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Sorry for the brief posting hiatus, my life got really busy all of a sudden. But we're almost to the end! On with the show!

Title: Intermediate Imprinting: Temptation
As RPed by: [livejournal.com profile] starry_nights88 & [livejournal.com profile] avari_maethor
Pairings: Jasper/Seth, Edward/Jacob & Emmett/Leah.


Seth picked up his wallet and tucked it into his back pocket. “I’ll go get Lilli while you convince Jake and Edward that it’s okay that they leave sound good?” He questioned. Almost a month since his birthday and Lilliana had been begging to have their sleep over night.

Jasper nodded in agreement. “I'm on it,” he replied, grinning at his lover before he headed out of their bedroom and turned towards the nursery, knowing that's where his brother and his brother in law were.

Seth chuckled as he left, hearing Jacob say that he actually didn’t need a one night honeymoon. Both he and Edward had been excited about their night away but now that it was actually here neither wanted to leave. Sliding into his car he turned the key and then drove to the main house to pick up Lilliana.


“You hook the belt…” Leah said but Seth cut her off.

“I know how to hook in the car seat sis.”

Just making sure,” Leah replied, setting Lilliana's overnight bag into the backseat of Seth's car. “This is her first time away from home. I'm nervous. I'm allowed to be.”

Lilliana wiggled in Emmett’s arms. “Dadddddddy let me go!”

Seth laughed. “Well someone isn’t nervous.”

“Oh no. She's going with her Uncle Seth, she was ready to go this morning,” Leah replied, shaking her head with a heavy sigh.

Chuckling Seth went over to Emmett to get Lilliana. “Well if you get to missing her to much you know where the slumber party is.”

“No! This is our slumber party. No mommy or daddy allowed,” Lilliana stated.

“Well… never mind then, sorry guys, no parents allowed.”

“We'll be fine,” Emmett replied, draping his arm over Leah's shoulders. “I know ways to keep her busy, don't worry, Seth.”

“Not in front of your daughter jeez…” Seth said rolling his eyes as Leah hit Emmett’s arm.

“What?” Emmett replied, wide-eyed, as he looked between the two. “I wasn't talking about anything dirty! Jeez!”

“It’s always dirty with you,” Seth replied as he took Lilliana to the car and hooked her into her car seat. “Say bye to mommy and daddy big girl.”

“Bye-bye!” Lilliana called after her parents, waving at them, the two adults returning her waves and blowing her kisses as well.

“I’ll have her home by lunch tomorrow,” Seth promised as he closed the door and then went around to the driver’s side.

“Alright. See you guys then. Be good Lilli!”

Seth climbed back into his car and hooked his seatbelt before turning to look at Lilliana. “Ready to party Lilli?”

“Party! Party!” Lilliana cried, clapping her hands while she bounced in her seat.

Seth laughed and drove back to the cottage. Grabbing Lilliana’s bag first and then his niece he headed into the cottage. He rolled his eyes at seeing Edward and Jacob still there. “Sorry guys but Lilli has said that no parents are allowed here tonight so you’ll have to leave.”

“But...” Jacob started, but then Lilliana stuck out her bottom lip, a move that couldn't be ignored by anyone. The alpha heaved a sigh and pouted. “Alright, alright! We're on our way out now.” He ruffled the girl's hair before giving Seth a look. “Are you sure you'll be okay with all the kids?”

“Jake, it’s only a night. I have Jazz, we’ll be fine. Lilli is going to help us, aren’t you big girl?”

“Me help!”

“Okay. Okay. I trust you guys, but call if you need to, alright? Doesn't matter what time,” Jacob replied.

“We will, promise. Now go, have fun, enjoy yourselves.”

“Going, see?” Jacob replied, making a show of grabbing his husband's hand and walking to the door.

“Wave bye Lilli,” Seth told her as he waved at the married couple. Lilliana copied his action before looking back over Seth’s shoulder.

“Uncle Jazz!”

