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Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


Seth lay curled up next to Jasper later that night. They were both shirtless and in their sleep pants, Seth’s fingers were tracing invisible patterns onto Jasper’s chest innocently as Jasper read. Seth sighed and lightly rubbed his head against Jasper’s side. “What are you reading?” He questioned glancing up at his lover.

Jasper glanced down at his little love. “A Civil War novel,” he replied softly, closing his book with his finger marking his page in between. “Though it's more fiction than truth.”

Seth smiled. “And you would know.”

“I guess I would, wouldn't I?” Jasper replied with a grin.

Seth nodded. “Read to me?” He questioned.

Read to you?” Jasper repeated as he threaded his free hand through Seth's hair. “I suppose I could.”

Seth purred softly and stretched. “Please?” He requested.

“Of course,” Jasper replied. “But you've got to give me a kiss first.”

“A kiss?” Seth made a face as he sat up and leaned over Jasper. “Now why on Earth would I give you a kiss as payment for reading to me?” The amusement he felt from his little love made Jasper smile.

“Why on Earth would I read to you without a kiss?” Jasper replied.

“Because you love me and basically do anything I ask…” Seth said as he leaned in.

“Oh I do love you and I'll do nearly anything you ask of me, but I still want a kiss,” Jasper replied, grinning as he watched the shifter.

“What do you say?” Seth questioned, his breath ghosting over Jasper’s lips.

“I'd say please, but I think you'd still kiss me if I didn't,” Jasper remarked thoughtfully, stroking the younger's cheek. “So I'll say I love you so very much and I would enjoy a kiss before I read to you.”

Seth grinned. “You would be correct sir.” With that he leaned the rest of the way in and kissed Jasper.

Jasper grinned against his lover's lips, dragging the kiss out a little longer before he broke it. “I just started a new chapter,” he replied.

“Great, what has happened so far?” Seth asked as he reclaimed his spot curled up next to Jasper’s side.

Jasper gave a short, simple summary of the story thus far before he looked down at the teenager. “So get comfortable and I'll read to you,” he said.

“I’m very comfortable,” Seth replied draping an arm over Jasper’s waist.

“Good,” Jasper purred before he started reading the chapter he had just started, unknowingly lulling his little lover to sleep.

Jasper didn’t realize Seth was asleep until he noticed that the younger was snoring.

The vampire blinked and looked down at his little love. He smiled fondly and touched his bare shoulder before returning to his book, no longer reading aloud.


It was a quiet, lazy evening in the cottage. Jacob was watching TV in the living room with Edward and Jasper was absorbed in another book with Seth at his side, lost in his own book. All was well at least right at this moment, then he sensed the presence of Alice and Bella entering the house along with a hesitance that was nearly overwhelming.

Seth looked up at his lover as he felt him tense. He sniffed the air, catching Alice and Bella’s scents. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “It’s just Alice and Bella.”

“I know,” Jasper replied softly, hearing the murmuring voices of the four in the living room. “They're hesitant about something.”

“Should we go see?” Seth questioned marking the page in his book.

Jasper didn't answer right away. He just stayed quiet for a moment, reading the emotions he could sense. “I...I think we should...I don't know what they're hesitating about, but whatever it is might upset Jacob. He doesn't need to be stressed.”

Seth nodded and lay his book down then slid off the bed. He took Jasper’s hand once his lover stood and they went out to the living room. Everyone was frowning, Bella had a pleading look in her eyes and Seth had trouble to manage a smile of greeting when they all looked like that. “Hey guys… what’s going on?”

“Bella has something to tell Jacob,” Alice replied, offering Seth the smallest of smiles possible as Edward snorted, his eyes narrowing.

“Don't you have something to say too, Alice?” Edward asked.

The said girl shifted and frowned. “I was getting to that...”

Jasper looked between the four, frowning at all the conflicting emotions in the air. “What's going on?” He asked, repeating Seth's question.

Alice looked at Bella and gave her a little push. “Tell him.”

“Um...” Bella said nervously, shifting where she stood before she heaved a great sigh. “Okay, okay...Jacob...” She looked at the younger boy. “I'm leaving...”

What?” Jacob interrupted.

“I'm leaving to join the Volturi,” Bella finished quickly. “And Alice is coming with me.”

