sure you eat later.”

Seth nodded; he stood from the table and took his plate to the sink. Seth kissed his mother’s cheek as he left the kitchen to go to his room. Climbing onto his bed he pulled out his math book and opened it to the page their homework problems were on for that night.

The page was marked with a quiz that he had gotten a 45% on. Seth stared at the number, he knew he should have felt something because math had always been a fairly good subject of his but… he didn’t. Picking up the paper he shoved it into the back of his book and got to work on his homework. After a few minutes he grabbed his headphones and pulled them over his ears to block out the rest of the noise in the house.

Sue heaved a sigh and stared at her son's empty plate. She knew why Seth was acting like this. She knew, but it wouldn't make her change her mind. No vampire would set foot in her home again. Nor would her son be around one. It was as simple as that.

Sue stood and started to clean up the kitchen. As she placed the plates on the drying rack a knock came at the door. She frowned wondering who would be coming to visit now. Drying her hands on a towel and then setting it down she went to the front door.

Opening the front door her eyes widened a little and then settled into a glare. “Jacob, Leah,” she said stiffly.

Jacob returned the greeting with a nod and, “Sue.”

But Leah pushed passed him. “Where's Seth?” She demanded, even pushing past her mother, looking around the house. “It's been two weeks since anyone's seen him...” Leah growled, continuing back towards Seth's bedroom.

“In case you have forgotten, Sue, Seth is a part of a wolfpack. My wolfpack. He just can't disa-fucking-ppear when we need him,” Jacob pointed out, surprisingly calm.

Excuse me?!” Sue gasped, glaring at the pair. “How dare you come into my home like this?”

“Seth is my baby brother and I have a right to know if he’s alright,” Leah stated.

“Seth is fine,” Sue replied. “He’s working on his homework right now.”

“Oh so he's home? Great!” Jacob said, grinning broadly as he motioned for Leah to go into his bedroom.

Sue grabbed Leah’s wrist and pulled her back from the hallway that led to the bedrooms. “Don’t you dare!” She hissed. “Seth is my son. Mine! You will not come in here to take him away to do the… the…things that I saw with that leech!”

“Those things are natural!” Leah cried, snatching her wrist from her mother's hand. “Jasper is Seth's imprint! You cannot keep them apart! If the elders' knew what you were doing they'd be pissed!”

“I don’t care! My son will not be doing those things, especially not with it!”

“It?! It!!” Leah shrieked, throwing her hands in the air. “'It' has a name and it's Jasper and he obviously loves Seth more than you do! At least he doesn't want to condemn an innocent boy to death!”

Sue had the sense to look stricken for a moment before she shook her head. “He’s fine!” She insisted. Sue placed herself between Leah and the hallway. “Now. This is my house and I want you both out. Neither of you live here and I did not invite you in. Out.”

“Fine! I'll go, but you should know, Seth isn't going to go along with this for much longer. He'll leave,” Leah said viciously before turning and stomping out of her mother's house, followed by Jacob.

Sue closed the front door and locked it. Leaning against the wood she closed her eyes and sighed. “She’s wrong… Seth will never leave me,” she whispered. In his room Seth continued to listen to his music, unaware that Leah and Jacob had come.

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