Jasper poked his head out of the twins' nursery. “Hey Lilli. I'll be out in a minute, alright? Gotta change Caleigh.”

“Can I help?” She asked.

“I think you should wait until you’re a little bigger to experience that,” Seth told her. “Caleigh can be…stinky.”

“Stinky is an understatement, love, this is diabolical,” Jasper called from the nursery.

Seth laughed. “Hence why I left you to take care of them while I went to get Lilli, sneaky sneaky remember?”

“Oh ha ha ha. You get Caleb when he wakes up though,” Jasper replied. “And he has something akin to a mustard bomb in his diaper.”

“I’ll be sure to wear something over my nose,” Seth replied.

“Was I stinky?” Lilliana asked while blinking owlishly up at Seth.

“Still are sometimes,” Seth replied blowing a raspberry on her stomach.

“Something tells me that that won't even help,” Jasper replied, walking out of the nursery. “Caleigh's laying down, but Caleb'll be up soon.”

Seth nodded. “Should we figure out where Lilli is going to sleep tonight?”

“Where ever she wants to?” Jasper replied, shrugging.

“Well if she wants to sleep anywhere other than between us we’ll have to set something up. We can’t have her falling off the couch in the middle of the night,” Seth replied.

“We can make her a palate on the floor in our room,” Jasper suggested.

Seth nodded. “We’ll fix you up right when it’s time to go to sleep,” Seth told his niece. “What do you want to do tell then?”

Lilliana tapped her chin in a dramatic sort of way and for one horrible minute Jasper was sure she was going to ask them to play dress up or something, but the little girl just shrugged. “I dunno.”

“I think mommy packed some of your dolls, how about that?” Seth suggested.

“Mkay,” Lilliana nodded. “Dolls sound fun.”

“Okay.” Seth set her down on the floor and waited to take his hands away until she had gotten her balance. Kneeling next to her he dug two dolls out of her bag. He played with her until Caleb woke up needing to be changed and Jasper took his place. “Jeez kid, what are your parents feeding you?!”

Jasper snorted as Lilliana blinked and looked past his shoulder. “Is Uncle Seth okay?” She asked.

Jasper snickered softly, smiling at the girl. “He's fine. Caleb's just stinky like Caleigh was.”

“Ohhh.” She nodded and went back to playing with her dolls.

Seth came out of the nursery a few minutes late shaking his head. “And we should be good until it’s time for a feeding,” he told Jasper.

“I told you,” Jasper teased, snickering at his lover before he rolled back onto his stomach to play with Lilliana and her dolls.

“I hope it gets better when they start eating solids,” Seth sighed. Two hours later they fed the twin’s, Lilliana helping Seth feed Caleigh, before he fixed their supper. After supper they watched some cartoon movie that Leah had sent, Seth gave Lilliana a bath and put her pajamas on.

“I want a story!” Seth raised an eyebrow at her. “Please?”

“I think I can manage a story,” he told her as Jasper fixed her pallet on the floor next to their bed.

Lilliana smiled broadly as she climbed into their bed, she gave her Uncle an imploring look before patting the space next to her. “I wanna hear about Princesses and Princes! And Unicorns with wings!”

“Unicorns with wings huh? Well… let’s see…” Seth said thoughtfully as he lay on the bed beside her. “Once upon a time there was a princess of a beautiful kingdom… one day while she was out picking flowers for her father the king she followed a butterfly into the forest and got lost. She wandered around for hours and finally sat to rest by a beautiful pond. Before she realized it she started to cry thinking she would never make it home again. Suddenly! Out of the forest came a beautiful white horse, at least that’s what the princess thought it was until she saw the horn on its head and the wings on its back.”

Jasper watched in amusement as Seth told the story and sure enough, Lilliana's eyes grew heavy and her tiredness fogged his senses.

Seth continued his story until Lilliana lay down beside him, curled up against his side sucking her thumb. Seth smiled and stroked her hair before glancing at his lover. “Is she out?” He whispered.

“Like a light,” Jasper replied softly, grinning at the serene picture before him.