Now it was Jasper’s turn, “What?” He looked at his ex in confusion. Alice had always hated the Volturi, she said they gave her the creeps.

Alice groaned at the looks she received, but before she could say anything, Jacob was heaving himself off of the couch. A great feat for him since the couch was low to the floor and Jacob's pregnant belly was huge. “You're joining who?”

“Oh, come on Jacob, you know who the Volturi are,” Bella replied with a nervous laugh, snapping her mouth closed at the look Edward gave her. She sighed again and ran a hand through her hair. “It's for the best. Trust me.”

“I know who the Volturi are, Bella! That's what I don't get. Why in the hell are you and Alice running off to join them?!” Jacob snapped, Edward standing next to him, laying a hand on his shoulder before pushing him back down to the couch.

“That's something I'd like to know too, Alice,” Jasper replied, arms crossed over his chest and his golden eyes narrowed.

Alice met his eyes and he saw so much in them that he had to wonder what she had seen. “We should talk in the other room,” she said.

Jasper nodded slowly. “Alright,” he replied, glancing at Seth before leaning down to his ear. “Would you stay here? Keep an eye on Jacob?”

“Of course,” Seth answered giving Jasper’s hand a comforting squeeze. He didn’t know how much help he would be to Jacob but he would try his best.

Jasper nodded before kissing the back of his lover's hand before he nodded Alice into the other room.

Alice went into the other room and waited until Jasper had closed the door. “I know this comes as somewhat of a shock… but you had to know something was coming,” she said.

“I didn't think it was something like this!” Jasper replied, frowning. He may not have been in love with Alice anymore, but he still loved her. Their time together just didn't disappear. He didn't want to see the girl give herself over to a bunch of monsters. “What are you and Bella thinking? How can this possibly help things?”

“More than you can imagine,” Alice replied. “I’ve seen it.”

“I still don't think this is a good idea,” Jasper replied. “Do you realize that the stress of telling Jacob could put him into premature labor?”

“I couldn’t convince Bella otherwise, she thought he should know and once her mind is made up it cannot be changed.”

“Did you tell Carlisle? How about Esme? You know this'll break her heart,” Jasper replied.

“They know and they are not pleased…but they trust me.”

“I hope you two know what you're doing,” Jasper replied softly, shaking his head slowly. He wasn't going to try and stop either girl, because he knew it was pointless. Once either got an idea in her head heaven and hell couldn't stop them from going through with it.

“We have an idea,” Alice said with a small smile. She stepped forward and rested her hands on his shoulders. “I’m also doing this for me… I need to become my own person, I tried in Alaska but there were still too many memories haunting me.”

Jasper suddenly felt a wave of guilt. His own guilt. He had never meant for Alice to feel this way. He had never meant to hurt her. But it happened. And he was sorry, but she knew that already. It wasn't something she wanted to hear. “Alright. I'm going to trust you, but only because I know several people who'd be willing to go to Italy to kick the Volturi's ass if they hurt you or Bella.”

Alice laughed. “Seth included?”

Especially Seth,” Jasper replied with a grin.

Alice returned the smile and kissed his cheek. “No regrets Jazz.”

“Never,” Jasper replied, knowing he'd never have any regrets where Seth was concerned. “I just hope I won't have any in ten years, I mean, you do remember how much Jane hates Bella right?”

“I do, everything will work out, I promise,” she assured him.

“I'm holding you to that promise,” Jasper replied seriously.

“I know.” Alice gave him another smile and then stepped around him opening the door to go back to the living room. Her smile widened when she saw Seth hugging Bella, Bella was crying but also laughing at something Seth was saying into her ear. He glanced at her as she approached and let Bella go to wrap her in a hug.

“I can’t believe you’re not gonna be here to take pictures,” he whispered as he hugged her, talking about his and Jasper’s wedding. “But you’re gonna send me something from Italy right?”

Jasper laughed at that, glad to feel that Jacob's emotions weren't as frazzled as he had expected them to be, but then again, Edward had mastered the art of keeping his lover calm. “She'll send you something great, I just know it. She feels awful about missing the wedding and possibly missing the twins' birth.”

“Of course!” Alice agreed ruffling Seth’s hair like she would a little brother. Her gaze softened as she looked at him. “You keep Jasper happy okay?”

