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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


Jasper had been stalking his mountain lion for the better part of an hour when his cell phone vibrated against his leg. The vampire almost ignored it, but at the last minute (and mostly because the big cat caught his scent) he pulled his phone out of his pocket. It was a text message and it was from Seth. It also had a picture attached, which he downloaded only moments later.

I miss you and I thought you might miss this. It misses you too. The picture below that text made Jasper’s eyes widen. Seth had sent him a dirty picture via text message!

Heat seeped into Jasper's body and settled heavily in his cock. He could feel his pants tighten in result as he was quick to send a reply back to his little love. Of course I miss you and that. I miss the way it feels in my hand and how it tastes.

How would you handle it? Rough? Fast?

Jasper trapped a moan in his mouth and leaned against a tree. He dragged a hand through his tousled blond hair before he replied to the younger's text message. What'd make you moan louder? You know how much I like making you make noise.

At this moment? Slow and teasing, lots of tongue work.

His cock throbbed, demanding attention, but he ignored it for the time being as he keyed another reply. Are you touching yourself, Seth? Imagining it's me and my tongue?


Jasper wanted to touch himself too. But he couldn't very well do that and continue to text his little love. He immediately dialed Seth's number and held the phone to his ear, his free hand rubbing against the bulge in his jeans.

“Thank God…” Seth moaned when he answered on the first ring. “It was getting hard to type, course… that’s not the only thing that’s hard.”

His body shivered at the moan, his hips bucking into his hand before he unbuttoned his pants and his hand slipped inside. “I'll bet something else is hard,” Jasper practically groaned, his fingers wrapping around his own erection, imagining it was Seth's.

“Talk to me love; tell me what you’re doing.”

“The same thing you are,” Jasper replied hotly, closing his eyes for a moment as he sighed in pleasure, his fingers brushing over the sweet spot on his cock. “I'm imagining you touching me. I'm thinking about your hot little mouth around my cock, Seth.”

Seth whimpered softly. “I’m stroking myself, slow, fingers trailing on the under side just like you do with your tongue.” Seth gasped as he squeezed his erection at the bottom and pulled up. “I have the phone balanced between my ear and shoulder so that I can rub your favorite sweet spot.”

A soft groan left his lips as he tugged himself a little harder, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, as he touched his sweet spot again. “God...Seth...” he growled.

“Yes Jasper,” Seth hissed. “I’m swirling my tongue around the slit of your cock, tasting you, teasing you. My fingers are pressing against that sweet spot by your belly button.”

Jasper's toes curled in his shoes just before he sank down to the ground, leaning heavily against the tree as his thumb rubbed circles on the head of his erection, smearing the pre-cum.

Seth was making those little whimpering noises that Jasper knew now signaled he was getting close. Those noises always drove Jasper crazy, he loved them. “I…I’m biting your lip Jazz…” Seth panted.

Jasper groaned and clenched his eyes shut again, fighting for control as his hand pumped over his cock. “I'm so close, baby, so close!”

“Cum for me Jazz, I want… need to hear you lose control.”

Seth's words pushed him over the edge. He cried out. Loud enough to where it startled the surrounding wild life. His cum coated his hand as he continued to stroke himself, his body shaking in pleasure.

His shifter’s echoing cry came right after and Jasper gripped the phone as he took in each different sound Seth made. “Mm…” Jasper could see Seth licking his fingers clean. “That was hot.”

“And mildly distracting. You made me lose my dinner,” Jasper answered in a teasing voice. “But, yes, that was sexy. Sexy as hell.” He paused, shivering as he gave himself another stroke before he abandoned his tired cock.

“What were you hunting?” Seth questioned.

“A mountain lion,” Jasper replied, his lips curving into a smirk. “But right now I'm craving a little wolf.”

“Oh yeah? And where will you find such a little wolf?”

“I think there might be one in Forks,” Jasper replied.

“Hm… I wonder if we’re thinking of the same wolf. I hear one of them has a birthday tomorrow, he won’t be so little soon.”

“Birthday or not. He'll always be my little wolf,” Jasper replied.

Seth sighed. “You shouldn’t say stuff like that. It makes me miss you more.”

“I know, babe, I miss you too,” Jasper replied with a soft sigh. “Only a little while longer, love, then I'll be home.”

“I look forward to it.” Jasper could hear Seth’s smile in his voice. “Until then I have the ability to take more pictures for you on my phone. If I had known this would happen when I sent you one of those I would have begged you for one months ago.”

Jasper laughed at that. “I can still get you a phone that'll shoot video,” he replied with a grin.

“I dunno… I kinda like the still shots. Videos might take all my fun away.”

“Whatever you want, babe,” Jasper replied.

“Not for another year,” Seth pouted.