“Her bed ready?”


Nodding Seth got off the bed and gathered her into his arms then settled her into her bed for the night. “Let’s go watch a movie,” he said quietly after covering Lilliana. “The twins will need to be changed and fed again before I go to bed.”

“That sounds like a plan,” Jasper agreed readily, heading for the door, holding his hand out for Seth's as he passed.

Seth took Jasper’s hand, lacing their fingers together. He pulled the door closed all but a crack before leading his lover to the living room and the couch. “We haven’t done this in awhile.”

“No we always get a little distracted,” Jasper agreed, snickering softly as he sat on the couch and pulled his lover down next to him, wrapping him in his arms.

Seth grinned before he sighed and sank back into Jasper’s embrace. “We probably shouldn’t get distracted tonight…never know when someone might need us.”

“Exactly,” Jasper agreed, closing his eyes and breathing in his lover's scent. “We can manage for one night, I'm sure.”

Nodding against Jasper’s shoulder Seth grabbed the TV remote and found some movie for them to watch on cable. He was almost asleep, just from Jasper being there and lightly running fingers through his hair, when Caleb cried. Seth yawned and stretched. “Sounds like someone’s hungry.”

Caleigh's cry joined her brother's as Jasper untangled himself from Seth. “Sounds like you're right,” he agreed.

“I’ll warm up the bottles if you want to calm them until their ready so they don’t wake Lilli.”

“Sure thing babe,” Jasper replied, standing before heading into the nursery to soothe the twins so they didn't wake their cousin.

Seth went to the kitchen and warmed up two bottles before joining his lover in the nursery. Giving Jasper a bottle he went to Caleigh’s crib, knowing Jasper preferred Caleb, he smiled down at the girl. “Hey baby girl, are you hungry? I’ve got a nice warm bottle right here for you,” he said as he picked her up.

Jasper got Caleb and lifted him into his arms, stifling his whimpers before brushing the nipple against his lips, the baby eagerly latching on and greedily sucking his formula.

Caleigh finished her bottle first; Seth burped her and put her back into her crib to wait for the diaper changing moment. He took the bottle back to the kitchen and was just about to return to the nursery when he heard Lilliana cry out, “Uncle Seth!”

Poking his head into the nursery he looked at Jasper. “Sounds like Lilli had a bad dream, I’ll be right back.”

Jasper looked up from the baby and nodded at his lover. “Alright. We'll be fine.”

Seth nodded and went to his and Jasper’s bedroom. Pushing the door open he flipped on the light revealing Lilliana sitting up, her face wet with tears. “Hey now, what’s wrong big girl?”

“Bad dream!” Lilliana explained, sniffling.

Scooping Lilliana up into his arms he went to the bed and sat, leaning back against his pillow. He wiped her tears away and kissed her forehead. “I’m here now, no more bad dreams okay? Want me to finish telling you the story?”

“Mhm,” Lilliana replied, cuddling up to her favorite uncle.

“Okay, where did I leave off?”

“Um...” Lilliana said softly, frowning in thought. “I don't remember?”

“Hm… well then…” Seth thought trying to remember where Lilliana had fallen asleep earlier. “Oh I remember, the princess was crying by the pond and the unicorn with wings had just appeared. Well the princess stared at the unicorn unable to believe her eyes. She knew that unicorns only appeared to those with the purest of hearts… the unicorn approached and lay down beside her. It wasn’t until then that she realized how cold the forest was and that her hands were shaking. But the unicorn was so warm so she lay against it and before she knew it she fell asleep.” Seth looked down to where he held Lilliana against his chest and saw that her eyes were closed but she moved when he stopped talking so he picked the story back up figuring she wasn’t to far gone yet. “When she woke up the princess found herself on the unicorn’s back nestled between its great wings. They were no longer beside the pond but somewhere beautiful, things that looked like huge white snow caps were all around them. The princess gasped when she realized that they were flying and the snow caps were actually clouds.” Seth yawned, his own eyes drooping as he continued his story. He didn’t even notice when he himself fell off to sleep.

