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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


Seth took a deep breath as they stepped out of the Seattle airport. “It’s good to be home,” he said looking up at his lover.

Jasper nodded in agreement. “I was sad to go home, but it is nice to be back,” he replied with a smile.

“Seth! Jasper!” Esme called waving at them. A smile spread across Seth’s face as he ran to hug the motherly vampire. Jasper smiled watching them, he had been worried about Seth after they almost went there but his lover seemed fine.

Jasper slowly approached the pair, giving Seth his own time with Esme, he knew how much the woman meant to Seth and he wasn't going to impede on that.

“We saw a play at the Globe Theater and I actually liked it!” Seth told Esme, digging in the carry on he was carrying to show her the copy of A Mid Summer Night’s Dream that they had found.

“That's lovely news!” Esme replied, taking the copy to look over it. “We'll have to watch it together,” she said, sending a wave of 'thanks' Jasper's way. “What else did you see? Are there pictures? I want to see pictures!”

“Lots of pictures,” Seth confirmed. He smiled as he looked at Jasper. “And something else.” He reached into his shirt and pulled the chain that held his dog tags but now the ring Jasper had given him rested on it as well.

Esme blinked and then beamed. “Oh! Is that what I think it is?” She asked, looking at the boy and then at Jasper. “Are you engaged now? Is there another wedding to be planned?”

“Just a small one, only family and just before we move,” Seth answered as Jasper nodded, wrapping an arm around Seth’s waist.

“That's wonderful news!” Esme cooed, wrapping her arms around both of her boys. “I'm so happy for the both of you.”

Seth smiled and returned the hug. “Should we head home now? How is everyone? Jake?”

“Everyone is wonderful. Jake's doing fine. Alice and, believe it or not, Bella are putting together the nursery for Edward and Jacob. That was...an interesting day to say the least,” Esme said thoughtfully, beckoning the boys to follow her out to the car.

“Knowing Alice I bet it looks great,” Seth said as he followed her and Jasper followed him, pulling their suitcase.

“It's shaping up nicely, but of course, you know Alice,” Esme said with a soft chuckle. “She's sure Jacob's carrying two girls and, of course, Edward won't hear anything of the sort. Finally, though, they agreed on neutral colors. Green and yellow.”

Seth laughed. “I didn’t know those were neutral… but I suppose they are better than the pink and blue.”

“By neutral I mean they can be used for a boy or girl. Or both should the situation call for it. After all we won't know what Jacob's having until he has them.”

“But they have both kinds of names, just in case,” Seth said with a nod as they put the suitcase in the trunk of the car and then climbed in. He and Jasper chose to sit in the backseat together, Jasper’s arm around his shoulders.

“Yes. They are not anything if not prepared. Though Edward is truthfully hoping for two boys. Everyone has been teasing him dreadfully. It's driving him nuts,” Esme replied with a soft, fond chuckle as she elegantly slid into the driver's seat.

“I don’t know if Edward could handle two boys,” Seth chuckled as he leaned against Jasper. Losing nearly fourteen hours had made him sleepy and he couldn’t wait to get home.

“Or two girls,” Jasper replied with a snicker, holding his lover closer to him, turning his head to press a kiss to his forehead.

Esme smiled at them in the rearview mirror as she pulled out of the airport parking lot. “We will just have to see.”

“Mhm,” the pair in the backseat agreed.

“I’m planning a dinner tonight to welcome you both home,” she said. “About seven so you have plenty of time for a nap.” Her eyes flickered to Seth in the rearview mirror.

Seth smiled as he relaxed against Jasper even more. “Bless you.”

Jasper chuckled softly at that. “Poor little wolf,” he murmured to his lover.

“You will get used to the jetlag as you travel more,” Esme assured him.

“And we will travel more,” Jasper added with a grin.

“Yeah, I wanna see more of New York City, it looked amazing,” Seth said softly.

“We'll go,” Jasper promised.

Seth smiled at him and then rested his head on Jasper’s shoulder. He was asleep before they left Seattle. Esme and Jasper spoke quietly over the course of the drive back to Forks, neither of their voices bothering Seth.


Seth stared at the papers that Esme had given them that had to do with plans for his and Jasper’s wedding. She had snuck it in with his graded finals so he had been surprised to find the lists of possible guests, dates and things that needed to be done. Seth frowned when he saw that one name was missing from the possible guest list. His mother.

Seth stood and picked up the newest picture of Lilliana, which Leah had just given him earlier, and stuck it in his wallet. His niece was almost five months old and growing like a weed. He looked over at Jasper who was reading on the bed. “Esme brought us some stuff to look over for the wedding,” he said handing Jasper the papers. “There’s one name missing from the guest list that I want there.”

Jasper blinked, marking his page before closing the book and setting it aside before taking the papers from Seth, looking over them and double checking the names himself. That's when he realized that Seth's mother's name wasn't even on the list. He looked up at Seth. “Your mother, right?” He asked.

Seth nodded. “I’m going to go talk to her, it’s time this fight between us ends.”

Jasper gazed at his lover for a long, hard moment before nodding slowly. He could sense the teen's conviction. This wasn't something he'd be talked out of so Jasper would stand by him. “Alright, but I'm taking you to her house.”

“But I’ll be talking to her alone,” Seth stated. “I think she’ll respond better with just me there.”

“That's fine,” Jasper replied, not wanting a repeat of last time when Seth had sent him back home.

Seth gave him a little smile as he leaned in and kissed his lips gently. “At least I have a cell phone now.”

Jasper returned the smile and touched Seth's cheek with the back of his hand. “That's true,” he agreed.

Seth leaned into the touch with a sigh. “Let’s go now? She’ll be home from work soon.”

Jasper nodded. “The sooner the better,” he replied softly.

Taking Jasper’s hand, Seth waited until Jasper was on his feet and had his shoes on before they left their bedroom in Jacob and Edward’s cottage. Jacob lay on the couch, a bowl of chips balanced on his round stomach; his graded finals lay on the coffee table. He glanced up as they walked by.

“Where are you two off to?”

“Jazz is taking me to the rez so I can talk to my mom,” Seth answered as he slipped his shoes on.

Jacob looked shocked as he stared at Seth for a moment. “Good luck with that kid,” he replied, taking a chip from his bowl, munching on it.

“Thanks, I’m gonna need it, need anything before we go?”