“What about Valentine's Day? I can get you something for Valentine's Day can't I? I bet Edward will get Jacob something, and Emmett will get Leah something. You have to let me get you something for Valentine's Day.”

“I wouldn’t mind a matching set of dog tags, only they should read ‘property of Jasper Hale’,” Seth replied.

Jasper hummed thoughtfully. “I'll keep that in mind,” he replied as he fingered the dog tags around his neck.

“We should go to Seattle…for dinner out or something. I love Seattle. Course, I would also love to see something outside the state of Washington.”

“That could be arranged...very easily, you know.” Jasper shifted against the tree as he spoke to his lover. “Where would you like to go?”

“Could it?” Seth questioned, excitement in his voice. “Well… the pictures I’ve seen of Hawaii are always beautiful. What is your favorite place to go?”

“I really don't have a preference,” Jasper replied. “But Hawaii would be difficult for me unless we went during the rainy season. Sparkling skin and all, but if you're interested in visiting a tropical island, Carlisle happens to own one.”


“Seriously,” Jasper replied. “Isle Esme.”

“Okay… I’m shocked that he actually owns an island but not by the fact that it’s named Esme. What about Ireland or England? Isn’t it rainy there a lot?”

“Either would be fine,” Jasper replied. “Like I said, it can easily be arranged.”

“That would be so cool…” Seth said softly. “But we wouldn’t be able to do it for Valentine’s Day, spring break maybe.”

“Mhm,” Jasper agreed. “I'll figure something else out for Valentine's Day. You just worry about spring break, alright?”

“Okay, I’ll come up with some ideas for when you come home.”

“You do that. In the meantime I need to hunt down that lion until I can get my hands on that little wolf.”

Seth chuckled. “Alright, this little wolf will be impressed if you find it and bring it down in ten minutes.”

“So impressed he'll give me a special greeting when I get home?” Jasper asked with a smirk.

“Maybe…” Seth answered.

“Maybe? Oh I hate that answer, baby.”

“You’ll just have to catch a little wolf to find out huh?”

“I'll get my little wolf, don't you worry about that,” Jasper answered.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Seth teased. “I love you Jazz.”

Jasper laughed at that. “I love you too. Have a good night.”

“Good night.” Jasper waited until Seth had hung up before he closed his phone and put it back in his pocket. Pulling out a handkerchief he cleaned himself up and then redid his pants. Standing he scented the mountain lion again before taking off, he would try to do this in ten minutes.


This has to be the worst birthday ever,’ Seth thought as he picked at some lint on the futon. ‘Jazz can’t be here and everyone else went out for the day… and no one, not even Leah, has wished me a happy birthday.’

Jasper was seriously tempted to return home, but he resisted the urge. It might be Seth's birthday, but it was also the night of the full moon, the night where his scent would be the strongest. Instead he dialed the teen's number and waited patiently for the teen to pick up his phone.

The moment the first note of Jasper’s ringtone started to play a smile lit up Seth’s face. He jumped up and ran to the bed, jumping and almost falling off as he grabbed the cell phone from the bedside table. “Jazz!”

“Hello to you too!” Jasper replied, grinning broadly. “Just wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday.”

“Thanks Jazz, that means a lot.”

“You're welcome,” Jasper replied.

“What are you doing today? Did you get that mountain lion?”

“Six minutes after we hung up,” he replied with a broad grin.

“Well you must be proud of yourself,” Seth chuckled. “Guess that means you’ll be getting a rather warm welcome when you get home huh?”

“I hope that's what it means,” Jasper replied with a grin.

“I still think you’ll need to catch that wolf, catching a lion is one thing but a wolf is another.”

“I have ways to make a wolf come to me,” Jasper replied.

“You do huh? Does the wolf know any of them already?”

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

“Hm… well I’m curious to see what they are now. You know how much I hate surprises,” Seth stated.

“Oh no. You'll have to wait baby,” Jasper replied with a grin. “You'll find out soon enough. Promise.”

“Well alright, as long as you promise. Only three more days right? I thought the house was empty without just you but today everyone is gone and it’s like…dead.”

“Why's everyone gone?” Jasper asked, frowning deeply.

“I dunno. I think Esme went to do some shopping, Carlisle is at the hospital, Leah and Emmett went out and… Edward and Jacob went out but I don’t know where,” Seth answered.

“And trust me when I say that you probably don't want to know,” Jasper replied, running a hand through his hair. “I'm sorry you're all alone, babe, I really am. I wish I could be there with you.”

“I figured I didn’t. Me too love, me too. Oh well, at least I have my homework to keep me company.”

“If you get it all done while I'm gone then we'll have more time to be together when I get home.”

“Oh it’ll be done by then, don’t worry. Unless I get slammed with a major project but I don’t think that’ll happen.”

“Don't jinx yourself love,” Jasper replied with a snicker.