Jasper couldn't help but to smile at the scene he walked in on. He went over to his lover and pressed a kiss to his forehead before pressing his lips against Lilliana's cheek as well.


Esme laid Seth’s homework sheets out for him as she explained what he was to do. She was preparing Seth for his finals; she wanted him to be done with them so he wouldn’t have any school work to worry about before the wedding. It was much easier without Jasper around; he was such a distraction for her student! That was why she had banned her son from the main house while Seth was working on his school work.

“Now, I just need you to finish these questions and then write one more book report on a book of your choice from the American Revolution era. Next time we meet for class, on Thursday, I’ll have your study guides for your finals,” she explained.

“Great, I have a couple of books in mind for this report, I’ll just have to decide on which to use,” Seth replied as he glanced over the questions.

“Excellent, now I have the final guest list for the wedding for you to look over, small just like you two wanted. And I have the songs and everything listed here too, let me know if I’m missing anything,” she told him.

Seth nodded and packed the lists away. “I’ll look them over tonight and get back to you.”

Emmett was just heading towards the front door to head to his brother's house to see if Edward and Jasper were still on for the hunting trip that night, but as he passed the kitchen he heard the soft voices of his mother and Seth. The pair talking about Seth's upcoming wedding in hushed tones.

“I’d love to do something to surprise Jazz at the wedding… but I have no idea what,” Seth told Esme.

“Well...we have plenty of time to figure out to do,” Esme said, grinning confidently.

Seth returned the smile. “With your help I’m sure whatever we figure out will be good.”

Esme chuckled softly at that. “You just start thinking of some ideas, alright?”

“Will do!”

“Then you're free to return to the cottage. I'm sure Jasper is eagerly waiting for you!”

“Thanks Esme.” Seth finished packing up his things, kissed her on the cheek and then started for the front door. Looking down to dig his keys out of his backpack he didn’t notice Emmett until he had almost walked into him. “Oh Emmett! Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“That's alright! You're just the little dude I wanted to see!” Emmett replied, beaming broadly as he wrapped an arm around the teen's shoulder, leading him away from the front door and into the living room. “I hear you want to do something special for Jazz on your wedding day.”

“Um yeah, I’d like to…but I haven’t had a single idea yet,” Seth replied.

“Well...are you aiming for special...or special?” Emmett asked.

Seth blushed at the inflection in Emmett’s voice and rubbed the back of his neck. “Um…I don’t know.”

“Well have you thought about it...? You know doing something special for your wedding night?”

Seth’s blush deepened. “No! I mean… yes… I mean we don’t… er… I don’t know if…”

Oh! Haven't take that particular dive yet, huh?” Emmett replied in understanding, nodding his head.

“You know you would smell it if we had.”

“Just trying to make conversation,” Emmett sniffed.

“Uh-huh… so did you have something in mind?” Seth questioned.

“Are you thinking about...you know trying on your wedding night?”

Seth ran a hand through his hair. “Yeah I guess… I mean we almost got there when we were in England… Jazz finally gave in and then I freaked out…” He said the last part quietly. “I guess I can kinda blame my mom, we never had that talk y’know?”

Emmett's mouth dropped. “You never had the talk?!” He replied. “Seriously?! You're sixteen and never had the sex talk! Oh my God! What's the world coming to!”

Seth gave Emmett an exasperated look. “Just tell the whole world why don’t you? No, we never did the talk. In case you forgot my dad died, I moved in here when I was fourteen and didn’t see my mother for nearly a year. Leah stopped us a couple of times but we never talked about it. And we had those classes at school but who really pays attention to those?”

“Obviously not you, huh?” Emmett replied, nudging the teenager. “Well...sex can be a wonderful thing, you know? Obviously it's meant to feel good, but it's also the closest you can get to another person.”

Seth blinked at his brother-in-law. “You’re really doing this?”

“I'm really doing this unless you want me to break out the porno...I can do that too...”