“Nope!” Jacob replied, rubbing the side of his stomach. “Though if you could get these kids to stop playing kick ball in my stomach that'd be very much appreciated.”

Seth chuckled and let go of Jasper’s hand to come kneel beside Jacob. “Hey kids.” The way Jacob’s eyes widened told him that the babies had stopped kicking so much. “How about you play a nicer game for your mom?” He snickered at the glare Jacob gave him. “I’ll get you a present while your uncle Jasper and I are out if you’re good okay?”

Jacob sighed in relief as his children seemed to listen to Seth. “You have got to tell me how you do that.”

Seth grinned. “Just call me the baby whisperer.”

Jacob and Jasper both laughed at the younger teen before Jasper wrapped an arm around the teen's shoulders. “Need anything while we're out?” He asked Jacob, having heard about his off the wall mid night cravings from his brother and sure enough by the time they made it out of the house they had an entire list of junk food Edward would scoff at.

“I’ll bet Edward will be glad when the cravings end,” Seth said as he looked at the list as Jasper drove toward the reservation.

“I think they both'll be glad when Jacob finally gives birth,” Jasper replied, snickering softly.

“Well that too,” Seth agreed.

“Though Jacob's nervous about the birth. He'll have to have a C-Section you know.”

“I would hope so because…” He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Ow…”

Jasper snickered softly at that. “Ow's right. Carlisle's not fully sure where the baby would come out if a C-Section wasn't performed. So he went ahead and decided just to do one.”

Seth nodded. “As far as I know there are no stories that cover a male shifter being pregnant. So I would trust Carlisle’s opinion.”

Jasper nodded in agreement, falling silent for a moment as he glanced over at his young lover. “It doesn't scare you, though? Knowing you'll be in Jacob's position one day?”

“Why should it?” Seth asked. “I can’t wait to have your kids and by the time we are ready for them Carlisle will be experienced with it.”

“I was just curious,” Jasper replied with a shrug.

“What about you Jazz? How does it feel knowing you’ll be in Edward’s position one day?”

“I...” Jasper started, frowning in thought. “I honestly don't know. I never even entertained the possibility of having kids. Not even while I was alive. After I was turned and got with Alice there was just...no way.” He laughed softly. “I guess I'm still in shock knowing that one day you and I will be parents.”

Seth chuckled. “Well not for a few years, I promise you that, so you’ll have time to get more used to it. And we’ll have plenty of practice being uncles.”

“That's true,” Jasper agreed with a grin. Being an uncle was an unknown pleasure to him. He hadn't realized how much he wanted a child until Lilliana had been born.

Seth squeezed Jasper’s fingers with a smile as they drove onto the reservation. Jasper stopped outside Seth’s house, beside Sue’s car. “Do you want to get the stuff Jake asked for while I do this?” He questioned.

“I can, but if anything goes wrong...you call me, understand?” Jasper said sternly.

“I will,” Seth promised.

Jasper nodded. “Good luck, babe.”

Seth leaned over and kissed Jasper’s cheek. “I’ll see you soon.” With that he climbed out of the car and walked up to the porch. He knocked on the door as Jasper drove away.

Sue had just gotten in from work and was setting about getting herself some dinner made when she heard a knock at her front door. Frowning slightly she turned and walked to the door, clearly not expecting to see her youngest child on the other side. “Seth!” She said in surprise.

Seth gave his mother a smile. “Hey mom… um… I’d like to talk… may I come in?”

Again Sue was surprised. She nodded and stepped out of the way to let her son in. “Of course.”

Seth stepped in and closed the door behind himself. “So, how have you been?”

“I've been good...still adjusting to an empty house,” Sue admitted.

“I bet it’s pretty different,” Seth agreed as they went to the living room. “It doesn’t have to be like that though.”

“Doesn't it?” Sue replied, shaking her head as she sat in her husband's old easy chair. “What you're doing...and your sister and Jacob...it's unnatural. You shifters...just aren't meant to be with the things you were born to kill. Can't you understand how...how odd that is?”

“It is odd,” Seth admitted. “I can’t deny that… but we also can’t control it. I can also tell you that each of us has never been happier.”

“Happiness is important,” Sue admitted softly, worrying her lower lip.

“I have something to show you,” Seth said fishing his wallet out of his back pocket. He pulled Lilliana’s picture out and held it out to his mother.

“Oh?” Sue replied, taking the picture. “Oh my...look at her! She's the spitting image of Leah!”

Seth smiled. “Her name is Lilliana, she just turned five months. She knows her name when we talk to her and she’s started to try to sit up but hasn’t completely mastered that yet.”

Five months? Already?!” Sue gasped, feeling the prickle of tears before her eyes. “Oh...my...I've missed so much...”

“It doesn’t have to be that way. Leah missed you being at the wedding, as much as she tries to hide it. And she’s had so many mothering questions that Esme hasn’t been able to answer. I’m sure Lilli would love to meet her grandmother.”

Sue chewed on her bottom lip. “I...I do want to see her...and the baby...I really do,” she said, her voice shaking as she wiped her eyes. “I miss you both so much!”

Seth came and kneeled beside her, he took her hand in his. “And we miss you. The Cullen’s really aren’t as bad as everyone used to believe. Esme has been home schooling me and Jake, Carlisle did Leah’s weekly check ups, Emmett wouldn’t let her out of his sight if he could help it.” Seth chuckled. “Once she was about eight months he started carrying her up and down the stairs. Jasper does the same with me, over spring break he took me to England, it was amazing.”

Sue looked down at her son. “Maybe...maybe I could give it another try...”

Seth smiled brilliantly at her. He then bit his lip and glanced down at the floor. “There’s another reason I wanted to come here today.”

“Oh? Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine. I wanted to invite you to a wedding,” he said meeting her eyes.

Sue looked confused. “Another? Who's getting married now?”

Seth reached into his shirt and pulled out his dog tags and ring. He rested the items in her hand. “Me.”

Sue's mouth dropped as she looked at the dog tags and ring. “Y-you?” She asked, her voice high pitched before she looked at her son. “But you're...you're so young!”

“I’ll be sixteen before it happens. Sometime next summer we’ll be moving and Jasper has promised me that we’ll be married before we leave Forks.”

“Oh my gosh...” Sue said, tears sliding down her cheeks. “But...but...marriage?”

“It’s what I want,” Seth assured her.

Sue nodded. Still in shock. “If you're sure,” she replied softly, shakily.

“I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life, and I want you to be there.”