“Like I could do anything else,” Seth answered hugging her again.

“This is...it's stupid...a-and...stupid!” Jacob said, obviously still upset, Edward's arm around him as the pregnant shifter glared at his best friend. “You just...you'd better be careful...or I swear...”

Edward chuckled at the creative phrases his lover came up with, but did not say, his cheeks flushed in his anger. “Love...calm down, please, think of the twins...”

“How can I not think about the twins? They won't stop kicking me!” Jacob snapped, turning his glare onto his lover.

“Do I need to work my magic over there?” Seth questioned as he let Alice go.

“I think you do, baby whisperer,” Edward said, holding his pouting mate close, trying not to laugh at the younger's plight.

Seth smiled as he came over and kneeled in front of Jacob. Laying his hand on the side of Jacob’s stomach he started to talk. Relief almost immediately showed on Jacob’s face and Jasper relaxed. Seth smiled up at his alpha. “Better?”

“I wish I know how in the hell you did that,” Jacob said with a smile, breathing a sigh of relief.

“It’s a secret,” Seth replied with a laugh. He made eye contact with Edward even as he thought, ‘Don’t tell him but I honesty have no idea.’

Edward chuckled at that and nodded once to show he understood before he pressed a kiss to his lover's temple.

Alice and Bella stayed for awhile longer, until Jacob got hungry and Seth went to the kitchen to fix them both some supper. Jasper stood, leaning against the counter, lost in thought as Seth cooked. “Heck of a day,” Seth said after about ten minutes of silence.

“You got that right,” Jasper replied softly, shaking his head. “You never know what those two will do...give it ten years and I bet my cowboy hat that they'll have taken over the Volturi.”

“Doesn’t that mean if you’re wrong that you have to get rid of the cowboy hat?” Seth questioned.

Jasper nodded. “You don't know Alice like I do...she'll drive Aro nuts. Trust me,” he replied, shaking his head.

“Well I hope so for your hat’s sake. I like that hat.”

“I can always get another hat if I'm wrong,” Jasper pointed out, smiling fondly at his lover.

“Won’t be the same hat though,” Seth replied.

“Starving shifter in here!” Came Jacob’s voice from the living room.

“Almost ready!” Seth called back.

Jasper chuckled. “Better get him fed before he starts eating his arm,” he laughed, leaning over to press a kiss to his lover's cheek. “I'll be in the bedroom, kay?”

Seth nodded. “I’ll be there after I eat.”

“I'll be waiting,” Jasper replied with a grin before heading back into their bedroom.

Seth watched his lover go until the smell of burning barbeque caught his attention. He quickly turned the chicken to stop the burning and then turned the stove off. He quickly fixed the macaroni and cheese and placed it on plates for him and Jacob. “Hey starving shifter! Supper’s ready!”

“Great! I'm starved!” Jacob replied as he waddled into the kitchen, Edward following closely behind. Alice and Bella had left a few moments before.

“I know,” Seth replied giving him his plate. “Hope you like your chicken just a little burnt.”

“Jasper distracted you, huh?” Jacob replied, sitting in front of his plate. “Vampires are very distracting when they want to be,” he pointed out as Edward snorted softly.

“I think you're forgetting how distracting you can be when you want to be,” the elder pointed out, eying his pregnant lover.

Seth snickered as he ate even though he agreed and knew Jasper agreed with Edward’s opinion. When he finished he put his plate in the sink, Jacob was still eating. “Do you want me to wait til you’re done to do the dishes?” He asked.

“I’ll take care of it Seth, thank you,” Edward answered.

“It was good even though Jasper made you burn it,” Jacob said, still working his way through his food.

Seth smiled as he laid a hand on Jacob’s shoulder. “Glad you like it. I’m getting a lot of cooking experience living with you.”

“It's not a bad skill to learn,” Jacob replied in a matter of factly voice as Edward snorted with laughter, he blinked and looked over at his lover. “What in the hell is so funny?!”


“Me? What about me?”

“You can't cook,” Edward pointed out.

Jacob mouth dropped. “I can too! I can cook ramen! Can't I Seth!”

Seth scratched his head. “Well… the time you made it for us you burned the water. Only other person I know to have done that other than Jasper.”

“Okay, fine, I can microwave ramen!” Jacob replied, pouting.