Seth blushed again. “No! That’s okay. It’s just… you’re Emmett. You’re the last person I would picture doing this.”

“I can get Esme to give you the talk,” Emmett replied.

“That’s even worse than picturing you doing it.” Seth sighed. “Alright…what do you have to say? I’m hoping this won’t be to frightening.”

“Well you know it's going to hurt, right?” Emmett replied. “Well at least at first...actually with your healing...may hurt a little more, I mean Leah...when we...” He paused upon seeing the look on Seth's face. “Never mind...”

“Yeah… don’t need to know about my sister’s sex life thanks. Pretty sure she would say the same thing. But yeah, Jazz and I discovered that part already and I know there’s stuff out there to make it easier. If that helps.” Seth gave Emmett a little smile hoping to put the bigger vampire at ease.

“Oh, okay, that's good!” Emmett replied, nodding. “You obviously already know to use protection during the full moon...wouldn't want to end up like Jacob or your sister quite yet, right? Leah would probably castrate Jasper...which I'm sure you don't want.”

Seth chuckled. “Really don’t want that. Yeah, Carlisle has already told us and I’m pretty sure he’s given Jasper condoms.”

Emmett laughed as well. “Good! Make sure they're fresh. Those things do have expiration dates that you do want to use,” he pointed out.

“I’ll remind Jazz. So…is it weird to like certain things?” Seth questioned staring at the floor.

Emmett blinked. “Like...what kind of certain things?”

Seth’s face lit up with a blush again. “Like…well… when Jazz and I… I like him to hold my hands above my head…”

“Oh! Those kind of things!” Emmett replied, nodding. “There's nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong at all. Just don't let the kinks over run your sex life. They're fun, yes, but sex is about more than kink.”

“Like what?”

“It's about being together, you know? Connecting on a deeper level,” Emmett explained softly. “It's physically showing your love.”

“Don’t you do that when you kiss?”

“Well, yeah, but you don't have sex with everyone you kiss,” Emmett pointed out.

“Only other person I’ve ever kissed was in the third grade,” Seth replied.

Exactly. You'll give Jasper a very special gift when you and him finally have sex. You'll give him your innocence.”

“So what if I’m not ready on our wedding night?” Seth swallowed before he glanced up at Emmett and then back down at his hands. “Do you think Jazz will be disappointed?”

“Not at all. He loves you. He'd probably wait a hundred years if that's what it took,” Emmett replied.

“I don’t think I could make him wait that long… especially living with Jacob and Edward.”

Emmett laughed at that, nodding in understanding. “I know what you mean, little bro. But don't force yourself to do something you're not ready for.”

“Jazz wouldn’t let me. Being able to feel my emotions and all, he gets worried if I’m feeling any pain or nervous.”

“I know, but he shouldn't have to stop things when he feels that you're not ready,” Emmett replied softly. “That's your job. You have to be able to tell him to stop.”

Seth nodded. “I have…twice, though I don’t really count that one time. That wasn’t his fault. But I can if I have to, even though it kinda bugs me since I was the one pushing it this whole time.”

“Well, you can't help that you thought you were ready, but weren't. At least you know, now, right?” Emmett pointed out softly.

“Yeah…” Seth bit his lip. “Jazz said once that as long as I was questioning it then I wasn’t ready. I guess that’s true… hey Em? Do you remember if you were with anyone before Rosalie?”

“Vaguely,” Emmett admitted. “In my human life, obviously, after I was turned I only ever wanted Rose, but there was at least one before her. I can't remember her face or anything though.”

“Do you remember how you knew you were ready?” Seth questioned.

“Not with my first, kid,” Emmett replied in an apologetic voice. “But, with Rosalie...I just knew. One night we couldn't stop ourselves and we didn't want to. There was no hesitation during and no regret after.”

“No regrets…” Seth murmured. His phone went off in his pocket alerting him of a new text message. Pulling his phone out he checked the message and smiled. “Jazz is wondering where I am.”

“Then you better get back home to him before he comes looking for you,” Emmett replied.