“Oh!” Sue said, surprised. She was sure her children wouldn't want anything more to do with her. “I'd like to be there.”

Seth smiled and wiped her tears away. “That’s great. Jazz has taught me to dance; I would love to dance with you at the wedding.”

“Dance?” Sue asked before laughing. “That's one thing I never thought I'd hear you do.”

Seth grinned. “Well I do, quite well. Leah was so surprised at her wedding, I stood in for dad.”

“That's good,” Sue replied.

Seth turned his head as he heard Jasper’s car pull up. “Will you meet Jasper? On good terms? He’s really the best thing that has ever happened to me mom. He loves me unconditionally and I feel the same for him.”

Sue bit her bottom lip and then looked out the window. “I guess so...” she replied softly.

Seth leaned forward and kissed her cheek before standing. “Do you want to go outside or him to come in here?”

Sue stood as well. “I'll go outside,” she replied softly.

Seth nodded, still holding her hand. With his other he pulled out his cell phone and texted Jasper to give him a heads up before they went outside. She’s going to meet you.

Jasper nearly texted his lover back asking who he was going to meet, but he stopped. It was obviously Seth's mother and a few moments later-after he had climbed out of his car-his thoughts were confirmed when Seth walked out hand in hand with his mother.

Seth gave Jasper a smile as he led his mother down the steps of the front porch. He let her hand go and came to stand beside Jasper, taking his hand instead. “Mom, this is Jasper Hale. Jazz, this is my mom, Sue Clearwater.” Seth’s eyes begged him to be nice even though their past meetings hadn’t gone well.

Both parties just stared awkwardly at each other for a moment before Sue broke the silence. “H-hello Jasper...” she said, smiling though it was small and awkward, it was also genuine.

“Hello Sue,” Jasper replied softly, politely.

“Jasper was a Major in the Civil War,” Seth told his mother.

“A major?” Sue repeated, wide-eyed.

Jasper chuckled softly at the woman's surprise. “Yes ma'am for the Confederate Army based outta Texas.”

“He’s taking college classes online to complete his criminal psychology degree now,” Seth added.

“Criminal psychology?” Sue question, looking and sounding impressed as Jasper nodded sheepishly. The woman was sure he'd be blushing if he could.

“Um, yes ma'am, I'm finally going for my PhD,” Jasper replied.

“That’s impressive,” Sue told him. “What will you do with that? Surely you can’t become a doctor… you look so young.”

“I can't say that's not true, but it’s more about having the knowledge and, quite frankly, it keeps me busy,” Jasper replied with a shrug.

Sue nodded. “I know all about trying to keep busy. Without my children… well I have gotten very good at crossword puzzles.”

“But that’s going to change,” Seth stated. “She wants to see Leah and Lilli.”

“Oh?” Jasper replied, grinning. “I can give you a ride over to our house. I'm sure Esme wouldn't mind having you over for dinner and I'm sure Leah would love to see you.”

“Yeah mom!” Seth exclaimed. “Esme loves having people to cook for and she’s a really good cook… but you know that, you ate with us once.”

“Well...I guess I could come over...if it's not too much trouble,” Sue replied slowly.

“It's no trouble at all. Promise,” Jasper assured the woman.

Seth reached out and took her hand. “Come on, I’ll have Esme show you my final grades, all A’s, and I’ll get her copy of the pictures from England to show you.”

“I'd like that,” Sue replied with a smile.

“Great! I’ll sit in the back so you don’t have to struggle in,” Seth told her.

“Alright,” Sue replied, nodding.

Seth let go of her hand and leaned up to Jasper’s ear. “Thank you,” he whispered before going to open the door for his mother. He slid the passenger seat forward, climbed in and then slid it back into place.

Jasper nodded to show he understood his lover before he got into the driver's seat.

“So Seth said that you are getting married? And then you’re moving?” Sue questioned as he pulled away from the house. The questions were for Jasper so Seth didn’t move to answer.

“Yes ma'am. We're in the process of planning the wedding now,” Jasper replied, glancing at the woman out of the corner of his eye. “And then, yes, we're moving though a place hasn't been picked yet.”

Jasper could tell that she was pleased at him calling her “ma’am”. “You will be coming back to visit right?”

“Of course,” Jasper answered with a grin.

“Good because there would be no coming back from completely taking my baby from me,” Sue stated.

“Don't worry, Ms. Clearwater, I wouldn't put you though that,” Jasper replied.

“It’s much appreciated.” She hesitated for a moment but then patted his hand that rested on the gear shaft. Jasper glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Seth grinning.

Jasper couldn't help but to grin as well. This was going better than he had expected. Better than he imagined.

When he pulled up outside Carlisle and Esme’s, Jasper turned off his car and got out to open the door for Sue. Once she was out he slid the seat forward and offered Seth a hand. “Such a gentleman,” Seth teased.

Jasper chuckled softly at that. “I try to be,” he replied, bringing Seth's hand to his lips to press a kiss to his knuckles before he offered his arm to Sue. “Come on, Ms. Clearwater, I'm sure Seth's already texted Esme to let her know you're coming. She's probably waiting to see you.”

A light blush rose to Sue’s cheeks as she accepted his offered arm. Sure enough, as they approached the door Esme opened it and looked at them with a warm smile. “Ms. Clearwater! It’s so good to see you again,” she greeted wrapping the woman in a hug once she was close enough.

Sue was surprised to receive the hug and she returned it slowly. “T-thank you Esme.”

Esme pulled back and gave her a smile. “You have to be so proud of Seth, he’s so smart!” She said leading the other woman inside. “Just wait here in the living room and I will let Leah know you’re here. I’m sure you’re itching to meet your first granddaughter.”

Seth and Jasper led the woman into the living room as Esme disappeared up the stairs to fetch Leah and Lilliana.

“Should we keep Jake waiting for his snacks?” Seth asked Jasper as they waited.

“I can take them to him if you want to spend some time with your mom,” Jasper replied softly.

“That would be great,” Seth said with a smile.

“Alright. It's no problem. I'll be back soon,” Jasper replied.

Seth leaned up and kissed Jasper’s cheek. “I’ll be waiting.”

“I know,” Jasper replied, touching his cheek before giving Sue a smile and then leaving to deliver Jacob's snacks to him.

“Where is he going?” Sue questioned.

“Jake wanted us to pick up some things for him while we were out,” Seth explained.