“In any case I would put the project off for a few hours for you,” Seth assured him.

“Would you now? And what would you do with me for those few hours, hm?”

“Well normally I would say I’d have wild, crazy wolf sex with you but… we’ll have to settle for I’m planning on having wild, crazy wolf almost sex with you.”

Jasper laughed aloud at that. “Wild, crazy wolf almost sex, huh? Sounds good.”

Seth grinned. “Glad you think so, cause I know so.”

“Is that a fact?” Jasper replied. “I might need a little convincing.”

“I’ll be happy to consent to that request.”

“Good!” Jasper practically purred.

Seth groaned. “Jazz… don’t do that!”

“Don't do what, love?” Jasper asked, grinning.

“The thing with your voice where it sounds like you’re purring. I love it when you do that. But only when you’re here so I can feel it.”

“I'm sorry, babe, really I am,” Jasper replied, grinning still.

“I can totally hear the smile in your voice,” Seth grumbled.

“That's only because I'm imagining you naked, babe.”

“Oh really? And why are you imagining me naked?”

“Because I was going to touch myself.”

Seth groaned again. “Are you imagining that it’s me touching you?”

Jasper bit his bottom lip for a moment, his free hand drifting down his body, making quick work of undoing his pants before his hand immediately sought out his half erect cock. “Of course, babe.”

“Stroke it Jazz, hard and fast.”

And Jasper did. He stroked himself hard and fast, groaning softly in delight.

“That’s it Jazz, I wanna hear you moan.” Seth bit his lip as he slipped his hand into his shorts, not even bothering to undo them; the friction caused by the tightness was perfect.

“Are you touching yourself too, babe?” Jasper asked, his voice heavy and husky with his lust as he moved his hand.

“Uh…huh…” Seth purred, his hips arching with each stroke.

Good!” Jasper purred into the phone, moaning lowly when his thumb brushed over the sweet spot just below the head of his penis. “Keep stroking yourself, babe.”

“I am, I’m imagining that my hot hand is really your cold one… unnn yes.” Seth gasped as his fingers brushed over the same spot Jasper had, any heat that had not pooled into his groin did now. “Feels so good.”

Jasper's body shook and he stroked himself faster, his eyes closing as his head tipped back. “I'm imagining your mouth, baby, your talented mouth. And, God, it feels good.”

Seth groaned as he quit stroking himself. He pressed more of his arm into his shorts, his fingers teasing until he found that spot just behind his balls. “I’m touching that hidden spot. It’s bringing me close… ah…”

“Are you imagining it's my tongue, Seth? Are you thinking about my tongue touching you there,” Jasper replied, panting softly as his thumb rubbed his slit.

“You…you’ve never done that,” Seth panted.

“Oh, but I will, baby. I want to lick you all over!” Jasper growled into the phone.

Seth couldn’t take it anymore, he arched as he came, head tipping back over the side of the bed, his cell phone falling to the floor. His toes curled against the comforter with the force of his orgasm. When the feelings had passed he sank bonelessly against the comforter, still panting.

Jasper came just minutes after Seth did, not hearing the thump of his lover's cell phone hitting the floor.

Seth blinked, he heard Jasper’s cry as he came but it wasn’t as close to his ear as it should have been. He felt around with his hand but no phone. Turning he spotted the phone laying on the floor. Seth reached for it and ended up sliding off the bed. “Ow…”

“Are you okay?” Jasper asked, frowning after he had heard a loud bump.

Seth rubbed his head with a wince. “Fine, I slipped off the bed after I dropped my phone. You carry a punch over the phone love.”

“I don't want to carry that kind of punch, especially when I'm not there to kiss it better,” Jasper replied frowning.

Seth smiled at the worry he heard in Jasper’s voice. “You can kiss it all you want when you get home.”

“And I will,” Jasper replied, grinning.

“I should go clean up before everything starts drying,” Seth told him.

“You should and you should think about me while you're in the shower,” Jasper replied.

Seth laughed. “As if I could think of anyone else.”

“You'd better not or else I'd be forced to perform drastic measures to get your thoughts back on me where they belong.”

“So you’d get really jealous if I thought of… Brad Pitt in the shower?” Seth questioned grinning. “Or maybe… Jared Leto?”

Very jealous.”

“What about…” Seth ran down a list of major actor’s in his head.


Seth laughed. “I’m teasing Jazz! I’m not even into guys. I’m only Jasper-sexual and I’m perfectly content to stay that way.”

Jasper chuckled softly. “I am so getting you when I get home,” he promised.

“I can’t wait,” Seth said. “Thanks for making my birthday better Jazz.”

The vampire smiled at that. “You're welcome, baby,” Jasper replied.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow, love.”


After Seth had hung up Jasper texted Jacob. Why is Seth alone on his birthday?