Nodding Seth stood. “Thanks Emmett. You’re heading over to the cottage right? Want a ride?”

“Sure thing.”

Together they walked out to Seth’s car. On the ride back to the cottage Emmett kept talking about things related to their talk. Just as they pulled up to the cottage Seth hit the brakes and stared at him with his mouth open.

“You put what where?!” He exclaimed. “No… you know what… don’t repeat yourself. I don’t want to know. I really don’t want to know.” Seth turned off the car and climbed out shaking his head as he grabbed his backpack.

“Aw c’mon Seth! They can be fun!”


Jasper was already heading towards the door and caught the last part of their conversation. “Do I want to know?” He asked his flustered lover.

Seth shook his head. “I really don’t think you do,” he answered. “I’m gonna set my backpack down and go for a run, I need to get those images out of my head.”

Jasper chuckled at that. “Need company?”

“If it’s you then always,” he said with a smile.

“Let's go then.”

Seth nodded. “Be right back.” Taking his backpack to their bedroom he then came back and took his clothes off tying them to his leg. Seth stretched after he had phased, shaking his fur out, leaning into the touch as Jasper scratched his ear.

“You go and I'll follow,” Jasper murmured softly as he ran his hand through the wolf's soft fur.

Seth wagged his tail and then took off into the forest, running their normal patrol route. After one circuit he veered off the path, cutting through the forest.

Jasper followed his younger lover, letting the teen lead them wherever his heart desired to be.

Seth loved to run; the smells of the forest, the feeling of the dirt under his paws, Jasper running beside him. After a couple of hours he stopped in the middle of their meadow, lay on the ground and phased back. He was panting to catch his breath but a smile was still on his lips. “That was a great run.”

Jasper sat next to his panting lover and took in the sight of his naked, sweaty body. “Did it help with those nasty mental images?”

“A bit, yeah, still…urgh!” Seth replied shaking his head. “Okay, I’m not thinking about it. I’m thinking about anything but.”

Jasper hummed softly and laid down next to his lover in the grass, laying his hand innocently on the teen's stomach. “Why don't you tell me about your lessons with Esme?”

Seth smiled and laced his fingers with Jasper’s. “We did math and history today. I have one more book report due before my finals. It’s a book of my choice but has to be set during the American Revolution. I have a packet of math problems to work on, she wants me to do as many without a calculator that I can. Thursday she’ll have my study guides for my finals.”

Jasper nodded in understanding. “And I suppose I'm not allowed to help with your math, huh?”

“You’re going on the hunting trip aren’t you?” Seth questioned looking at his lover.

“Am I? Is that week really almost here?” Jasper replied, frowning deeply.

“Emmett was coming over to see if you guys were going…I think. But, yeah I guess that week is coming up soon. The full moon doesn’t affect us so I forget to keep track sometimes.”

“I go by smell,” Jasper admitted sheepishly before he leaned down and buried his nose in his lover's neck, taking in his scent. Sure enough there was a slight difference to it. That week was fast approaching.

“Is it there?” Seth questioned, not being able to smell it on his own.

“Barely,” Jasper replied, sighing softly before he laid his head on the teen's chest, listening to his beating heart.

Seth ran his fingers of his free hand through Jasper’s blonde hair. “So are you going tonight?”

“Probably ought to,” Jasper replied, frowning at the prospect of leaving behind his lover.

Seth whined softly. He hated when Jasper left but knew it was needed. “Esme gave me some stuff to look over for the wedding… we could go do that or… I could give you a proper send off.”

“I'm liking the idea of a proper send off,” Jasper replied, lifting his head to smile down at his lover, knowing that there would be no other chance to be with his little love before he left for the week.

“Good, cause I really wasn’t giving you a choice,” Seth said as he pulled Jasper down for a kiss.

The vampire chuckled against his little lover's lips before he straddled the teenager.

Seth moaned into the kiss before it broke. “Well hello there,” he purred. He could feel himself getting hard and could already feel Jasper’s erection pressing into his leg.