Edward smiled and wrapped an arm around his husband. “Just takes practice.”

“Yeah Jake, I’m sure if you practice after the twins are born you’ll become a master ramen chef,” Seth agreed.

Jacob rolled his eyes. “I'm not that bad!” He said, looking between the two as they both nodded that he was that bad.

“Like Edward said Jake, practice, don’t trust it to be easy just because it’s ramen,” Seth told him.

“But, it's just ramen...” Jacob pouted as Edward laughed, pulling the younger teen against his chest.

“Don't worry, love, I'll teach you how to cook,” Edward promised.

Seth shook his head and left the two talking about ramen while he went to his and Jasper’s bedroom. “Did you finish another book?” He asked looking at the closed book on the bedside table.

Jasper nodded, lounging on their bed. “Right before you three started arguing about ramen,” he replied, grinning.

Seth chuckled. “I bet that was amusing to listen to.”

“Oh yeah,” Jasper replied, laughing softly.

“Until Jake burnt the water that time… and then the time he set the microwave for to long… I thought everyone could cook ramen.”

“Jacob seems like the type to be easily distracted. God knows that he's distracted by Edward all the time.”

“Because Edward’s so dazzling,” Seth said quietly.

“Hey you're pretty dazzling yourself...of course, not literally...but you really don't want to sparkle, trust me,” Jasper replied, giving the teen a smile.

Seth returned the smile. “You’re right; I have no desire to sparkle.”

“That's good because you are perfect the way you are, baby.”

“You think? I don’t know…” Seth looked at himself in a mirror. “I could go for being a few inches taller.”

Jasper's eyes ran over his lover's body. “Yeah...maybe a few more inches...I wouldn't have to bend over so far to kiss you.”

“Hey! I’m not that short!” Seth pouted.

The elder laughed aloud. “No, you're not, but too much taller and you'd be taller than me.”

“This is true… and I like watching you lean down to kiss me…” Seth mused.

“Do you now?”

“Very much.”

“I like leaning down to kiss you.”

“Oh? I think you should show me show much you like it,” Seth said as he turned away from the mirror.

“You want me too?” Jasper asked, sliding off of the bed, making his way over to the teenager. “I can certainly arrange it if you want it.”

“I do… but I think if we’re gonna do more than make out then we should go out to the meadow or something.”

Jasper nodded slowly in understanding. “Do you want to do more than make out?” He asked, his hands resting on Seth's hips.

Seth thought about that. “Well we haven’t just made out in awhile, might be a nice change… I’ll leave it up to you.”

“We can stay here...if things get heated we can always leave,” Jasper pointed out.

“This is true,” Seth agreed as he ran his hands up Jasper’s arms and around his neck, one set of fingers tangling in his hair.

“I love feeling your fingers in my hair,” Jasper said softly, leaning down to his lover.

“That’s good…because I love the feeling of your hair between my fingers.”

Jasper smiled at that before he pressed his lips against the younger's.

Seth purred into the kiss, his fingers tightening around Jasper’s hair as the kiss deepened. He opened his mouth willingly when Jasper traced his lips with his tongue.

Jasper's tongue dipped into his lover's mouth. Tasting him. He groaned softly when his tongue touched Seth's.

Seth sucked in a breath through his nose as Jasper’s tongue touched his, the cold sending a shock down his spine. He stepped back toward the bed, bringing Jasper with him.

Jasper let the younger lead him to the bed as he ran his tongue all over the inside of his mouth. Savoring his taste.

When the back of his knees hit the bed Seth fell back, once more bringing Jasper with him. He groaned as Jasper’s weight pressed against him. Seth teased his tongue against Jasper’s, battling with him.

Jasper grinned as they kissed; loving the battle his little love gave him as they kissed.

Seth pushed his tongue back into Jasper’s mouth, his hand leaving Jasper’s hair to press against the back of his neck, deepening the kiss further. His other hand went down to where Jasper’s shirt was riding up, seeking out the sweet spot by Jasper’s belly button.

The vampire moaned hotly against his lover's lips as his sweet spot was teased and while it turned him on, he still wasn't aroused enough to have to stop to get Seth to the meadow.