Well… we couldn’t throw him a surprise party if he knew about it.

Jasper heaved a sigh of relief upon reading that message. Thanks He texted back before pocketing his phone. That made him feel a lot better, he had been afraid there for a moment that everyone had forgotten about Seth's birthday.

Jasper’s pocket vibrated a moment later. We were planning to wait until you got back. Should we not?

You shouldn't. I have my own plans for when I get back. Jasper replied.

Alright. I’ll let everyone know.

Thanks again.

Jasper pocketed his phone again. Seth would be thrilled with a surprise party. Jasper grinned as he cleaned himself up. A scent caught his nose as the wind shifted. Jasper’s grin widened, the wolves were hunting.


Three days later Jasper returned home, he was looking forward to giving Seth the birthday presents he had gotten him. Some were innocent… other’s not so much. Stepping out of the woods he waited for a moment expecting Seth to come running out the door.

Five minutes later there was still no Seth. Jasper frowned; maybe he had gone out to do something? Just as he pulled his cell phone out to call Seth he received a text, from Seth. I’m gonna make you work a bit. You have to find me.

Jasper blinked and stared at his phone. “Find you...?” He murmured to himself before he keyed a message back. Any hints at least?

I’m not in the house.

“Not in the house...that just means anywhere in the woods,” Jasper said, heaving a sigh, trying to catch his lover's scent. He only caught faint traces of it. He didn't bother following them because he wasn't sure how old the trails were. Are you in our meadow by chance? Texting the first place that came to mind.

Maybe… but then maybe not. Guess you’ll have to come look huh?

You're really making me hunt for my little wolf, aren't you?
Jasper texted back, making his way into the woods, still sniffing the air to find any traces of his little lover.

Yup, where’s the fun if I didn’t?

“Uh-huh,” Jasper replied, pocketing his phone as he set out for their meadow, hoping his little love was there.

Seth grinned as he leaned against a tree in the meadow. He rubbed his back against the bark so that his scent held to it before he left, thankful that the snow had melted and therefore he didn’t leave any tracks. Jasper would eventually catch him and then the real fun would begin… but until then he would have his fun by leading his lover on a wild wolf chase.

Jasper arrived at the meadow and breathed deeply the air, smelling his lover's scent so strong, but Seth was no where to be found. He frowned, his eyes surveying the area, but not seeing anything.

Jasper’s pocket vibrated. You’re not going to find me if you stay in one place love.

If you'd stay in one place I'd find you.
Jasper texted back before setting out again.

Someone is impatient. They played this game for nearly an hour until Jasper wound up back at the meadow. He could smell Seth, so strong that he knew he was there but just couldn’t see him. So close.

“Seth! Babe! C'mon!” Jasper called, standing in the middle of the meadow as he slowly surveyed the area again. “I know you're here. Come out.”

Jasper heard Seth just before warm arms wrapped around his neck from behind. “You’re right, I’m here.” Seth’s breath brushed over Jasper’s ear.

Jasper swallowed the longing groan that was building in his throat before he turned around in the other's arms, taking him into his arms and burying his face in his neck. “Shame on you...” he murmured against the younger's neck. “...making me hunt you down.”

“You didn’t have fun?” Seth questioned chuckling softly.

“Oh, I did, but I missed you so much,” Jasper replied, pulling his face away from the teen's neck to pepper his face with feather light kisses.

Seth giggled at the feather light kisses. “Why not show me how much you missed me? I promised you a special welcome home for catching that lion in ten minutes or less and you did that.”

“I did, didn't I?” Jasper replied, the desire strong in his voice before he leaned down and his lips were pressed against Seth's, his hand twisting in the teen's hair at the back of his head, his other hand resting on the small of his back.

Seth groaned into the kiss as he tightened his arms around Jasper’s neck. “Mhm, you did,” Seth murmured when the kiss broke. “Now… I wonder just what I can do to make this a special welcome home.”

Jasper's hand ran through Seth's hair, playing with the silky strands. “I don't know, love, but I'm sure we can figure something out.”

“Let’s stay here? Everyone was home when I left. I want you and only you.”

“I like the sound of that,” Jasper replied with a smirk, leaning down to chastely press his lips against Seth.

Seth’s hands went to Jasper’s shirt, undoing the buttons as they shared short kisses. When the last button was undone he pushed the fabric off of Jasper’s shoulders. His hands went to Jasper’s pants, fingers trailing lightly under the hem of Jasper’s pants.

Jasper's body shook as Seth's fingers teased his skin, but his hands wrapped around Seth's, pulling them up to his mouth. He pressed his lips against them and smiled down at the teenager. “Now, love, you're not going to tease me. Not after I had to hunt you down. That was teasing enough.”

“What do you want me to do then? We always seem to tease.”