“Howdy,” Jasper replied, his voice soft and heavy with his lust, laced with a hint of the southern accent Seth loved so much.

Grinning Seth chuckled. “Where’s your cowboy hat when you need it?”
“Back at home. In our closet. Where you put it after I seduced you with it that one night.”
Seth laughed. “I can’t believe you haven’t gotten it back out yet.”
“Well you're awfully distracting when you want to be,” Jasper replied, smiling down at the teenager.
“Am I?” Seth questioned innocently. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You seem to when you get out of the shower and come back to our room in nothing but a towel. Claiming to have forgotten your clothes,” Jasper replied.
“You like it when I forget my clothes.”
“Oh there's no doubt about that love.”
“And you’re one to talk about distractions. You’re like…Mr. Distraction.” Seth raised his leg just a bit, pressing against Jasper’s erection.
Jasper choked back a moan and buried his nose in his lover's neck for a moment, resisting the urge to press his erection against his lover's legs. “I have no idea what you're talking about,” he murmured.

“Uh-huh, you have as much idea of what I’m talking about that I have about what you’re talking about.” Seth turned his head and ran the tip of his tongue over the shell of Jasper’s ear.

Jasper chuckled softly before gasping in pleasure as Seth's tongue ran along his ear. “Okay, maybe I do have an idea, after all that's why I'm banned from the main house when you're studying.”

Seth chuckled around Jasper’s earlobe, which was between his teeth. He hummed in agreement as he nibbled on the appendage.

Jasper could no longer resist his urges; he pressed himself against his lover's leg with a soft moan.

Lowering his leg Seth then lifted it again and again, pressing against Jasper with a bit more pressure each time. The hand that was in Jasper’s hair left said hair, running along Jasper’s back until it reached the hem of his lover’s shirt. Slipping his hand under Jasper’s shirt he ran his warm fingers along the muscles of Jasper’s back.

Again Jasper buried his nose in his lover's neck, greedily inhaling his scent, his body shivering in pleasure as his hips moved along with Seth's leg.

“Jazz…” Seth purred. “Too many clothes…”

Jasper lifted his head and looked down at his little love, his hips still moving against Seth's. He didn't want to stop, but he knew it'd feel better if there was nothing between them. “We can fix that.”

“Please do,” Seth said looking up at his lover with dark eyes.

Jasper nodded before he pushed himself up to his knees. Quickly he pulled his shirt over his head and then he undid his belt and pants.

Seth licked his lips as he watched Jasper undress. His fingers itched to touch the exposed skin but he resisted. He groaned loudly as Jasper lay back down on him once all his clothing lay in a pile somewhere to their left.

“Better?” Jasper purred, leaning down to his little lover, brushing his lips against his ear as he spoke.

“Much,” Seth assured him as he shivered at the feeling of Jasper’s lips against his ear. His hands returned to Jasper’s back, searching for a sweet spot he had only recently discovered…somewhere to the left of Jasper’s spine.

A gasp left Jasper's lips when Seth's fingers brushed against that spot. “There baby,” he whispered softly before his hand disappeared between them.

Seth stroked that spot, his finger pressing into it when Jasper’s hand wrapped around both their erections and stroked them together. Whimpering in pleasure Seth kissed Jasper’s collarbone.

Jasper chewed on his bottom lip as he moved his hand over their erections, biting back his moans as his little lover pressed against the newly discovered sweet spot of his.

“So sexy Jazz…” Seth groaned, arching into Jasper’s touch. “Feels so good…pressed against you…”

Jasper turned his head and pressed his lips against the teen's skin, sucking at the warm flesh as his hand moved over their erections, his hips following his movements.

Seth sucked in a sharp breath at the feeling of Jasper’s lips on his skin. He bit his bottom lip as Jasper’s hand tightened around their erections. “Jazz! I’m not gonna last with you doing that!”

“That's the idea!” Jasper chuckled against his lover's skin, his hand moving faster as his other hand rested on the ground.