“Oh,” Sue replied. “How is Jacob?”

“About eight months along. The twins are giving him a hard time, kicking him all the time. But they stop when I talk to them, it’s weird cause Lilli did the same thing. I told them to call me ‘the baby whisperer’ today,” Seth laughed.

“Isn't that something?” Sue laughed softly in agreement.

“Edward wants two boys so bad but Alice and Bella are convinced that they will have two girls.”

“Watch they'll have one of each,” Sue replied.

“I hope so for their sakes, I don’t think Edward or Jake could handle two of both.”

“They'll do fine. I'm sure.”

Seth looked up as he heard Leah on the stairs. He stood and walked over to take Lilliana from her, figuring she would want to say something to their mother first. “She’s really trying Leah, be nice,” he whispered as he took his niece from her.

“I got this!” Leah said as she handed Lilli off to her brother.

“Hello Leah.”

Leah's eyes snapped to her mother and she couldn't stop the shy smile that appeared on her face. “Hi mom.”

“You…” Sue paused to gather herself. “You look beautiful, motherhood suits you.”

Leah flushed at that as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Speaking of motherhood,” she said, motioning for Seth to show their mother her first granddaughter.

Seth stepped forward, a smile on his face. “Look Lilli, this is your grandma, Sue.”

“Oh, she's beautiful Leah!” Sue cooed softly, touching the baby's cheek.

Lilliana stretched and blinked brown eyes up at Seth, giving him a smile which he returned, before she looked at the woman who was touching her cheek. Lilliana stared at Sue before turning her head back into Seth’s chest with a whimper.

“She just doesn’t know you,” Leah said, her voice apologetic.

“Hey little girl,” Seth cooed adjusting her so that she rested against his shoulder. “This is your grandma, she loves you, and she’s not going to hurt you. Come on Lilli, give me a smile.”

The baby smiled and cooed for her uncle Seth. Kicking her little feet and flailing her arms around.

“That's alright. We'll just have to change that, won't we?” Sue replied, smiling at her children and grandchild.

Seth chuckled. “That’s right. Come on Lilli, we’ll play in the living room.” He carried her past his mother and sister, grabbing Lilliana’s baby blanket from the back of the couch and spreading it on the floor before laying her on her stomach. He sat down beside the blanket watching as she lifted her head and kicked her feet.

Sue watched her son and granddaughter for a moment before she turned back to Leah. “He's really taken to her, hasn't he?”

Leah nodded. “Before she was born he claimed the title of best uncle and I think Lilli thinks that is true. He’s the best babysitter I have, Lilli adores him and he adores her. Seth is going to be a great father when he has his own.”

“That's right! He's able to carry children!” Sue said, feeling silly because though she knew Jacob was pregnant, it hadn't dawned on her that Seth could one day be the same.

“Correct, but he’s not going to…” Leah started.

“For a few years…” Seth said at the same time as her. “I know, I know Leah.”

Sue nodded slowly. “Well that's good to hear,” she said, though she was sure Seth would make a great father once he was ready for it.

“Look mom! She’s sitting up!” Seth called, grinning widely.

Both women looked over at Seth and the baby. Both beaming broadly to see the little girl sitting up. “Oh look at that!” Sue said as Leah called up the stairs for her husband so he could see it too.

Emmett came down, his arm immediately going around Leah’s waist. “That’s my girl!” He said proudly. “Hey Sue.”

“Hello Emmett,” Sue replied, offering the man-her son in law-a smile before looking back to her grandbaby.

Lilliana looked at all of them before smiling widely and clapping her hands. “That’s right Lilli,” Seth laughed. “Good job!”

As the little girl laughed and clapped, she managed to throw off her balance and fall over, but she still giggled. Pushing herself up on her knees she crawled towards her parents.

Jasper walked in as Lilliana crawled toward Leah and Emmett; she paused to look at him and then changed her course, crawling to him instead. At his feet she stopped and held her arms up to him. “Ah! Ah!”

Jasper laughed and kneeled down to pick the little girl up before giving his lover a grin. “And who'd you say her favorite uncle was?” He asked teasingly, cuddling the cooing baby to his chest.

“Still me,” Seth replied. “I was just playing with her before you got here.”

“If thinking that makes you feel better, then sure,” Jasper replied, walking back into the living room, sitting next to Seth. “Jacob and Edward will be over here soon.”

“Jake dig into his snacks as soon as you walked in?” Seth questioned.

“Oh yeah.”

Seth snickered. “I bet.” He lay his head on Jasper’s shoulder as he watched Lilliana play with Jasper’s shirt before she fell asleep.

“Everyone should just sit down, supper won’t be ready for another hour,” Esme said from the kitchen doorway.

The rest of the family-Leah, Emmett, Sue, and later on Edward and Jacob-all sat in the living room. Talking quietly and patiently waiting for dinner.

By the time supper was ready Lilliana had been transferred to Sue’s arms. The little girl had yawned and opened her eyes for a moment but then settled comfortably against her grandmother’s chest. Seth wasn’t 100% sure but he was fairly sure that he saw tears in his mother’s eyes. He smiled as he stood to see if Esme needed any help.

“Smell’s good Esme. Need any help? Setting the table or anything?”

“If you want to, dear, but I can manage.” Esme replied, smiling at Seth as he walked into the kitchen. “I don't want to take away time from your mother.”

“That’s okay, she’s only got eyes for Lilli right now, plus she’d yell at me for not helping,” he replied getting the plates for those who were going to eat down.

Esme chuckled at that. “Alright then. Feel free.”

Seth gave her cheek a quick kiss and then set the table. He went back to the living room to find out what everyone wanted to drink, returning a moment later to pour the drinks.

“Do you know if Jacob's gotten over his aversion to tomato sauce?” Esme asked. “He had said the last time I made this that the tomato sauce was upsetting his stomach and giving him heart burn.”

“Umm… well he asked Jazz to pick up some of those mini frozen pizza’s today… does that count?”

“Hm. I think it does...but, I have a cheese sauce just in case. I don't want the poor dear getting sick,” Esme replied.

“Want me to go ask?” Seth questioned.

“You can.”

Seth nodded and went back to the living room. “Hey Jake, does tomato sauce still bother you?”

Jacob blinked and looked over at Seth. “I got those mini pizzas...does that count as tomato sauce?”

“Esme just wanted to make sure, cause she has the cheese sauce too if you’d prefer.”