Jasper leaned down to his little love again, nibbling at his earlobe before speaking. “I'd love to feel your hot little mouth around my cock.”

Seth groaned softly. “You’ll have to let me take your pants off then.”

Jasper pressed one last kiss to Seth's knuckles before he let them go. “By all means,” he replied.

Seth smiled and went to his knees in front of Jasper. He undid Jasper’s belt and then took the zipper down with his teeth, his hands pulling the fabric down. Seth kissed his way to the head of Jasper’s cock before taking it into his mouth. Swirling his tongue in and around the silt.

Yes!” Jasper growled, his hand lacing through his lover's hair, his head tipping back as he moaned lowly.

The younger ran his tongue along the underside of Jasper’s cock before taking the whole thing into his mouth. Seth hummed; the vibrations making Jasper’s fingers in his hair tighten. The groan that resulted of that action made Jasper’s fingers tighten even more.

“Faster, baby, go faster,” Jasper groaned, his hips arching into his lover's mouth.

Seth obliged his lover, his head bobbing up and down faster. Closing his mouth a little Seth let his teeth just barely graze his lover’s erection. Seth pulled back until just the head was still in his mouth, sucking hard on it, his teeth resting on that sweet spot just under the head.

“That's it, babe!” Jasper cried out, his eyes clenched closer as his orgasm suddenly washed over him. “God, Seth!”

Seth continued to suck Jasper until his orgasm had ended. Smirking, Seth swallowed and then licked his lips. “I’m guessing that means it was good?”

“Better than good,” Jasper replied, smiling down at the teenager. “Maybe if you ask me nicely I'll show you.”

Seth stood, leaning heavily against Jasper, his lips just inches from his imprints. “And what if I don’t? What if I don’t want to ask nicely?”

“Then I'll make you beg for it,” Jasper replied, his fingers brushing over the younger's jaw line.

Seth hummed before pressing against Jasper. The elder raised an eyebrow as Seth said, “Lay down and prove it.”

“Prove it?” Jasper replied, smirking as he sank to the ground, pulling his little love along with him. “Are you sure you want me to prove it?”

Seth pressed a teasing kiss to Jasper’s lips. “One hundred percent.”

“Uh-huh,” Jasper replied, pushing the teen against the grassy meadow before he loomed over him. “You'll change your mind before I'm done.”

Seth grinned. “I’m waiting.”

Jasper snorted softly with laughter, shaking his head slightly before he pressed his lips against the teenager's, setting out to prove just how teasing he could be and he wouldn't stop until Seth was begging for release.

Seth returned the kiss, arching into Jasper. He traced his tongue against the seam of Jasper’s lips, when Jasper didn’t open them he bit lightly at his elder lover’s bottom lip. Seth whined softly needing something from his imprint.

Jasper fought hard against the urge to open his mouth and moan at the feel of Seth biting his lower lip; somehow he maintained control and continued kissing Seth (his lips sealed closed) before his lips left Seth's, continuing along the teen's jawline.

Seth gasped softly as Jasper teased the sweet spot on his jaw with kisses and gentle nips. He arched his neck to give Jasper better access to that spot. Seth also arched his hips into Jasper’s again; even with his shorts still on his arousal was evident against Jasper’s leg. Jasper felt a warm hand against his chest, moaning softly when Seth teased the sweet spot there.

It was hard to concentrate with Seth's arousal pressed against his leg, even harder to focus with Seth's lust and desire baring down on him, but somehow he managed to press a little of those emotions back at Seth. Fighting dirty in order to get what he wanted.

He sucked gently on Seth's sweet spot, leaving behind a dark mark before he moved on. His teeth caught the younger's collarbone, raking over it gently before sucking on the spot. His hands brushed down the teenager's sides, tickling the skin before brushing over the sweet spots on his hips.

“Ahh…” Seth moaned deeply as Jasper pushed his emotions back into him. At this rate he was going to cum without any touching to his erection at all. Seth bit his bottom lip as Jasper touched his favorite sweet spots. A sound very much like a purr escaped his throat when Jasper’s teeth grazed against one. Seth knew his lover had a wonderful mouth… but this… “Oh God…”

“That's right, love...” Jasper laughed against Seth's skin, his thumbs rubbing lazy circles around his sweet spots before he pushed himself back up, his hands going to the button on his pants. “Pray to God...pray that I'll let you cum.”

“You’d better,” Seth growled, watching Jasper with dark eyes.

“Maybe I will, maybe I won't,” Jasper replied, smirking as his hands undid the button and pulled down the zipper. “You'll just have to wait and find out.”

“Oh c’mon Jazz! I didn’t tease you that badly!” Seth pouted.