Warm fingers kept stroking that spot as Seth’s tongue traced every inch of Jasper’s mouth. Seth found Jasper’s taste as addicting as the vampire found his. It was like honey and spice, all at the same time. Seth groaned as he pulled back from the kiss to breathe, biting Jasper’s bottom lip at the last second.

Jasper groaned at his lover biting his bottom lip, his hands clutching the comforter a little harder as he gazed down at his lover.

Seth panted, trying to catch his breath, a light blush darkening his cheeks. “Have I…told you… how good…a kisser… you are?”

“I'm sure you have. Once or twice,” Jasper replied with a smirk. “But I still like to hear it.”

“Well you are a good kisser Jazz… though I don’t have much basis for comparison… pretty sure Sky in the third grade doesn’t count.”

Jasper laughed softly at that, leaning down to chastely kiss the teenager again. “You're a good kisser too, you know. Excellent, really. Sometimes kissing you drives me crazy.”

“Does it? How so?” Seth questioned, one finger lazily tracing a circle around Jasper’s sweet spot while the other played with his hair.

“When you bite my lip. That drives me insane, baby,” Jasper purred, leaning down to nuzzle the side of his lover's face.

Seth chuckled. “Well I know that.”

“I know you do,” Jasper replied.

“You know what drives me crazy?” Seth purred in Jasper’s ear.

“What babe?”

Everything about you.”

Jasper chuckled at that. “I'm glad I have that effect on you.”

“But of course your voice is in my top three easily,” Seth said with a smile.

“Oh really? And why does my voice make your top three?”

“Because it reads to me, talks to me on the phone, provides your moans and groans…”

“Funny. That’s exactly why I love you're voice too,” Jasper replied with a smile.

“Is it?” Seth questioned stretching under his lover. “Amazing how things work out like that.”

“I know, right?” Jasper replied before pressing feather light kisses along his jaw.

Seth purred softly, tilting his head to the side. “That’s another thing; your lips are so talented.”

Jasper smiled against the younger boy's neck. “Just like your tongue then?”

“Is my tongue talented?”

“Oh yes, baby,” Jasper replied.

Seth shivered at the tone of Jasper’s voice. Wrapping an arm around Jasper’s neck Seth pulled him into another deep kiss. He nibbled at Jasper’s lip before slipping his tongue back in Jasper’s mouth.

Jasper caught his love's tongue between his lips and sucked gently at the digit, relishing in the teen's groans before he released it and brushed his own tongue against Seth's. His hands left the comforter and returned to the younger's body, gently caressing his sides.

Seth arched into Jasper as the cold fingers brushed against the sweet spots on his hips. At this rate they would end up in the meadow…

Jasper wasn't sure how long he could keep this non sexual. The more they kissed and touched, the more aroused Seth (and himself) got. The more aroused Seth got, the more his feelings unknowingly affected Jasper. He was so turned on right now. It was ridiculous from just kissing alone.

When the kiss broke again Seth grinned up at his lover. “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

“Well, it's not a gun...” Jasper replied with a sheepish smirk, biting his bottom lip for a moment. “So I guess I'm just happy to see you...” He paused, eyes widening as a groan fell from his lips as Seth's hips arched into his own. “Real happy to see you.”

“That’s good, cause I’m pretty happy to see you myself.” He kissed Jasper chastely on the lips again. “Meadow?”

Jasper chuckled softly and swiftly climbed off of his little lover. “Meadow,” he agreed with a nod.

Seth got to his feet and laced his fingers with Jasper’s. “Let’s go.”

“Let's,” Jasper agreed, squeezing the hand held within his own before leading the teen out of their room.

“We’ll be back,” Seth told Edward and Jacob who were watching something on TV in the living room. Jacob opened his mouth to say something but they were out the door before he could get it out.

“Damnit, I was going to ask them to get some Chinese.”

“They aren’t going to town,” Edward replied as he rubbed Jacob’s ankles.

“Then where…?”

“Their meadow.”

“At night?”

“At night,” Edward replied with the smallest of smirks. “If you want Chinese, though, I'll be more than happy to get it for you.”

Jacob groaned, “But then you have to stop rubbing my ankles.”

“I'll call the main house? Ask Esme. Or Alice, maybe Bella?”

Jacob smiled. “That’s the best suggestion of all.”

“I can do that,” Edward replied, leaning over to press a chaste kiss to Jacob's lips before he reached for his cell phone on the coffee table.