Jacob's eyes flickered to his husband and the elder only shrugged. Sighing he turned back to Seth. “I'll just stick with the cheese sauce.”

“Alright, I’ll tell Esme.” Seth went back to the kitchen. “He’ll stick with a cheese sauce, just in case.”

“Alright,” the woman chirped.

A few minutes later Seth helped Esme put the food on the table and then went to tell everyone that it was ready. Carlisle came in from his shift at the hospital just as they sat down. He gave Sue a charming smile before kissing Esme lightly on the lips. “Well it’s good to see pretty much the entire family together.”

“Isn't it though?” Esme replied, smiling widely.

Seth and Leah both smiled at their mother, who sat between them, each squeezing her hand under the table. Lilliana blew spit bubbles at Emmett as if to tell him she was hungry, he laughed and went to get her baby food. Seth laced the fingers of his free hand with Jasper’s on his other side.

“Don’t just stare everyone, dig in,” Esme encouraged.

Jasper squeezed Seth's hand before he untangled their fingers so his lover could eat.

By the time they, meaning the shifters and Sue, had reached dessert Seth was thinking about getting back to the cottage about an hour before Jacob and Edward. The vampire he was thinking about met his eyes and nodded.

“Jake, I think we need to stay here awhile longer and fight for our spot as best uncle to Lilli,” Edward told his husband.

Jacob stopped mid chew and gave his lover a confused look before he swallowed his dessert. “Why?” He asked. As much as he loved to play with Lilliana he was looking forward to a nap or a back massage...or maybe both.

Edward leaned in to whisper in his ear, “Our house guests would like a little alone time, they’ve been so good to us I’m inclined to give it to them. Just for an hour then we can go home and I’ll give you that back massage until you fall asleep… maybe even a sponge bath/back massage.”

Jacob blinked for a moment and then gasped, “Oh! Okay! No problem,” he replied, giving the elder vampire a loving smile before giving Seth a knowing grin.

Seth felt his face heat up a bit as Jacob started to laugh.

“What about your mother?” Jasper questioned quietly in his ear, having heard his brother.

“I figure she’ll want to spend more time with Leah and Lilli, then we can come back,” Seth answered.

Jasper nodded. “I'm sure we can find a reason to slip away then,” he replied.

Seth gave him a smile. “Any ideas?”

“I'm sure there's something that has to be done in the nursery,” Jasper replied.

“Oh yeah, hey Edward, is there anything that we can do in the nursery while you guys stay here?” Seth questioned.

“The cribs need to be put together,” Edward answered, looking over at the pair, knowing that they were looking for a reason to slip away which he was more than happy to give.

“We can do that, right Jazz?” Seth beamed.

“No problem at all,” Jasper replied with a grin.

Edward nodded, giving them both a smile of his own. “We really appreciate it,” he said wrapping an arm around Jacob’s shoulder.

“We should get to that huh Jazz?” Seth questioned as he stacked his, Sue’s and Leah’s plates to take to the sink.

“We should. The sooner it's done, the better,” Jasper replied.

Seth leaned down and kissed his mother’s cheek. “We’ll be back in about an hour,” he promised then took their plates to the sink.

“Alright. I'll be here with Leah, Emmett, and Lilliana,” Sue replied, giving her son a smile.

He nodded and waited at the door for Jasper. Once his lover was close enough he laced their fingers together and they left the house. Seth grinned at Jasper. “We owe them.”

“We do,” Jasper replied readily, giving his lover's hand a squeeze.

Once they were in Jasper’s car Seth looked at his lover. Jasper could tell he was planning something but he didn’t know what. His eyes widened a fraction when Seth’s warm hand rested, and squeezed, his thigh.

Jasper eyed his little love for a moment before he started the car and pulled out of the drive.

Seth’s hand stayed on Jasper’s thigh for a minute before slipping between Jasper’s legs, stroking him through the fabric of his pants.

Jasper jumped in surprise, his foot hitting the gas and accelerating the car, but the vampire got control of himself before he hit a tree or something. “Seth...what are you doing?”

“Teasing you I believe,” Seth answered.

“Seth I'm trying to drive,” Jasper pointed out, his hands shaking as he gripped the wheel, turning around in the drive way so they could drive to short distance back to Edward and Jacob's cottage.

“It’s called multitasking and I know you’re good at that,” Seth purred leaning over the console to nibble on Jasper’s ear.

“At least let me pull over the car, babe,” Jasper answered. “I don't want to hit a tree.”

“Nu-uh, we have just an hour before Jacob and Edward come back and we’re going to use it. I’m just getting us started. I trust you not to hit a tree.”

“Seth!” Jasper groaned, his hands tightening even more on the wheel as Seth's hand continued moving against his erection, making it harder and more needy.

“You’re going to break the steering wheel,” Seth murmured, kissing along Jasper’s jaw line. “Relax baby.”

“Then let me pull over,” Jasper breathed. “Then I will relax.”

Seth took his hand and mouth away causing Jasper to groan in frustration. “Two minutes, that’s all it will take to get to the cottage.”

“And you can't wait for two minutes? So you molest me in my car?” Jasper replied, looking over at his little love. “Or do you have some hidden fantasy you're not telling me about?”

Seth gave him a devious grin. “I’ll never tell…”

The car slowed. They were getting close to the cottage. “I think you should,” Jasper replied, looking over at his lover.

“Nope,” Seth replied.

“Then I can I help make them come true?” Jasper asked, finally pulling to a stop. He turned off the car and then turned in his seat, facing his lover completely.

“It’s actually more of something I would do to you.”

“Oh,” Jasper replied, nodding slowly. “And you won't tell me...why?”

“Cause it’s more fun to show you.”

“Then show me.”

“It’s always done with the driver driving in the movies,” Seth replied.

Jasper chuckled softly at that. “I think we'd need a longer drive way for what you have in mind,” he answered softly.

“You think?” Seth questioned. “I dunno, I think I could bring you to the edge in two minutes.”

“Do you?” Jasper replied in disbelief. “That sounds like a challenge to me.”

“Should I try?” Seth asked with a grin already leaning closer.

Jasper returned the grin. “I think you should.”

Seth’s hand returned to the bulge between Jasper’s legs, his mouth going to Jasper’s jaw. As one hand stroked and rubbed Jasper through his pants the other went to Jasper’s belt, working it undone, then the button and zipper. Jasper expected Seth to use his hand but one moment warm lips were on his jaw and the next he was buried in the warm cavern that was Seth’s mouth.