“No. You just led me on a wild wolf chase,” Jasper replied, his lips curved in a playful smirk as his hand slid into the teen's pants, seeking out his erection. “Didn't I say I'd make you beg for it?” He reminded the teen, his thumb pressing against the sweet spot underneath Seth's head. “And didn't you tell me to prove it? Well this is me proving it, love.”

Seth groaned, his head arching back. “Yeah… I told you to prove that you’d make me beg, not whether or not you let me cum… that… that’s just evil!”

“Evil? That's not evil. Evil would be not letting you cum at all,” Jasper pointed out, leaning over the teenager again, not saying anything more as his lips encircled the teen's nipple, sucking gently at the hardened nub of skin as his finger moved along the younger's cock, not yet grasping it.

“We must have different definitions of evil Jazz… cause I’m finding you pretty evil right now.” Seth whimpered and tried to arch into Jasper’s hand.

“Just imagine how it'll feel when I finally do let you cum,” Jasper replied, lifting his lips from the teen's chest. After he spoke he blew a stream of cold air onto Seth's nipple, his other hand coming up to tease its twin and still his fingers ran over Seth's erection.

Seth shivered as the cold breath brushed over his nipple. Lifting a hand he buried his fingers in Jasper’s hair pulling his head up before capturing the cold lips in a kiss. Seth bit Jasper’s bottom lip the same moment he tightened his grip on Jasper’s hair. A growl vibrated deep in his chest.

Jasper groaned against his little love's lips, his control slipping just a fraction as his finger's now encircled his lover's cock, giving it a good stroke as he eagerly returned the kiss.

The sound Seth made in response to that action was somewhere between a groan and a moan but Jasper wasn’t sure it could be considered either one. Seth bucked his hips a couple of times trying to get Jasper to stroke his erection more. The younger also ran his tongue along the seam of Jasper’s lips wanting to deepen the kiss.

Jasper continued to stroke the younger's cock, but he didn't do it any faster or harder. It was enough to take care of the pressure, but not enough to get his little love off. His lips parted and another moan was lost to the kiss as Seth's tongue eagerly brushed against his own.

Seth teased Jasper’s tongue with his own, waiting until just the right moment to capture his lover’s tongue to suck on it. Seth’s free hand traveled between them, brushing over the sweet spot on Jasper’s chest before continuing on to find his favorite, the one by Jasper’s belly button. He rubbed the spot; let his nails dig into it lightly before rubbing it again.

Jasper's eyes clenched closed and his body shook, renewed desire flooding his system and making his hand move faster over the teenager's erection. He broke the kiss, his loud groan echoing through the meadow before he looked down at his lover through hazy eyes. “Not fair...” he hissed.

Seth grinned, a bit wickedly in Jasper’s opinion as he continued stroking the sweet spot. “All’s fair in love and war Jazz.”

Jasper snorted softly at that, but did not deny it. He knew what Seth was trying to do now and it was hard to resist the teenager. He knew the right buttons to push to get what he wanted and he obviously wasn't above doing it.

Seth’s hand slipped down from that sweet spot to take hold of Jasper’s erection. His lover was hard again and Seth grinned as he stroked the hardened flesh.

Jasper leaned his forehead against Seth's chest and moaned lowly as he bucked into the younger's hand. “Completely unfair,” he murmured against the younger's skin.

“Would you like for me to do your version of fairness?” Seth questioned. He let go of his lover’s erection and just barely brushed his fingers against it.

Jasper whimpered and his body shook, then he lifted himself to his knees and grabbed his lover's hands before pinning them above his head. “What were you saying about fairness?” He asked, smirking down at his lover before he ground their hips together.

“Hey…” Seth groaned. “That was just your version.” He arched his hips into Jasper’s, finding an enticing rhythm with his lover.

Jasper chuckled, but the sound quickly morphed into a groan when Seth matched his thrusts.

Seth bit his bottom lip and whimpered. He didn’t want to beg but he was so close! All of Jasper’s teasing… his fingers twitched against Jasper’s itching to touch his lover or himself. He quickened his thrusts but that only served to fuel the feeling more. Seth groaned, “Please Jazz…”

“Please what?” Jasper groaned, his hips still moving lazily against his lover's. “You've got to tell me what you want, babe.”

Seth almost said, I want to feel you inside me, but he caught himself. He did want that… especially right now but he didn’t want Jasper to suddenly pull away from the suddenness of it. “You know what I want; I want you to get me off just like I want you to let me go so I can get you off.”

Jasper groaned softly at the younger's words and seconds later he let Seth's hands go before he leaned down and pressed their lips together.

Seth returned the kiss eagerly as one hand went back between them. Taking hold of both their erections in that hand he started stroking them together. He may never admit this out loud because… well Jasper could feel how much he enjoyed this. But Seth loved the feeling of their erections pressing together.

Jasper's groans were lost to the kiss as he bucked into the younger's hand, the feel of their cocks sliding together making his body shake.