Outside Seth looked at Jasper. “Do you want me to phase so that there’s no clothes when we get there… or would you rather there be clothes to remove once we’re there?”

“Phase. It'll be quicker baby,” Jasper replied, honestly not sure he wanted to wait to remove the shifter's clothes.

Seth nodded and removed his clothes, being sure to give Jasper a teasing view as he tied the clothes to his leg and then phased. The sandy blonde wolf rubbed his head against Jasper’s hand.

As soon as Seth had phased and rubbed against his hand Jasper took off towards their meadow.

Jasper heard his lover let out a bark and then the shifter was right behind him. When they entered the meadow Jasper stopped and turned to wait for Seth. One moment he saw his wolf coming out of the tree line and the next he was on his back in the grass, the heavy weight of his wolf on top of him, a warm tongue under his chin and the neck the weight shifted and a very nude Seth sat on top of him, his lips on Jasper’s immediately.

Jasper fell into the kiss immediately, his hands already on his lover's naked body, touching what skin he could as his tongue pushed past the younger's lips.

Seth groaned and pressed himself into Jasper. His fingers sought out the buttons of Jasper’s shirt to undo them and get it off his lover. Rocking, he ground his erection against the one he could feel in Jasper’s pants.

Finally Jasper's hand rested on his lover's hips and he guided the teen's movements against him.

Seth caught Jasper’s tongue, as his lover had done to him before, and sucked on it for a moment before he released it. Undoing the last button of Jasper’s shirt he pushed the fabric aside and ran his hands down the plane of Jasper’s chest to go to his belt buckle and the button/zipper under it.

Jasper watched his lover for a moment before he reached for his lover's erection, wrapping around the hot length of flesh, stroking it slowly.

Seth’s hands stilled for a moment, his hands clenching the fabric of Jasper’s pants. “No fair… distracting me…” He murmured.

“I couldn't resist, babe, you know what else I can hardly resist...” Jasper replied hotly, his thumb rubbing the leaking head of his erection.

“What?” Seth groaned.

Jasper stopped his ministrations and brought his thumb to his mouth, licking the precum off of it. “Tasting you, baby.”

Seth watched Jasper, his eyes full of lust. “Well you know there’s a better way to get a taste.”

“Oh, I know,” Jasper replied hotly. “Take off my pants and I'll get a taste of you. Promise.”

The younger wasted no time after that, though he hadn’t really been trying to take his time before. Jasper raised his hips, and Seth, just a bit so that his pants could be removed. Seth practically purred at the feeling of their erections pressing together.

Jasper sighed softly in pleasure before he flipped their positions, for a moment, he simply ground his hips into the younger boy's.

“God Jazz…” Seth moaned. “Don’t stop unless you have something better in mind.”

“Well I was going to suck your cock,” Jasper replied softly. “But if you want me to keep doing this...”

“Decisions… decisions…” Seth hissed. “I think your mouth may be the better of the two.”

“That can certainly be arranged love,” Jasper purred before he pushed himself up and slid down his lover's body.

“Just don’t tease… please don’t tease.”

“Oh no. I won't tease you,” Jasper promised before his tongue swiped the head of his lover's erection before taking the tip into his mouth.

“Yes!” Seth cried out bucking his hips into Jasper’s mouth.

Jasper let the teen buck into his mouth, his hand cupping his balls instead of holding him down, moving his mouth and tongue over his lover.

Seth groaned as Jasper rolled his balls in his hand. “J-just like that Jazz…”

The vampire kept bobbing his head, running his tongue along the vein underneath his lover's cock, his finger pressing against the spot behind his balls.

Seth bit his lip to keep himself from crying out again. He could already feel his orgasm approaching. Jasper wasn’t kidding when he said he wasn’t going to tease.

Jasper doubled his efforts, feeling through his lover's emotions that his little wolf was close. He wanted to bring his lover there. He needed to get his lover off almost as badly as he needed to get off himself.

Seth buried his hands in Jasper’s hair, his fingers tightening around the strands. “Nn!” He exclaimed as he arched and came in Jasper’s mouth.

Jasper swallowed all that his younger lover gave him before his mouth left the teen's deflated cock, only to press against his lips, parting them before plundering Seth's mouth with his tongue.