Jasper let out a surprised gasp and for the first time he thought that he might've been wrong and Seth was right to think he could bring him to the edge in two minutes.

Seth started to bob his head, his tongue working the hardened flesh in his mouth. When he came to the head of Jasper’s cock he teased the sweet spot under the head and then the silt with his tongue before he deep throated Jasper again.

“Oh my God!” Jasper groaned through gritted teeth, forcing himself to hold on, but wanting to let go. He couldn't believe his lover was actually doing it.

The shifter waited, by the amount of pre-cum he could taste he knew his lover was getting close. He teased the sweet spot twice more before deep throating and growling around Jasper’s cock.

Jasper's eyes clamped closed and he came hard into his lover's mouth. “Shit!” He cried out.

Seth milked Jasper with his mouth until the orgasm had completely passed. He sat up and licked his lips before he grinned at his lover. Pulling his cell phone out of his pocket he checked the time. “One minute and forty-five seconds.”

Jasper ran a shaky had through his hair and looked at him lover. “Don't be so smug. You surprised me,” he replied.

“How did I surprise you? I think I gave you perfectly fair warning.”

“I didn't expect you to suck me off,” Jasper replied.

“Never seen them give a hand job while driving in the movies.”

Jasper just shook his head slowly, letting out a chuckle. “God I love you,” he said, smiling at his little lover. “Let's get inside so I can take care of you.”

“Sounds like a plan I’m going to enjoy,” Seth said returning the smile.

“Oh. You will. And you'll beg for more. I promise,” Jasper replied with a sexy grin.

Seth groaned softly, stretching out in his seat, the bulge in his own pants highly visible. “I love it when you smile at me like that.”

Jasper hungrily eyed his lover's cock. “Babe...” he said, his voice heavy with lust. “If you don't get into the house now...you're not going to make it out of the car.”

Seth arched his hips with a sigh once more to tease Jasper before he opened the door and got out of the car. “Coming lover?” He asked just before he shut the door.

Jasper was out of the car and standing by the front door before Seth had even stepped away from the car. “Waiting on you baby.”

Seth smirked and pulled off his shirt, tucking it into a loop at the back of his shorts. The sun chose that moment to peek out, catching the golden hues in Seth’s tan skin. If a shifter could be dazzling… it was that moment for Jasper. The sun also caught on Jasper’s skin, making him sparkle. “I think I’ve been dazzled,” Seth murmured as he approached Jasper.

Jasper held his arms out for his little love, holding his close. “Babe I've been dazzled since the beginning,” he replied softly, smiling down at the younger.

A blush rose to Seth’s cheeks. “Let’s get inside.”

“That'd be a good idea,” Jasper replied as he brushed his knuckles over Seth's cheek before leaning down to his ear. “Because I can't do what I'm going to do to you outside.”

“What? We’ve been together outside plenty of times,” Seth said giving his lover a confused look.

“Not where people could catch us,” Jasper replied, opening the front door, pulling Seth inside. “Especially your mother and Esme.”

“True enough,” Seth agreed as he wrapped his arms around Jasper’s neck. His fingers buried themselves in Jasper’s hair. “So what do you plan to do to me?”

“I can show you better than I can tell you,” Jasper replied with a grin, leading his lover over to the couch. They wouldn't be making it to their bedroom, but that was alright. They had the house to themselves.

Seth hummed as he followed Jasper to the couch. “Then I think you should show me…do you think Edward and Jake will get mad if we use the couch?”

“I doubt it,” Jasper replied, nudging his lover onto the couch.

“Good,” Seth breathed before leaning up to capture Jasper’s lips. They fell back onto the couch, tangling with each other’s limbs.

Jasper easily parted Seth's lips, brushing his tongue against Seth's as his hands struggled to touch every inch of him that he could, needing to feel his lover's bare skin under his fingers.

“Mm…” Seth groaned, his hands trying to go between them to undo his shorts.

Jasper moved his hips slightly, giving Seth's hands room to undo the teen's shorts, sitting up to slip his hands down the back of them once he had done so. His hands cupped the teen's ass cheeks, squeezing them.

Seth hissed in pleasure. “Jazz…”

“What baby?” Jasper purred hotly.

“That feels great, but I think it would feel better if you lost your pants.”

“I lose mine if you lose yours,” Jasper replied, caressing Seth's ass one last time before he pulled his hands free.

“I think that can be arranged.” Seth hooked his fingers around the waist band of his shorts and wiggled out of them. He kicked the shorts to the floor and lay back staring up at Jasper with lust filled eyes.

Jasper slid his pants over his hips and then climbed back on top of his lover. “How's this?” He asked, pressing his naked hips against his lover's.

“Perfect,” Seth answered wrapping his arms around Jasper’s neck again.

“That's real good babe,” Jasper purred before nibbling on his ear.

Seth purred and tipped his head to give Jasper better access. He arched his hips, up and down, against Jasper’s falling into an enticing rhythm.

Jasper's hand rested on Seth's bare hip, encouraging the movement as his own hips followed. His lips moved down Seth's skin, stopping at the sweet spot below his ear, sucking harshly at it as he bucked against the younger.

Seth moaned loudly in Jasper’s ear. His arousal spiked, flooding through Jasper’s senses. His little love was close but he wasn’t done yet. Seth gasped as Jasper’s finger pressed into the sweet spot on his hip. “Un Jazz, those spots drive me crazy!”

“I know lover,” Jasper purred, grinning as he continued to rub the spot and then his lips returned to the one below his ear.

“What…what are you trying to do to me?” Seth panted.

“Makin' you beg,” Jasper replied, laughing softly as his lips continued down his lover's throat, sucking gently at the skin.

“Thought you said you’d make me beg for more… doesn’t that mean I have to have something to begin with?”

Jasper choked back a chuckle before moving away from his lover. “You want to complain about what I'm doing to you?” He asked, sitting on the coffee table, watching his panting, aroused lover.

Seth whined. “I’m not complaining! Merely questioning!”

“That's not what it sounded like to me,” Jasper replied, struggling to keep the grin from his face. He was trying to get his lover to beg him to continue, which was the same as beginning for more.

Seth whimpered and bit his lip. One hand came up and started to wrap around his erection but Jasper knocked that hand away. “Jazz… please…”

“Please...what?” Jasper asked. His voice was deep and hot, dripping with lust and desire for his little love.