When Seth’s lunged burned for air he broke the kiss. As he panted, his forehead resting against Jasper’s shoulder, he angled his thumb so that it brushed against that sweet spot just under the head of Jasper’s cock.

Jasper's lips found the side of Seth's neck and he sucked on the skin, only stopping to groan when the teen's thumb found his sweet spot. He retaliated in the only way that he could, his lips found the spot just beneath the younger's ear.

Seth whimpered softly biting his lip. “Jazz… you’re driving me crazy!”

“How do you think I feel?” The vampire whispered hotly against his lover's ear, one of his hands going between them to join the younger's on their cocks. Helping to stroke them towards that release.

“Right…” Seth gasped as Jasper’s hand joined his. “That’s it Jazz…”

“You like that?” Jasper asked, pressing quick little kisses to the teen's sweet spot as he moved his hand with Seth's.

“Uh-huh… but then… I like that too,” Seth said with a grin. Bringing his free hand up he rested it on Jasper’s hip and then slid it in so that his thumb teased the sweet spot next to Jasper’s belly button. “And you like that right?”

The elder groaned softly as another of his sweet spots were teased, his hand moving faster over them. “You know I do, babe,” he murmured heavily, using his gift to give the teenager a little taste of how much he enjoyed it.

Seth moaned deeply, his eyelashes fluttering as he arched against Jasper. “I’m not gonna last Jazz. Please…”

“That's it, babe,” Jasper cooed lowly, his lips returning to the spot he had abandoned, sucking the area with a renewed vigor, determined to leave behind a mark though he knew it wouldn't last past tomorrow morning.

Seth pressed his thumb into Jasper’s sweet spot once more as he tipped his head back. “Jasper!” He cried out as he came.

Watching Seth come, feeling his release course through his body as though it was his own was enough to push the vampire over the edge. He came, growling out his lover's name.

After taking in a few deep breaths Seth wrapped his arms around Jasper and peppered his face with light kisses. Finally he came to Jasper’s lips, he kissed those hard, pouring all the love he felt for the elder into it. “Mine…” He purred when he broke the kiss.

The force of Seth's kiss sent shivers down Jasper's spine and again he realized he had found what he had been missing with Alice. A love so complete it seemed overwhelming at times, but he couldn't imagine life without Seth now that he had him. “Always, love, always.”

Seth smiled, burying his face in Jasper’s neck. “I’m so glad you’re home Jazz. I looked up trips for spring break. I think the best option is a week long trip to Scotland, Ireland and England.”

“I'm glad to be home too,” Jasper replied. Phone sex can only go so far and at times it was pure torture when all he wanted to do was be surrounded by his little love's heat.

Seth nuzzled Jasper’s neck, kissing the cold skin lightly. A hand went to Jasper’s hair, fingers running through the blonde locks. Glancing around Seth giggled, “Looks like we melted the snow that was left.” There had been spots of knee deep snow in places; Seth had avoided them for his game.

Jasper pushed himself up to his knees and he looked around. Chuckling softly. “We really did,” he agreed.

“Can’t say I’m surprised,” Seth said as he sat up running a hand through his hair. “We are very sexy.”

“That we are,” Jasper replied with a laugh as he pushed himself to his feet, holding out his hand to help Seth up.

Seth took Jasper’s hand and was pulled to his feet. Using some of the snow he cleaned himself and Jasper up before pulling his clothes back on. He watched Jasper get dressed and then held his hand out. “I’m sure the rest of your family wants to see you… though I wish I could just keep you to myself.” Seth’s stomach grumbled loudly and he laughed.

Jasper chuckled, pulling the teen to him, wrapping his arms around the younger. “That's alright. I'll spend some time with everyone while you eat and then after I'm all yours.”

“I’ll be sure to save some room,” Seth stated as he rested his head on Jasper’s shoulder.

That drew another laugh from Jasper as he hugged the boy to him one last time before taking his hand and heading into the woods, leading the teen back towards their house.


“You should’ve seen the look on Seth’s face!” Emmett laughed as he told Jasper about Seth’s surprise party.

Seth nodded as he ate. “They got me good, I thought everyone had forgotten,” he confirmed.

“Never little bro!” Emmett gave him a noogie and Seth swatted his hand away. “Oh to slow!”

“I’ll show you who’s to slow,” Seth growled as he stood from the table.

“Seth, you haven’t finished your supper,” Esme said. Seth looked down at his mostly eaten food.

“I’m done, I promised Jazz I’d save some room,” he replied moving toward Emmett.

“C’mon puppy,” Emmett urged running out the door. Seth laughed and followed him, phasing to chase the large vampire once he was outside the house.

“Why on Earth do you want him to save some room?” Esme asked, turning to Jasper and if he still retained the ability to do so, he would be blushing as he shook his head.