“Mm…” Seth groaned into the kiss. One hand left Jasper’s hair to slip between them, stroking Jasper’s erection.

Jasper's erection jumped in interest when Seth's hot hand encircled it and his hips bucked into his love's fist as he moaned into the kiss. His eyes clenched closed as his pleasure washed over him. He wouldn't last long. He knew that.

Seth broke the kiss as he nibbled on Jasper’s bottom lip. He sped up his strokes and tightened his fist around Jasper’s cock. His other hand stayed in Jasper’s hair, tugging gently on the strands.

Jasper groaned hotly against his lover's lips, his hand moving to clutch the grass next to them, tearing it from its roots.

“Cum for me Jazz,” Seth purred in his ear.

Jasper's orgasm exploded between their bodies no more than a second after Seth requested him to do so.

Seth continued to stroke Jasper until the feelings his lover was projecting calmed. Bringing his hand from between them he licked his fingers. “Glad I got a taste.”

Jasper chuckled at his lover. “Glad to provide one,” he replied.

They lay together in the warm grass for a good thirty minutes, Seth half asleep but still threading his clean fingers through Jasper’s hair. Jasper lay on top of his little wolf, as close to sleep as he could ever get. “Hey Jazz…” Seth murmured.

Jasper shifted to look down at his lover. “Hm?” He answered.

“I need to get the book for the driver’s test to start studying soon.”

“That's right,” Jasper replied, grinning slightly. “When's your birthday again?”

“January 28th,” Seth answered.

“That's right,” Jasper replied, nodding. “Still got plenty of time to plan.”

“Plan?” Seth questioned. “Plan what?”

“If I told you I'd have to kill you,” Jasper replied seriously, pressing a kiss to Seth's jaw. “And I don't want to do that so you'll have to wait and find out.”

Seth groaned and pouted. “I hate it when you tell me you’re planning something but won’t tell me what it is.”

“And I love it when you try to figure out what it is.”

“Does it have to do with my turning 16?” Seth questioned.

“Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.”

Seth pouted. “Really not fair Jazz.”

“No, no. Not fair would be telling you. Then you'd have to wait until it happened,” Jasper pointed out.

“True enough…I guess…” Seth sighed. “Will I be really excited about it?”

“Yeah...I think you will be.”

“Does it have anything to do with a car? I was looking at one of Jake’s magazine’s and decided that I like the look of the older Mustangs vs the new one’s.”

“Maybe,” Jasper replied shrugging. “Like I said, you'll have to wait and see.”

Seth sighed. “Alright, I’ll stop guessing…for now. Will you take me to get the book tomorrow?”

“I can do that,” Jasper replied with a nod.

The younger smiled. “Awesome, I can’t wait to get my license.” He yawned, settling sleepily in the grass. “Will you let me practice in your Mustang?”

“I can't see why not,” Jasper replied

Seth’s smile widened. “Even better!”

Jasper chuckled softly. “Hey if you're going to sleep let's get back to the house, alright?”

“Afraid of bears?” Seth teased.

“Not at all,” Jasper replied, pressing a kiss to his lover's neck.

“Other things that go bump in the night?” Seth purred.

“Oh, baby, I'm the only thing that goes bump in the night,” Jackson answered before nipping at his lover's neck.

Seth chuckled before he flat out laughed. “Damn right,” he agreed.

Jasper laughed as well before he climbed off of his lover. “Come on, babe, let's head home.”

Seth nodded and pulled his shorts and shirt back on. Once Jasper was dressed they started back, before they were even out of the meadow Jasper swept Seth off his feet and into his arms. Seth was surprised but he quickly relaxed in his lover’s arms, resting his head on Jasper’s shoulder. He was asleep by the time they reached the cottage.

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A/N: Pg. 453

Date: 2013-01-20 02:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daleah.livejournal.com
It's great chapter as always!
Although I'm currently obsessed with another couple, I can not help noticing how cute Seth and Jasper are together.

Date: 2013-01-25 01:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lovergyul.livejournal.com
Awwww....I have never seen two horny people. They're worse than Edward/Jacob. Lol! They get along really well too.

Date: 2013-01-25 11:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] avari-maethor.livejournal.com
Well, Jazz and Seth had to wait. They have time to make up for!


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