“Kiss me, touch me, suck me… I don’t care! Just do something!”

Jasper's lips curled into a grin and then he was kneeling on the floor in front of his lover, leaning forward to run his tongue along the length of Seth's cock.

“Nn!” Seth exclaimed jerking at the touch. “Yes Jazz… more… more of that. Please.”

Jasper chuckled. Even as he took the leaking head of Seth's penis into his mouth.

Seth sighed, his hand coming to rest on Jasper’s hair, his fingers tangling in the curls. Seth’s sighs, moans, whimpers and the tugging on his hair encouraged Jasper to continue. When Jasper took all of the flesh into his mouth Seth bucked, basically fucking his mouth.

Jasper continued to bob his head, but he also let Seth buck into his mouth since he, as a vampire, didn't have a gag reflex. He let his little lover take advantage of that fact and fuck his mouth as his hand went his balls, tickling the sac before slipping behind them to rub against the sweet spot.

“Yes!” Seth basically howled. He pressed back against Jasper’s finger, increasing the pressure on that sweet spot. Somewhere during the course of his movements Jasper’s finger slipped down and almost…almost unnoticed into Seth. The younger groaned, tipping his head back as his lover’s finger moved inside him trying to find that spot.

Jasper continued moving his finger, almost desperately, trying to find that spot inside of his lover as he continued sucking his lover's cock. His free hand took up the job of rubbing the sweet spot behind Seth's balls as his finger brushed against the bundle of nerves inside of the teenager.

A second after Jasper found that bundle of nerves inside Seth; the shifter came in his lover’s mouth. All of the stimulation from the different spots had pushed him over the edge. Seth lay back against the couch, panting, riding out the waves of his orgasm.

After Jasper was done milking his lover he raised his head, smirking as he watched his lover. “Well?”

“Mm… that was great… took longer than two minutes though,” Seth answered with his own smirk.

“I love to tease you too much to speed it up,” Jasper replied.

“I can tell, and I enjoy it.”

“I'm glad you do,” Jasper replied, standing before holding a hand out to the younger.

Seth raised his eyebrow. “We don’t have to go back yet do we?”

“We have time for a shower,” Jasper replied.

“A shower? Or a shower?” Seth questioned.

“A shower if we're quick,” Jasper said with a grin.

Seth took Jasper’s hand, returning the grin as he stood. “Let’s make use of that shower then.”

“Of course.” Jasper led his younger lover to the bathroom to shower, making a mental note to get their clothes before they went back to the main house.

Seth turned the water of the shower on once they reached it. Stepping into the stall he let the water run down his heated skin, knowing Jasper was watching. “I find it really sexy when I know you’re watching me,” he murmured without looking at Jasper.

Jasper chuckled softly at that. “I can't help but too watch you,” he replied softly. “You have no idea how beautiful you are.”

Seth blushed again, running a hand through his hair. “Jazz…” He murmured embarrassed.

“What?” Jasper replied, eyebrow arched. “It's true.”

“Maybe but you don’t have to say it… it makes me blush.”

“But you're cute when you blush.”

“You’re bias.”

“I don't think so. I'm sure there are plenty of people that'll agree with me.”

“Well I think plenty of people will agree that you’re the cute one.”

“Maybe so, but you're still beautiful,” Jasper replied with a sexy grin as he approached his little love.

Seth gave his lover a smile over his shoulder as Jasper wrapped his arms around his waist. He groaned softly as Jasper started to nibble on his neck, he could feel Jasper’s growing erection pressing against his ass and that was a turn on all of its own.

“How about that shower?” Jasper whispered huskily in his lover's ear as he bucked his hips against Seth's naked ass, sighing softly.

“I think that shower would be a great idea,” Seth answered as he laced his fingers with Jasper’s.

“Mhm,” Jasper hummed in agreement before stepping away from his little love so Seth could climb into the shower first, after he was in and Jasper took a minute to admire his naked, wet form before he joined the teen in the shower.

Seth pressed himself up against Jasper, leaning up to capture his lips. Jasper ran his hand down Seth’s side, squeezing a round cheek briefly before he raised Seth’s leg. Seth moaned into the kiss as he placed his hands on Jasper’s shoulders using them to lift himself and wrap his legs around Jasper’s waist.

Jasper's hands rested against his lover's bottom before he pressed the teen against the wall to give him better leverage. He needed to touch his lover. One hand remained on his ass cheek, his fingers slipping along his crack, tickling the teen's sensitive skin as his other hand immediately sought out his semi erected length.

“Jazz! Don’t tickle, please!” Seth exclaimed wiggling against him.

Jasper chuckled softly before nuzzling his lover's neck. “M'not trying to tickle you darlin',” he murmured softly, his accent a little stronger as his fingers slipped between the teen's cheeks, searching for that tight ring of muscle.

Seth sucked in a breath as Jasper’s finger brushed against the ring of muscle that would let him into his body. He tilted his head giving Jasper more room as he arched, Jasper’s first finger slipping into him as he did so. “Yes Jazz,” he purred.

Jasper's lips curled into a smirk as his nose brushed against his shifter's pulse, now quickened because of his teasing as he pushed his finger in deeper before curling it, searching for his little love's sweet spot.

“Ah!” Seth exclaimed as Jasper found his sweet spot. His fingers tangled in Jasper’s hair, pulling lightly as that finger brushed against and then pressed into his most sensitive bundle of nerves. “Yes Jazz, right there.”

Jasper growled softly against Seth's skin as his hair was tugged on. “There?” He asked, growling still as he spoke and thrust his finger sharply against that spot.

Seth’s pleasure spiked in Jasper’s senses as he cried out. “Yes!” Seth’s muscles clamped down around Jasper’s finger as he arched against the touch.

Jasper used his gift to feed the pleasure he felt from the teenager right back to his little lover, all the while pressing his finger against the spot as his other hand stroked his erection.

Seth rocked himself against Jasper, matching his lover’s pace of strokes. “God Jazz…” He groaned.

Jasper could tell his lover was close, the teen was nothing more than a mess of raw emotions and Jasper loved every second of it as he thrust his finger faster and faster, his hand increasing its pace as well.

Seth buried his face in Jasper’s neck, his fingers pressing into Jasper’s skin, as he came. Jasper had his back to the water so Seth’s cum splattered on his stomach and chest, not washing away immediately. As the last of Seth’s orgasm passed he kissed Jasper’s neck with a happy and contented sigh.