“No reason.”

An hour later Seth and Emmett returned, Seth had the bigger vampire in a headlock, which Emmett could have easily broken but he didn’t. “Say it! Say it!” Seth told him.

“I’ve been puppy whipped,” Emmett grumbled.

“Ha!” Seth grinned as he let the elder go to reclaim his seat by Jasper.

Emmett continued around the table, laying his hands on Jasper's shoulder and squeezing. “That's one mighty wild puppy you've got there brother,” he said, purely teasing, Jasper could tell as the elder threw a smirk at the younger shifter. “You should look into leashes.”

Seth hummed. “But then a collar would also be needed.”

“And that'd be toeing into territory we don't even want to get into,” Jasper replied as Emmett chuckled.

“Ooo kinky!”

“If you say so Jazz,” Seth said with a grin.

Yet! Territory that won't be toed yet!” Jasper corrected himself with a playful, yet seductive smirk as he looked at his little lover.

Seth returned the smirk, his hand going under the table to rub Jasper’s leg. “I’ll look forward to it,” he purred.

Jasper’s hand disappeared under the table as well, his finger tangling with Seth’s, only to be sure that the teenager’s hand didn’t wander any higher than what it ought to when they were surrounded by family and friends. “All in due time, love, all in due time.”


Jasper laid on his side, watching his little love sleep so soundly, hating the fact that he had to wake him up. His fingers brushed his cheek, receiving nothing but a sigh in return, before he leaned forward and pressed his lips against the sleeping teen's.

Seth moaned softly returning the kiss lightly. The hand that rested on Jasper’s side tightened its grip. Jasper broke the kiss, his lips going to Seth’s forehead and then his eyes. “Morn’n Jazz.”

“Mornin' babe,” Jasper murmured, smiling at the teenager as his fingers caressed his cheek.

Seth smiled and snuggled into Jasper. “Is it really time to get up? Seems like I just went to sleep.”

You're the one that didn't want to go to sleep last night,” Jasper replied, pressing another kiss to the teen's lips. “We've got a long drive ahead of us, but you can sleep in the car.”

“Okay, we packed already right?”

“I packed us up last night after you finally fell asleep,” Jasper replied with a smile.

Seth grinned. “Sorry?” He offered.

The elder chuckled softly. “No, don't be, love.” He ran his hand through the younger's hair and leaned forward again to press a kiss to his forehead. “It was a very entertaining night.”

“It was,” Seth agreed stretching. “Just let me get dressed and we can get on the road.”

Jasper nodded and untangled himself from his little lover; he pushed himself off of the bed and then snagged the clothes he had gotten out for Seth. “I took the liberty of getting some clothes for you, you don't mind, do you?”

“Course not, especially since you grabbed my comfiest jeans and t-shirt,” Seth answered as he stood. He took the clothes from Jasper with a kiss and went to the bathroom to wash his face, brush his teeth and get dressed.

Jasper had already taken their overnight bags to the car and had stowed them away, all he had to do was wait for his little love and find out what he wanted for breakfast.

Seth came out of the bathroom a few minutes later. He put his dirty pajamas in the dirty clothes basket and then looked at Jasper. “I think I’ll just make some buttered toast and put jam on it for breakfast.”

Jasper couldn't stop his laughter if he wanted to. “I was just going to ask that,” he replied.

Seth grinned. “Well now you know.” He held out his hand for Jasper to take. “Shall we head up?”

“Yup,” Jasper replied, taking his lover's hand.

Together they went upstairs and to the kitchen. Esme offered to make Seth his toast but he assured her that he could handle this on his own. Jasper sat at the table reading the paper while Seth made his toast. Once Seth had eaten his fill they both kissed Esme goodbye and then went out to the car.

“I can’t believe you are keeping this whole weekend a surprise,” Seth said as he buckled his seatbelt.

“I can't believe that you seriously thought you could get me to tell you last night,” Jasper shot back, a pleased and amused smile on his face as he closed his own car door and buckled his belt before he smiled at his lover. “You'll just have to wait and see!”

“But Jazz… I hate the suspense of surprises!”

“Believe me, I know, but it's just too fun keeping you guessing,” Jasper replied with a snicker, starting up his car before backing out of the garage.

Seth pouted for about fifteen minutes until Jasper reached out and started playing with the hair at the back of his head. The touch made him relax and a happy smile settled on the younger’s lips. Within a few more minutes he had fallen back to sleep under the gentle touches.

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A/N: Pg. 258

Date: 2012-12-15 04:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lovergyul.livejournal.com
Seth is one horny lil teenager! Lol!

Date: 2012-12-15 05:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] avari-maethor.livejournal.com
Oh he is indeed! His relationship with Jasper is all about temptation... so he has to put Jasper through his paces!


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