Seth’s eyes fell closed, his breathing returning to pants as his orgasm approached. Whimpers came from his lips between his pants.

“C'mon baby,” Jasper growled in the teen's ear, his hand moving faster still, his own release coiling in his stomach.

“Together,” Seth groaned before catching Jasper’s lips, biting his lover’s bottom one.

Jasper's body shivered as Seth nibbled on his bottom lip, that small action driving him wild as his hand slid even faster, his other hand leaving the ground and gripping Seth's hip, his thumb pressing into his sweet spot.

“AH!” Seth cried out, his orgasm overtaking his senses as cum splattered on Jasper’s hand and their stomach’s.

Jasper's flashed through him almost instantly, his own seed mixing with Seth's.

Seth lay against the grass, panting, trying to catch his breath as the last waves of his orgasm and then what was left of Jasper’s thrummed through his body. This feeling was one of the best things ever…

Jasper breathed deeply, inhaling his lover's scent, committing it to memory because it'd be a week until he smelt it again. “That was one hell of a send off, babe,” he murmured, laying against the teenager.

Grinning, Seth ran his hand through Jasper’s hair and kissed his forehead. “Glad you think so.”

“How about you?” Jasper replied, tilting his head to the side. “Did you enjoy it?”

Seth glanced between them, at the cum on their stomachs, before he looked into Jasper’s eyes. “Are you really asking me that?”

Jasper shrugged. “Okay...so it's rather obvious that you enjoyed it...but, I still like to hear that you did.”

Seth smiled. “I enjoyed every second of it.”

“I'm glad,” Jasper replied softly, leaning down to press another, lingering, kiss to Seth's lips.

Seth wrapped his arms around Jasper’s neck, pulling him closer for a moment, their tongues battling each other, before he let his lover go with a sigh. “I smell Emmett.”

Jasper heaved a soft sigh. “He's probably looking for me...” he replied. “We should get dressed.”

“Yeah,” Seth agreed as Jasper sat up and he followed suit. Untying his clothes from his leg he used his shirt to clean himself up before pulling his shorts on. Tucking the shirt into the back pocket he watched Jasper get dressed. “Jazz…”

Jasper paused, his pants hanging from his hips and his shirt over his shoulder. “Yes?”

“I love you.”

Jasper smiled broadly. “I love you too.”

Seth returned the smile as Emmett appeared through the tree line. Before he could stop it a small growl left Seth’s throat. This was his and Jasper’s meadow. No one else came here.

Emmett stopped short. Taking the warning to heart. “Hey, yo, hunting trip dude!” He called out to Jasper.

Seth blushed a little as he felt Jasper’s eyes on him. “Our meadow,” he said quietly.

Jasper nodded slowly. “I understand,” he replied softly, reaching to touch his younger lover's cheek.

Leaning into the touch Seth sighed, his eyes closing. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow?”

“As soon as you wake up,” Jasper replied. “Unless you call me before bed.”

Seth grinned. “You never know.” He kissed Jasper’s palm and looked back at Emmett. “Don’t drive my imprint to crazy or I may have to puppy whip your ass again!”

“Hey you better reign your puppy in!” Emmett called to his chuckling brother before sticking his tongue out at Seth.

Shaking his head Seth looked at Jasper. “I’ll see you in a week. Have a good hunt love.”

“I will. Don't get too bored this week,” Jasper replied, leaning down to steal another kiss before he turned towards the tree-line, heading for his brother.

“Like that’s going to happen being left with Jacob and the twins,” Seth said.

“Too true,” Jasper replied, chuckling, waving at Seth from over his shoulder.

Seth watched the two vampires disappear into the trees. He waited until he knew for sure that they were gone before going back to the cottage. It was easier to wait than to watch Jasper leave.

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A/N: Pg. 521

Date: 2013-02-23 02:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lovergyul.livejournal.com
I LOVED this chapter! Seth is so adorable with the Children. It would not surprise me how he'll be with Luka.

Lilli us just so adorable! I want her!!! I love that she's not clingy to her parents. She's a little fireball!


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