Jasper grinned as his ran his fingers through his lover's cum before he sucked his fingers clean, moaning softly in pleasure.

“Sexy,” Seth murmured against Jasper’s neck.

“Tasted even better,” Jasper replied hotly as soon as he removed his fingers from his mouth.

“I bet.” Seth nibbled on the skin of Jasper’s neck. “I would like my own taste.”

Jasper smirked at that and shifted so that the spray of water washed away the cum of Seth's abdomen. “Oh look at that...” he said. “I guess you'll have to suck something to get a taste, huh?”

Seth chuckled. “Like I had planned anything else,” he said as he unwrapped his legs from Jasper’s waist and found his footing on the floor. He kissed Jasper’s neck again, working or rather…tonguing and nibbling his way down Jasper’s chest.

Jasper ran his hands through his lover's hair before switching their positions so that he was the one against the wall; he leaned heavily against the tiles and watched his little lover.

Going to his knees, Seth licked his lips before he swiped his tongue over the head of Jasper’s erection. Pre-cum leaked from the slit and he licked that away too before running the tip of his tongue under the head, pressing against the sweet spot there.

Jasper groaned lowly as he leaned his head back, his hands tightening in his lover's hair. “That feels real good baby,” he sighed in pleasure.

Seth ran his tongue along the vein on the underside of Jasper’s cock. When he reached the head again he took the hardened flesh into his mouth and started to suck, his head bobbing back and forth. One hand came up cupping Jasper’s balls as he sucked, he rolled them gently, his finger seeking that spot behind them.

Jasper chewed on his bottom lip, fighting back his sounds, his body shaking. “Babe!” He cried out in pleasure when the teen's fingers pressed against his sweet spot.

“Hm?” Seth hummed as he continued moving his head, looking up at Jasper through his lashes.

“Don't stop, baby, don't stop!” Jasper murmured, his hands brushing through Seth's hair.

Seth purred and started to move his head faster. He let his teeth lightly rake the underside of Jasper’s erection before they touched that sweet spot, his tongue teasing the silt again.

“Yes!” Jasper cried out as Seth's teeth dragged over his sweet spot. “Damnit, baby...” he groaned through gritted teeth as his orgasm raked through him.

The younger continued to suck his lover until he was sure the orgasm had passed. Seth licked his lips as he pulled back and looked up at Jasper. “How come you sound so disappointed?” He asked in confusion.

“Disappointed, baby?” Jasper questioned, looking down at the teen. “Oh no I'm not disappointed at all,” he replied, his hand slipping down to his shoulder as he used his gift to show his little love how much he enjoyed it.

Seth sighed, resting his head against Jasper’s arm. “Good,” he said with a smile. “I never want to disappoint.”

“You couldn't,” Jasper replied softly, stroking his love's cheek. “Even if you tried, babe, you couldn't disappoint me.”

“Good to know.” Seth stood and kissed Jasper’s lips gently. “We need to be getting back… but we should put together at least one crib first.”

“We should. After all that's what we left for,” Jasper replied, snickering softly. “It shouldn't take too long though.”

Seth nodded and turned the water off. Reaching outside the shower he grabbed a towel for Jasper and handed it to him before he found one for himself. “And we can’t forget our clothes by the couch. Jake would never let me live it down.”

“I'll get them. You go ahead and get dressed, alright?” Jasper replied, taking his towel from his lover before leaning over to steal a kiss.

The younger sighed into the kiss before breaking it as he nodded. “I’ll do that,” he answered. Seth left the bathroom and went to their bedroom to find a change of clothes. After changing he went to the nursery and started to look at the boxes that contained the cribs.

Jasper left a few moments after Seth did, gathering their clothes before he took them to the laundry room to be washed later on. Then he went to their bedroom and got dressed before joining Seth in the nursery. “So? How bad is it?” He asked, kneeling next to his lover to look at the boxes as well.

“It appears that the instructions are in Chinese and…Russian?” Seth said blinking at him owlishly.

“Chinese...?” Jasper asked, frowning as he pulled the box closer so he could look at it. “Russian? What in the hell...?” He asked himself, shaking his head, wondering where in the hell Alice had ordered this from. “Well...the Chinese is Japanese unfortunately...I can't read that. Alice, however, can.”

“Should we… take a picture of it and send it to her?” Seth questioned pulling out his cell phone.

“We should,” Jasper replied. “And send her a text that tells her to pick out furniture from countries that have languages that more than just she can speak.”

Seth snickered as he took pictures of the instructions and sent them to Alice with the message, translation please? Then he sent her another text, Also, Jazz says to pick out furniture from countries that we all can speak.

A few moments later Seth's phone buzzed with Alice's reply. Ask Edward. He's fluent in Japanese and Russian.

Seth showed Jasper the reply. “Guess we’ll have to wait til later huh? It would just be easier for him to be here, he can tell us what to do and we’ll do it.”

“Yeah. I guess we should,” Jasper agreed, standing. “But it'll probably be after Jake falls asleep. You think we should leave them the house for awhile?”

Seth shrugged as he also stood. “We can, not sure Jake was really wanting anything more than a nap and a backrub.”

“Better safe than sorry where those two are concerned,” Jasper replied, giving Seth a meaningful look. He'd rather not be stuck in the house with two lust ridden teenagers going at it.

“This is true,” Seth agreed. “We can go for a run after taking my mom home or just stay and play with Lilli.”

“Let's stay and play with Lilli?” Jasper asked, grinning. “We've got to get our places back as her favorite uncles, after all, because we both know Edward dazzled her.”

Seth laughed. “Sounds like a plan.”

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A/N: Pg. 437

Date: 2013-01-14 01:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nitranae.livejournal.com
I must say I love this story & love that it's being continued. You're doing a great with the writing & the development of the characters. I look for this daily in my news feed. I love this story so much.

Date: 2013-01-14 03:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] avari-maethor.livejournal.com
I'm glad you are enjoying it. Sadly, this is just the RP. The written version would be much different. Eventually this will end because Starry left the Twilight fandom before we finished it.

Date: 2013-01-25 01:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lovergyul.livejournal.com
Awwwww...Loved this! I like that Sue finally came around. It was long overdue. She needed to know how much she was missing. Glad she is trying. Lilli just sounds so adorable.

Date: 2013-01-25 01:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] avari-maethor.livejournal.com
She could never deny her baby anything :P


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